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  1. farrista

    Problem with caption

    A problem is occurring during movie playback. The caption position is wrong. For some reason the caption is on top, cut off, appearing only part. Is there any way to set the position so that the caption is at the bottom of the video? This problem occurs in all movies. It is impossible to read like this. See the printscreen: https://i.imgur.com/5uBzOVE.png
  2. cybaspace

    Feature: Subtitle offset

    Hi there! I love Emby and I have already ditched Plex over Emby but I am missing one important feature @ Emby: subtitle offset. Often the subtitles are correct but they display a few seconds too fast / too slow. Many other solutions (Plex / Kodi etc) can handle subtitle offset for .srt subtitles so you can delay / speedup the subs with 0,25 secs increment. Are there any plans to implement this in the upcoming versions of the emby clients (iOS / LG WebOS in my case) ? You would make a lot of people happy I think ;-) Thanks!
  3. Hi, Has passed many years since we asked for subtitles color control, and you guys did a good job adding configuration to put some shadow and size, but for some cases this is not enough. Some cases we have some white text in the video and mixed with the subtitles even with the shadows doesn't helps. The only way to go over this is change to other color, like yellow. So what I did, I saved a subtitle with yellow color, but looks like emby replaces the yellow color from str to the user emby settings. It is possible to ignore it? I would like to use the yellow subtitles not the w
  4. Hello. First of all really great work for media streaming. Second, I can not find any option inside the LG Emby app for subtitle color and size selection. Is it not supported or am I the one who can not find it? I saw several post from last year that it was planned for future releases. But I couldn't be sure. White subtitles in HDR are really a torture for the eyes.
  5. Hi, I've put my subtitles on the same folder where the content is in and I made sure of the format that it's supposed to be in (Aaaaa.eng.srt, I think) and I've restarted and scanned my emby server several times, and I still get no external subtitles. What should I do? Also, is there any specific format for Episode and Season external subtitles or can I name the subtitles however I want, just as long as the language is formatted perfectly (Aaaaa.ara.S01E01.srt)?
  6. emby server version: synology DSM version: 6.2.1 problem: can not download any subtitle from opensubtitles in emby server Log as attachment. LOG.txt
  7. djuka01

    Apple TV - subtitle serch

    Hi, Are there any plans on introducing manual subtitle search functionality directly from the ATV client like in browsers? Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm not sure if this is intended but when playing something "Anime" that has a styled subtitles the shield ignores all styles and positions of the texts. And sometimes doesn't display it at all. The same files works fine on emby android with styles and without transcoding. Using latest beta of everything and the extract subtitle is turned off in the server. Edit: All subtitles are internal ssa/ass Edit2: just tried playing a file with the external player option "vlc" and the subs worked fine. Not sure why the emby app is not able to display styled subs fine Regards

    No Subtitles at all!

    Hello guys! I'm having a problem with my subtitles in Emby App for Samsung TV (MU6100). The option to choose the subtitle language is there, but when selected, there's no subtitle running, not at all. I've tried in the web app, and it runs fine with the srt subtitle. The log file is attached. And both the server and the app are up to date. Thanks! server-63653356189.txt
  10. I'm loving the native conversion feature but I also noticed that subtitles play by default whenever I play the converted version (using Universal TV and original quality settings). I've tried changing subtitle settings to "default" and then to "Forced subtitles only" but subtitles were displayed on playback nonetheless. Is this working as designed? If so, is there anyway to toggle when it does/doesn't display?
  11. With server, when an embedded subtitle is selected before play, strm content (with embedded + external subs) is direct playing and shows embedded subs OK. When subtitle is switched during play to a srt, the movie reverts to direct streaming and ffmpeg kicks in, but fails to show the srt subtitles. Comparing with local movie content that is direct playing, switching to srt never changes to direct streaming. Also when an external srt subtitle is selected before play, Emby theater never shows the srt and plays the default embedded subtitle track instead. Webapp plays srt fine
  12. Visual Subtitling has built an enviable reputation for high quality Services that we’ve delivered for our valued customers over the last 10 years. When you need fast and reliable Services, we works at your disposal.
  13. a-jim

    Subtitle Agents

    Hey emby, Just moved here from Plex, since they're not fixing any bugs for months. Very happy to see that Emby just works. My question is: Is it possible to add more subtitle agents than just opensubtitles? Plex has sub-zero has as a channel which was very useful when you don't have subs on tv shows. thanks.
  14. Aussiedroid

    Bluray NFO Location & Naming

    I wanted to check where the Bluray nfo file should be located & how it should be named. Originally, I had these as movie.xml files in the root folder of the movie. I've upgraded to nfo files and removed xml but having this as movie.nfo was not displaying or refreshing. Some searching around the forums & wikis found that this should be now called index.nfo under the BDMV folder. I've tried this but still no data will refresh/display. If I manually refresh to fetch new metadata from Emby Theater for example it creates a file <foldername>.nfo. So I renamed my original nf
  15. akandemir90

    Subtitle download failes

    Hi, I have a Emby Server on my Synology DS918+. I am really happy with Emby and also have Premiere. Almost everything works perfect including transcoding. I only have problems with downloading subtitles. If i search for a subtitle (for example Modern Family) Emby finds the correct subtitle, but if I press download it failes. I have copied the following error repport from the logging. What seems to be the problem? 2018-01-04 18:44:23.729 Error App: Error downloading subtitles *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /var/packages/EmbyServer/ta
  16. It would be nice to have the option to add subtitle files to a movie/episode from the web interface. Currently I have to SCP into the correct location. Adding the option to upload .srt or other files to the directory of the media would be great.
  17. nicks-media-studio

    Subtitle italics tags on Apple TV 4

    I just started using Emby with my personal home server where I already have a number of movies ripped and saved with their associated subtitle files. As I was testing to make sure everything works as expected, I ran across the following issue. On my Apple TV 4, subtitles with italics tags are not rendered correctly. Rather, the line is literally printed as "<i>Insert some italics text here</i>", without the quotes, of course. I tested, and this is only an issue on Apple TV 4, as far as I can tell. Italics renders correctly when viewing through the web client. Some other thi
  18. Hi, Most of my movies are having a problem to display subtitles. The sub is there, it is showing "Subtitle Loading" for a few seconds then it shows "Unable to Load Subtitle" Is it a common issue on all Fire TV devices? If not, how do I fix this? Thanks, cranko
  19. Hi, As @@Luke asked for logs here - I'm making this thread in Synology section since I'm using server on DS916+ I have a problem with external ass subs. Tried few clients (server restart before, tested in that order - might be useful info while reading logs), and that's what I've got: Windows: Emby Theater: ASS ok, Direct Playing Chrome - ASS ok, Direct Streaming, F11 fullscreen OK Raspberry: Emby for Kodi- ASS shows, but no formating/color Kodi directly from NAS share - ASS OK - just to check, that Pi/Kodi itself can handle it Android: App: Not playing movie at all - movie not s
  20. Hi! I started using Emby a few days ago, but I'm having an issue. I'm from another country so I use subtitles (SRT) in basically all that I watch. And the font/size are just too small! Oh the phone the size is fine, but the subs are white, and when the video has a white or bright background, I can't read anything. Same thing when I mirror the video to Chromecast from the Android app, white with no shadows, and in addition, they are too small. I've already changed settings on Android app to the biggest size (Large, if I'm not mistaken).. I don't know if it made a difference on C
  21. I don't know about other containers, but with MKV you can set a track label/title. This is useful with subtitles because you might have 3 english subtitles. Forced, SDH, and full subtitles. If Emby could parse that out and store it, then make that available to clients (and the API) it would really help when choosing a subtitle.
  22. Hello, Just found an interesting problem. I'm using Emby with Kodi over 1.5 years everything is great. But when updated my kodis to Kodi 17 something weird happened. I installed Emby Addon with Addon Mode, subtitles encoding is not working. Turkish characters looks broken. And i thought it was Kodi's problem Also wrote on their forums but nothing came up. Oh i should tell you about my setup first. I'm using my old laptop as HTPC, near my NAS where i keep my all data (Movies, TV). Movies and TV's on network share and i'm using Emby on my laptop as server. I have 3 more client at home u
  23. pBaesse

    Portuguese subtitles not loading

    Not sure if this a roku channel (tested in beta and stable) or a server problem. Every time I have to load a subtitle that is identified as Portuguese it doesn't load the file. It gets stuck and after a while goes back to the previous screen. I have to rename the subtitle with the ".pob" so I can load it correctly.
  24. Hello, I'm using Emby installed on a Linux distribution. My Media folder (video files only) live on a NAS unit being shared via cifs as read only to the Emby server. I ensured that in the Library settings, the option to not store Metadata in the same folder as the media was selected. I have configured the Subtitles function w/ my opensubtitle login info and have validated it works (via searching). The issue I'm having, however, is that it wants to download the .srt file to the Media path (my cifs share). I don't want that, the only data I want on that filesystem is the raw m
  25. The Problem: Resize subtitle either on the web client or on XBoxOne through transcoding I've gone through tons of post about subtitles with no use. The only thing I can configure is the .srt file it self. Is there an option for styled subtitles or and interface for subtitle size, color ..etc? What is the default codec that is used by Emby client? I think if I could reach the encoding codec configuration then I can change the size and subtitle properties. I'm currently run windows 7 and k-lite codec with all its vobsub, ffdshow, lav and more codex.
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