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  1. Hello, I'm using Emby installed on a Linux distribution. My Media folder (video files only) live on a NAS unit being shared via cifs as read only to the Emby server. I ensured that in the Library settings, the option to not store Metadata in the same folder as the media was selected. I have configured the Subtitles function w/ my opensubtitle login info and have validated it works (via searching). The issue I'm having, however, is that it wants to download the .srt file to the Media path (my cifs share). I don't want that, the only data I want on that filesystem is the raw movie files themselves. I also don't want to expose write capabilities to the cifs share for security reasons (accidental deletion for example). All the metadata gets downloaded and stored somewhere in the app when I choose that above mentioned option in Library creation, however, I can't seem to find anywhere to override the location of where subtitles are stored. How may I go about, assuming it's currently possible, changing or providing a download path suitable to my configuration? Thanks in advance!
  2. The Problem: Resize subtitle either on the web client or on XBoxOne through transcoding I've gone through tons of post about subtitles with no use. The only thing I can configure is the .srt file it self. Is there an option for styled subtitles or and interface for subtitle size, color ..etc? What is the default codec that is used by Emby client? I think if I could reach the encoding codec configuration then I can change the size and subtitle properties. I'm currently run windows 7 and k-lite codec with all its vobsub, ffdshow, lav and more codex.
  3. lhue

    Subtitles cause heavy lag

    I hope this is the right place to put this topic in, I haven't posted before and it felt like the most relevant place. I use Emby regularly, and I primarily watch subbed anime. And as with any tv/movie style there will sometimes be multiple things conveyed on screen. So the problem is that whenever there is a large amount of subtitles on screen (Large being above the average single line) the web app will freeze up. So when a sign with multiple slanted lines of text shows up the app freezes on that frame without showing the subtitles and the audio continues without me being able to pause it. Another example from today: The episode ends and the ending theme plays, with one line horizontally in English and one vertically in Japanese. The video plays but the subs freeze and the controls don't show up when I move the mouse or click. On a related note; is split OP/ED+EP, which is common for blu-ray anime releases, in planning at all? Please excuse if my English is wrong anywhere.
  4. danergo

    Subtitle selection

    Hello, I'm using Emby Server (3.0.8500.0) for serving media onto my TV via DLNA. However, subtitles are not handled correctly. Please see this image shot of the media info (attached). My questions: 1.) Why is the first subtitle (subrip) marked as default? 2.) Why is the first subtitle (subrip) marked as forced? 3.) I have set smart subtitle handling in my profile, and set the preferred language to Hungarian. I have the hungarian external subtitle file, but it's not forced. Why? Result: first subtitle is played over DLNA which is english (forced). How can I override it to use my language preference (which is hun, set in profile settings) over DLNA? Thank you.
  5. fire90

    French Subtitle doesn't download

    Hello, i have emby on my qnap NAS, and i have an issue with subtitle, there is not any srt file for subtile in my folder and for some series i can't search (0 result) subtitle. if i search english one, italian one it's good. can you help me on this ?
  6. Would like to request support for SMI/SAMI subtitles. It's common used for Korean subtitles.
  7. As of today, the 1st parameter of each item in https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/blob/master/MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations/Localization/iso6392.txt is a 3-digit format of the language and dictates the matcheable text to be searched in a subtitle file name, for autodetection of preferred language. my example here: preferred language: pt-BR (Portuguese from Brazil) subtitle files already recognized: #######.pob.srt PROBLEMs: - VLC doesn't translates the 3-digit format, so in list it only says "pob" instead of "Portuguese (Brazil)". He only understands it when the file has "pt-BR" instead. - Subtitle downloaders usually don't use the 3-digit format, be it Windows or Linux versions - Users are forced to always rename everything to 3-digit, no choice is given to us. It happens that there's another correct way of storing the language name... using exactly the other parameters seen in the file above. in my case... a subtitle called #######.pt-BR.srt is VERY common in subtitle downloaders around the web. My question here is: is it possible to... when Emby finds a file #######.LANG.srt but no LANG as one of the 1st parameter of iso6932.txt, that it fallbacks into search the 2nd and 3rd parameters? I know that this won't impact 90% of the users. But the rest of us appreciate the help. ps: it has to be a case-insensitive search, or else the format 2-digit-lowercase-2-digit-uppercase has to be enforced in that txt.
  8. hinhinz

    Subtitle Not Work

    I have one "MKV" Movie, that can't work with SRT file, if i put the "SRT" file in another movie, it work well, but i put in that movie, it won't work.Any Solution of This ? Thank You
  9. LOG # ####################################### 2016-06-25 22:23:36.1294 Info SubtitleManager: Saving subtitles to /media/Video/ Movies/2.Fast.2.Furious.2003.DVD5.720p.HDDVD.x264-REVEiLLE/2.fast.2.furious.2003 .dvd5.720p.hddvd.x264-reveille.swe.srt 2016-06-25 22:23:36.1649 Error App: Error downloading subtitles *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.5972.0 Command line: /usr/pbi/emby-amd64/lib/emby-server/MediaBrowser.Server.Mo no.exe -ffmpeg /usr/pbi/emby-amd64/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/pbi/emby-amd64/bin/f fprobe -programdata /var/db/emby-server Operating system: Unix Processor count: 4 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Program data path: /var/db/emby-server Mono: 4.2.1 (Stable Sun Jan 10 05:27:13 UTC 2016) Application Path: /usr/pbi/emby-amd64/lib/emby-server/MediaBrowser.Serve r.Mono.exe Access to the path "/media/Video/Movies/2.Fast.2.Furious.2003.DVD5.720p. HDDVD.x264-REVEiLLE/2.fast.2.furious.2003.dvd5.720p.hddvd.x264-reveille.swe.srt" is denied. System.UnauthorizedAccessException at System.IO.FileStream..ctor (System.String path, FileMode mode, File #######################################
  10. DancingMan

    processing subtitles locally

    When using Emby Theater to play mp4s with embedded DVDSUB subtitles (not burned it), my server's CPU utilization runs very high. It's transcoding for the subtitles. Is there any way to have ET process the subtitles itself? When I use Pot Player as an External Player the server's CPU utilization stays low because Pot Player handles everything. I'd rather use the internal player if possible though.
  11. Hi guys, I'm using Emby now for some time. Currently it's version 3.0.5781.9. (I compiled it from the master branch). Everything is working good, however I noticed a problem around subtitle downloading. This is a general issue I think. I had a movie called "Narcos.S01E03.The.Men.Of.Always.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTb.mkv". The auto-organize feature moved this from the temporary storage to the series folder correctly. Now it's name is: "Narcos - 1x03 - The Men of Always.mkv" Then subtitle handler downloaded the subtitle. However it wasn't downloading the right one. On opensubtitles there are two versions: http://www.opensubtitles.org/hu/subtitles/6301136/narcos-the-men-of-always-hu(Narcos.S01E03.The.Men.Of.Always.720p.NF.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTb.srt) http://www.opensubtitles.org/hu/subtitles/6301042/narcos-the-men-of-always-hu(Narcos.S01E03.720p.WEBRip.x264-TASTETV.srt) Emby downloaded the second one which is a totally different version, and it has a delay of 20 seconds in the subs. However the first is good, I tried it manually. Is it possible to compare the subtitle name and choose the best option somehow? In this particular case it could have matched by "NF.WEBRip". Thank you
  12. Hi. I'm using Windows Emby server 3.0.5878.0 and latest Android App (2.5.85). I set Subtitle settings in App - Setting - Playback - Language Preferences as follows: - Audio/Suibtitle language: Korean - Subtitle mode: Smart or Default It works very well when I play video with external subtitle only (.srt), but when I play video with internal subtitle(ass, eng, default) and external one (.kor.srt), they are showed simultaneously. It is needed to select 'None' then select appropriate subtitle (external) again to correct this issue. It's fine when I start with 'None' then select appropriate subtitle. Summary: - External subtitle / internal(default) subtitle show at the same time when external subtitle loaded by Setting. - To eliminate this issue temporaly, it is needed to toggle from subtitle off. It looks like default subtitle shows whatever it is selected or not. Could you consider turn off default subtitle by default when it is not matched with language preference? Regards, testype.
  13. On all clients I use (android app, chromecast and web on computer and android), I get no picture or sound when I try to play a transcoded video with subtitles. Also the ffmpeg process won't shut down until I either a) restart the Emby server after playing a video with subtitles or shut down the Emby server and kill the ffmpeg processes manually in windows task manager. This happens on both the latest stable version and the latest dev-version (3.0.5686.125) of the Emby server for windows. Logs attached (from v.3.0.5686.125). All help appreciated! logs.zip
  14. I'm new to Emby Live TV feature and loving it so far. Sorry if this was asked before but after a search nothing came up. I'm in Spain using a HDHR tuner (HDHR4-2DT) connected to the antenna to tune free to air channels in the DVB-T system. With digital TV we now have the option to choose different audio tracks (ie: spanish, english) and also subtitles (I think is similar to close caption in the US but not exactly the same). Question is: does Emby support to select different audio tracks from a live tv stream (I couldn't see any option) and also to enable subtitles? If yes, does Emby need to have guide data available to support it or it should work without it? Thanks
  15. Hello, Subtitle won't display in the last server version installed on my windows 10. I try to change during playback, Fast Forward, Rewind but nothing display. Langage track change is ok. Thanks Update : PGS subtitle are ok, PGS muxed in mkv are showed ok; SRT muxed in mkv don't show anything server-63584497048.txt transcode-0403a6c5-6d00-4298-ae3a-ec443c77f332.txt
  16. When I try to stream videos from my emby server (latest stable version) through kodi addon using http (didn't try through UNC paths), special characters appears with ? instead of the characters. Also that only happens with emby/emby addon/kodi, plex/plexbmc/kodi works fine with the same subs... Subtitles are Brazilian Portuguese. Is there any fix for that or only converting the subtitle to UTF-8 would solve it? I have a script that downloads the subtitles automatically, and I really wouldn't like to have this extra step of fixing subtitles after downloading them... Thanks Cassio EDIT: Please let me know if I should provide any log file
  17. I configured the Server to search for subtitles in my language (Dutch, Flemish). This is working fine, but Emby adds the ".dut" to the srt-file. According to ISO 3166 and ISO 639-1 the more general option should be ".nl". I have the rest of my media configured with the ".nl" addition. To avoid discussions, I propose to make subtitle addition configurable. So I can set it to "nl" manually. This way everybody can be happy.
  18. thoror

    SAMI (.smi) support

    I am really enjoying the subtitle fix implemented this update. Would it be possible to also include support for .smi subtitle format? It seems ffmpeg does support this file format. From my research: As of version 1.2, ffmpeg will decode the following subtitle formats: HDMV Presentation Graphic Stream subtitles JACOsub subtitle MicroDVD subtitle MPL2 subtitle PJS (Phoenix Japanimation Society) subtitle RealText subtitle SAMI subtitle SubViewer subtitle SubViewer v1 subtitle raw UTF-8 text VPlayer subtitle WebVTT subtitle DVB subtitles DVD subtitles MOV text SubRip subtitle with embedded timing SSA (SubStation Alpha) / ASS (Advanced SSA) subtitle SubRip subtitle XSUB
  19. I've been testing Emby, and I'm happy with everything about it, everything works very well for me. I use a 32 inch tv (1366x768) on a xbox one, but the subtitles are small for me, is there any way to change it or maybe the font?
  20. tymanthius

    Constantly failing to download subtitles

    So my system is constantly failing to download subtitles in shows that I know the audio is in English. But Emby sees it as 'und' which I guess means 'undefined'. Is there a way to cause it to ignore und? I have a MUCH smaller set that I'd rather manually get subs for than constantly getting the 'error' messages.
  21. saitoh183

    special characters subtitles

    I tried french subtitles in MBS via chrome and IE11 and it seems that the special characters dont work. It works just fine in XBMC (xbmb3c)
  22. Hi All, After having a problem relating to locating subtitle files, please see: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/22668-subtitle-location-and-how-to-delete/, it occurs to me that it would be good to have a subtitle deletion button on the metadata screen. As multiple subtitle files are allowed each should be able to be deleted individually. Below is an example of what it could look like but I know the programming is a lot harder than me placing Xs on a screenshot: Let's say a subtitle file is downloaded temporary for a visiting friend say, it would be good if it was easy to get rid of it after they have left the building and flown home and I can think of no better place than the Emby metadata screen rather than hunting around for .srt files. And I am no novice but even this has caused me issues as you can read in my linked post above. To tell the trust Media Browser before it and now Emby have been so thorough over the years I was quite shocked not to see a deletion feature there. Lloyd
  23. lloydcodrington

    Subtitle location and how to delete

    Hi All, I'm using Windows Media Centre and it automatically plays films with subtitles that have been downloaded. I've changed the settings to stop the download of subtitles as all my collection is in English so I don't need them, but can anyone tell me where the subtitle files are stored so that I can delete them for the films they've been downloaded for already.
  24. blaize9

    Subtitles not displaying

    Here is my current issues with subtitles, I have only tested embedded subtitles that are default/forced. I expect there to be a few seconds to play the subtitles after skipping or resuming. Emby: Version 3.0.5621.4 Browser: Firefox Nightly 41.0a1, Firefox Developer Ed 40.0a2, and Chrome Canary Subtitle not showing up after skipping around (also includes resuming) - Works fine on chrome Will sometimes not play subtitle for a few seconds (5-20) and will resume in the correct spot - Issue with all browsers Side Bug: When you are browsing shows and click one then go back it will not take you back to where you were at on the page (It will take you to the top on FF but on chrome it will take you to last scrolled position before you clicked on a show).
  25. EduardoSantos

    Chromecast subtitles

    Hi, I am running Emby Server version 3.0.5621.4. It casts to Chromecast nicefully controling pause skip and almost all aspects of the session. Problem is with subtitles. 1) Subtitle stream selection When playing MKVs with both embedded subtitles and external srt files server chooses the external srt file and does not allow changing to the embedded one. 2) Special chars Though special chars (e.g.: á, é, õ and ç) on ansi srt files are rendered ok on web client, Roku and Android clients, chromecast does not render subtitles containing these chars. If srt file is converted to UTF-8 chromecast render all subtitles. I can grab any log file and attach it to this post, just tell me what would be of use.
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