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  1. Hi, I'm trying to tidy up my audio files but I am having issues trying to understand how to clean things up. As an example, I had "ABBA" and "abba" as an artist showing up or "The Eagles" and "Eagles". So I used and id tag editor to change all mp3 artists to "ABBA" and "The Eagles". However, in the web app, I still see both artists appear when I sort by artist. When you go to the metadata editor, you only have "ABBA" and the "The Eagles". How do you clean things up and get Emby to show "ABBA" consistently? Thanks
  2. Can we have an additional sorting option, under "Sort By:" and "Sort Order:" to toggle the ignoring of the articles (A, An, The). Both sorting regimes are needed. When my mates are browsing thru my collection to 'borrow' some movies, having to jump up and down to the 'The' section of the filenames is a PITA, so i'd toggle it to sort the articles normally making it match the file listing.
  3. Hi folks, I'm using ET pretty much exclusively now (have retired my WMC system), and one oddity is the LiveTV guide sorting order. In settings, I've told it to sort by number: But in the guide the listing order is jumbled. How can I correct this? Also, what is the best way to pare down the guide to just those channels that are relevant? I presume this would be at the server level... I get lots of channels that I would never watch and have no interest in them cluttering up my screen. Thank you in advance! Marc
  4. laurent92

    Playlist GUI improvement

    Hi, Emby is really nice and I decided 2 weeks ago to buy a Premiere license to support the team. However, audio Playlist management could/should be greatly improved. Alternatively, as a newbie, maybe I missed something... Let me describe my situation: I mainly own music compilations, best-of and singles (old LP’s and EP’s recorded to mp3) + some albums. To avoid file duplication, I save only one copy of a song in my mp3 folder and use Playlists to “virtually” define Albums and Compilations (~500 Playlists currently). My mp3 are tagged and covers are embedded in the Tag. Each Playlist is named following typical rules (Artist – Album.m3u) and is associated with its cover (Artist – Album.jpg) Playlists are organized into meaningful folders: - Albums - Pop - Artist1-Album.m3u - Artist1-Album.jpg - Artist2-Album.m3u - Artist2-Album.jpg - …. - Rock - ….. - Compilations - 80’s - …. This worked quite well with TVIX or Logitech Squeezebox (yes I know, I’m a technology dinosaur!). Thus, to manage my music collection within Emby, some workaround and some tricks are required. Firstly, I wrote a small software in Access 2016 VBA (see topic https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43369-m3u-playlists-batch-importing/). Now that my Playlists are imported within Emby, I would like to take the most of these lists. Unfortunately, Emby doesn’t provide a user-friendly GUI for playlists, neither using the web, mobile and theatre apps. For instance, there is no alphabetPicker to avoid browsing hundreds of playlists, no filter …. In my opinion, the playlists interface should have the same functionalities than the movie or music ones (with Artist - Album - Compilation - Genre menu for example). At least, the Playlist GUI should be similar to the directory browser, as exemplified inn the attached screenshots. Would it be possible to implement the movie/music GUI for playlists, instead of the current basic one ? If not, would it be possible to use the directory GUI and add Genre to the Filter menu (genre are auto-tagged by my Playlist importer) ? I hope that Emby developers can improve the Playlist view based on some of my proposals, or that someone could explain me how to change (if relevant) the playlists.html layout (under …\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\dashboard-ui ?) in order to implement some of these features. Regards. Laurent.
  5. Andrommy

    Date added spans 100 years

    I use the function sort by date added often but after a new install of emby on a new pc server the date added is totally wrong, my first movie was added 1/13/1930 it says and the latest 9/14/2029 Nothing wrong with the file's creation date and if I choose to date scanned to library as behavior for new content the result is the same. I tried to delete metadata, nfos, and even clean install of the server but something is spooky.
  6. altramarine

    Default library sort/view

    Good day, Emby 3.0.8500.0 OS: CenOS7.3 Is there a way to push default library sort/view setting to my emby users from the server end? I couldn't find such option in the general server, library, user settings. I did check a few similar topics which unfortunately did not answer this question. In my case, I share photo, video albums with remote family members who access via chrome, firefox browser. Many thanks!
  7. andrejsavikin

    TV show season sorting

    I am trying to load up my TV shows into emby which follow this structure: Shows/ 2015 Winter 2016 Spring 2016 Summer .... When I load these into my server and try to look at my library, emby says that my show is called "2015 Winter" instead of reading the actual show name. Is it possible to force emby to actually base it's show grouping by the filename of the video?
  8. When entering a view/library that is not tv or movie, you can select what view and sort setting to use. This is reset the next time you enter the view/library. I think you usually want to use the same view and sort setting for a specific view, so that should be set by default each time you enter the view/library.
  9. i have been attempting to get my EMBY server to find the correct information for anime titles but seem to be having problems. At first i was able to manually select the information but it would not add it in to the files after that i realised that i was adding what was actually the second season but would normally be listed as a different name, this made emby recognise the files and download a picture but then called the correctly names folder season 1 and used the first season picture (The same one as the root folder art) i do not know if i have entere the information wrong or if it is something else but my files are listed as such. EMBY >Anime >Freezing (this one has a correct picture) >Freezing Vibration ( have also tried (season 2) (Season 2 [Freezing Vibration]) both with no effect. >OVA (Uses the same picture) (is listed inside the season 2 folder it will add them to the season list.) What i would like to know is if there is a way for emby to pick up the information and input it and if there is a way for it to recognise OVA normally and not think they are normal season episodes Most of the anime that i have added so far worked normally and found all of the info
  10. jordy

    sorting for home movies

    Hi Folks, I note that the last Dev server update referred to fixes for the sorting menus. Whilst you are in that neck of the woods can you please make user changes to the sort order of Home Movies libraries stick on restart. I am trying to set the sort order of two Home movie libraries to Name/Descending and every time the server restarts it goes back to Name/Ascending. I have asked for this to be fixed previously but it's still not happening for me. Thanks
  11. jordy

    Library Sort

    Hi Luke, i have two home video libraries that i want to sort by Title / Descending. i can achieve the desired sort by using the sort function at the top of the library page. My problem is that every time the server restarts, sorting resets itself to default eg Name / Ascending. Can you make this setting stick please. Thanks.
  12. metaman

    FR: sorting options

    Hi, this has been brought up before on ocasions and I thought I'd like to see what the community thinks. I've long been missing the ability to sort my media by for example country of origin or language spoken. Additionally, I miss the feature of an additional sorting feature when browsing the media by genre. Ie. when browsing the genre Horror, it would be nice to sort the horror by rating, year etc. This feature is commonplace elsewhere and it was in the past said by the developers that such features were to be implemented; however I've yet to see them. So what you guys think? I think it's sort of time to get this feature rolling already; it's been way too long already.
  13. Hi Guys, Why is it not possible to sort or filter movies when you are in collections or in genres? I have more than 1000 movies in the thriller genre, and it would be nice to be able to sort & filter them instead of them only being listed from A-Z. Keep up the good work, Mikael
  14. dimitrik

    Sort within collections

    Is there a way to sort videos within collections alphabetically in the server? I have some collections that have a mix of movies and tv series e.g. Star Trek. MB3 shows the contents separated into movies and TV shows (which is good) but the movies and the tv shows are then in a more or less random sorting. Is it possible to add the sort button that you have at the top level items inside collections as well?
  15. The Protege

    Sorting Question using Emby

    In the old Media Browser, the movie titles with "The" in the beginning would automatically sort by alphabetical order using the second word of the title. For Example: The Social Network would be in with all of the 'S' movies. When I installed latest Emby it changed to putting the 'The' starting movies in with all of the 'T's. Anyone have a simple fix or answer for this? Much appreciated!
  16. Hi all, maybe I have just overseen it in the Server Options and in the Forum, but I nowhere found an option so sort Music Albums by release Date / year? Would be nice, if you can implement it Greetings
  17. thefirstofthe300

    Song sorting fixed?

    I was wondering if the the server had a fix for the issue with the song browsing fixed? The issue where being on the metadata viewing page for the song and browsing through the songs using the side arrows. The reason I asked is that it is now working perfectly in version 3.0.5363.32049. I know that I did downgrade the id3 version from 2.4 to 2.3 to work with my new mp3 player. Just wondering what is causing the thing to work suddenly.
  18. To try and make Live TV simpler for the wife we've always sorted the guide in Media Center by channel name. This enables us to place the 'main' channels (e.g. ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.) at the top by placing a space at the start of each of these channel names. All other channels are alphabetical. This makes it easier for us to find our channels as we move often and the channel numbers are always changing. Here's an example of how it looks in Media Center: It would be great to be able to sort the Guide as well as Channels pages by channel name instead of by channel number as it simplifies finding what you're interested in as it's logically organized instead of semi-randomly via channel numbers.
  19. I have a request regarding sorting. I have a movie collection where all movies are released in 2009. Is it possible to have a feature that sort by release date and if this is not present, by year?
  20. Hi! I do alot of tv recording and there seems to be a glitch when reading file info for tv recordings. I created a collection/folder that points to my Windows Media Center - "Recorded TV" folder. When browsing through the list, some of the info is incorrect like recording length, date and preview (screenshot). This seems to be random. For instance I recorded the attached file "MB3 - tv rec sample 5.png" last night and It has a screenshot and info but incorrect length. But when I open the file properties in windows explorer the correct info is there. Could it be that MB3 server is trying to read the info while Media Center is recording (writing to the file) and get's the incorrect data? I've tried (from web interface) the refresh button for one file and also for the parent folder with refresh child items checked but it does not fix the issue. It would be nice to see the air date and/or recording date and maybe have a sort option for that. Reg, Arni Thor
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