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  1. HI, Had an interesting one last night. Have just signed up for Google Play Music and saw it on my Shield so had a play with it... Then opened the Emby app and selected a TV show. When I started the show using the double tap on the volume slider (which gives an immediate start instead of going to the detail screen first), I got both the TV show and Google play music playing at the same time. This is repeatable every time. Google play music app does not have a Stop button, just a pause and as far as I can see there is no way to stop the app running. Even after two Shield restarts, Music and TV play simultaneously. The only way I found to circumvent this it to use the centre select button on the shield remote and start the TV show from the detail screen. Once I did this all was back to normal using the volume slider. Anyone else experienced this? thanks
  2. I have a strange issue with nvidia shield tv using emby app. It seems that the "Watched"/"Unwatched" status doesn't get updated after user sets the status on a show/episode/season unless user gets out of season and goes back into it or changes screen. STR 1. Go to a tv show screen/choose a show or episode 2. Press and hold remote button to set an episode to WATCHED or UNWATCHED 3. notice that the show/episode/season doesn't get a new status (green checkbox doesnt appear or disappear) 4. go out of current screen and go back in ** notice that the show or episode now has updated status. This looks like this may be a bug.
  3. Hi all! First of all, let me just say, I love Emby. As soon as I switched from Plex, I fell in love. Not just with the Kodi integration, but everything about the server and controls seem better for me. Seriously, awesome work to the devs and everyone involved. I went premium as soon as I could and recently just changed from a monthly to a yearly subscription. Which is why this next part is so hard... when I read the news about Plex getting a server app for Nvidia Shield TV, I was excited and disappointed. Excited because this could mean I can finally turn off my PC and only wake it for things like games. But I was disappointed that the news said Plex and not Emby. I really don't want to move back to Plex. I'm definitely going to give it some time to see how the server even works out. And regardless, I've still got 10-11 months on my year at Emby left. So it got me wondering if something like this is in the works, on the radar, or even possible with Emby. I don't know how closely Plex had to work with Nvidia to get this to work and I don't know if there is any kind of exclusivity deal with them. I mean, after all, Plex comes preloaded on the Shield TV. So I just thought I'd start a discussion to see if this is possible or planned, if anyone is interested/cares, or basically any of your feelings on this matter. Also, I apologize if this isn't the best place to post this. It's meant to be a discussion and not really a request for help or support. Also, I tried searching and didn't find anyone mention anything like this (but my search skills are often under par). Anyway... discuss?
  4. Hi, Just bough an nVidia Shield 2017. Android TV is working beautifully except for LiveTV is throwing an error. Getting the following msg " Unable to tune to this channel at this time. There may not be a tuner available" The Emby for Android app also will not play LiveTV just a spinning circle. LiveTv works fine on the server and ET I have sent you a Log from the Shield Thanks
  5. I’ve been having an issue for some time now with the NVidia shield and Emby. I watch most of my TV using Bluetooth headphones when I play them through Emby there is small amount of static in the sound, however if I select “correct playback” from the player everything is fine no static. I’ve tested this with multiple shields and headphones and the results are always the same. Is there any chance of having an option that toggles the “correct playback” on and off from the main settings so that all videos play from the start with ether “correct playback” on or off, instead of having to enable it every time a video is played?
  6. hi, i am new here and i get stuck i downloaded the app for my shield tv, and need the servername, how i can get this? thanks pinnoes
  7. I'm having a strange problem that recently started occuring. While on the main page, or any page for that matter, the fanart for every item appears correctly. The problem is when I click on either a movie or a show to open its contents, the fanart stays for a second and then fades to black. It's as if it were toggling through the extrafanart of that selection but all the images seem to be black. This even happens on shows that have no extrafanart folder. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas? I'm usting the Emby app on my Nvidia Shield TV first gen.
  8. Newer Emby lifetime subscriber.. Thank you for the development of this product. I migrated from an annual Plex subscriber to Emby lifetime, so I can finally get control of my metadata. Picked up a Shield TV about a week ago. Was looking for a device that is better than a Raspberry Pi 3 running OpenELEC. So far, I love it with one problem. Using latest stable Emby add-on (2.3.6), latest stable Emby server (Build 8500) on Windows Server 2012 R2. SPMC on Shield TV - Fresh installation - Using all defaults on the Emby add-on, Play works. Play From Here results in "Cannot find next item to play". Kodi on Shield TV - Fresh installation - Using all defaults on the Emby add-on, Play & Play From Here works. Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 running OpenELEC (Kodi 15.2) in my house have all continued to be successful with the Emby add-on.. Play From Here works. Did a factory reset on the Shield TV & was able to reproduce it. Installed SPMC, installed Emby stable add-on, let it complete its initial sync, restart SPMC. Play From Here on any TV show fails. It is using HTTP, so it is not a permissions error. I would prefer to use SMB, but I am using HTTP for now. I also tried the latest Emby beta add-on; no luck. Please let me know which logs you would like to see. I can work on gathering them as this is a hot feature in my household. I've been told SPMC is identical to Kodi, but clearly, it is not absolutely identical.
  9. denethor

    Sync fails with specific album

    Hi there My music library sync fails every time during the sync of specific album. Since the sync fails to complete it starts all over again with the 2200 movies 100 shows. (I have cleaned up my database lately) This is with the SMPC 16.4-2 and problem started with the add-on version 2.2.36. Or may be this related with the server since I am on dev branch. (Version 3.1.6111.23367) Relevant part of the log: (It keeps trying to sync album named "Dealing with it") 18:32:15 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.itemtypes -> ADD album itemid: 934f9efd634c2150f7f44fda96036507 - Name: The Best Of Me 18:32:15 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.itemtypes -> ADD album itemid: 5dc52e0915efc9eec31d68aa884a79ce - Name: Full Speed Ahead 18:32:15 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.itemtypes -> ADD album itemid: e812f8223cfd768a4e677877504192d9 - Name: Dealing With It 18:32:15 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.downloadutils -> ERROR:: === Bad status response: 400 === 18:32:16 T:1434593584 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.KeyError'> Error Contents: ('Type',) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py", line 159, in <module> Main() File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py", line 69, in __init__ self._library_sync(mode) File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py", line 147, in _library_sync librarysync.ManualSync().sync() File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 1092, in sync return self.fullSync(manualrun=True) File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 326, in fullSync completed = self.music(embycursor, musiccursor, pDialog) File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/librarysync.py", line 1522, in music process[data_type][1](embyitem) File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/itemtypes.py", line 1927, in add_updateAlbum if artist['Type'] == "MusicArtist": KeyError: ('Type',) -->End of Python script error report<-- 18:32:16 T:1434593584 WARNING: CPythonInvoker(35, /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py): the python script "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc16/files/.spmc/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py" has left several classes in memory that we couldn't clean up. The classes include: N9XBMCAddon9xbmcaddon5AddonE,N9XBMCAddon9xbmcaddon5AddonE,N9XBMCAddon4xbmc7MonitorE 18:32:16 T:1394280752 ERROR: static bool XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory(const CURL&, CFileItemList&, const XFILE::CDirectory::CHints&, bool) - Error getting plugin://plugin.video.emby/?mode=manualsync 18:32:16 T:1394280752 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.emby/?mode=manualsync) failed 18:32:16 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby started 18:32:16 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.default -> Parameter string: 18:32:16 T:1434593584 NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby stopped 18:33:08 T:1433528624 NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby started Album artist contains dots (D.R.I.) if this is rings any bell. If you also require server logs let me know.
  10. http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/feature/2455041/the-inquirers-guide-to-iptv-in-the-uk
  11. Pelon

    Using SPMC on SATV

    I'm currently running Emby on top of the new SPMC client that as of now looks like it is going to be the future of Kodi on Android. So far it is running great, it can handle all audio passthrough and it even shows recommendations on the main screen. I also like that it is a way to have two different kodi apps installed that can have different configurations and add-ons System" screensaver to enable daydream; all other screensavers disable daydream Get removable storage names from system Basic Bluray 3D iso playback (experimental; amlogic) Android TV recommendations and voice search (experimental) http://spmc.semperpax.com/
  12. So I picked up an Nvidia Shield and must say I'm very impressed. I'm going to give a quick rundown of pros and cons here if anyone is interested or thinking about getting one. Emby app: Pros: Supports universal search via voice in the app Cons: Does not support voice search from main shield page Does not support hd audio (for me it makes screeching noises and plays 1 frame every 10 seconds or so) Does not support refresh rate switching. Kodi (with or without plex or emby addon) Pros: Supports HD audio (decodes to pcm and sends out) Supports refresh rate switching. Supports all kodi plugins and addons Cons: Does not support voice search at all. Plex: Pros: Supports voice search from app or main shield page. New update decodes dts-hd to pcm and passes to receiver Supports refresh rate switching. Cons: Does not yet support dolby true hd audio. With that being said I also tested in home streaming and it worked flawlessly for me played fallout 4 for a couple hours today from my gaming rig. I also played several geforce now streaming titles that went without a hitch. My family loves the voice search, for example if I am on the main screen and ask it to show me movies with Matt Damon it pulls all his movies, when I select one i get the option to rent on google play or play on plex (emby does not show up for some reason), but if you're in the emby or plex app you can only ask for movie titles, no actors or anything. It's a very simple easy to use device, no more remote team viewer sessions trying to fix it for my wife etc. In all it's a great device, let me know if you have any questions or want me to test anything and report back.
  13. I had installed Emby TV app on my Nvidia Shield but unfortunately it had a number of issues which I don't plan on discussing in this thread. So I moved over to Emby for Kodi and all the issues of Emby TV app were resolved, however there was one feature I really liked and I don't know if it's a Kodi or an Emby for Kodi thing. Emby TV app would link my current/previous and latest media on the Android TV home screen, linking into the app when clicked. Is this possible or is this a question to ask on Kodi boards? Thanks
  14. wiretap

    Nvidia SHIELD Console

    http://www.wired.com/2015/03/nvidias-new-shield-superpowered-set-top-box-4k-era/ This looks very promising. If we could get MediaBrowser for Android ported onto this, it could be an awesome gaming console / HTPC. Let's hope the device can be sideloaded or support other Android apps natively. Looks like it already has Plex pre-loaded according to Nvidia's webpage. http://shield.nvidia.com/console
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