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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to share my setup since it might be helpful to someone, and I can also offer advice to those who are stuck trying to do the same thing. I am a Windows certified system engineer for 14 years. I chose Esxi and Ubuntu server because it is very stable and low maintenance. I hope this post is allowed, if not feel free to lock/delete my post. Hardware Synology DS920+ (iscsi LUN datastore for VMWare) Lenovo Tiny M720q (Intel i5-8400T, 16GB RAM, VMWare Esxi 7.0.2) Lenovo Tiny P330 (Intel i5-9700T, 32GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P620, VMWare Esxi 7.0.2) Software Virtual Machine "VM-Emby" Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (4 cores, 8GB RAM, 20GB HDD) Setup I won't go into detail on everything since there are already some great guides out there: - Configure iscsi on Synology: https://vmspot.com/synology-iscsi-for-vmware-vsphere/ - Install Ubuntu on VMWare Esxi: https://blog.eldernode.com/install-ubuntu-20-04-lts-server-on-vmware/ - Install Emby: https://emby.media/linux-server.html (use the wget command to download the file. So for example "sudo wget https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases/download/" GPU Passthrough 1. In VMWare Esxi go to Host -> Manage and open the Hardware tab. Select your GPU in the list of PCI devices and make sure passtrough is set to Active. If this is not the case you can click the Toggle passtrough button. 2. Make sure your Emby VM is turned off, and edit the settings. (Actions -> Edit settings) 3. Click Add another device -> PCI device and add both the GPU and the Audio controller that comes with it. 4. Go to the VM Options tab -> Advanced and click on the Edit configuration button. 5. Add a new parameter to the list: hypervisor.cpuid.v0 with the value FALSE 6. Boot the VM and install the GPU drivers. In my case I used the default Nvidia package by using the command sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440 7. You can verify it was installed correctly by using the command nvidia-smi (If you open a stream on Emby that uses transcoding you will also see the memory it is using with this command). 8. If you start playing a movie you can see in your Emby admin dashboard that hardware transcoding is being used. If it says software->software you're not quite there yet. Updates and maintenance I log into the Ubuntu server every month or 2 to install the OS updates, or whenever Emby has a new release. Ubuntu OS update: 1. Log in to the VM (SSH via Putty, through the Esxi admin portal, ...) 2. Type the command sudo apt full-upgrade and confirm with Y 3. I always reboot my VM after installing updates with the sudo reboot command, but you do you. This depends on the updates but is usually not required. Emby server update: 1. Your Emby admin dashboard will show you when there is a new update. 2. Log in to the VM (I recommend Putty here since you can copy paste the URL) 3. Open the Emby website https://emby.media/linux-server.html 4. Right click the version you need and select copy link address 5. In your VM type the command sudo wget [link address] so for example: sudo wget https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases/download/ 6. Copy the command from rule nr2 on the Emby website, in this case its dpkg -i emby-server-deb- 7. reboot the server with sudo reboot
  2. Pommes

    Few questions | New to emby

    Hello everyone I used plex for quite a while now, but want to switch to a different solution and emby looks really promising. Does emby work completely offline after install ? I already read that it requires to validate your subscription every few weeks but besides that? Like on plex i had the problem when i disconnect my Router from the internet, the menu (mainly the pictures from actores and covers) vanish or are displayed wrong. So are the artworks and covers stored localy or accessed everytime through the internet. Is the subscription server or client based? So if i buy lifetime for my emby account does everyone on the server (all offline accounts) can use the pro features or only I when i watch via my account? Thanks for reading :)
  3. nopenope

    Noob questions

    So I'm pretty much brand new to the media server thing, and hoping someone can jump start my feeble knowledge on the subject. I've got a netgear R6350, so I can't install the emby server side app on it, but it is capable of running NAS via USB. I'm looking to run emby client side from Roku TVs/boxes. Can I set up the server manually (via IP and port) or do you have to have both the client and server side communicating?
  4. @@cayars need set up video, i am using shield as server with 4tb external hard drive , i am stuck on page where it asked for path ok i think i got it setup folders on my laptop, but still wish there was a good video
  5. Hi, I am a complete noob! Recently switched from Windows to Linux. I'm having trouble setting up my library with the files from NTFS drives created using windows. Can anyone tell me how to add files from other drives to my emby library? I'm using deepin x64bit (debian 9 based).
  6. Good day. New user here. Yesterday I setup Emby through the internet browser. Loaded my libraries fixed my metadata. Today I opened the setup.exe file for emby server while trying to install The Emby Theatre. it took me to the setup page I re-put in my login information and it is like it created a new server and now i am unable to access my first server I built.Says cant connect but does show it in app.emby.media. Before in dashboard showed all my activity and sign in with roku box. Now shows nothing Now it is like I just made the account. How do I get back the original server. And everytime i open the localhost am I at risk for creating a new server? Thanks.
  7. In current CoverArt plugin, there is no preview of icons or custom indicator overlays for "Resolution" and "Audio" for the following tabs in setup interface: Media InfoIcons for Video and Aspect ARE working in above interface. In current CoverArt plugin, there is no preview of internal or custom indicator overlays for subtitles for the following tabs in setup interface: Subtitles The previews are working ONLY in these setup interfaces: 3D Specials A movie says more than thousand words, so I made a screen recording (in Chrome) of the bug, in the CoverArt setup interface: https://streamable.com/0n80u (The first part of the movie is the working part in 3D and Specials section of the CoverArt plugin setup interface.
  8. Hello all. I apologize in advance if this is long and sound nuts. I have just about lost my mind as I have spent last 5 days on Google and these forums trying desperately to get Emby to work. (by the way I have seen the software work on a friend at work and was blown away so I immediately signed up for premiere account. So I know it is possible and will be great once I get it going. Only difference is I want to use Linux and not windows like my friend. Major Kudos to the developer for this awesome software.) To my problem, as stated in title, I'm running Emby on a (at first) headless Ubuntu server 18.04.3 and now due to difficulties I have installed the LXDE desktop environment to help trouble shoot. The install and Emby setup went fine and appears to be working. I can go to a Windows Host and access the Emby control panel and default user screen. The setup I want Emby on this Ubuntu Server ( 4GBs RAM, 250GB SSD) to be able to access and show my library that is going to be hosted (for now) on a Synology NAS (DS713+ 4TBs with latest updates). So far I have only uploaded about 3 movie MKV files to the share on the Synology. This share is "Videos". I was able to add it as a library in the EMby control panel and set up. I believe the issue has to do with permissions and access to the Synology share. (I also tried setting up a temp share on a windows client as well and cannot get Emby to scan that library either, so I am double convinced it is something I am doing wrong on the Linux side of things. Which can be seen in the attached Embylog.txt) On the Synology I have shared the Videos folder and given just about everyone read/write access to it, including an account I created called "emby" with NO password. It is not locked down and access should be wide open. I believe I need to mount this shared folder on the Ubuntu server so the emby account/service running there can access the folder and scan library. I am able to successfully mount the Synology Share folder "Videos" to either the / directory or within my users /home directory. BUT it seems that "ROOT" is always the owner of the mounted directory (both user and group). I cannot seem to find a way to change this? Also when I tried mounting it in the "/home" directory it says emby is owner and emby group, but still no access when I try to read/scan the library from Emby control panel. For example for the Home Mount I did: sudo mount -t cifs -0 username=emby,password=,uid=999,gid=999 // ~/mnt/share Which does mount the directory of the Synology share and allows me to browse it. But when I try scanning my this library from Emby control panel it fails. (the log txt shows //JAYNAS which is the same as IP of Here is another example I tried testing a mount to windows share: sudo mount.cifs // /windows-share -o user=emby This too worked and from linux side I can browse the share, but Emby server cannot scan library. (Here I do see owner as root and group as root so that is probably why, but I don't know how to fix this as "chown" fails on a mount and will not change permissions.) So if you have read this far: Is there any guide or install help that explains when running Emby from a Linux server how to get it to read a library from another Device (like NAS) or computer? Does it need to be a permanent mount in "/etc/fstab" and if so what account or permissions need to be assigned? Is this something specific to Synology Shares? (I dont think so as my Windows efforts have failed as well.) I'm going nuts as I feel there HAS to be a way to do this on Linux and it is probably simple, and I'm missing it. But the mounting of shares and permissions is killing me. ( I do not want to run this on Windows. Seems like there is a lot of windows help online and would be easier, but no. I love Linux and Open source too much and don't wish to go back unless there was no other way. I just currently suck at Linux administration obviously.) Thanks in advance whoever can read all this and possibly help. (Heck if a clear solution is found or commands in Linux that works, I'll go and write up a guide to help the next person here on the forums if allowed.) EmbyLog.txt
  9. !. Can I run Emby side by side with Plex ( just recently switched to Plex from WMC 7) and not 100% happy so am giving Emby a try - have heard good things)? 2. Can Emby and Plex share the same HD-Homeruns (if not all tuners are in use)? 3. If I need to trail the Windows Theatre I assume I need to buy a 1 month Premiere subscription before biting the bullet and buying Lifetime? 4. What is the best TV Guide to use for Australia? Will leave it there for now, am sure I will more questions in due time but will try to find the answers in the Wiki and the Forums before posting here. Thanks and regards, Anthony (Australia)
  10. Type of nas SYNOLOGY D213J Hi, i went you emby.media and got to download page.. hit "nas synology" and took the adress that is called out and added it to package page so i could view it in comunity download page. It was accepted as download in package and no complains about that. After that i looked as i said in comunity page and looked for emby.media and IT IS NOT FOUND! I updated, rebooted nas, took adress off and added it agian.. and no emby app "packages" to download. I think you got an error there on your download link or something, becouse it should come up. I tried another comunity to see if it was anything wrong whit my nas and no. please help me, how to i add it to my NAS, or do you want me to start using plex that is crappy... Give me an answer as soon as possible.. thanx!
  11. BP_Tec

    Network Path Problems

    Hi all, So I'm having problems setting up my library on only one of my drives. I know this is probably a permissions issue, but I just cant figure out what the problem is. These are my media locations, the first two work fine, but the USER_DATA drive does not, and i get the error. All locations are accessible from my Linux machine. /home/alex/Videos /mnt/BACKUP_DRIVE/media /mnt/USER_DATA/media1 /home/user/Videos drwxr-xr-x 6 alex alex 4096 Jun 22 15:43 Videos /mnt/BACKUP_DRIVE/media drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun 23 12:23 media /mnt/USER_DATA/media1 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun 23 12:23 media1 If i change the owner and group on media1 to alex, i still get the same issue chown alex:alex media1 drwxr-xr-x 2 alex alex 4096 Jun 23 12:23 media1 If I change it to emby:emby still exactly the same error. I also restated the emby service after each attempt. So any help at all in understanding what is happening here would be awesome. Kind regards
  12. Ceten

    Small bug in setup wizard

    Hi I'm just going through the setup of a new Emby server on my Synology DS918+. The package installed just fine but while going through the setup wizard I noticed the dropdown for adding a folder to my media library didn't work. After selecting one of the folders on my NAS it just closes the dropdown without selecting the chosen folder. Not a big problem as I could just enter the path manually but I thought I'd let you know
  13. Personal fixes been tracking past few years and re-hitting now with setting up new FreeNAS 11. with Emby PlugIn and thought I share each in posts. Hope they help community Iss.03 - FreeNAS Emby plugin - How to setup Media FreeNAS plugin Emby plugin cannot see the dataset volumes created in FreeNAS. Sol.03a - ConfirmedYou need to setup storage locations under the emby_1 Jail as follows: Jails->emby_1->Storage->Add Storage Source=/mnt/vol1/Emby_Share/Films (e.g. Films path to dataset source accessed by a share) Destination=/media/embyFilms (e.g. Films path under emby jail media folder) Create Directory=Ticked (Create the folder if not exist ) Now configure Emby through it web config page to add the media library for use as follows:: Library->Add Media Library (Prompts for required fields) Content Type=Movies (e.g. Movies media type added) Display Name=Movies (e.g. Movies menu name to show in Emby) Folders <click + Add> (Prompts for media locations) Media Locations <click + > (e.g. Movies menu name to show in Emby) <click -> on right of / > (Expand root folder path on FreeNAS) <scroll down and choose> /media/embyFilms (e.g. Select /media/embyFilms) Prefered meta language <Choose english> (pick desired language for film info) Country <Choose United Kingdom> (pick desired Country)
  14. jasonwilliams

    Question about EPG

    Hi Everyone, I'm struggling to understand how the guides work with the channel map. My provider gives an XMLTV file which I added as a guide and it works perfectly, but they only provide 1 day of data, so I was hoping to map some of the channels using Schedules Direct. I added SD and mapped one of the channels (it is now mapped to both guide sources), but it isn't populating. Are we meant to be able to map multiple guide sources to a single channel? If not, is there a way to in-map the channel from the XMLTV source?
  15. Hi guys, I hope someone can help. I’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Emby App on my Samsung tv model UE32F4510AKXXU, using the ‘develop’ log in. So far so good. But when I try to launch it for the first time, to enter the server and port details, the tv screen flickers and then the tv exits the smart hub and returns to freesat programmes. I’ve tried the classic turn tv on/off and deleting then reloading the app with no joy. Also tried changing fron develop login to my own account, didn’t work either. Any suggestions?
  16. Hello everybody! Since a long time ago I wanted to share my server setup in this awesome forum, sorry for my english in advance . In my university residence some years ago everybody was constantly asking for external HDD's to share movies and tv shows, so one day I wondered what could I do to make this sharing simpler. After using Plex for several years I switched to Emby cause Plex added a 100 users limit share and we were +-120 users. I rented a SoYouStart Opteron Server with 6Tb of storage in order to make Emby accesible outside the residence's LAN. Everything was perfect but we were (all the users) paying 45€ a month for the server, in addition I hadn't control of the hardware and if I wanted to change something or add more disk space was impossible. So with the installation of 300/300 fiber in my house, I decided to setup a home server and migrate all the stuff from the cloud server to my home server. That way we'll only have to pay for the electricity and the initial hardware cost. So, went to amazon and started looking for a nice budget setup for my server, the key of the purchase was the energy saving. The home server specs are the following: - Intel i5-6600 Processor - Asus B150M-A Motherboard - 2x4Tb HGST Desktar NAS HDD's (installed in Software RAID 0), for storing the media files - Kingston SSDNow V300 120Gb for the OS and Emby metadata, etc. - 16 Gb DDR4 HyperX Fury Kingston RAM - Corsair Series CX430 PSU The system is running under Ubuntu 16.04 after trying to do it under Debian 8.5, but the system due to the recent processor and the Linux Kernel in Debian 8.5 (I suppose) wasn't very stable with Emby. In order to do the migration transparently for the users I downloaded all my library (1300 SD Movies, 500 1080p 5Mbps Movies and 130 SD TV Shows) from the cloud server to my 8Tb /home partition in RAID 0, after this I installed and configured Emby and letting it scan the library and download all the metadata (notice that I didn't back up the library from the cloud server, just the users and their play status). With this completed, I configured my TP-Link wr1043nd router with OpenWRT installed to forward the necessary ports to the server, and setted up a dynamic DNS with NOIP as my ISP IP is dynamic. Everything almost ready, users backed up in the cloud server and restored in the home server I switch my Domain to point to my home ddns instead of the cloud server and watch the users loging in. Everything was fine and nobody noticed the change (correction, somebody had dns issues but after erasing history and cookies in their browser the problem was solved). The average number of users connected at the same time is 5-10, with 20-30 in peak hours (siesta time 3-4pm, after dinner 11pm, before luch 1-2pm, you know spanish regime ), almost everybody uses the server through the Web interface (some tablets or chromecast but it's 5-10% of the users) so what I do to deal with transcoding, or better said, how do I do to AVOID transcoding without losing quality. It's very simple, the solution was to convert all the media to h264/AAC/mp4 with a daily script which executes ffmpeg at 2am, looks for .avi or .mkv files and converts them to h264/AAC/mp4. The script is veeeery veeery simple (i'm not a scripting or programming boss) and this is the conversions it does: (quality/video_codec/audio_codec/file_extension) Input --> Process --> Output ------------------------------------ - Movies and episodes in sd/mpeg/mp3-AC3/avi: sd/mpeg/mp3/avi --> x264 CRF 20, audio_bitrate aac 128kbps, web_optimized --> sd/h264/aac/mp4 -Movies in sd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv sd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv --> video stream copy, audio_bitrate aac 128kbps, web_optimized --> sd/h264/aac/mp4 -Movies in hd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv with video bitrate around 5mbps hd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv --> video stream copy, audio_bitrate aac 192kbps, web_optimized --> hd/h264/aac/mp4 For movies with bitrate over 5mbps I use another script to do a 2-pass conversion cause it takes time for each file. In addition the scripts removes all subtitles and conserves only one audio track in spanish. The question now is, why I do this? Well mainly because all my users don't care about DTS, surround or having a 20mbps full hd bluray. The only thing they want is that the movie plays well, fast, and good quality if possible, so this is a way of optimizing resources and disk space. The SSD gives an amazing speed charging the menus and all the web frontend I really recommend it, the server is now running perfectly and growing little by little. Oh! important, I have one directory for SD movies and another for HD movies, and for TV shows the structure is like this --> /home/shows/show_name/season/episodexx.avi Hope you like it! and if you have questions I'll be pleased to answer them. (converting script attached and modified for understanding, the script is named wololo , if you played Age of Empires you should know why ). wololo.txt
  17. kanipek

    Client setup question

    I recently setup Emby Server for use with Kodi. After some messing around I have got done right I believe. It seems stable so I want to move on to setting up the clients. I have tried searching for instructions but I can't seem to find any step by step procedure. Might be I don't know exactly what I am looking to search for terminology wise. I have been using XBMC/Kodi for year with MySQL and client setup is pretty straight forward via advancedsettings.xml and this makes client setup a breeze, it is done in seconds. I am using Xios DS boxes for clients running a linux build of XBMC/Kodi as well as a couple of Android 5 phones. I began setting up clients starting with my Galaxy Note 3, but it seems like I am missing something. I installed the Emby add on and configured it and it kicked off a from scratch database setup which will takes at least a few hours to run. Should it not just see the database already setup on the server? It seems like if that process completes I would end up with multiple databases and the would not be synced and that would be like using Kodi with standalone setup and be a step back. Am I missing something? I was thinking of copying the databases from the server to each client but that would separate them again. Needless to say I am confused and seek help. Thanks for reading and any help you can provide. And if I missed find this info somewhere here I do apologize, just not sure I am searching for the right stuff.
  18. I'm having a real issue in downloading the current version of Emby Server for Windows. I can download the setup file but when I click run, I am getting an error stating that it can not download the application from the server (see the log file attachment). I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks! RedCatcher VSD7FC9.tmp.zip
  19. Hey Guys, I have an unwatched folder suddenly appeared in my series tv folder. Is this because of a recent update? I have my folders setup in Legacy mode and have checked settings but could not find anything. I have attached a screenshot. Cheers
  20. msavazzi

    Issue with update - dashboard

    Team, sorry to bother but I just installed Emby following the intructioins on the website on my QNAP and on the dashboard I do get: Version 3.0.5724.6 Emby Server is up to date A new version of Emby Server is available! Version 3.0.5786.0 is now available for download. Update Now Please shutdown the server and update manually. The problem is that if I follow the link it sends me back to the instructions to install the QPKG (as I did)!!!! So how do I upgrade? M
  21. I am having an issue with the installation wizard. I am able to install the server on my home server without any issues and it works fine. Unfortunately, I am unable to get through the wizard to change settings or preferences. When I get to the opening page, the language selection page, (Picture Attached), It does not allow me to chose a language as there are no languages to chose from. The drop down menu is empty. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE, all the most up to date versions and all the same result. The only difference between them is the drop down box is larger in Firefox than Chrome and IE is larger than FireFox. If I just choose "next" it says there is an error processing the request and I cannot get past that page. Has anyone had a similar issue or does anyone know of a way to bypass the wizard? I have attempted to enter in the direct path to the dashboard but it always sends me back to the wizard. I am extremely frustrated and any assistance anyone can give me would be much appreciated.
  22. ginjaninja

    Emby for Roku

    Emby For Roku Setup Guide Assumptions The Author only had access to a Roku 3 (Model 4200X Software v5.4 2240) . It is assumed that all Rokus behave in the same way in respect of this guide.Prerequisites Install EMBY Server. Create an EMBY User. Optionally (and recommended) make user an EMBY Connect User (by registering on community forums and adding the valid MB community username to the user account under server configuration and authorising via email) http://emby.media/connect/ Follow the Roku product installation instructions to register your email address/Roku account. Ensure the Roku has a valid IP route to your EMBY server and ensure the necessary rules are applied on any intermediary firewalls. See Client<>Server Connection Troubleshooting. Guide Chapters Adding EMBY Channel to Your Roku. Connect EMBY Roku Client to EMBY Server Client<>Server Connection Troubleshooting. Note many of the pictures in this guide need updating for the latest version and new product name. Media Browser is now EMBY
  23. iearmand

    Wizard install not progressing

    Hi Folks. I've searched around the forums and can't find anything similar so hoping someone can help or direct me approritaly. I'm installing Enby on a Mac Mini (2014). Install has gone ok and the wizard started as expected. The issue arises at the Configure Settings\metadata page (see page below).When I select "Next", nothing happens. Or rather an icon seem to flash (very quickly) but the Wizard does not progress any further. I have tried a reinstall. No change and Previous setting remain in place. I have also tried using both Safari and Chrome. Still no luck. I did notice that on the installation page that the Configure Settings pagfe come before the "Add Media Libraries", but in my setup is seems to be the other way around. this may be nothing but I'm not sure. I would post them, but I can't find the logs. Anyway hope someone can help. thanks in advance.
  24. I must get my movies going again. I cannot get the server running - having installation issues in the setup, which apparently have no solution or suggestions (see link to yesterday's post)... yesterday's post. I used to have Windows 7 stand-alone with older Media Browser - which worked great. But I now have Windows 8.1 without Media Center (little drive space on the new htpc computer, nor do I want to pay for it). Anyway, since I have Windows 8.1 for client-side, and Vista for server-side, can I somehow use the old Media Browser without Media Center? Or better yet... Is there another way to run the Emby Server setup WITHOUT going through the localhost/browser? I have tried everything I can think of. Troubleshooting is starting to lead to recklessness in computer setting and updating various things out of desperation. At this point, my choices are either to toss my new Windows 8.1 htpc in the trash and revert back to Windows 7 with old Media Browser, or go with some other program altogether.
  25. I just upgraded one of my computers to Windows 10 and at the same time decided to shuffle my external drives around to consolidate, organize, and back up. I'm trying to reestablish the Emby server from a separate computer than before. I go to the Server set up page where I can pick the type and location of the Media. Selected the type easily. When I go to click on the Plus sign for Media Location, it just highlights blue, but does nothing. I have tried this from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (new Explorer). Has anyone else experienced this? Would this be an Emby problem, a browser problem, a plugin problem, or something else entirely? Thanks for the help! (this was a brand new today download of Emby)
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