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  1. Hi everyone. I recently set up a new Android TV device for my parents and discovered and issue which I'm able to re-produce across the three Andriod TV / Fire TV client devices I use. This will be a little difficult to articulate, so please bear with me. When I make some changes to the 'Allow items from the following libraries to appear in latest and next up' list in the 'Home Settings' menu, the changes do not persist. I.e. they appear reverted when I exit then re-enter the 'Home Settings' screen. I say some because toggling the setting for some of the libraries does persist but toggling it for others does not persist. I'm not certain of the difference but it appears as though libraries that have previously been enabled (ticked) in the list can be successfully toggled on and off but libraries that were not previously enabled (not ticked), at the time I discovered the issue, can't be toggled on or off. Making the setting change in the screen initially appears to work - the tick appears or is removed as the OK button is clicked; but when I exit the settings screen the home screen appearance does not match the settings and when I re-enter the Home Setting screen, the changes I've made have reverted. I have reproduced the issue across three Android TV / Fire TV client devices: A 2019 Shield TV 'tube' version, a Sony Google TV, and a Fire TV HD. The problem is also re-producible with different users defined in my server configuration, including a user with access to all libraries (my primary user). Environment info Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Server version: Client version (Shield TV): 2.0.83g Client version (Fire TV): 2.0.79a Client version (Sony Google TV): Not recorded Here's a screenshot of the settings screen I'm referring to: Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Hawkwinter

    Subtitles: Baked-in? How to stop that?

    So, I find when I'm watching content with subtitles in the web app, it seems to be encoding them as part of the image, rather than text on top. Unfortunately, for the content I'm watching, none of the default subtitle styling options are very legible. My usual go-to fix for this sort of thing would be to open up stylus and restyle subtitles to have a thick black border, or straight up put the text in front of a black box like I have it doing on the android TV app. But with it baked right into the videostream, I can't add a stylesheet to fix the subtitles to make them more legible. Is there a setting for me to tell it it not to do that, and put the subtitles on top as actual text? Where would I find that setting? Thank you.
  3. I tired to word it as best as I could for the title, but what I mean is pretty simple. Currently when you have the same movie or media in multiple format/resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, or SD, as far as I know, you have to go into the actual files and rearrange them into there own folder and rename them for the Emby Server to link them together, otherwise your going to have to duplicates when viewing them in the Media Gallery. And as someone who likes to have both 4K and 1080p versions for most of my media, it can be pretty time consuming to look through all the files rearranging them and renaming them. Not to mention frustrating as there is no UI or clean way of identifying them without having to read long file names and looking through the same looking files/folders. Made even harder when its a large collection and more than half are in multiple formats, so its a lot to comb through searching and rearranging/renaming. It is what I have currently been doing, but I haven't even gotten through half of it as of now. So I got to thinking of a way and I figured, why not have the server link them up within the info or metadata that it saves. It doesn't have to change the file name or relocate the files, just have a note that these are the same movie/media and they should be link together within the data that it creates and saves for the media. And create a simple and easy UI within the client that would cut the time and complexity of doing this task by a lot. Now it would be as easy as selecting the duplicates with clear artwork and identifiers and "merging" them! Without the hassle of going into the files and renaming or rearranging them. I have created images and mock ups to better illustrate what I mean with the image attached below and with a description below You see the duplicates that the Emby Server has {Image 1} because the media files, besides being the same media, are in different files due to differences in format or resolution and are treated as different movies/media. To fix this, you click into one of the duplicated media and select the extended options (the 3 dots) that would have a new option titled something like "Link", "Join", or "Merge" {Image 2} that once clicked this would open an overlay displaying your collection of movies {Image 3} from which you select the duplicate(s) with the easy titles and artwork to tell them apart. Then just confirm that these are the items you want to merge. You are then presented with the artwork and file name or path about the selected items that you would like to join, and how you would like to label the different versions/resolutions/file types {Image 4} The server wouldn't have to ask to identify them or change any info on them as they are duplicates and are already the same. Once Confirmed the server adds a "note" or saves it in the information or metadata that these two files are the same and now shows them as one with the option to select the version with the imputed label selected by the user as it currently does {Image 5} I know you guys work hard and don't know if/how hard this would be to implement, as I don't code. But I truly believe this feature would be a time saver and one that I would highly appreciate if it could be added into a future update. Thanks in Advance and for all the hard work you guys do!
  4. GoodOleHarold

    Settings advise

    I haven't got an issue exactly more just looking for some advise on settings to choose I notice the thread count on the transcoder setting is default at auto but conversions it is max? I don't really use conversions so would swapping them be a good idea?
  5. Would it be possible to have a default display setting for picture folders? I already organize my picture folders by date and event. Each time I open a picture folder, all pictures have "2021" as title. With every folder, I have to open the folder settings, and select "filename" as field to show, and untoggle "year". Could this be made into a default somewhere?
  6. In Plex, there is a setting that is equivalent to "Weeks to consider for Continue Watching". This filters the items in Continue Watching by whether the most recent play date was within the specified time limit (e.g. previous 4 weeks). This would be useful to avoid the Continue Watching bar being cluttered with partially watched items from a long time ago. Please could you add this setting to Emby?
  7. testbug

    How to change color of these?

    Hi! I'm working on a complete color theme change, and I was hoping someone could help me with changing the color of: The border around the drop-down lists. The selected item's background in the side menu. If I come across any more issues, I'll post it here.
  8. Aloha Embians, back again with a proposal. I recently started using the download function more extensively on my iPhone and I noticed something. When I download a record it downloads (youuuu dont saaaay) and after this I can go into a settings mode per record and set a quality. How does this work? Does Emby redownload something if i turn up the quality after the download happened? And excuse this stupid question, but the shit I download sounds like mp3 to me, even if i changed the quality to Original afterwards which should be lossless. Is that because I downloaded on my phone?I just saw that when I execute a download on a computer up front it instantly asks me about the wanted quality but I haven't tried and there is no way to verify because Emby doesn't show file info for music. Ok Ok, but now for the proposal : I wish we could set global download settings for audio (music) and video downloads per used device. When you need to change them for a specific download, just change them globally. This goes hand in hand with my wish of naming the conversion options in terms that fit their respective field. I work in audio and have no idea why a music file should be 1.5 Mbps (too high, a .wav is 1411 kbit/s and this is the lowest conversion) and this also does not give any information about the file that gets created when I download something (mp3, flac, mp4?). Very nice would be the option to choose a fileformat and/or an appropriate bitrate for the finished download, this would at least give you a hint what you just downloaded. The same goes for video. I am by no means an expert on this field but the name of codecs or resolutions give me something to work with, something I understand because I am used to it. 8Mbps don't. I saw in the knowledge base that at some point there were options like high, medium, for quality. It's nice that you changed those options to numbers, because the aforementioned terms can mean anything and nothing. But for a network potatohead like me it is a bit hard to interprete what "so and so many" mbps mean and I think terms from the world of their medium would explain better what a certain quality option does to the file. As always, please correct me if I missunderstood something. All the best!
  9. Why It's troublesome to manage bottom up permissions (User -> Access -> Folder) and personally I think that a top down (User <- Access <- Folder) approach would be better (or both). I understand that changing access permission structure might be troublesome (or not desired by everyone) so I'd like to suggest something else instead Feature I think it would be a good idea to have a setting in the "Libraries" that allows you to make a folder hidden by default. That way when you add a new user you don't have to worry to much about them having access to all the folders and it improves user management. It's a good solution for servers that have a lot of users to manage. This isn't a must have but more of "Quality of life" feature. How These changes would have to be implemented: 1. Add the setting to the Libraries under "Advanced options" -> "Library Settings" 2. Disable "Enable access to all libraries" setting in the user access settings if any of the libraries (for that user) are hidden, and enable all but the hidden library. OR alternatively... disable "Enable access to all libraries" (so that the list of libraries shows up) for all users if any folders are hidden, then the hidden folder should not be enabled on the access list.
  10. My Samsung TV does not support DTS so I use the audio only transcoding feature of Emby. It would be great to set higher bitrates for Audio transcoding or if possible to send a DD+ stream instead. Many thianks.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a new emby user since a week or two. But there is a problem that keeps occuring. When a streamed a video to my chromecast it showed subtitles, but this was only the first day. Now when I try to stream the same movie (or other) it doesn't show any subtitles. When I pauze the video on mobile when it shows a subtitle and than stream it, it will show that sentence for a split second and nothing after. Context: - I run my emby server on a synology - I use opensubtitles as automatic source - self added subtitles are having the correct naming (showed at the ? in emby) - I have searched the forum but didn't come across some solution Thanks for helping.
  12. Hey guys Recently moved to Emby from Plex. You guys did a really great job with that, I really love it and prefer to Plex which is not stable enough in my opinion... Though I'm missing one important feature that Plex has : Favorising direct play / direct stream while you can also select "auto" setting. This means that if Direct Play / Direct Stream is not possible for a user connected to the server (due to slow internet connection, or invalid format etc...) then the Player will automatically select the best quality available for this user. BUT it will always favorise Direct Play / Direct Stream. I'm asking because on my server I have some users using Auto mode, even if they have fiber with 1 gigabit connection, the auto mode will make them transcode to 720p 3Mbps while they could handle the direct play 1080p. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but also thought that on Plex the quality settings are way more clear than on Emby. Maybe this will come in an upcoming update ? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I've posted a similar topic before. Then user ebr asked me to place my topic in the appropriate forum. Since I'm convinced this is a feature request I'll try to formulate my question more in that fashion. Introduction I've purchased Emby Premiere because I wanted to make use of the Download/Sync functionality. Sadly I don't use it, because of the way it's implemented. Feature Requests It would be really nice to have the Users "Download & Sync" settings and behavior to be aligned with the Users "Media Playback" settings and behavior. Explanation part 1 So what does this mean? It means that in the Emby settings (Server -> Users -> User) the following configuration is possible for "Media Playback": It would be really convenient to have the exact same options in the "Download & Sync" section of the same page, which now only contains the following: Why? I only wan't some really efficient/cheap transcoding on my server like subtitles, audio and media container (mkv/mp4). No video encoding/transcoding! Because it's too expensive + I'm really sure all my devices can decode H264 and all my movies are H264. Not sure why Emby something things it need to re-encode H264 to H264, but it does. Explanation part 2 The second part of this feature request is about the behavior. It would be really nice to have the exact (or at least the setting to enable this) behavior when you click "Play" (Streaming a movie/Media Playback) and when you Click Download (or Sync). This means that in both scenarios the mobile Emby app (iOS, Android, Browser, etc) will accept the options you filled in on the movie/serie page. For example, when I have this options enabled on my Android phone (notice Subtitles and Version): So I've selected a version called "Mobile" which is 720p H264 including AAC stereo audio and English .srt subtitles. I'm 100% sure all my (portable) devices can playback this. Clicking the Play button will: Play the "Mobile" 720p H264 version with the English .srt subtitles. As expected. On each (portable) device without any problem. Clicking the Download button will, depending on the device I'm on: Download the "Mobile" 720p H264 version with the English .srt subtitles. As expected; Download the "Mobile" 720p H264 version without English .srt subtitles. Download another version (sometimes even a 8GB one) with or without English .srt subtitles Takes the "Mobile" or a random other version and starts transcoding the video and/or the audio and afterwards downloads the transcoded version with or without English .srt subtitles. It wouldn't be a surprise that pressing the Download button is a surprise every time, but the nice thing is that it doesn't have to! Please let me know what you think of this idea. It doesn't have to replace the existing implementation, but in my opinion it would be a very nice addition to at least make the option available to treat "Downloads" the same as "Streams". Have a nice Holiday Season (Fijne kerstadagen in Dutch)!
  14. jeffshead

    Emby for Kodi settings do nothing

    On my Nvidia Shield... Since updating Kodi to 18.5 and Emby for Kodi to 4.1.16, none of the EFK add-on settings do anything. For example, nothing happens when I click on the "Repair Library" option. Also, when starting Kodi, I no longer get the little pop-up that says, "Welcome user". Everything worked just before the updates. Another ongoing problem (the reason why I wanted to repair the libraries) is that artwork goes missing for a lot of the TV episodes so I periodically have to repair the databases. Its been doing this since the last couple of releases. How do I troubleshoot/fix this? UPDATE: I solved the issue. I use a scheduled task to run the Emby Server updater script and I run Emby Server as a service. Apparently, Emby Server automatically updated just hours before I manually updated Kodi and Emby for Kodi on the Shield box. The Emby Server update did not get fully installed because it needed to install an updated version of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. This cannot be done until you logon to the Windows server. Simply stopping the Windows Emby Server Service and starting the Emby Server EXE auto started the update of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. Once it finished updating, Emby Server could once again fully start.
  15. When I start Emby while offline (WiFi off or WiFi disconnected), Emby is very flaky and slow. If you press Home and then select Settings, none of those buttons work. You have to actually connect WiFi to be able to enter the individual settings screens to change such items as Playback->Enable External Video Players To reproduce on your Pixelbook: Turn WiFi off like you're on a bus w/o WiFi Start Emby Press Home Press Hamburger->Settings Select Playback Wait until time ends for the spinning disc.
  16. Folks - Running a fresh install of both Emby Server and Windows Pro 1809. There seems to be a glitch with the "Users" functionality that I couldn't find an existing post about.. After setting up a new user, when going back into "Users" via the Dashboard - the screen will come up with no data and a spinning wheel. Or, if going into "Settings" via the Web App - the options screen comes up and when I click "Profile", the only thing that happens is the spinning wheel again. This is sporadic. Sometimes it happens directly after restarting the server, sometimes it happens a bit later after having worked fine a few times. I've attached screen prints and logs from these two instances (I think I copied the correctly timed logs). I happened to have only the single user from the installation at the time - "Admin". However, it still happens after adding an everyday user - "Thomas" as well. I have Windows Security ignoring the entire Roaming\Emby-Server Directory structure - so that isn't sporadically locking up any files.. Thanks! Thomas
  17. It would be nice to be able to specify default options for library creation. I have to add a lot of libraries and on every single library, I have to manually set all the checkbox. This could either be solved by: Globally defined default options for new libraries Template libraries which could be used to clone from
  18. babarsyal

    Options related

    Hello, I want to hide or disable some of the options from server for local users. we have more than 500 users and now we are running it as a test and for that i have some issues regarding main setting options. i I have attached above the screenshot with mark where i want to remove marked area or just settings option for local users. Second pic attached with marked area that any user can delete from his account. i will run only one account for all users and cannot allow one user one account. also if any user delete this file so it will be deleted from main directory or just from user's sync library? I just want to have full command over security to save my data from users.
  19. I am using Emby Theater 2.8.1 on a Windows 10 machine and noticed some of the settings pages overlap one another, making configuration difficult to figure out if not impossible. I tried with a different Windows 10 system and got the same results. Not a bug: The Settings > Display looks fine Audio page MadVR Video Player Video When I get to one of these broken pages, I have to quit the app to get back to a useable state. The broken page will continue to draw on top of the home screen.
  20. Please add a Save button to the Manage Library settings. Settings are not being applied when changing an clicking the back arrow in the top left.
  21. Hi. I found that the Client side (APPS) that I use (Android TV and Roku), they doesn't have the option to setting up the audio or the subs before play. This feature is present and working in the web/server side. It is very handy. If for some reason you don't have a receiver and your TV can handle stereo, or dolby, or dts, only. Avoiding the initial hang or freeze of the APP if the audio is multichannel and your TV is stereo is a good thing. However, It depends of your TV brand, some can handle ac3 (dolby 5.1), some DTS 5.1 and sometimes both, sometimes just one of those or only stereo. Since 7.1/2 and 9.1/2 are more popular and complex to transcode, one option is find and add an aditional audio track (for compatibility, if is available) and choose that other audio 5.1 to be transcoded on the fly. I don't know why this is happend (hang or freeze), some ffmpeg issues, maybe... (I don't know), but sometimes the APP leave the movie hanged or can't be played, and other times, for some unknown reason, the video can't be played, because the audio can't be transcoded. Anyway, nevermind if it just to avoid more complex audio to transcode but many times when you have 2 or 3 audio tracks available, and maybe two languages, if you can change the audio before play any content, is much better. I had to change the default audio many times in the server side before play some content, and then go to the device to can watch the video/movie/tv show without problems. This feature maybe, can give to the developers team, more clues to fight with some playback issues when the content needs to be transcoded, in this case, the audio. Anyway, if you can choose the audio or subs before play any content, it is a good thing. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  22. So, lately I've been using NVENC with a crf of 18, and the ultrafast preset. Most of the time this seems to be fine, but sometimes video's will just start glitching. This is usually the case with videos with AAC audio. So, I heard QuickSync is more reliable, but doesn't this run entirely on the CPU? I prefer encoding on the GPU, since it's stronger than my CPU. Anyways, I'd like to know what settings I should use. I don't really mind a little quality loss, just nothing too severe, but what I find most important is that every video plays back without any glitches, and that the encoding process is fast. My specs: 8GB RAM i5-4440 CPU GTX 970 GPU
  23. Hi, I've been using Emby for at least month on a temporary server and now consider buying premiere sub, there are some movie collections though that I configured myself, creating custom images, thumbs, description, etc. Will those images and descriptions carry over (if I have premiere sub) when I install Emby server on a dedicated linux server (using the same hdd, but obviously different os) and do backup and restore? OCD kinda kicks in and I really like how I organize my files. Thank you.
  24. I recently set up Emby and I am doing the initial sync. I am trying to turn off 'download artwork and metadata from the internet' but the checkbox just returns to on every time. How can I make this turn off?
  25. RCleveland

    Multiple entries in folder list

    `I noticed something weird after setting up a fresh copy of the Emby Server on my Freebsd system. I added a movie folder to the library and after scanning the files I then installed the Trakt plugin. In the configuration screen for Trakt in the exclude folders section the path to the New Movies 2 folder shows up twice. I have attached a couple of screen grabs showing this. Has anyone else ran into this?
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