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  1. Hi @@ebr @@Luke any way of getting the green ticks (and other indicators) to be on the poster with the diamond treatment? Cheers Edit: I meant to say it looks a bit better with the 'Use original art aspect ratio' ticked in CoverArt but the posters look a bit narrow.
  2. There's two features I would love to see added to the server's remote control API. Of course it would require changes from all client developers as well, but I think it would be worth it. 1. Audio/subtitle stream selection. I know MBC can't capitalize on this, but every other client should be able to play specific streams rather than the default. Especially if transcoding. 2. Add the Id of the client that initiated the last received remote control command in the SessionInfo. The reason I'd like to see this, is for when the mobile clients exit and relaunch, it would be nice to poll the server for currently playing media and if the initiating client ID matches the mobile client ID, expose a now-playing widget in the client. Same concept as what Android is doing with Chromecast when you relaunch the client.
  3. Hi, I've been meaning to ask about this for a while, but haven't got around to it until now. Starting a few weeks ago, I haven't been able to clear notifications from the WebUI. Right now, the Notifications badge says I have 2 notifications, but when I click on it there is actually 5, and I have no option to mark them as read. I did have the option to earlier, but when I clicked on it nothing happened, and now that option is gone. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Patrick
  4. As the title states in the new web player the status bar at the bottom always stays on. Running win 7 64 bit in chrome 33.0.1750.154 Let me know if there is anything I can check on my end.
  5. Hi all, I have been quiet here for a while but I have been trying to keep an eye on developments of the excellent work being under taken and upgrading when newer version are released. After installation the most recent version of the server my music library doesn't display correctly (ebr will be cringing now). It may just be a config issue, I note lots of new settings. I have briefly checked these but it does appear that this version of MB server is doing something differently? Below is an example of how the folders use to display prior to upgrade And the next image is how the same folder is now displaying after the upgrade Would anyone have idea's of things I can check? I have looked at the library with library explorer (imo I much preferred the look of the old library explorer) and can't see any obvious differences. TIA
  6. My HTPC goes to sleep until I use it, and when it wakes it often requries me to click the 'Couldn't connect to Server. Retry?' button. Would it be possible to add a setting to allow MBC to automatically retry connecting to the server (maybe for 15 seconds or something) before prompting the user?
  7. Hi I'm having a weird issue with getting images for my Collections created by the plugin Auto Box Sets (v. My metadata "Preferred language" and "Country" is set to Danish and Denmark. For all my Movies this works fine, it gets the Danish versions of images if there is any, if not it gets the English / No Language / top voted from themoviedb.org. But for my Collections / BoxSets it's not getting the "English" or "No Language" from themoviedb.org if there aren't any in danish. I can change my "Preferred language" to "English" and then "Browse Images" on a Collection folder, then "English" Images will show up but still not the "No Language" ones. I have tried with my Collection of RED -> http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/163902-red-collection And it sure has some Backdrops and Primary Images but i just wont fetch them if the language of the images is not the same as the "Preferred language". And since most Backdrops are "No Language" i cant get those other then getting them manual and uploading them to each Collection. System: Server Version: 3.0.5174.21980
  8. The New method of creating Media Library folders does not allow using the same name. Method before the last server update This allowed multiple users to use cross shared folders and at the same time keep using the same name "Movies". Parental Rating has no relevance here. User-Admin Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Admin \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-A \\SERVER\Movies\User-B \\SERVER\Movies\User-C \\SERVER\Movies\User-D \\SERVER\Movies\User-E \\SERVER\Movies\User-F User-Guest Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest User-A Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-A \\SERVER\Movies\User-D User-B Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-B User-C Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-C \\SERVER\Movies\User-E User-D Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-D User-E Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-E User-F Media Folder Name: Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-B \\SERVER\Movies\User-E \\SERVER\Movies\User-F New Method current server version This method now requires new names for every similar media folder type attached to each user when folders are not being shared. There is no consistency. User-Admin Media Folder Name: Movies (only the jerk that runs the server gets to keep the name Movies) \\SERVER\Movies\User-Admin \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-A \\SERVER\Movies\User-B \\SERVER\Movies\User-C \\SERVER\Movies\User-D \\SERVER\Movies\User-E \\SERVER\Movies\User-F User-Guest Media Folder Name: Movies for Guests \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest User-A Media Folder Name: A's Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-A \\SERVER\Movies\User-D User-B Media Folder Name: B's Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-B User-C Media Folder Name: C's Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-C \\SERVER\Movies\User-E User-D Media Folder Name: D's Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-D User-E Media Folder Name: E's Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-E User-F Media Folder Name: F's Movies \\SERVER\Movies\User-Guest \\SERVER\Movies\User-B \\SERVER\Movies\User-E \\SERVER\Movies\User-F Please forgive me, I have taken a bullet for the community and decided to install Plex which is a direct competitor. Here are my findings. Creating a media folder called "Movies" Creating a second media folder called "Movies" which is allowed Two media libraries/sections of the same name created Sharing similarly named folders with other users The competitor is allowing same names for media folders. They are as simple as any media software can get so I don't understand how this has been removed from the current version of Media Browser which is supposed to allow more flexibility than Plex but not be as complex as XBMC. Please, I implore the developers to allow this feature to return.
  9. I installed MBS and everything is working fine except automatic downloading of Studio thumbs. I can do it manually but with about 1000 Studios this not something I would like to do. Am I missing something? Cheers, Sander
  10. Auto-Organize is successfully renaming and moving my video files, but rather than putting the video in the correct season folder, it is instead putting it in the main TV Folder. Example: Revolution 2x14, should be put in Revolution Season 2 folder, but puts it in the Revolution folder (top level) instead. Probably a setting wrong somewhere my end, as no one else has reported it
  11. I'm suddenly seeing super slow performance from the web gui, switching between tv and movie for example will take between 2 and 4 mins when it is usually a couple of seconds for anything to show up. I looked through the log and i'm seeing a lot of warning and debugs like this: Warn - BaseItem: Unable to find linked item at xxxxxxxx I've pulled up several of the items it showing that error for in plex and they play fine, plex is also moving at normal speed. https://app.box.com/s/5gb8we3h9r0izui8zws8 is the log if anyone can take a look and has an idea? Thanks
  12. MB Rich

    Recommended OS

    Afternoon all, My current NAS (Thecus n5200) is reaching the end of its life, mainly due to it not supporting HDDs of a large enough volume for my media collection. I had originally planned to replace it with a more modern NAS, but with the advent of MB3 I'm considering building a full-fledged Windows PC to act both as fileserver and as an MB3 server to various clients around the house. I think Windows Server would be overkill for my requirements which include just a handful of clients, with very light loads, e.g. Media Browser and the occasional bit of file sharing. As a result I was planning to just stick a version of Windows 7 (probably Professional to enable RDP) on but I just wanted to get some feedback as to whether this is likely to cause me any problems. Is this likely to work well for fileserving and MB3 server/
  13. gutterpunk13

    FR: Server - User Messages.

    Here are some Ideas that I thought I would throw out there. The ability for an admin to post messages to users. For example, as soon as a user logs on they will see a message saying something like " The Server will be down from 12AM to 8:AM for maintenance" or inform them of new features or new media added. It could be a message to multiple users or to a single user saying to not forget to do their homework, just whatever the admin wants to do. Also and ability to disable a user account after a certain time. When they log on it will pop up saying that it will log them out after two hours or at nine o'clock. and they will not be able to log back on until 3:30pm the next day. And finally it would be neat if we had a summary page for users like a history of what they've watched and when they watched it, how much time they spend logged in and watching media. etc. etc. I dunno, what do you guys think?
  14. Whenever I log into the server, I have this big empty black box because I don't use MB3 for music. Now, MB3 has support for music playback and all, and I'm trust very much that its fine but I'm not concerned with that. I have my own solutions I use. But whenever I log in to pick something to watch, I have to see this big empty black box, and that shouldn't be. I think something as simple as not showing music if none has been added to the library would be enough.
  15. mboehler

    Recommended Setup for Live TV?

    Like a lot of others on here, I have some questions regarding setting Live TV. I currently have Windows Home Server 2011 running on a SUPERMICRO 1U 2x L5420 Xeon QC 2.5GHz with 8GB RAM and a 500GB HDD. I run MB3 Server and MCM on it server, and that's basically it. I also have a Synology NAS with 12 TB of storage in it. This is where all my media goes. Then I have 4 Zotac Z-Boxes connected to TVs that we watch all of our TV shows and Movies on via MB Classic. I want to set up Live TV but would like some advice about the best way to do it. Should I get another box, like a Zbox for example, to install Win 7, WMC, and ServerWMC on? Or should I create a Virtual Machine to run under WHS 2011? Before I discovered Media Browser a couple of years ago, I was using Beyond TV. I do actually have two older XP machines that have been decommissioned and are sitting in the basement that have Hauppage tuners in them. I don't know if those cards would be of any use at all. I forget which models they are, but I don't think either of them would fit in the server if I tried to go that way. So I guess I will need to go with either a USB tuner or a network tuner. I haven't done much research into which tuner to buy, so advice on that would be helpful as well. Thanks so much!
  16. When I copy a new movie to the library/folders watched by MS3, is rightly pick up the added content. However it does not seem to be able to recognize it and match it with metadata. The new content is one movie file in one directory, moved to the movie folder. The folder is named as "Iron Man 2 (2010)(1080)". When I then manually goes to the library in the meta data browser and change the name to "Iron Man" and hit update metadata, it works. However, I then still have to manually update the primary image in the metadata browser, as this process does not do that, but retains a screenshot as primary image. Am I doing something wrong since it does not pick up the metadata automatically? BTW, I know I have been after you guys the past days with questions and all. After working with MB3S the last couple of evenings, it is only minor things I have run into. It a good piece of software. Good job, guys and thank you very much for your effort and for putting this out there for free, and for helping out and all!
  17. thejulianath20

    Update server with Git...?

    I've downloaded the Git Server downloads and unpacked then went to updater.exe... I dont see the server vs go up... How to keep up to date with all the awesome Git updates?
  18. Hi, the Auto-Organize is a fantastic addition to MB3 and work really well! was just wondering can there be an option whether the file gets moved or copied across. Thanks Lee
  19. Simple question. Are there any known issues that would prevent a successful install or update of Media Browser 3 Server via Remote Desktop? I recently had to rollback to version 3.0.5115.35703 via System Restore because for some reason, after updating to the LiveTV release and configuring ffdshow filters, my copy protected TV shows stopped playing in WMC (another topic for another day). But now I'm ready to upgrade to back to 3.0.5135.31685, but I do not want to wait until I get home. I have some downtime during lunch and I want to try this baby out again! I also want to Install and configure ServerWMC LiveTV Plugin while I'm at it. Does anyone forsee any issues performing this over a Remote Desktop connection? Here's my specs: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 8GB RAM nVidia 9500 GT 512MB Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCard Tuner (4 tuners) Thanks!
  20. just had to reboot and serverWMC didn't launch properly. any chance we can get an internal launcher for restarts etc. if there's a problem and we're not at home?? As it stands I couldn't see any other way than from within windows..
  21. I've just been trying out the "Remote" function on the server web UI to control playback on MBC. The first time I use it, there are "Play", "Queue" and "View" buttons - but if I use the play button and then browse to another video and press the "Remote" button again, the three buttons are no longer visible. Same problem on chrome and IE. Even if I close and restart the client (MBC) the buttons are still missing. Refreshing the browser (F5) brings the buttons back next time I click "remote".
  22. Hi, nothing major but I've noticed in the last few Dev versions that the dashboard screens don't refresh like they used to. Meaning if there is a progress bar due to a library scan it will sit at 0% and not move even though the scan is running or even finished. Also, after I mark notifications read they still show up. See below, Scan was running for 30 secs before I took the screen print and notifications have been marked read as the 'Mark as read' button is gone. Like I said, small things, just letting you know. Cheers Edit: Meant to say, refreshing the page gets rid of the notifications.
  23. Hi Devs and Supporters - I just wanted to say thanks for the recent server and plugin releases that are making MB3 better and better. I just installed MBS Version 3.0.5131.18923, the boxset plugin and the MB3 Chrome Companion extension. Great work! I also just discovered the new little "jumpy uppy thingy" in the web client when my mouse hovers over the base of the episode thumb allowing me to do all sorts of things that used to take a few more clicks. Also, nice work with the season thumbs on the unaired episodes to eliminate confusion. I'm proud to be a supporter of this project. Keep up the great work! Cheers, @Tanamur
  24. MSL_DK

    12-hour clock

    Why is it that 12-hour format is used here MBT and 24-hour format here. MBT Player Also, there is no option to choose 24 hour format on the server, why that?
  25. Been using MB2 for a few years and looking to move to MB3. What do most recommend for the OS if you could pick from Win 7, 8 or Server 2012? I think I would like to maybe even run it has a Hyper-V, which would mean Win 8 or server 2012. That way I could take snapshots before changes and roll back if I didn't like the results. Also I could possibly do a P2V on my current Win 7 machine running MB2 and run them side by side until I get MB3 setup or figure out if I even want it over MB2. My setup if that helps at all is that I have my HTPC setup with my TV and stereo, so it would be the MB3 server and also need to be a client. Then I would like to use say an android tablet (not yet purchased) to remote control this setup with the output going to my TV. I browsed a thread already on that part so I think it can be done. Thanks
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