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  1. Bit of an obscure title I know but ... I've created a separate movies folder to put some of my movies, films I don't want others to see/others don't want to see (big horror fan ). I've hidden this folder from specific users but, if the movies in that folder are part of a collection, they can gain access to those movies via the collection. So dir is like this - Movies - - movie1 - movie2 HiddenMovies -movie3 -movie4 Main user is allowed access to both, other users allowed access only to the first. But if the movies in the second HiddenMovies folder are part of a collection (a collection of movie3 and movie4), then auto boxsets (correctly) creates the collection, which then (incorrectly) shows up for all users. I know I could/should use the ratings prevention and the custom ratings to prevent access, but it's simpler for me to just deny access to 1 folder for the other users. If I have to, I will go through and custom rate things then deny access that way, but this just didn't seem to be the correct functionality when they were supposed to be denied access. More of a bug or loophole somewhere. Also wasn't sure where the problem was (server or auto boxsets). For now, I've deleted the collection. Hope I've made sense
  2. I've been experiencing this issue since, I believe, (but cannot be 100% sure) the last Beta Server update. Running 3.0.5366.22005. I'm not running MBS as a service Essentially the scan always stops at 38.8% and won't proceed past that point. If I try and stop the scan, the 'stopping' message appears but never goes (for example, left it over night - still said the same message in the morning). If I try to exit the server or restart the server then the server seems to exit, but will not restart. I have to reboot the machine. I've been trying to figure out what is causing the issue - but it would be good if someone with more knowledge can help out! Thanks server-63547113599.txt
  3. Hi, this maybe a feature request but was wondering what other people thoughts are on these subjects. First of all playlists, Would it be possible for a resume feature? Instead of the playlist builder coming in from the side, maybe a drop down box at the top of the browser which will remember the playlist you are working on until the browser is refreshed, then the add to playlist function is just one click per item instead of 4 or 5. A Jumble feature, i.e. when you have finished messing with your playlist, press Jumble and it will randomly re-order the list. Sort by artist so you can get rid of any duplicates in a list Some way of re-ordering manually. Music - Songs A song is just 2 pieces of information, Title and Artist, and you may have one song 10 times in a collection and this information never changes, so was wondering if, A "song" can be grouped, so if i like it or make it favorite it will do it to all instances of that song, as well as play counts being the same too. When you open a song in the browser it will tell you what albums it is on and if there is a local music video for it. which brings me to the subject no one wants to entertain, music vids, I know there isn't databases for them but there is always a simple way around things (what an assumption). I actually have a very accurate database of music on my server P.C., it's called media browser, and i only want things linking that are there, is there any way you can use the information at hand just to tidy this part up, all of the artist art is there ready to be used. No nobby online database needed, just two pieces of information, Title and Artist. Easy!!!
  4. I have installed MB3 on a laptop for testing. When connecting the laptop to DSL router MB3 works fine without any issues. HOWEVER MB3 does not work when connected to a 3G/LTE Router (Netgear MBRN3000). I have tried with the port forward on the router however the 3G/LTE service provider do not allow port forwarding. How can I setup MB3 as standalone and not connect to the internet. Everytime internet is offline MB3 tries to connect to the following site. http://www.mb3admin.com/admin/service/MB3ServerNotifications.json http://mediabrowser.tv/ http://www.mb3admin.com/ and all the devices can’t communicate anymore. Any ideas? Attached also the log server-63543506328.txt
  5. I have all of my movies and TV shows in ISO format and do not want to to convert them into another format due to the fact it would take forever. All of my movies and TV shows are bit to bit Main movie only, so no menus. Is it possible to have the Chapter Images extracted from these ISO Files? Thanks.
  6. divide_by_zero

    Moving MB Server to another PC?

    Howdy everyone, I'd like to move it off my Media Center system and put it on my WHS file server so I can start accessing it with other clients even if my media center is off. Anyone have any experience with moving the MB Server off of one system, and installing it on another system? Any way to salvage all of the metadeta, paths to shares, and other config data without starting from scratch in this scenario? Did a bit of searching, but didn't really find any threads that were geared towards this. Thanks!
  7. MB Server version 3.0.5238.39498 MB Classic version Windows 7 x64 sp1 Media Center When I delete movies (their folder, containing the .mkv and all metadata/images) from a directory that is part of my MB Library, MB does not respond in a predictable or consistent or logical manner. Sometimes, the Server and Client both reflect the change; that is, the deleted movie no longer appears. This is obviously the expected outcome. Sometimes, the deleted movie metadata is re-generated in a new folder bearing the name of the deleted one. In these cases, the movie appears as if it is still in the library, but of course would not play, given that no actual video file is present for it. This happens even if I enable the administrator user of the Server (myself) to delete items from within MB Server Library Edit, and go through that process of deletion. It also happens if I simply delete the folder via Windows Explorer. My workaround has been: -- shutdown MB Server -- delete the folder in Windows Explorer -- restart MB Server and re-scan Library -- if the deleted movie reappears, then delete the entire media folder link within MB Server, and re-establish it afresh. Such measures should never be necessary. Any ideas on why MB regenerates deleted items?
  8. Hi There, Until yesterday I started MB3 server as a application with administrator rights without problems in the webclient . Yesterday and today I tried to start MB3 as a automatic startup windows service. It started up automatically as planned but both times when opening the webclient I got some errors reporting about not able to update application and plugins and about not able to connect to the external mediaserver (look at the printscreens and server logfile). BTW what a fantastic application. With regards Rienk Kuipers Netherlands MB started as windows service server-63546449596.zip
  9. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup
  10. Here's my setup: MBS is running as a service on my HTPC. I recently built a NAS and added it to my network. I want to store some TV shows on the NAS and have them play in MediaBrowser Theater. The NAS is running OpenMediaVault 1.0 kralizec. On one hard drive on the NAS, I created a folder called "TV." When I open up the MediaBrowser configuration tool, and start to create a new library, it finds my NAS on the network, but when I try to go to my TV directory, there fields do not populate. The only option is the "go up one level" dots (..). Is there something I need to do on my NAS to make MediaBrowser Server see the shared folder?
  11. rkariff

    Loading on Roku 3

  12. I have had a Ceton tuner for some while now, but recently my server started acting up. I did a complete fresh install of windows and installed all drivers. But after every time I install the ceton the server stops functioning. I can restart the server but i cannot access even when I right click and go to "configure media browser". The ceton install also prevents me from opening the classic configurator as well. Here are log files from before and after a ceton install, I'm kinda stuck with what trouble shooting to perform next so any help is grateful. server-63544588642.txt server-63544589809.txt
  13. Joramilea

    Server crashing

    My husband installed MB3 server for me and set everything up... it all worked great! Then he got a real server computer and put MB3 on that it worked great until that computer died. He put the old computer back up as our movie server and since then have nothing but issues! movies freeze while watching it on the app. He streams to chromcast and it freezes. My daughter and myself have had it freeze or pause several times during playing a movie. And at one time it showed up on my Xbox 360 and now I don't see the movies any more making it un-usable for MB3. Sometimes even though the server is up and running our web browsers and apps say its not up. And these issues are for everything... apps, linkpc.net and localhost Can someone help me figure out what is wrong. If I need to give more information I can. Things I do .... MB3 is up to date according to program. Version 3.0.5340.21263 We have the apps for both iOS and Android He uses linkpc.net for out of local connection. Is there something in the settings? Is it the computer itself? is it linkpc.net but other address caused the same issues. Help! He won't fix it. It's up to me to fix it. I love media brower and don't want to learn a new system for my movies!
  14. StingerMeGood

    Server Installation Error

    Please help. I just finished re-installing Windows, and was in the process of installing MediaBrowser Server(downloaded new setup.exe from website). The following error appeared. I have tried disabling my firewall and security, and have also tried "Clear ClickOnce Cache" as stated in some other topics. I have attached a copy of the install log. I hope somebody is able to assist. Thank you. server-install.log
  15. Hi All - I am looking at the Plex client for LG TVs and an Amazon FireTV box since MB3 is not there yet. When I set up the Plex libraries pointing at my local metadata produced over time with and without Plex/XBMC Metadata Compatibility, the results were a bit mixed up in TV with series and season posters, etc. I have already looked in the server section and at the server tutorial and the Media Files & Folders Structure, but found no documentation. Is there any documentation regarding what specific metadata is produced, renamed, reformatted by the server for both of these clients? Thanks, Tanamur
  16. Schroinx

    Weak server cpu and ipad3

    I have a server based on a old amd 4850e and as client a iPad 3 and a iPhone 4S. I was lead to believe that they both could decode 1080 movies, why the server would not need to transcode the stream but just serve it to the client by my 54mbit wifi. But the server starts transcoding and chokes. Even playing some lowly xvid and the CPU is pretty close to 70% utilization while it chokes on 720/1080 x264 stuff. I have tried setting it to max speed and played with the client setting to no avail. It works fine on the htpc, but then there is no transcoding taking place. Is there some way to get them to play nicely or is new server hardware needed?
  17. Hi there, I'm building a gigabit (ish) back-end network for the media in the house... The set up is a primary media system running both media browser server and a media browser client. What I want to do is isolate this network from the internet, with the exception of (ideally) just media browser server for updates and - I guess the media browser classic for it's theme updates.. So, to still retain all media server functionality.. What protocols and remote addresses should I allow on my physical firewall that separates the back-end network from the front-end one (which has the internet connection). So, is there a list of protocols used (I'm guessing just 80 / 443? and DNS?) and is there a list of target IP ranges or addresses? I'm using software firewalls to only allow the media server software and client out (well windows media centre) of the individual machines.. then further restricting on my physical firewall.. ... hmm.. i'm waffling on.. basically, my question is - what ports/protocols and addresses do i need to configure on my firewall to allow *just* the media server functionality.
  18. I have a lot zipped manga and photos. It would be nice if i pointed the server to the folder with my manga and it would let me read it without having to unzip the files even better if it would scrape data from a source such as http://www.mangaupdates.com . Also when i open an image all i get is a small photo and clicking it again brings me to metadata of the photo i see no way to fully view the image,attached is a screenshot of a how a photo is shown, a nicer photo viewing experience would be nice like a slide show of all the photos in a folder/zip file.
  19. hedgehogg

    .WAV Music invisible

    Since the new look I can't get to my dts music on the server. I imagine it's driven by Tags but as my DTS Music collection is .wav there is no tags. Can a view by folder link be created?
  20. My server is on the latest Beta version (5326.13255) and I'm having trouble accessing MBS from any of my other devices (iOS app, web client, etc), using either the internal IP address (192.168.1.x) or the server name "http://htpc:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/index.html" A couple observations: My wi-fi network is working fine I confirmed in my router settings that my server's internal IP address hasn't changed I CAN access MBS from the server's web client using the internal IP address I can still access my server's shared folders through Windows Explorer. Web client, MBT working fine on my server I haven't made any obvious configuration changes to the server, added programs, etc in the last few days Would logs help? Happy to upload if so.
  21. After restarting my computer recently, when I go to try and start up Media Browser Server, I get a popup with the following: The full text can be found at http://paste2.org/7jU1ngBh Clicking continue causes the popup to go away, then come back up. This will happen 13 times, and then wont come back up again, and instead the MediaBrowser splash screen will come on screen and never go away. At this point, the server will appear in my system tray, and I seem to be able to access the server, including playback of media files. That said, the splash screen never goes away unless I right click the taskbar icon for it and tell it to close (the server will stay open in my tray if I do this). OS: Windows 8.1 Pro Server version: 3.0.5309.26857 Logs from server startup: http://paste2.org/6DnDDnIs
  22. RedStripe

    No response

    Dear Moderator, Developer and/or Administrator, Have I done or said something to tic you guys off and cause you to stop responding to my posts (server)?! With regard to my posts, your superior responsiveness of the past has been dwindling to the point that I have received no response to my last couple of posts in addition, to partial or no response to a few other posts in the recent past. Perhaps I am doing or have done something wrong?...I would strive to correct it if I knew what the problem might be. If it is a matter of you guys being swamped at the current time, perhaps there is some way to let those of us waiting for a response know that we are not simply being ignored. I've looked in on a couple of other threads that appear to have a near real-time (complete exaggeration, but I did observe a steady and ongoing) back-and-forth between poster and admin/dev/mod. I have received no response to posts on 17 Apr 2014, 10 May 2014, 11 Jun 2014, (2 posts on) 22 Jun 2014 and 17 Jul 2014. I think there are others but I think this demonstrates my concern. Based on past history I am sure that there is some mis-communication or some circumstance(s) I am unaware of, in any case please advise me as to what my expectations should be regarding my posts currently awaiting responses and my future posts. If you do plan on responding to any of my post, I'd like to indicate that at this point in time, I am only concerned with my 17 Jul 2014 & 20 Jul 2014 posts. Thank you for your attention.
  23. Server Version 3.0.5309.26857 CPU i7 / 8GB RAM / Win7 64-bit ISP is 50 Mbit/s down Wired Gigabit Ethernet Throughout Hi All - Should I purge old metadata? I have a new NAS and am consolidating about 20TB (350 TV Series + 1000 Movies) that used to reside as backups. It is taking days and days to complete the library scan even with several server restarts after hangs at 65%. I have many folders that are full of "old style" meta data files of numbered jpgs in the season metadata folder and old mymovies.xml files. Could this be part of the problem? Should I just purge these files and refresh? They are just duplicates as they are now in the folders. Thanks, Tanamur
  24. AaronG85

    SR: View Only User

    I have alot of friends that don't want to watch my media just look through it and see what I have and I was wondering if there was a way we could create a new 'User' that was for looking only not for watching?
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