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  1. Right now I have Emby running on a NAS which was perfect for me at the beginning. It has plenty of storage and is always on. The downside is that it can only transcode 1 stream reliably, so if multiple people are watching remotely it can't keep up. I am looking for a box that will just be running the Emby server and has enough CPU to do multiple transcode streams (probably will use an SSD for transcode cache). I will still use the NAS for storage. I don't need any video card or anything along those lines (unless it is more cost effective to get one and utilize it for encoding, but I think a good processor is probably cheaper). I would like to keep the cost down as well. I have looked at some of the higher end NUC's, but the ones with better CPU's get pretty spendy because they are more targeted for gaming and have nice GPUs as well. Anyone have some good recommendations?
  2. Devs, I've noticed that in 3.1.2 the subtitles don't show up when I play in my browser (Firefox 50.1.0). The subtitle list shows the subtitles for each language, but when selected, nothing happens... My tests were made with Direct Play only, for now.
  3. Since upgrading to Emby Server 3.1 (and 3.1.1) the yesterday option is no longer there on the upcoming tv shows page. Is there a way to turn it back on or is it possible to add it back in a future release? It would also be nice to be able to configure how many days into the past you would like displayed on that page. Thank you,
  4. PLEASE, PLEASE! create some new feature that allow us to do some transformations to media files: WHEN: A ) during media scan B ) on it's own scheduled task WHAT: -- Examples of quick ffmpeg transformations: A-1) Removal of internal subtitles (be it leaving or not specific languages) A-2) Removal of static images A-3) Removal of Descriptions, Dispositions, Titles, etc... A-4) Insert/Update of Video Title metadata (based on Movie name or Episode title) -- Examples of slow ffmpeg transformations: B-1) Convert VIDEO to specific codec (ex: libx264, most compatible) B-2) Convert AUDIO to specific codec (ex: aac, most compatible) B-3) Limit Video bitrate (Ex: max 2500k) B-4) Limit Audio bitrate (Ex: max 192k CBR) If it would be possible that media would appear ONLY after all necessary treatments, it would be perfect. Of course... any of the parameters above (codecs, bitrates...) would be customizable by the admin
  5. Okay so today I decided I would try to start using Emby for my Music as well... Not sure if that is going to happen as I am currently trying to scan my Music folder for Music and nothing happens. I have it setup with the folder structure "Music\Artist Names\Album Names\Song Name.mp3" and all my files have been properly tagged with MP3Tag and work with multiple programs. So not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug with the latest update but I figured I would report this.
  6. In my library I have different libraries which were always showing at the start of Emby Theater and HTML. I keep all the collections in a separate library, all the movies without subtitles in a separate library, all the mini series in a separate library etc. etc. Now everything is thrown again into two libraries: movies and tv. Not very easy with a big library. I already found that i can switch on the show folders option. But this is more work and doesnt look as good as it used to. Do I need to go back to a previous version and stop updating? Because this seems to happen every few months. Marc
  7. I just noticed something that didn't used to happen. :-/ When I tick something as "Played" usually browsing inside Emby would reflect the update, as of not appearing in "Resume" list. In latest 3.1.0 version, I had to refresh the browser so Emby could really hide the Played from the "Resume" list. Can you reproduce it?
  8. I have ripped We're the Millers Blu-Ray to MKV, with extras and an Extended Cut. The extras and extended cut are not being detected as an alternate version or extras, they are being identified as individual movies. I have followed the instructions in the wiki, to no avail. The file structure is as follows: \SERVER\Movies\We're the Millers (2013).H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p\ We're the Millers (2013).H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p.mkv We're the Millers (2013) - Extended Cut.H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p.mkv extras\ deleted-scenes.mkv don't-suck-the-venom.mkv extreme-aniston.mkv gags&more-outtakes.mkv getting-out-of-a-sticky-situation.mkv i-am-pablo-chacon.mkv intro.mkv livin'-it-up-with-brad.mkv outtakes.mkv road-trippin'-with-the-millers.mkv rollin'-in-the-rv.mkv the-miller-makeovers.mkv when-paranoia-sets-in.mkv
  9. DGMayor

    3rd party Notifications

    Luke, ever consider 3rd party notification utilities such as Prowl, Growl, Boxcar, NotifyMyAndroid, Pushover, etc etc. Would nice to be able to configure one of these to have the server notifications pushed to your device of choice.
  10. Emby is running on a Mac Mini. The content is stored in a Synology DS416j mounted over a gigabit network with 9000 byte jumbo frames enabled and working on both devices. The folder being watched by auto-organize is on the same NAS filesystem volume as the folders where it will be organized to. Auto-organize is set to move files rather than copy them. When new content is moved to the watched folder and auto-organized invokes, the content ingestion and file move/rename operation is immediate (as expected). For content that isn't automatically ingested because there's already an older version, the replacement content is copied and then the source file is deleted. Worse though, is that the first time I encountered this I had 200+ items being copied in parallel, and while the operation was running 170GB of content needed another nearly 170GB of filesystem space to perform the copy before items were being deleted. I move 100 1GB episodes of a show into the monitored folder. They're ingested and moved to the appropriate folders in less than a minute. Later, I get a set of those same episodes recompressed using a more efficient codec. I move 100 500MB episodes of the show into the monitored folder. They're all initially showing in blue in the Auto-Organize page. When I select the option to replace an episode, the item becomes yellow for several seconds as it's being copied over the network from the NAS to the Mac Mini and back again to the new location on the NAS, and then it turns green indicating it's been ingested. I now have two options: If I wait for each item to finish ingesting before I start the next item, I will need to sit at the computer for 30 minutes or more to ingest all these items one by one. If I go through the list as fast as I can, they all copying in parallel and the whole process takes even longer. I'm free to do other things, but now my NAS and network are saturated while the process runs.
  11. This specifically comes up when media isn't imported because it would replace something already there (and "Overwrite existing episodes" is unchecked), though it would be useful to see information about new imports. When an import would replace something already on the server, I run ffprobe against both pieces of content to see what the differences are. I'd like to see the information that's gathered about content when an item is imported next to the same information about content that's pending approval to overwrite it. The logic behind the decision over whether or not to overwrite could be something that later on might lead to new features around setting up rules for making decisions based on content information, but currently the person making the decision doesn't have enough information to make the decision manually. An info button at the end of the row in the Auto-Organize Activity Log page would do the trick. If content imported with no conflict, show just that, but for conflicting items show both sets of information.
  12. Hello: I'm running Emby Server 3.0.8200.0 on a Windows 7 PC. Each time I lock my PC (Ctl/Alt/Delete - Lock this computer) Emby shuts down after approx. one hour. Every Xbox 360 extender that has it loaded loses connectivity to it. I have to log back into the PC, the Emby logo/load screen pops up, it loads and then everything is fine. Note - the PC is set for the hard drive to never go to sleep. How do I keep Emby running when the PC is locked? I could leave it unlocked but it's less secure that way. Thanks for any help you can provide. Joe
  13. ryrush22

    My Plugins Not Listed

    I noticed today that the coverart overlays were not appearing when viewing my library, so I went to the Plugins page of Manager Server to check out what was up. The Plugins page showed no plugins (I've had a number of plugins installed for awhile including CoverArt and GameBrowser): I thought this was weird, but OK, I'll reinstall. So, I went to the Plugin Catalog, found the CoverArt plugin, installed it, and restarted the Emby server. Went back to the Manage Server > Plugins page and same thing ... no plugins listed. Out of interest, I went to the emby-server > plugins folder and can see that there are plugin dlls there: The dashboard states that the server version (3.1.6034.22791) is up to date. Any thoughts what's going on? I've attached the server log file from the time when I went through these steps. server-63614753266.txt Thanks! Ryan
  14. drbellowz@yahoo.com

    Payment in app versus in server

    Hi, new to emby so please excuse if this has been covered. I did not turn up anything in my search. When using mobile apps, there is an option for a one-time $5 purchase. There is also the premium service for the server itself. Please explain the relationship between these two. Specifically; must the app purchase be made for each device? must the app purchase be made for each media type (movies, music, etc)? must the app purchase be made for each individual server to which I connect? must the app purchase be made regardless of having premium on the server? Thanks so much for your help. must the app purchase be made for each individual server?
  15. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help me! I've got media browser working over the internet, just fine, with a previous wifi router... but not my current one...Or rather, it does work with my current one when the firewall is turned off.. but not when the firewall is turned on.. The set-up is as follows: * DNS - via no-ip.org, DUC running to update the IP assigned to my no-ip sub-domain - this works fine/perfectly * IPv4 network within the house * WiFi router & firewall: TP-Link TD-W8980 * Router WAN port showing the correct public IP address * Port forwarding configured as: Service Port: 8096; IP Address: mediabrowser server host IP address; Internal port: 8096; Protocol: TCP; Status: Enabled; Interface: pppoa_0_38_0d (this is the correct interface, there is only 1) * IPv4 Firewall configured as: -Deny unless explicitly enabled -A set of outbound allow rules which definitely work fine (e.g. facetime has been tested, and works, with the firewall on - wow, that needs a lot of ports!) (now the non-functioning rules) - Rule#1 (MediaServer1) LAN Host: MediaServer (see below) WAN Host: Any host Time: Any time Action: Allow Direction: IN Status: Enabled Protocol: TCP MediaServer is defined as: IP Address: mediabrowser server IP address; Port; 8096 - Rule#2 (MediaServer2) <-- this rule shouldn't have been needed, and besides it doesn't work. But I put it in, in case the firewalling happened prior to the NATing LAN Host: Ext.MediaServ (see below) WAN Host: Any host Time: Any time Action: Allow Direction: IN Status: Enabled Protocol: TCP Ext.MediaServ is defined as: IP Address: gateway/firewall (internal) IP address; Port: 8096 So, with the firewall disabled the service works end-to-end, accessing via my public (sub-)domain... As soon as I enable it, it doesn't work... And I can't figure it out Even a basic www.portchecktool.com check follows the same pattern - it can connect to 8096 with the firewall off, but can't with it on..But I cannot see anything else that I can do to make it work/open the port on the firewall Please can any one help!!!!
  16. I have a need to review the metadata, images, parental ratings... of all new media that comes new in my server, before other users (or even me) see them in TV, DLNA, Android App, etc... I have 2 ideas, please let me know if any of those are possible: Idea 1 - Create a library flag called "Hidden", where the media inserted in that library won't appear anywhere BUT the Metadata Manager, and inside there would be a button called "Publish" that simply moves the entire media folder to inside another Library. Pros: All new media that just gets downloaded or copied in that folder/library will automatically fall in a backlog visible to the Emby server admin to review or play the media, before it gets seen everywhere. Cons: One more folder/library to manage Idea 2 - Create a Library flag called "Manual Validation", where if OFF, media in there would automatically be published (as of today), and if ON, new media would have to manually flagged as "Visible" on the devices. Pros: No need for specific folder or library. Cons: Forgetting to manual validate would make new items take more time to be published.... in case the admin gets sloppy. What do you guys think?
  17. Has anyone noticed if thumbs and banners aren't being downloaded automatically anymore in latest stables? Here it just doesn't fetch anymore... only if I go there and download it manually.
  18. markle88

    Raspberry Pi 3 - Emby Server Crashing

    Just finished installing emby server on a Raspberry Pi 3, but I am having frequent problems with the server crashing or the Pi freezing up. I am some what of a noob when it comes to Linux but I followed the installation instructions on a previous forum post. Attached are the server logs. Any help would be appreciated. server-63613372638.txt server-63613423040.txt
  19. Keksebacker

    Raspberry 2/3 als Server

    Hallo Forengemeinde, hier mein erster Post! Aktuell bin ich noch User von Mediaportal und gerade am Feintuning von Kodi und möchte bald komplett auf dieses umstellen. Ein Thema, dass ich perfekt gelöst haben möchte wäre die Zentrale Datenbank. Dazu habe ich zu Testzwecken Emby auf einem Windows-Rechner installiert und angetestet. Kann nur sagen: "Perfekt"! So stell ich mir das vor. Meine Daten (Filme / Serien) liegen sauber getaggt auf dem NAS, welches nicht 24h an ist. Zu jeder Videodatei ist die jeweilige NFO, Cover- und Backdropdatei im entsprechenden Ordner vorhanden. Dies Daten werden im Browser und Kodi wie gewünsch dargestellt. Würde sich ein Raspberry Pi 3 als Emby-Server eigenen? Es werden ausschließlich Windows-Clients auf Kodi genutzt. Trasncodierung wäre nciht nötig. Im englischen Bereich habe ich ein vielversprechendes Tutorial für den Pi gefunden *klick*. Gibt es irgendwelche Schönheitsfehler die ich noch nicht erkannt habe? Ist die etwas schwache Performance des Pi im Kodibetrieb bemerkbar? Bevor ich mir den Pi zulege würde ich diese Punkte gerne geklärt haben. Vielen Dank schon mal. mfg
  20. jon@spoonamore.net

    Odd Issue with Transcoding Temp Path

    Just noticed something odd with Emby Server. When playing a specific movie from Roku using the Emby App, the Dashboard shows the movie is Direct-Playing. It shows the Green Progress Bar I would normally see. But, it is also showing a Red Progress Bar indicating Transcoding. Checked the Transcoding Temp Path. And sure enough, there are a bunch of ".ts" files created. The total size of the ".ts" files roughly equal in size to the original ".mp4" video file. If I play the same movie from the WEB Interface on a PC, the Dashboard shows it's Direct-Playing and with the normal Green Progress Bar. No Red Transcoding Progress Bar displayed or any files created in the Transcoding Temp Path. I'm at a loss as to what Emby is doing when Direct-Playing to a Roku???? Any ideas???? I'm running Emby Server 3.0.8500.0 on Manjaro 16.10 with 32GB of RAM and an E5-2658 v3 CPU. I currently have the Transcoding Temp Path pointed to a 8GB a mounted TMPFS.
  21. Hi guys, I have come across an anomaly where remote streaming from my nas to a windows 10 laptop is way slower than to my android tablet. Using server 8400.1 on my synology nas (intel pentium g3258, 8 gb ram, 16 tb), the same mkv is direct playing to both, but the upload speeds for the android tablet (TF700T with Emby vers. 2.8.15) are up to 1.1 Mbps, whilst the windows 10 laptop (i5, 8 gb ram) seems to max out at 300 Kbps. I tried with both the web client and Emby theater and same speed limit seems to be in play. This is weird for me as I have just connected to the nbn and was thinking about ditching the laptop for the tablet whilst away on work and remote streaming everything from my nas. But the laptop has intel 7260 adapter (wifi ac) whislt the TF700T has only wifi n at 65 Mbps. The synology nas resource monitor clearly shos the speed for the android direct play faster than the same file direct streamed to the laptop (image attached). https://1drv.ms/t/s!Ao9CbvPZr1y1lkiZZT6dRZUlSWuX android direct playing mkv log https://1drv.ms/t/s!Ao9CbvPZr1y1lkuy6lb2uBJtML-X windows direct streaming log https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ao9CbvPZr1y1lkqg2QhjtdmlgcoJ synology resource monitor screenshot Thanks any ideas? Cheers Brad
  22. Hi, maybe a silly question but is there a way to have a password only for remote access (either via android tablet or windows laptop) that then doesn't require local users to input as well? TIA and sorry if I am missing something simple in the server setup area. Brad
  23. Hi all, Question, is there a way to fully automate the upgrade of the Windows EmBy server, so no human interaction is needed for a complete install? Thanks!
  24. Hi, updated my Synology DS3615X emby server package this morning to 3.0.7300 by stopping service and then waiting for package centre to advise update was ready and then pressed update, the download seemed to go ok but when I tried to start the package kept getting "Failed to run the package service". Any ideas anyone, log is attached available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_6qLrpWrZlFTV9wTndsOVd5eWc Cheers and TIA Brad PS Is there a way to reinstall the 7200 package?
  25. I guess there are some things that shouldn't be bloating the "Recent Activity" in Dashboard, such as: - User has started playing theme - User has stopped playing theme - Browsers logins... (connected from firefox 48...etc...)
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