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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help me! I've got media browser working over the internet, just fine, with a previous wifi router... but not my current one...Or rather, it does work with my current one when the firewall is turned off.. but not when the firewall is turned on.. The set-up is as follows: * DNS - via no-ip.org, DUC running to update the IP assigned to my no-ip sub-domain - this works fine/perfectly * IPv4 network within the house * WiFi router & firewall: TP-Link TD-W8980 * Router WAN port showing the correct public IP address * Port forwarding configured as: Service Port: 8096; IP Address: mediabrowser server host IP address; Internal port: 8096; Protocol: TCP; Status: Enabled; Interface: pppoa_0_38_0d (this is the correct interface, there is only 1) * IPv4 Firewall configured as: -Deny unless explicitly enabled -A set of outbound allow rules which definitely work fine (e.g. facetime has been tested, and works, with the firewall on - wow, that needs a lot of ports!) (now the non-functioning rules) - Rule#1 (MediaServer1) LAN Host: MediaServer (see below) WAN Host: Any host Time: Any time Action: Allow Direction: IN Status: Enabled Protocol: TCP MediaServer is defined as: IP Address: mediabrowser server IP address; Port; 8096 - Rule#2 (MediaServer2) <-- this rule shouldn't have been needed, and besides it doesn't work. But I put it in, in case the firewalling happened prior to the NATing LAN Host: Ext.MediaServ (see below) WAN Host: Any host Time: Any time Action: Allow Direction: IN Status: Enabled Protocol: TCP Ext.MediaServ is defined as: IP Address: gateway/firewall (internal) IP address; Port: 8096 So, with the firewall disabled the service works end-to-end, accessing via my public (sub-)domain... As soon as I enable it, it doesn't work... And I can't figure it out Even a basic www.portchecktool.com check follows the same pattern - it can connect to 8096 with the firewall off, but can't with it on..But I cannot see anything else that I can do to make it work/open the port on the firewall Please can any one help!!!!
  2. I have a need to review the metadata, images, parental ratings... of all new media that comes new in my server, before other users (or even me) see them in TV, DLNA, Android App, etc... I have 2 ideas, please let me know if any of those are possible: Idea 1 - Create a library flag called "Hidden", where the media inserted in that library won't appear anywhere BUT the Metadata Manager, and inside there would be a button called "Publish" that simply moves the entire media folder to inside another Library. Pros: All new media that just gets downloaded or copied in that folder/library will automatically fall in a backlog visible to the Emby server admin to review or play the media, before it gets seen everywhere. Cons: One more folder/library to manage Idea 2 - Create a Library flag called "Manual Validation", where if OFF, media in there would automatically be published (as of today), and if ON, new media would have to manually flagged as "Visible" on the devices. Pros: No need for specific folder or library. Cons: Forgetting to manual validate would make new items take more time to be published.... in case the admin gets sloppy. What do you guys think?
  3. Has anyone noticed if thumbs and banners aren't being downloaded automatically anymore in latest stables? Here it just doesn't fetch anymore... only if I go there and download it manually.
  4. markle88

    Raspberry Pi 3 - Emby Server Crashing

    Just finished installing emby server on a Raspberry Pi 3, but I am having frequent problems with the server crashing or the Pi freezing up. I am some what of a noob when it comes to Linux but I followed the installation instructions on a previous forum post. Attached are the server logs. Any help would be appreciated. server-63613372638.txt server-63613423040.txt
  5. Keksebacker

    Raspberry 2/3 als Server

    Hallo Forengemeinde, hier mein erster Post! Aktuell bin ich noch User von Mediaportal und gerade am Feintuning von Kodi und möchte bald komplett auf dieses umstellen. Ein Thema, dass ich perfekt gelöst haben möchte wäre die Zentrale Datenbank. Dazu habe ich zu Testzwecken Emby auf einem Windows-Rechner installiert und angetestet. Kann nur sagen: "Perfekt"! So stell ich mir das vor. Meine Daten (Filme / Serien) liegen sauber getaggt auf dem NAS, welches nicht 24h an ist. Zu jeder Videodatei ist die jeweilige NFO, Cover- und Backdropdatei im entsprechenden Ordner vorhanden. Dies Daten werden im Browser und Kodi wie gewünsch dargestellt. Würde sich ein Raspberry Pi 3 als Emby-Server eigenen? Es werden ausschließlich Windows-Clients auf Kodi genutzt. Trasncodierung wäre nciht nötig. Im englischen Bereich habe ich ein vielversprechendes Tutorial für den Pi gefunden *klick*. Gibt es irgendwelche Schönheitsfehler die ich noch nicht erkannt habe? Ist die etwas schwache Performance des Pi im Kodibetrieb bemerkbar? Bevor ich mir den Pi zulege würde ich diese Punkte gerne geklärt haben. Vielen Dank schon mal. mfg
  6. jon@spoonamore.net

    Odd Issue with Transcoding Temp Path

    Just noticed something odd with Emby Server. When playing a specific movie from Roku using the Emby App, the Dashboard shows the movie is Direct-Playing. It shows the Green Progress Bar I would normally see. But, it is also showing a Red Progress Bar indicating Transcoding. Checked the Transcoding Temp Path. And sure enough, there are a bunch of ".ts" files created. The total size of the ".ts" files roughly equal in size to the original ".mp4" video file. If I play the same movie from the WEB Interface on a PC, the Dashboard shows it's Direct-Playing and with the normal Green Progress Bar. No Red Transcoding Progress Bar displayed or any files created in the Transcoding Temp Path. I'm at a loss as to what Emby is doing when Direct-Playing to a Roku???? Any ideas???? I'm running Emby Server 3.0.8500.0 on Manjaro 16.10 with 32GB of RAM and an E5-2658 v3 CPU. I currently have the Transcoding Temp Path pointed to a 8GB a mounted TMPFS.
  7. Hi guys, I have come across an anomaly where remote streaming from my nas to a windows 10 laptop is way slower than to my android tablet. Using server 8400.1 on my synology nas (intel pentium g3258, 8 gb ram, 16 tb), the same mkv is direct playing to both, but the upload speeds for the android tablet (TF700T with Emby vers. 2.8.15) are up to 1.1 Mbps, whilst the windows 10 laptop (i5, 8 gb ram) seems to max out at 300 Kbps. I tried with both the web client and Emby theater and same speed limit seems to be in play. This is weird for me as I have just connected to the nbn and was thinking about ditching the laptop for the tablet whilst away on work and remote streaming everything from my nas. But the laptop has intel 7260 adapter (wifi ac) whislt the TF700T has only wifi n at 65 Mbps. The synology nas resource monitor clearly shos the speed for the android direct play faster than the same file direct streamed to the laptop (image attached). https://1drv.ms/t/s!Ao9CbvPZr1y1lkiZZT6dRZUlSWuX android direct playing mkv log https://1drv.ms/t/s!Ao9CbvPZr1y1lkuy6lb2uBJtML-X windows direct streaming log https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ao9CbvPZr1y1lkqg2QhjtdmlgcoJ synology resource monitor screenshot Thanks any ideas? Cheers Brad
  8. Hi, maybe a silly question but is there a way to have a password only for remote access (either via android tablet or windows laptop) that then doesn't require local users to input as well? TIA and sorry if I am missing something simple in the server setup area. Brad
  9. Hi all, Question, is there a way to fully automate the upgrade of the Windows EmBy server, so no human interaction is needed for a complete install? Thanks!
  10. Hi, updated my Synology DS3615X emby server package this morning to 3.0.7300 by stopping service and then waiting for package centre to advise update was ready and then pressed update, the download seemed to go ok but when I tried to start the package kept getting "Failed to run the package service". Any ideas anyone, log is attached available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_6qLrpWrZlFTV9wTndsOVd5eWc Cheers and TIA Brad PS Is there a way to reinstall the 7200 package?
  11. I guess there are some things that shouldn't be bloating the "Recent Activity" in Dashboard, such as: - User has started playing theme - User has stopped playing theme - Browsers logins... (connected from firefox 48...etc...)
  12. @ Emby developers... i know it is a long post, but please read through it, there are some weird and unexplained isses readring Emby Server... First off all I want to thank you for creating Emby- It is a great open source media-solution. But there a a few things about Emby that just are an absolut NOGO (at least till today), and sadly pervent me from using Emby. I have been using XMBC resp. KODI directy with smb-shares of a fileserver for many years (and still do) because it is simply the best media player out there. Period. They have decades of experiance in media-playback. The format-support and functionality is unmatched and I do not see this chaning. But becaue I am looking for a centralized library (and the SQL-Library you can setup as a central library in Kodi is not quite the real thing) and also I need some Internet or VPN access to stream when not at home. This can be done very rudimentary with the "chorus-webinterface" in Kodi. But centralized library and internet-access does NOT really work in Kodi so I tried to switch to Emby as a client-server model. I also tried Plex, but their business-model is an absolut NOGO. There is no valid reason (at least for somone who knows what he is doing) to accept the fact of having to create an account with plex and login just to stream my local content. Also at the end it is NOT opensource, because the clients are not opensource. I love that I can create local user-accounts on Emby-Server and have away-from-home access without having to create an account. So I hope Emby can replace my local setup and provide me with my 2 new needs which are central library and internet-access / sharing librarys with friends and family. So Emby should do: 1. My local Network streaming from Emby srv. to my 2 Kodi clients (DLNA) (I dont want to use the Emby-Kodi plugin- for many reasons, so please do not propose this.) 2. Internet or VPN access and Library-sharing So in a first step I am trying to get Emby to do the local stuff, so I can add Emby to my existing setup. BUT I AM HAVING MAJOR ISSUES with the following: -> Transcoding: To replace my current local-lan streaming with Emby, Emby wil have to be able to stream locally WITHOUT ANY transcoding. Period. No exceptions. I can not unterstand why you guys would make is soooo difficulft to achieve. In my local gigabit-LAN I only stream to my Kodi clients (Raspberry Pi and Apple TV4). Kodi on RPi and on ATV4 do NEVER need transcoding. I have not experianced one single file that could not be handeled natively. The network could handle x-times the bitrate, the max. rates server-side have been set to 100mb/s, the clients are more than capable. The DLNA-Profiles were created and matched. But still it transcodes in certain cases. I created a DLNA-Profile on the Server from scratch for Kodi. The Profile is setup to directplay everthing. I chekced the logs and the profile chatches on in all cases (start the stream on webinterface and send to client(s) or add the DLNA-source to Kodi and browse and start it from there. So in all cases the profile matches. But still sometimes thing get transcoded- so I did some testing: Example 1: I browse to a videofile in the webinterface and send it to play on Kodi-client. -> Direct play (Great!) I add the DLNA-source to the same Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> Transcoding (NOT Great!) Example 2: I browse to a videofile in the webinterface and send it to play on Kodi-client. -> Direct play (Great!) I add the DLNA-source to my Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> No play. (Srv.-Log says "unplayable item") I remane the file to different name -> I add the DLNA-source to my Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> Direct play Just these two small tests show me that there must be something seriously wrong. Can anyone provide me with a solution (clean or dirty) to prevent transcoding in the LAN (like Plex?) The transcoding is great for internet access with any client and slower connections- but it must be possible to prevent it in your loal setup. - In-movies navigation This "olny" concerns transcoded movies. There is no in-movie naviagation other than "pause". I know this has been mentioned by many- but still nothing has changed. How is this even acceptable by users? I just dont get it. This is one of the absolut core-functionalities of a media-center. Are there plans to change that. If yes, I can live with it for some time... - Emby - "Ads" vs. Opensource Emby is advertised as open-source. You really have to get rid of the constant nagging reminders to go "premium". This is not compliant with open-source sw and is really not ok. I know- with more functionality comes more complexity. But why not focus on the core features before adding more and more additional features? (Better do 1 thing wright whan 10 things half-way) Thanks for any reply and input. Cheers
  13. Two-step verification (preferably using 3rd party options, such as Google) for signing into server from outside the home network. How feasible would this be? edit: Pardon the typo in the title; can't figure out how to correct it.
  14. schmitty

    Playback issues

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this, as I don't know whether it is a server or client side issue. I've recently replaced a failing SSD in my Windows 8.1 server and reinstalled Windows and Emby Server, along with Media Center Master. For the last few weeks I have been encountering issues with streaming videos to Edge on Xbox One and now Chrome on MacOS 10.11.6. The video will start playing fine for a few minutes then pause, sometimes it will continue, others it will just stay paused indefinitely. Originally, I was only having this issue with playing Friends ripped from Blu-Ray, as the MKV's were a direct stream rip from the Blu-Ray at full bitrate. I started re-ripping them to a maximum bitrate of 8000-9000mbps which solved the problem, but now it is happening from downloaded TV series as well. I have pretty much given up trying to watch anything from the server now as it is too frustrating with the frequent pausing. What can I do to solve this?
  15. Every morning when I get up my server's fans are going full speed (which only usually happens during transcoding). A quick look into task manager's performance tab shows that my I5-4670K is CONSTANTLY running at 99% (which NEVER happens). I then take a peek at the processes tab and the culprit is media browser server. If I kill the application the CPU performance returns to normal and the fans return to their normal morning silence. I LOVE media browser, but I'm afraid it's going to blow up my computer. This happens every morning since I've updated to server version 3.0.5518.7. Also new with 3.0.5518.7.... My Roku gets stuck on the loading screen until you reboot it and all of my live TV channels have the same channel logo. If i re-install the previous sever version, everything works perfectly until it automatically updates its self back to 3.0.5518.7 and then the problems start all over again. Please Help!!!! server-63561110400.txt
  16. I am missing the folder images on my EHS for the Podcasts plugin. http://i.imgur.com/KC3VocT.jpg The RSS feed is working fine, and it is pulling down the metadata for episode info and screenshots, but this missing folder image on the EHS is doing my head in. http://i.imgur.com/4xpHri0.jpg Any suggestions on where to place a folder.jpg file or how to edit a config to solve this? Cheers
  17. After the most recent updates, I have run into an issue with Emby Server 3.1.6007.33439. Emby Server seems to be binding to the wrong NIC - binding itself to the VMWare VMNet #1 Virtual Network Adapter (a VMWare Host-only Network) rather than to the physical NIC - ASUS PCI-E AC68 WiFi Adapter. This has rendered Emby Server inaccessible to anything on the local network (since VMNet #1 is a Host-only adapter). Disabling the VMWare Adapters forces it to use the WiFi Adapter but this has to be done every single time Emby Server is started. Is there a way to override which adapter is used while this is investigated? The OS is Windows 10 Pro (Insider Preview - Fast Ring but it did it on the Anniversary Release as well which stayed installed up to today) and it's only Emby Server which is binding to the VMWare adapters rather than a physical NIC. Other applications operating on the localhost are binding to the correct network adapter (the ASUS WiFi).
  18. Hello! I was curious, is there a way to generate video preview thumbnails? With youtube, netflix, etc whenever you are seeking through a video, it'll show preview images so you can gauge where you want to start watching. Thanks!
  19. Hi, The only way I have found to restart the Server on OSX is to log in on the server and Quit it from the OSX/Mac top menu. It would be really handy if there could be a restart button next to the shutdown button on the Server tab of the Dashboard, right next to the Shutdown button. As an added bonus, once implemented, the Restart function could be linked from the post-Plugin-installation text reminding the operator to restart the server. Would make for even smoother operations. -Florux
  20. Fiddler

    Reset User

    I'm not sure where to post this or if this is possible but here goes. I have an emby user for my Granddaughter who visits us most weekends. What I need to do is reset all the TV and Films she has watched (or part watched) while she has been with us ready for the next time she visits. Current I have to go through each of the films/TV Episodes and set them watched then unwatched and I can't help feeling there must be a better method. I'm sure with a bit of prodding I could write the required sql but I'm struggling to understand the database structure. Any help/advise gratefully received. F
  21. Hi. New version of Emby Server problem in user registration. Everything works fine, except when trying to edit the user profile. It leads to the login screen and does not allow the administrator to change anything in the profile.
  22. CarlosLima


    To include a new season, I had the curiosity to see the Emby Server processing and realized that the episodes being scanned, appear in different colors. You can inform the meaning of each color ? Thx episodes to include a new season , I had the curiosity to see the Emby Server processing and realized that the episodes being scanned , appear in different colors . You can inform the meaning of each color ?
  23. I am running QNAP version 3.0.5972.0, but I believe this was happening when I use to run a windows version. As you can see from the following picture, I have in my xml file, an actor called 'Jared Padalecki', but in theweb client (and other clients), he is not listed. I have tried identify, and refresh, but still it is not being picked up. This is just example. I also notice that it I edit a show/movie using metadata manager, and add people or change the name, sometimes these do not show up (they get removed from emby display, but still appear in the xml file)...don't know if that is connected to my first issue, but it does appear to be random.
  24. I am not sure how to recreate the issue, but for a couple months now my emby-server has just crashed maybe once or twice a day, and I need to restart the service. I kept hoping the next update would resolve it, but it hasn't happened yet... I'm running v3.0.5972 on Arch Linux 64 bit, with an Intel i7 processor and 32GB of RAM. [root@potatofarm]# mono --version Mono JIT compiler version 4.2.2 (Stable Sun Jan 31 11:58:08 UTC 2016) Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Novell, Inc, Xamarin Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com TLS: __thread SIGSEGV: altstack Notifications: epoll Architecture: amd64 Disabled: none Misc: softdebug LLVM: supported, not enabled. GC: sgen When emby is performing normally, I connect to it regularly with my android device and my Kodi device running the Emby plugin for library sync (the server is also running the relevant library sync helper). I don't see anything in the logs that indicates it's related to the library sync helper, but I can't really make heads or tails of these logs anyway. I've disabled all DLNA features of the server because I don't use it, and I saw other people with mysterious crashing issues that were resolved by avoiding DLNA. This doesn't seem to have helped anything. I have lots and lots and lots of small log files which appear to indicate unhandled exceptions, which i'm including the most recent ones of here, along with the last couple of server log files. This is difficult for me to pin down the exact log entries and times specifically because it seems to happen when we're not paying attention to it... we just go over to Kodi and it can't connect, or it already has a warning that the sync thread has failed (presumably because it can't connect). Please let me know if there are any other datapoints i should try to hit. emby_logs.tar.gz
  25. Running QNAP Version 3.0.6070.0. In episode view randomly some actors have the default actor image (when there is no image available). If I then click on that actor and go to the actor bio screen, it loads up the actor image and bio (if it exists). If I then press the back button in chrome to return to the episode screen, the actor image appears This may be happening in movie view as well, but have not tested
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