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  1. hedgehogg

    Server - Photo Rotate

    The ability to rotate photos online would be a great asset (mainly as now some photos that are ok in other programs are wrong in MBS)
  2. Hi It would be very useful if we could add other available DLNA servers on the network as media source, this way Emby can be a central media player/library. I run couple DLNA servers mainly because each has its own strengths. thanks
  3. GuruBaron

    Missing Emby Service

    This morning a friend of mine wanted Emby on his Windows 10/64-bit home system. So I download Emby Server Stable and install without problem. But there is no Emby service. It works in application mode just fine. I have done this a dozen or more times in the past on other computers, always with a service installed automatically. This is brand new HP system, only finished windows updates and antivirus, 12G memory. Have tried re-downloading & re-installing Emby Server, turning on and off the Emby "Run server at startup" option and multiple reboots. Still no Emby service. Any help?
  4. Is the naming convention located at https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie-naming not correct? I followed the naming convention for the movie Logan (2017) and it is not working properly. It just labels both versions of the movie with their media info " 1080P/H264/AC3". I have the files named as Movies-Full\Logan (2017)\Logan (2017) - Noir Edition.mkv & Movies-Full\Logan (2017)\Logan (2017) - Original.mkv Also, for the chapter screencaptures, the detail page displays the Noir Edition, which is black and white (I'm assuming it defaults to the first alphabetical version), is there any way to get the screen captures to come from the "Original" version? Also, there is no way to choose a version to play when on the web browser. When you select the play button, it only plays the Noir Edition (again, I'm assuming it selects the first alphabetical version automatically.) Please see screenshots below for reference:
  5. Hi, My Windows server keeps krasching all the time. It starts, but as soon as I tries to view a library or in any way manage any library, the server krasches, or at least closes. I then need to restart it. It is running as an app and not as a Windows service. I have attached two logfiles. Youe, I am away of a sim,iliar subject, but there the problem was solved by not running the server as a Windows service. This does not solve my problem. server-63647403292.txt server-63647403218.txt
  6. ShadowKindjal

    Frequent Server Crashes

    I'm currently running server version and I seem to be having issues with my emby server constantly crashing since the last update. Every time I attempt to log in to my server the connection times out and I have to open up my server just to restart the program but I don't know why. I've attached the log file from today. Any help would be much appreciated. Log 11-5-17.txt
  7. Hi, Very happy with Media Browser's ability to store metadata in a separate folder. However, even though a specific area is defined where all information and images are stored, the subtitles collected by Media Browser are currently downloaded into the actual media folder. For security reasons, many users prefer to mount their data storage read-only from the server. That way, the data is not quite as much as risk in case there is a catastrophic bug (unlikely) or security breach on the media server. Thus it's a great feature for MBS to store the metadata in a local folder on the local server, and then get the video files from a read-only storage system. Currently I believe subtitles is the only core component that desires write access to the video directory directly. Would it be possible to add an option to specify either a separate area for subtitles, or to store subtitles together with metadata? As an example, in my current setup, subtitles are auto-downloaded into a separate folder, and then there's a script running on the storage system that searches for and copies all SRTs from this area every few hours. However, the SRT grabber I currently use is rubbish compared to the quality of Media Browser's, so it would be terrific if Media Browser's own subtitle grabber could be used to grab to a custom area. -Florux
  8. I'm running Emby server with two NAS devices. The older one, a Buffalo linkstation NAS is no longer sharing anything but media titles and some metadata with Emby. The videos won't play and none of the graphics are visible. The NAS is working fine - I can stream videos from it using other media browsers, but Emby just can't see anything regardless of what device I try to stream on. Does anybody have any idea what's going on or how I might fix it?
  9. Fratopolis

    Emby Server (Rewrite?)

    So when I tried to update the server to it would not complete a restart and when re-opened it would be back at So I tried again and the same thing. I went to re-download and install the new version over it and Schedules Direct failed. Even after their services came back online. I then noticed the server application I installed was new rewritten code. My library was all messed up so I restored from Veeam everything including metadata and cache folder to fix the issue and all was well in the world again after I manually downloaded the portable server to overlap the version that would not update. I had seen this new rewritten version before but had not tested it yet. Is this a finished product that needs a fresh install and library rescan?
  10. Hi guys, i am new to this, i have 3 Raspberry Pi at home 1 as a server that always stays on, this has my external hard drives plugged in and connected to my network by a Ethernet Powerline. the other 2 raspberry pi's are in my bedroom and living room and link to the hard drives over the network again by Ethernet Powerlines. The problem with this set up is that there are all individual libraries. i did try UPNP a while back but the library was too big and was really slow at loading al the artwork etc. I am running openELEC on all devices although i think i will install libreELEC now as it has Emby built in. My question is, is there a way to instal the Emby Sever onto my Raspberry Pi so this can always stay on? (i can only find how to may a raspberry with kodi a client) i don't really want to install the server on my Mac or home PC as i wouldn't want this to be on all the time, or does it not need to be on? Can i install the server and link the hard drives through the network to it then turn off my PC? Just a little confused about how to work the set up. Any feedback would be awesome - would be nice to get it set up with all the feature Emby offers like watch statuses syncing across all my devices. Dark Kent
  11. servi.sys

    Dispositivos por usuario

    Que tal, he estado probando emby server, para implementarlo en mi red wisp, me he relacionado con su funcionamiento, pero no encuentro si tiene opción de limitar un numero de dispositivos por cada usuario, por ejemplo que el usuario A, solo pueda accesar con 2 dispositivos al mismo tiempo, o que el Usuario B solo pueda accesar de un dispositivo. si pueden orientarme, o si es una característica de emby premiere.
  12. Is there a timeline to utilize the Nvidia Shield as a media server? Thanks for the update. - Tony
  13. [root@@Localhost yum.repos.d]# yum update emby-server Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: linux.mirrors.es.net * epel: linux.mirrors.es.net * extras: pubmirrors.dal.corespace.com * updates: centos.eecs.wsu.edu * zmrepo: No packages marked for update Any ideas on why I cannot update?
  14. all4dom

    Is this a good build?

    I'm wondering if this would make a decent server/desktop combo? It would be for emby & live tv and basic desktop use until I can build a new one. I thought about building a combo with the new amd ryzen chip but am not sure if its worth the extra money and how well will emby run on it compared to intel. I/m using my (4) 2tb hard drives and (2) 500 gig hard drives until I can purchase new drives. Trying to keep cost low and keep build efficient, I.m getting everything from newegg. Thanks for your input. Dom ASRock B150M-HDV LGA 1151 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core i5-7500 Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.4 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80677I57500 Desktop Processor SYBA SY-PEX40039 SATA III (6.0Gb/s) PCI-e 2.0 x1 Card Crucial 4GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000) Desktop Memory Model CT4G4DFS8213 Antec NSK4100 Black SGCC steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Thermaltake Smart Series 500W SLI/CrossFire Ready Continuous Power ATX 12V V2.3 / EPS 12V 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply Haswell Ready PS-SPD-0500NPCWUS-W
  15. maxharrison22

    Raspberry Pi Emby Server

    Yesterday I was looking at Plex, trying to see if I could set up a server running on my raspberry pi. So I thought I would try it out first on my windows computer. I really liked it but soon realized the free version that I using required me to still pay £3 something to 'activate' it otherwise I could only watch 1 min of video. I started looking for free alternatives to Plex and quickly found Emby, It looked really nice, had a free version that I could actually watch something with and had a Linux server. When I tried this out on my windows computer and watched some videos from my NAS (its an old WD sharespace and I don't think you can run the emby severs straight off that but it would be nice if I could). I then got downloading raspbian and loading it up onto my pi, just a warning I have pretty much no programming or linux knowledge except from setting up XBMC (that I didn't really like) and writing a very simple program in python. I kept getting errors on my pi so i tried arch Linux, more errors, raspbian again, more errors and i think another distribution and even more errors. Even after googling the errors, it never worked. Later that night I gave up and looked into new synololgy NASes that support Emby server and then move my WD greens across but the cheapest ones where about £175 i think. So then this morning i was looking at a small cheap mini pc then have the server and maybe even a proxy server (just for when i go on holiday so i can watch bbc) and i found the Intel compute stick and i could just have it hanging there, not plugged into a tv but there was so ethernet and i defiantly didn't want to use WiFi. I ended up coming back here and looking at the raspberry pi. If anyone can find or make either a simple install method, an installer or even better an ISO with a working linux version on it (im not really expecting that but maybe it would be nice for the emby team to include that on their downloads page for other confused people. Thanks, Max
  16. theredranger8

    Cannot connect to Server

    I'm new to Emby. Everything works perfectly on my server. I can even use Emby in a browser on my server. But when I try to connect via Roku (or Apple TV) I cannot get past the Emby Connect step. After I enter my PIN, a spinning wheel pops up and spins indefinitely. The Apple TV also claims it tried to find my server on my network but failed. There's no reason I know of that it shouldn't have found my server. They are on the same network, and I have no fancy network setting or setup. Anyone else have trouble here, or know what I need to do?
  17. Just so it doesn't get lost, as mentioned on post #120 (and others nearby) here https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/49217-just-a-little-fun/page-6 It would be nice if a few settings, such as remembering themes, selecting/defaulting to thumbs (or banners etc) instead of posters in movie, TV, etc libraries could be saved in the server and not web pages, where they can be forgotten if caches are cleared.
  18. Sicorius

    Server Hang

    First of all, good morning. I am having issues where the home page portion of the server does not want to load, even after server restart. All I get get is the waiting circle and nothing else loads. This happens both in a web browsers and within the Android apps. The setup side of the server does load and allow me to make settings changes. In addition, the reporting side does not appear to be working either. No data is displayed. I have been a Premier member since this weekend as I am looking for alternatives to Plex and if I cant get this resolved within the month, I will have to cancel emby. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Sicorius Update: This happens regardless if I come in through emby.media or via IP address.
  19. Emby server failed installation on a new os Windows server 2012 R2. Please help. Attached is the log file generated. Thank you. install.log
  20. I unticked in the server settings the box to automatically update. The server was not used fort one month, started up the HTPC and version loaded. Updated the Anti Virus software which required a restart. Now server version loaded. I like to leave my present running version a bit longer until no further complications have been reported. How can I change the settings that this will not happen again. I thought I did everything correct so as to control the updates, what is needed in addition. O2G
  21. I'm going to be going away without internet access next month, so I thought I'd try out the sync feature on my Windows tablet (proper Windows 10, not RT) and get a few tv shows and movies synced to it in lower quality (to save space on the small 32gb MicroSD card) than I could get by just copying the files directly. Plus, I'd rather use an Emby GUI as an interface while watching media. I've tried both "Sync" and "Download" in the dashboard web app, Emby Theater, and Ember; all with the same problems: Titles seem to get stuck on either queued, or ready to transfer. I've removed and restarted them multiple times, to no avail. the few times I had a notification telling me something completed downloading, when I went offline on my tablet, the files either weren't there, or wouldn't play (black screen). I've tried setting the sync/download folders to my tablets internal storage, as well as an external MicroSD card (preferable, as I don't have much internal storage). Also, I'm a little confused as to the difference between "Sync" and "Download". Which would be preferable in my case, where I'd like to conserve disk space for offline viewing? I don't care which app I use, whether it's Emby Theater, or Ember; as long as I can get it working by next month. Let me know if there's any more information that might help. I've removed all of my sync jobs, so I can start from a clean slate; hopefully with some guidance. Thanks, Patrick
  22. Hello everybody! Since a long time ago I wanted to share my server setup in this awesome forum, sorry for my english in advance . In my university residence some years ago everybody was constantly asking for external HDD's to share movies and tv shows, so one day I wondered what could I do to make this sharing simpler. After using Plex for several years I switched to Emby cause Plex added a 100 users limit share and we were +-120 users. I rented a SoYouStart Opteron Server with 6Tb of storage in order to make Emby accesible outside the residence's LAN. Everything was perfect but we were (all the users) paying 45€ a month for the server, in addition I hadn't control of the hardware and if I wanted to change something or add more disk space was impossible. So with the installation of 300/300 fiber in my house, I decided to setup a home server and migrate all the stuff from the cloud server to my home server. That way we'll only have to pay for the electricity and the initial hardware cost. So, went to amazon and started looking for a nice budget setup for my server, the key of the purchase was the energy saving. The home server specs are the following: - Intel i5-6600 Processor - Asus B150M-A Motherboard - 2x4Tb HGST Desktar NAS HDD's (installed in Software RAID 0), for storing the media files - Kingston SSDNow V300 120Gb for the OS and Emby metadata, etc. - 16 Gb DDR4 HyperX Fury Kingston RAM - Corsair Series CX430 PSU The system is running under Ubuntu 16.04 after trying to do it under Debian 8.5, but the system due to the recent processor and the Linux Kernel in Debian 8.5 (I suppose) wasn't very stable with Emby. In order to do the migration transparently for the users I downloaded all my library (1300 SD Movies, 500 1080p 5Mbps Movies and 130 SD TV Shows) from the cloud server to my 8Tb /home partition in RAID 0, after this I installed and configured Emby and letting it scan the library and download all the metadata (notice that I didn't back up the library from the cloud server, just the users and their play status). With this completed, I configured my TP-Link wr1043nd router with OpenWRT installed to forward the necessary ports to the server, and setted up a dynamic DNS with NOIP as my ISP IP is dynamic. Everything almost ready, users backed up in the cloud server and restored in the home server I switch my Domain to point to my home ddns instead of the cloud server and watch the users loging in. Everything was fine and nobody noticed the change (correction, somebody had dns issues but after erasing history and cookies in their browser the problem was solved). The average number of users connected at the same time is 5-10, with 20-30 in peak hours (siesta time 3-4pm, after dinner 11pm, before luch 1-2pm, you know spanish regime ), almost everybody uses the server through the Web interface (some tablets or chromecast but it's 5-10% of the users) so what I do to deal with transcoding, or better said, how do I do to AVOID transcoding without losing quality. It's very simple, the solution was to convert all the media to h264/AAC/mp4 with a daily script which executes ffmpeg at 2am, looks for .avi or .mkv files and converts them to h264/AAC/mp4. The script is veeeery veeery simple (i'm not a scripting or programming boss) and this is the conversions it does: (quality/video_codec/audio_codec/file_extension) Input --> Process --> Output ------------------------------------ - Movies and episodes in sd/mpeg/mp3-AC3/avi: sd/mpeg/mp3/avi --> x264 CRF 20, audio_bitrate aac 128kbps, web_optimized --> sd/h264/aac/mp4 -Movies in sd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv sd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv --> video stream copy, audio_bitrate aac 128kbps, web_optimized --> sd/h264/aac/mp4 -Movies in hd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv with video bitrate around 5mbps hd/h264/DTS-AC3/mkv --> video stream copy, audio_bitrate aac 192kbps, web_optimized --> hd/h264/aac/mp4 For movies with bitrate over 5mbps I use another script to do a 2-pass conversion cause it takes time for each file. In addition the scripts removes all subtitles and conserves only one audio track in spanish. The question now is, why I do this? Well mainly because all my users don't care about DTS, surround or having a 20mbps full hd bluray. The only thing they want is that the movie plays well, fast, and good quality if possible, so this is a way of optimizing resources and disk space. The SSD gives an amazing speed charging the menus and all the web frontend I really recommend it, the server is now running perfectly and growing little by little. Oh! important, I have one directory for SD movies and another for HD movies, and for TV shows the structure is like this --> /home/shows/show_name/season/episodexx.avi Hope you like it! and if you have questions I'll be pleased to answer them. (converting script attached and modified for understanding, the script is named wololo , if you played Age of Empires you should know why ). wololo.txt
  23. Hi everyone, Currently using Version (had to revert back from Beta's that were doing weird stuff with rendering the dashboard) Not sure if anyone else has had this by Emby seem to no longer be interested in reading my MetaBrowser .xml files that are in my Movie and TV directories, I reckon one of the last Beta's may have had a funny turn but I have some content that was all fine before but now no longer have any details and because they are not on IMDB etc... there's no online content to pick up. Is Emby no longer reading xml's by design? Do I need to switch to .nfo's or do I need to take some drastic action with the database? Any help muchly appreciated. Andy.
  24. Well done! Damn ISP, block all the fun
  25. jamvids

    Can't Use Backups

    Hi All, My system SSD failed on me so I have had to re install everything. I tried to use configuration backup but that is having issues so I completely removed Emby, created the Emby-Server folder in appdata/roaming and did it the old fashioned way by just copying the latest backup, but this hasn't restored anything, no users, no playlists, no libraries etc. All of my shares are exactly the same name. Any help? Windows 10 Latest beta Emby release
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