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  1. Hi, Sorry, if posted on wrong subforum - kindly move as needed ! Maybe someone can enlighten me .. or point to article/KB ? It works great for movies as in https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159146-media-stubs , but I cannot get it to work with TV series. Example (not working ) drwxr-xr-x 2 pigers pigers 4096 Sep 20 20:46 . drwxrwxr-- 25 pigers pigers 4096 Sep 20 20:30 .. -rwxr--r-- 1 pigers pigers 120306 Sep 20 20:09 banner.jpg -rwxr--r-- 1 pigers pigers 123803 Sep 20 20:09 clearlogo.png -rwxr--r-- 1 pigers pigers 191727 Sep
  2. Hello together I noticed when I have a series per series a separate folder that Emby then can not access the image information as with Main entry. As an example. I have chosen the series Date a live. About the main search I find for each season the corresponding logo. However, I can only add the only and if I go over the season images search, the system no longer falls back to the main information but I can pull from it just as images and logos. The same is with the backdrops per series is a backdrop folder with a video stored, but only the backdrop that was added last is playe
  3. Can we add a sort-order for TV Series such that those series which have recently aired a new episode are at the top? Sorting by 'Release Date' is good for finding completely new series, seeing which have been released this year, say. But it'd be nice to see the series listed with new episodes, even when the series started many years ago. That way you can see what you need to catch up with, even if you didn't know there was a newly aired episode, etc. This could honour the 'Display Missing Episodes' option, such that the season would appear at the top even if the episode hadn't b
  4. ChoromPotro

    Can not match a series

    I am trying to match https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12422284/ but I can't , setting up match via imdb id is yielding no result. What can I do ? Emby server version - also tried with beta. Server log attached embyserver(1).txt
  5. Estimados. Primeramente agradecer el tiempo que les pueda quitar. Quisiera consultar como deberia nombrar las temporadas o los capitulos que no tienen un numero entero y que no reconoce Emby al momento de listarlo. Por ejemplo en la Serie Shingeki no Kyojin Temporada 1 existe un capitulo numero 13,5. Lamentablemente esta decisión de capitulo, no es listado en emby ya que me imagino que lo hace por que el numero coincide con el numero de capitulo 13 y para no duplicarlo, lo ignora. Pasa algo similar con la temporada 3 parte 2, que tampoco lista por que su numero de temporada co
  6. i'm trying to figure out, what episodes of a specific series got played the most i thought this could be achieved by the playback reporting plugin, but i can't even find any way to show any playcounts at all could someone please help out here how this could be done?
  7. Hi New to Emby, when i see a show i hit record or record series. I wanted to go back and change some setting to that series but I cannot find an easy to modify recording settings. The only way I have been able to is to click on 'upcoming on tv' and then the recording settings becomes available. Is there a better option? Thanks.
  8. Hello, this is somewhat related to a previous request of mine, about accessing existing series metadata. Some metadata providers store seasons as individual series and only store the prequel and sequel seasons. Because of this the metadata of the series (e.g. the first season) is not in sync with its child seasons. For example the Status, Community Rating, Release date, Year and End date only relate to the first season. This breaks filters on a series level, since the series entity is out of sync with the metadata of its seasons other than season 1. It would be nice if we could sync the
  9. Noustaa

    TV Time plugin for Emby

    Hello Everyone, i would like to ask plugins devs the following question: There is an existing KODI addon for TV time available here: https://github.com/alxlaxv/script.tvtime/releases Are Kodi addons and Emby plugins more or less similar or are they totally different ? Would it be easy to develop a plugin for Emby taking kodi Addon as an example or do we need to start something totally new from scratch ? I don't know anything about plugin creation, is it easy to learn ? Do you know how much time did it take to create Trakt.tv plugin ? Thanks in advance ! Regards
  10. Bonjour J'ai créé sur mon disque dur un répertoire série. J'ai créer ensuite un sous répertoire pour chaque série dans lequel je mets les épisodes lorsque je suis sur emby tous les épisodes sont en vrac et pas regroupés par séries Si vous pouvez m'aider ca serait cool Merci
  11. Loki93

    Next episode not playing

    Hi there, I'm experiencing some issues when watching a series on my LG BluRay-Player via DLNA. It often happens that playback of the next episode doesn't start. I nearly always have to start the first next episode manually on my Android tablet. All following epsiodes (second, third,...) will then start playback automatically. Watching series on that tablet or on my PC via browser works fine with automatic playback of the next episodes. I couldn't find a particular log to provide but I will share as much information as needed. Emby Server on Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS Emby for
  12. Hello, I’ve searched the Emby forums and have found very similar postings but without the clear answer I am searching for. My TV library stores each episode into a separate season sub-folder. So my library folder structure is similar to what is shown below. The parent series folder (Star Trek) has no actual episode files directly in it. Instead, the season sub-folders (Season 1) contains the individual episodes. When Emby goes to work on scanning the library: nfo files (i.e. tvshow.nfo) and image files are populated within the season sub-folders (Season 1). There are no nfo or im
  13. I'm running an Emby server on a Shield TV Pro with Emby Premium. I'm trying to setup a recording of a series ("Bull") but am running into difficulties. I had it scheduled and wanted to make a change but now I just get a looping circle and can't change or delete the program. It's a little hard to see in the screenshot. Emby version is Version My impression is some sort of database corruption but not sure how I can tell or troubleshoot.
  14. Original source Unix.stackexchange.com Thx to Adrian for this amazing script Since Emby doesnt have a proper scraper this will help to "fix" that Files to be renamed are all of the form [<tag>] <name> - <serial> [<quality>].mkv. Each anime has a lookup file called <name>.lst, listing the episodes in serial order, e.g. One Piece.lst contains: S01E01 S01E02 ... S01E08 S02E01 ... You use a bash shell at version 4 (minimum). #!/bin/bash # USAGE: canon_vids <dir> ... # Canonicalize the filenames of all MKV vids in each <dir> # All the ani
  15. Hi, happy new year to everybody I was just wondering, how do you guys manage shared universes/series cross overs in your library? For example DCs Arrow-Universe. I've all the shows in my library, but currently I've to manually look up in which order I've to watch them. Is there a feature in emby that can help me with that? Can I merge these shows together in a set like I can with movies? Can I create a smart playlist based on the air date of the episodes? Is there any other way to watch spin-offs/crossovers in the correct order? How do you do it in your private library? Has anybody deve
  16. Firstly, awesome work on Emby. I had tried it way, way back and found it interesting but not quite usable for my needs. This past week I've given it another go and glad to say it's working great and convinced me to go premiere. Having moved from another media server, I've noticed some weird quirks with the Automatically merge series that are spread across multiple folders option. I had a search on this forum but couldn't find any related to these, so apologies if it exists. In Upcoming, a duplicate entries are shown for each spread-folder. For example, If I have a TV show spread over thre
  17. Darkstyrm

    Schedule/Series Access

    I gave someone access to Live TV just so they can see the guide. My upload speed is not good enough to allow streaming. I locked down everything I could, but the user can still see Recordings/Series tab and see what has recorded and what is scheduled to be recorded. How can I lock this down further?
  18. Please add a count on each of the series cards to show how many upcoming recordings are in the schedule.
  19. On the series tab, need the ability to order them so that when the DVR finds more episodes than you have tuners for, then it will know which ones are most important. Additionally, on the day before, send a notification of any conflicts as well as always show the conflicts on the Schedule tab.
  20. I've read other posts about Football, NASCAR, and other sports, where you want a series recording only for certain teams, NASCAR Series, etc. This is not the same as being able to search, but more like a filter in the series settings. I don't feel you would ever get it right, trying to parse the "Title" and present a list of options. My request is to simply allow a filter to be applied to the "Title" of the series. That way, we can control what gets recorded as a user based on what our chosen provider is putting in the title. Having said that, it might be useful to have filters for other d
  21. Catsrules

    News series not recording

    I just setup my Live TV on Emby. I am trying to record the news series however it doesn't seam to work. It appears to only record 1 episode a week on a random day of the week. All other episodes are marked as not needing to be recorded. (Gray circle.). I have tried multiple news programs at different times and on different channels with no luck. I thought it maybe something to do with recording a daily program, so I tried recording talk show series and that work just fine. Any idea what could be going on? I have opened up the series setting as much as possible. Record:All Epi
  22. Hi all, I have been using the Emby DVR with Schedules Direct listings for a few weeks now. All has been working well until I found a series I had set to record appears not to be scheduling or recording new episodes. Is there a log I can check to determine why the new episodes are not recording? As far as the UI goes, I can see the series recording icon in next weeks listing and the episode is definitely new but here is no icon indicating the episode itself will record, nothing in the Scheduled list and nothing in the Series scheduled list. The episodes from previous weeks did record co
  23. Hi, I am testing this as a possible replacement to my current Plex server. However I notice on my series that if there are more than once series by a name, it downloads the meta-data of the oldest. My example is Poldark. There is an old series and a 2015 series. Emby downloads data for the old one, even though the epiosode names are in format: Poldark.2015.S02E05. Can Emby not rather lookup the latest, rather than first. The Americans series does the same. Thank you. Warren
  24. lloydcodrington

    TV series are playing in random order

    Hi Emby Team, I am not sure when it really started happening, but guess it was since the 3.3.x.x.x update. When I select a TV series and decide to play from the beginning, a complete or partial season or a few episode of a current season through to the end it ends up playing in a random order. When I check the Kodi playlist it displays the remaining shows in a random order. When I play direct from the Kodi menu system it plays in the correct order. So let's say that I've not watched the last three more more episodes of a particular series I would normally go to the next episode
  25. Hey everyone. New to EMBY everything has been good so far happy Premier user. Just getting into the details of setting up Live TV-Recordings and noticed or possibly missed a way to search the guide for shows to record. Did a search and found a thread from 2014 saying it's coming so i'm hoping it's just something I am overlooking. I am moving from KODI/NEXTPVR as our LiveTV and PVR setup to EMBY "hopefully as a complete solution". Is there a way to search for shows in the 14 day schedule and set new episodes of those shows to record? If there is no option in the EMBY LIVETV/DVR is t
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