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  1. Hi, So I am faced with a problem and not sure what the right solution will be if there is one. Here is my setup: 5 users - Admin, Parents, Child, Sonos, Samsung/Shield I have multiple libraries setup: movies, cartoons, TV shows, music, pictures, adult content Access rights Admin has access to everything Parents: movies, TV Shows, pictures, collections Child: cartoons, collections Sonos: music, collections Samsung/Shield: movies, TV Shows, collections The problem I am facing is with the search. Even when I am logged in with Child account the search results returned contain actors/people from all libraries including the adult one. That kind of defeats the purpose of the separate library and accounts if those results are returned. My question is, am i doing something wrong? Is my setup wrong somehow or is this a bug? Thanks
  2. Thomas64

    Live TV search issue

    I've been meaning to ask about this for a while now... When I search TV shows under "Live TV" - if they are found, they will show up under every category available. For example, if I search for "Midnight, Texas" which is a TV Series - it shows up under Movies, Episodes, Sports, Kids, News, and Programs. This behavior is not specific to this particular show. If I search "Frontline", same results. This happens on any client I use. I am running Version of Emby. Are others seeing this behavior, or is this a bug in my install? (I've not installed from scratch for a VERY long time...) I see postings for Search causing performance issues, but not issues with what it actually returns. Which I guess actually answers my question if others are having the issue... LOL Any pointers on how I can correct this? Is there a database clean or such that I could do? Thanks! Thomas
  3. I recently noticed that movies with original titles which contains non-English characters isn't found when the search phrase contains the non-English character. I can reproduce this 100% of the time for any movie. steps: 1 - change the original title of any movie to something that contains a non-English character. (i.e I'll change the original title of "Inside Men" to "Inside Män" 2 - replace the original title to something completely different. (i.e I'll change the title of "Inside Men" to "nothing" 3 - save metadata and enter the search page. 4 - type in everything up until the special character, and the movie should show up. (i.e type in "Inside M") 5 - the moment you enter the special character the movie is removed from the search result. (i.e "Inside Mä" remove the movie from the result) using an alternative letter for the non-english letter for example ä->a or ö->o does not change the result. this leads me to belive that the search function is unable to read these special characters which the "normal" search function is able to read. I'm using the latest server version on ubuntu 18.04 Can someone please confirm?
  4. sydlexius

    Search Within Subtitles

    It would be great to find that one episode, of say, "Seinfeld" or "Black-ish" where someone told a particular joke or said a particular line. Being able to search for a movie or episode using the contents of subtitles would be super useful. Bonus points if those results can link you directly to the referenced time code!
  5. I've just discovered this issue whereby when a user searches my Emby server for a movie that is not in the library, the movie still gets returned as a search result. It shows a play button just like a movie in the library would do, and clicking on the cover shows full metadata. When the play button is clicked, the player starts, but hangs (obviously due to the item not being in the library to play in the first place). I have verified that the movies are not in the metadata. I've attached screenshots and log. I've tested this with multiple movies that aren't in the library and the result is the same. Log.txt
  6. I have thousands of video's across a few directories. Trying to list and scroll through them is way too slow. They were originally named by another software product using the original program title followed by a short description. If I do a search for the program title Zune (as an example) and I have 110 programs that start with Zune, the search will only provide the 1st 30 results. I can search for a description, and it will find a specific episode fine, however in most cases I don't have the descriptions memorized and I prefer to just scroll through all 110 and then select the one I want to watch. Can the search results be expanded from 30 to a larger yield, like 100 without impacting scroll performance? If I move the 110 episodes to it's own folder, Emby manages all 110 episodes great, with fast scrolling, but that's labor intensive to have to move each program into it's own folder. Increasing the search results to a larger yield would be better, if that's possible. Thank you.
  7. levander

    Some thoughts and opinions

    Hi, After few weeks of introducing myself to emby environment and after I successfully but incompletely migrated from Plex (looking for ways to migrate plex 1000+ collections to nfo tags or whatever) I collected some opinions and thoughts on all that... so here it's part of it concerning emby app for Apple TV. Miss... Refresh I miss some way to refresh active page/app so changes made on server could be seen on Apple TV without having to restart the AppleTV app. Also missing in iOS app. Searching persons I am aware that searching is ongoing feature you're working on to improve so at this point I just want to point out I miss searching for actors in addition to only title searching on Apple TV. Since this is available on other clients and server. Year & Director in movie info pull down while playing movie Though sometimes there is year shown but wrong and it doesn't correspond to date added o release date from metadata, I can't figure out what is it. Show all titles by/with person selected Clicking on person (actor or director) shows is limited titles (around 20) although in some cases there is a lot more and there is no other way to get to them Number of items listed in a library I miss number of items in active library. Filtered or not filtered, favourites or collections. Thumbs View I miss at least an option to view library items as thumbs (fanart/backdrop/backround, whatever it is called). It is somehow supported (unintentionally it seems to me) in mixed libraries but only when primary image is thumb image. So I guess that implicates that it is possible to show movie/tv show images as thumbs and since it is supported in emby server (and it looks great there). The two main reasons I always like to see thumbs rather than posters are: When you browse your libraries "to be inspired" and then to choose a movie to watch thumbs always look more inviting and "describable" than posters. There is just too many cases when there is no posters available or posters look bad or you have to use same DVD collection poster for bunch of Charlie Chaplin short movies for example because individual posters differ so much in quality, design, size and type and that looks strange. And at the same time you can always find or easily make movie background/fanart/thumb which is unlikely with posters if you want it looks decent. Fix... Favorite on/off button does not respond until exit and re-enter Wouldn't it be good....? Collections view When showing different types of collection items inside a collection there is no more info preview feature available because other types are shown as other items below first, main, row. I stumbled upon some discussions about that and it seems that someone had idea to show all mixed up in main row. I don't know about that. It's not bad idea to overcome this problem but I would always rather give up on info preview for usual item list as in emby server and not all in one "endless" row... Titles centered I love centered items list in emby server. When you have 2-3 items listed it looks way better. Especially in mixed content libraries, subfolders etc. Showing collections movie belongs to I think it is already mentioned somewhere as feature request or something. That would be definitely useful: in movie details page, beneath similar/recommended movies, a list of movies from collections a given movie is also part of. Thanks for reading.
  8. Beav


    How about a button on the movie side to randomly pick a movie out of your library to play? This could have a "yes play" or "no don't play" answer, and could have an option to include watched movies in the search.
  9. nanuk

    Search Icon not shown

    Hi, my Emby LG TV App is not showing an Search Icon (magnifying glass) next to the Profile Icon. Is the a Premiere Feature or an Option that I have to enable? Thx & greets
  10. Hey everyone. New to EMBY everything has been good so far happy Premier user. Just getting into the details of setting up Live TV-Recordings and noticed or possibly missed a way to search the guide for shows to record. Did a search and found a thread from 2014 saying it's coming so i'm hoping it's just something I am overlooking. I am moving from KODI/NEXTPVR as our LiveTV and PVR setup to EMBY "hopefully as a complete solution". Is there a way to search for shows in the 14 day schedule and set new episodes of those shows to record? If there is no option in the EMBY LIVETV/DVR is there a way to use NEXTPVR as the backend like i was with KODI and just use EMBY as the front end to watch and schedule through the NEXTPVR backend? Also is the NEXTPVR plugin preferred by most to the Emby side or was it just available first?
  11. capitaineflam25

    Leaning quote on search textbox

    Hi, i observed that the defaut quote character on iOS keyboard (French AZERTY keyboard) is the leaning slash (See 1st picture) So when you are typing an item name containing a quote in the search box it won't be found. You have to manually change the quote to the vertical one (by doing a long press on the iOS quote key and selecting from the alternative quote choice) Would it be possible to be more tolerant with quotes when doing a search (maybe ignoring them in the search ?) like it is done with accented characters ? Of course now that i know the trick it's OK for me but it's a bit complicated for the kids when they use Emby. Note : i did’t put this post on the iOS section on purpose because when i observe the issue for the first time i was using Windows Emby Server with a remote desktop (iOS was my remote keyboard). So i thought it was more a global search engine concern rather than an iOS app problem.
  12. oldschool

    Ways to find 4k movies

    Is there a way to search your library for only 4K videos? Is there a way to create a collection of only hi-def videos? I would prefer not to go through and rename every video that I have in my library to something with -4K in the title, so I'm wondering what's the preferred way to search/sort/display high-def video files and make them stand out as compared to the standard-def videos that I have. If I could suggest a feature, it would be to either add more capability to the current search so you can search for attributes of videos in your library (metadata search), and/or sort the library by resolution. If these capabilities exist, please explain how I use them, because it's not that clear how I can find my higher resolution videos.
  13. EduardoSantos

    music search result

    Hi, On music search results there are no means as to reach the album containing the track or the artist. Are there any plans to include links such as other results on the music landing page (i.e. suggestions)? Thanks
  14. EduardoSantos

    search result limit

    On searching by "Bach" I get results grouped by artists, albums, musics and people. The group "albums" exhibits 24 items. It occurs, though, there are more than 24 albums containing the word "Bach" as title. Emby will even find them if I extend the search term as to narrow the result. For instance, if I search for "Bach: K", album results contains only one item ("Bach: Kantaten") which was not included as the "Bach" result. I wonder if maybe this is a known limit on the result screen. I understand the UI simply cannot handle an infinite number of items. If this is the case, could we have some assertiveness to inform there are results not shown? And anyway, is there a means as to get all the search results? I am running Emby Premiere
  15. EduardoSantos

    "sort title" on seach result order

    Hi, I am running Emby Premiere version I have a question on the order by which search results are shown. According to this old thread (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/44397-search-display-out-of-order-media/) search results should be presented on alphabetical order. There is, though, the "Sort title" field on movie info details that I use in order to reach to the desired correct order. By using this field I was able to define "star trek 01", "star trek 02", ... and get Emby to present all Star Trek movies by their release order even though their "default alphabetical order" was not that one. It seems Emby search results does not honor this field. It seems Emby is rather ordering by title and not by "sort title".
  16. I can't seem to find a way to search movies by year. My library already has the metadata and I can look at any movie and see what the release date was. The search feature for Synology Emby seems to only be the simple search. I have tried to just put in "2017" as a search term, but none of my 2017 movies show up. I've seen that other Emby clients (ie. windows, etc.) have an advanced search feature, but the Synology client doesn't seem to have one. My question: Is there an advanced search feature for the Synology Emby? If not, is there a syntax (ie. <year> 2017) I can use to search by year?
  17. I have a problem with emby. Does the search no longer work for the movie content or file name? For me, it only works with the name of the movie, and never with the file or written content. Look at this example: Thank you
  18. Hi I have an LG Smart TV model:55UB830T-TG. Emby Server Version: The built in DLNA client no longer allows me to search any library and when viewing my movies library I can scroll till movies starting with 'M' using the sidebar. Scrolling down using the wheel results in "Error Loading Files" and have to exit and re-enter. That wouldn't be a problem if I could search however clicking in the search box does nothing. I'm not certain if an update to the television software has caused this or if there is something I can do on emby's side to make it work. It has worked fine in the past. Normally I stay in the Recents folder so it's been a while since I used the search feature or tried to find a movie in the Movies folder. Thanks Jason
  19. Hi all, Some questions/issues with using genre metadata. I just started using Emby and just got my library added. I have not yet checked the metadata on most of my collection and as such this post is isolated to a Box Set collection I added. The Collection wasn't originally found in TMDB but that's because the name I had for it differed from TMDB which is fine. I went through the process of adding the TMDB ids to each movie via "identify" and it found the movies no problem so I assumed it pulled in all the metadata from TMDB including genre. I then went and added the genre to the main collection thumbnail and then tested searching that genre. Nothing appeared in the search results. I then went back and checked the movies I added the ids for and noticed that genre didn't get added nor some of the other key info like people (all of which are in TMDB). Added to this the search also didn't bring up the main Collection under the genre bucket nor a separate Collections bucket. Another problem is that a couple of the mp4s in this Collection didn't get pulled in. These are movie trailers with no official ID. I have three movie trailers and one got pulled in and two didn't. I thought maybe there was an issue with the library db so I moved the folder out of the movies folder, deleted the library db, rescanned without the folder, added the folder back in and rescanned. Still the same thing. Two of the mp4s didn't show but the third one did. They are named "That's Entertainment 1 - Movie Trailer.mp4, That's Entertainment 2 - Movie Trailer.mp4 (this got pulled in), That's Entertainment 3 - Movie Trailer.mp4. When I renamed the two of them to just "Movie Trailer" in their respective folders and rescanned they got pulled in but were associated with incorrect metadata (which is fine because I just edited it... I'm just thankful they got pulled in). For the file that got pulled in it wasn't associated with any metadata which is what I expected. I don't understand why two wouldn't get pulled in until I renamed them yet the third one pulled in fine. When I looked at the logs the two problem files weren't even referenced (no error or anything). They only appeared in the log after I renamed them. My questions are: 1. Why didn't the full TMDB metadata get pulled in for each movie? Once I added genre manually to each movie they then appeared in the search results. 2. Why didn't my main Collection appear in the search results? Are Collections as a search result not supported? 3. What's going on with scanning files? I could understand if the files were unsupported by Emby but these are standard mp4's and what's stranger is that one of the three got pulled in. I can't understand why two didn't. I can provide logs if needed.
  20. People ask the same questions over and over again. If only people would use the search option before posting the same question. If there is an issue with the search option, then we can look at the problem.
  21. For the life of me, I can't figure out a way to do a simple search for a title on this W10 store app. Either it is inexplicably missing, or buried so someone as dumb as myself can't find it. I'm I the only one to be baffled by how I can perform a search?
  22. kanipek

    Record from search

    It would be great if the record series ability was accessible from the menu button on the series poster/picture see attached. Thanks for reading and considering!
  23. Ben Z

    Emby Theater Skin question

    I just started to try making a skin for Emby Theater. During my early modifications, I realised that the search and settings buttons disappeared at the right top for some unknown reasons. Basically, I just modified css/colors.dark.css just to test out because it's totally new for me. I just replaced this color #52B54B everywhere for red. I did nothing else. Before going any further on this theme, I'd like to know what I'm missing or doing wrong? Is there something very basic I don't know? My url installation is here

    Unable to search for media

    I have noticed at random times that I am unable to search or anything through Emby Server web client (mainly using Chrome Version 51.0.2704.84 m but also happens using FireFox). Sometimes it will work fine but others it just does nothing (as in the screenshot). Is there a fix for this or any plans to tweak the search function in the future? I looked into 'Search Broke / Won't Find titles of movies' forum but it didn't help. Thanks in advance. server-63601372800.txt
  25. So I have a pretty big library of movies, however, when I try to search for movies I'm having a horrible time. So for example I have the movies Red and Red 2, and Redemption. However when I search for Red neither Red or Red 2 show up. Redemption, Actors, TV shows show up that have " ...red..." in the name somewhere, but Red and Red 2 do not show. If I type "Red 2" that will show, however I cannot find Red. If I just show all movies and go to R's -- both are there, so I know they are indexed. I checked the meta info and everything is correct, looks like every other movie auto-detected by Emby. What gives??? Search is useless this way for me.. Version: 3.0.5972.0
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