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  1. The Emby Apple TV app suddenly displays the actual programs instead of the recordings as soon as I attempt to view a recording. To get the actual recordings to display, I must either go to the home menu, select Programs and then Recordings or I must re-start the Emby App and go through the same process. This appears to be a software bug in the Emby App or an interface issue between the Emby App and the Apple TV. The Apple TV is running OS 15.3 Build 19K547 and Apple TV Model A1842 (64 GB). The Emby App is 1.5.7 (1) en-US. The personal server is a Synology NAS running DSM 7.0 with the Emby Package. Is there a fix for this problem? Please advise.
  2. Hello, Feature request: Add a setting within the LiveTV settings that would execute the thumbnail image creation task (even just for that single file). I see the section for "Recording Post Processing" and would think that a selection there to have the thumbnail image creation task to run (or again, just process that single file). I could set the thumbnail creation task to run every hour, but that seems messy and an unnecessary amount of task run cycles. User Case: I will often watch a recorded TV show later on the same day that the show was recorded (or even shortly after the recording has ended) and to ease in fast forwarding of commercials and pre/post recording buffers I want to have the thumbnails available without having to manually run the thumbnail image creation task each time. Thanks, Erik
  3. Hello, On ATV, we can add only 1,2,3,5,15,30,60,90, 120 or 180 minutes after the recordings. Is it possible to add 10 and 20 minutes please ? In fact, I can to it more precisely on my PC 🙂 Thanks
  4. Hi! Sometimes, my scheduled recordings only record a few minutes. And when the recording is added to the library, it says the recording is around 13 hours long ! When, i start playing it, it works for a few minutes, then freezes and I cannot watch further. Help on this would be greatly appreciated ! I am using the latest server version : Here is my server log. See recording that starts at 6:30 AM. embyserver.txt
  5. thekingswolf

    DVR - Recordings Folder Issue

    Greetings. Recently noticed that recording Live TV was no longer functioning. I changed the file path from a network name to a mapped drive name, and it started working again, same folder as before just different path. However. Now I have 2 recording folders on the home screen. One has a random file in it that cannot be deleted, and the other contains all the new recordings. As the admin, I am the only account who can see both folders. All users who have access to this feature can only see the now useless original folder. I have reset the DVR path to blank and saved, manually deleted all folders, rebooted server. This results in the loss of the functioning folder, but the now useless original folder remains and can't be removed. Thoughts?
  6. AboveUnrefined

    Live TV Playback Frame Freezing

    Hello, Recently I've been noticing while playing back live TV from my hdhomerun and hdhomerun prime that while playback is happening it occasionally freezes on a frame and keeps playing audio; it just gets stuck on a frame and resumes playing audio. If I pause/play the frame remains frozen - if I fast forward then hit play it'll sometimes recover where it will pick up just before the frozen frame was encountered, but it seems like the time bar is all wrong with where it's at in the stream.... I've encountered this while watching live TV as well with recorded TV and I do have a captured stream where I can reliably hit the frozen frame issue I'm describing. I've tried the alternative transcoding option that's available while playing the stream, but it still freezes... This is a bit tricky to diagnose since it seems like some bad frames are getting to the Roku and it's causing it to freeze on the bad frame. If I play the same recording on the web client I don't get the issue happening either... I'm hoping there can be a fix for this since it seems to be happening more frequently as time grinds on. If there's something more I can try to provide with this I'll try to help, but as of right now I'm not sure what would be valuable information to provide...
  7. I used to be able to delete multiple recordings at the same time... a feature that seems to be missing for me the past few weeks (probably since most recent update). Current Server Version: ... with an Emby Premier subscription Below is a screenshot where I selected all the episodes of a series. Clicking the three dots in upper-right corner I expect to see the option to "Delete" but all I see is: Add to Collection Add to Playlist Download to... Mark Played Mark Unplayed Refresh Metadata I don't believe it is a permission issue because I can delete the files individually. Probably should also mention that the user I am using does have permission within emby to delete files: -Dave
  8. Hi, Ive been using the Emby App for Fire TV for a while now & i really like it. Is it possible to setup the homescreen within the Emby Fire TV app to display my "active recordings"? I am able to set this ion my Windows PC & also my Huawei smart phone / tablet. It would be a really nice feature to have on the Fire TV app. Thanks. Neil.
  9. HI, In the Emby App on NVidia Shield, I have noticed that I now cannot delete TV recordings by holding down the select button (on the main poster) on the remote, the subsequent list only displays, Play first unwatched, Play All etc, but no delete media option. I can drill down to each playable media entry (show) and delete individually, but this leaves the poster under recordings which I cannot delete. If however I log into the server via a web page, using the same account, I can select 'Delete Media' as an option on the main poster, which deletes everything under it too. Anyone else experience this? bug with the Emby app on Android TV ?
  10. speedingcheetah

    Separate user recodrings

    How do I make it so that each user has their own DVR TV Recordings folder/library. I have a separate user setup for my mother to use via Roku in tv in living room, want to give her ability to record shows...however, in my testing, it appears that their is only one global Recording path/folder. So any thing ever user set to record, shows up in that single folder/library, for all to see. I need to have her recordings separate from my own....I don't to see all her soaps...nor do I want her(or any other user) to see my recordings.
  11. Hi *, I've another "problem" with the LiveTV Part in Emby (using MediaPortal Plugin) When accessing emby for example via web browser (chrome) the scheduling of reccordings is not possible. When I try record any tv show from the tv guide, the busy ring appears and nothing is happening anymore. Doing the same via Emby LG App on my TV all works correct... a short message saying something like "recording scheduled" appears and I can see the scheduled recording in my schedules. I've also tried 2 times from my emby android app... same behavior as in the chrome browser... doesn't work I will attach that part of the emby server log... you will see everytime I try to do a schedule via emby android app or web browser you can find a error in the Logfile Would love to have a solution for this problem ;-) thx in advance schedule_error.log
  12. nanuk

    Delete recordings

    Hi *, I' ve a prob and to be honest, I don't know if it's a old or a new prob, but I think a new one. When I try to delete a recording from any Emby App on any of my devices (TVs, mobile, tablet) I'm not able to delete recordings I formerly scheduled. When pressing the delete button in the recordings section, the recording seems to be deleted It disappears from the "recordings" tab and also from the latest recordings section on the live tv tab. Everything seems fine, but... the file and the corresponding xml of the recording still is on the harddisk and after a view minutes the recording is also shown in my emby app again :-/ deleting of any movies or other files an the some harddisk is no problem with emby, just the recordings seem to have problems, so it's no problem of authorization and I also have mpextended 0.6.04 for emby installed and running I imagine that it was possible to delete recordings in emby server v 4.1 but like I said at the beginning I'm not quiet sure ;-) I have extracted the lines from emby log an attached here... I hope you can help ;-) thx del recording.log
  13. Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem. Ich nehme Filme oder Serien mit tvmosaic auf welche im Ordner mosaic-recordings gespeichert werden. Auf dem Emby-Server habe ich das Addon von tvmosaic installiert. Das funktioniert sehr gut. Wenn ich jedoch auf Emby den Ordner mosaic recordings öffne werden alle Aufnahmen als Serie "Special" aufgespeichert. Die einzelnen Filme müssen dann in der Serie "Special" als Episde wiedergegeben werden. Pinzipiell will ich das jede Aufnahme als "Film" erkannt sofern eine richtige Erkennung nicht möglich ist. Was muss ich ändern. Es ist schon nervig wenn man ca. 100 Aufnahmen alle in einer Serie "Special" als Episode auswählen und suchen muss. Danke + Gruß Patrick
  14. @speechless Since Roku supports mpeg2 decodings, I having playback issue with 1080i content at high bitrate (>17mbps). The playback breaks up, pixalized, etc. forcing the server to transcode it to h264 solves this issue. i know that it's not an emby issue, since I have the exact same behavior when trying it with the orange brand competitor (On the preview channel, they now support direct play on mpeg2 content). I'm just wondering if you can pass this issue along to Roku? In Canada, the broadcasters don't have any sub channel, only the primary channel and they use all the ATSC 1.0 bandwith available in a 6 MHz width channel. So all my local ota channels are between 18 and 19 mbps. All those channels have the playback issue. I also received the major USA broadcasts from Vermont. The biterate of those broadcasts are lower. For example, CBS is around 13mbps. I don't have issue with CBS and the other USA channels. Thank you
  15. In addition to the current filters, add a check box to only show scheduled recordings. Use case it have an easy way to make sure everything I want to record is being recorded. I use a Trakt.tv list to keep track of everything we want to watch. I can easily compare their calendar view to the scheduled recordings on the guide.
  16. I've read other posts about Football, NASCAR, and other sports, where you want a series recording only for certain teams, NASCAR Series, etc. This is not the same as being able to search, but more like a filter in the series settings. I don't feel you would ever get it right, trying to parse the "Title" and present a list of options. My request is to simply allow a filter to be applied to the "Title" of the series. That way, we can control what gets recorded as a user based on what our chosen provider is putting in the title. Having said that, it might be useful to have filters for other data as well. Maybe this could also be used to implement recording some future show that's not in the guide yet, by allowing a filter on the show's name itself. Each of these types of recordings would show under the "series" tab. You could even have a check box to say that the filter is a regular expression, or simply use basic wildcards.
  17. There are quite a few reasons to want this functionality. Overlapping sports broadcasts on different channels, when the later games guide data is including pre-game stuff that you dont want.It would be a nice option, that I'd guess is pretty easy to code in.
  18. Can we have TheSportsDB as metadataprovider ? http://www.thesportsdb.com/ Was looking for a way to archive all my Formula 1 & MotoGP recordings of past years into an Emby library, but couldn't find a working solution to incorporate metadata automatically. Also for other sporting events, TheSportsDB is gaining in popularity. Examples: http://www.thesportsdb.com/league/4370 http://www.thesportsdb.com/Event/570065 Seems like the Devs of MediaPortal are already embracing TheSportsDB. https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=249267&pid=2700854#pid2700854
  19. jasonwilliams

    Recording Live TV (IPTV)

    Hello, I've started using IPTV recently and I'm experiencing some strange behaviour with recording live TV. I set a channel to record this mornings (yes - its Judge Judy - no commentary please). I see the recording in the proper folder, but it is only recording the first ~20 seconds. The same thing happened with a channel I recorded last night, but then it did work for a later rerun of the same channel. I have tried to attach the appropriate part of the server log, but please let me know if you need something else. Thanks, Jason ServerLog.txt
  20. Hi folks, On the Emby web interface, the "Recordings" section is always empty. This, despite plenty of recent successfully recorded shows. Why? The recordings show up just fine in my Recorded Series library. Maybe I misunderstand what's supposed to be in "Recordings" or maybe I've got something improperly configured? Just a curiosity, not a problem. Interested in any feedback. Thanks Marc
  21. Nisten

    2-5 Second Recordings

    I attempted to record a lot of college football this past weekend but most of the recordings only play for 2-5 seconds before stopping. It appears most if not all of them didn't record all the way (they all have extremely low video bitrates). I've attached a couple of logs - Mainly for a football game (or two) that aired on 9/3/2017 @ 630pm CST. Also I've been meaning to ask the following: I use a HDHomerun connect with two tuners - does that mean I can only record two shows at a time? If two recordings are in progress and its time for the next two to start recording, will the ones that are supposed start error out instead (ex, two recordings in progress to record from 159pm to 359pm but the next recordings are set to record at 359 pm since my recording settings are set for 1 minute before the show/movie. starts and to end 1 minute after the show/movie ends) Update: It seems two deleted library folders re-appeared and now my recordings auto-migrated to the library folders that were supposed to be non-existent since I deleted them like over a week ago. Also I added screenshots of the library issue plus the server logs What's strange is that the deleted library folders that re-appeared have a "1" next to the original name (ex. Recordings1 or Recorded Movies1) 9-3-2017 632pm (record-transcode).txt 9-3-2017 636pm (record-transcode).txt 9-3-2017 637pm (record-transcode).txt 9-3-2017 638pm (server log).txt 9-3-2017 642pm (server log).txt
  22. So I have been investing some more time on the Live TV side. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong as when I setup some organization to my recording folder I'm forced into having 3 library entries on my main screen. Is this the default behavior? Is there anyway to have the organization folders but not get new library entries added to home screen? As soon as I set those paths, my home screen libraries look like this. Which really makes no sense to me to add additional library entries to home screen because when I click recordings I get this. So what I'm after is no additional library entries for recorded organization folders on home screen. The goal is me putting these into organized folders is to eventually add the tv recording path into my main TV library entry and the same with Movies eventually. Thanks.
  23. Server = linux debian install Client = Win 10 theater app I can schedule recordings, and I see .ts files created, but playback only results in a cover-art displaying and no sound. Live TV works and can play, pause, rewind and fast forward. Recording shows do not show in the "recorded" category until after they are complete. Once completed, they display in the recorded category, and they can be selected to play - however at that point, only the coverart shows up on the screen and there is no sound.
  24. I like how Emby keeps track of watched status on a user basis. I think it would be great to expand this. This is pretty complicated so I'll try to break it down by areas... --Client-- Series: -Allow users to mark if they're interested in a series. -Allow users (this would require permissions) to lock a series so it can't be deleted until someone clears the lock. A reason for locking would be if it's a recording or series the user doesn't want accidentally or systematically deleted. Episodes: -Allow users (this would require permissions) to lock an episode so it can't be deleted until someone clears the lock. Guide: -Next to the recording symbol (or when you open info on the program itself), show icons of who is interested in the program so if it gets bumped or canceled, you can easily see who would be disappointed. --Server-- Schedules: -Add a timer (disabled by default) to clear watched episodes. This goes through everything that doesn't have a lock on it and if everyone that's interested in it has watched it, it deletes it. Series/Programs: -It would also be nice to have a rule on the above timer to only delete episodes over a specific number of days old. I would default this to 30 days. -Allow admins to check/uncheck user interest in each series/program, delete series/program timers, and add/remove system locks. This should be very similar to "Series" in the web app already but with more options horizontally. I suppose you could add this functionality there too but permissions based on what users can edit. General (not a category, just in general): -If the storage media runs out of space, you can use this information (interested, watched, locked, as well as the age of the recording) to determine what recordings should be deleted first to make room for new recordings. The first thing to delete would be the oldest, unlocked, watched, with no one interested in watching it. In conclusion: it's hard for admins to figure out who watched what to know what is safe to get rid of without asking individual users. Emby should be able to help admins clean up old content that won't be missed.
  25. I've installed Emby on 3 separate servers (Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint) to test. All 3 have had the same issue. Recordings are stop short. I'm using HDHomerun Prime which has that latest firmware. All three Emby servers have the latest version 3.0.7200.0 I've tried resetting the Medadata from the 3 dots at the top right. No help Tried changing the padding. No Help ******************************* Help would be deeply appreciated Thanks Log2.txt Log1.txt
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