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  1. arnie580

    Issue Installing Plugin

    Hi, I'm new to Emby hoping to move from Plex. I currently have a MediaPortal set up as a backend for ArgusTV, but if Emby can do everything instead from a frontend point of view that would be better. I have tried installing the plugin for MediaPortal through the web interface, however keep getting a notification saying it has failed. Could this be linked to this issue? MediaPortal and MPExtended are both installed and working, set up from using ArgusTV. I am able to install other plugins with no issue. Thanks, Chris
  2. PenkethBoy

    Genre Cleaner - Settings not applied

    With the latest version of Genre Cleaner previously set genre mappings are not being applied on server reboot e.g. Country mapping and in music genre view Windows Server 3.1.6092.1369 I have re-saved the mappings and re run the library scan but no change Not sure if its just this version of the server as missed a few updates as the server was off while i fixed some data issues - not emby related When the new plugin came out the other day the settings were applied - cant remember the version of the server from that time
  3. geoff511

    Asustor updates wipes data

    Hi, Can somebody please tell me why -- Every Time EMBY does an update IT WIPES EVERYTHING BACK TO A BRAND NEW INSTALLATION ?? The last update (a couple of months ago) also wiped Emby back to a new installation, and since then I have been painstakingly setting it back up AGAIN -- the TV shows, movies and for the last 3 weeks my CD library. And today App Central informs me there is an update to vers. 3.0.6020.r1 .... and I (as I have now found out) foolishly allowed the update to occur ... Emby restarts and it is BLANK !!!! JUST AS IF I JUST INSTALLED IT FOR THE FIRST TIME !!!!! I
  4. I have the PlayOn server up and running, but for some reason I can't get it to run on Port 54479. I can get PlayOn mobile to work on port 57331 (the new PlayOn default port?), but Emby Server fails to load any data or images. When I view the logs, I see errors attempting to load images from port 54479. Is the plugin hard-coded to port 54479? Is there any way to configure the port to use? Or am I doing something totally wrong? Thanks for your help! server-63602992788.txt
  5. when trying to open the plugins catalog within the WMC interface emby classic then crashes back to the WMC main screen. I've tried multiple times and bounced the entire server as well, but nothing doing. The attached error is being logged within the windows event viewer Currently i only have the chocolate plugin installed. Any help gratefully appreciated. thanks in advance Daniel crash.txt
  6. geotux

    The next step with Emby

    ​ ​ After a few months of happy Emby usage, having managed to create order to my media and collections and get Emby to stream it all nicely, i want to now take the next step which is to start having content streamed through Emby. How do I get Youtube, Netflix, iPlayer to stream through Emby? Is the only way of doing this through the PlayOn app, through a subscribed account? So it would be ditching my Netflix acccount by getting to get it through Playon at the same price? But then how do i configure it as the only thing that you can add is the IP in the settings? ITV seems to be the o
  7. Does the TV Theme plugin work with the Emby app on Fire TV? and if yes, how do you get it working?
  8. pushka7

    Problems with Add ons

    I seem to have a general problem when installing add ons - it asks to restart the server at the end and it becomes unavailable for a long period. I have to restart the entire NAS to be a blue to get into embassy again. I also have a specific problem with the TV Themes add on - I have installed it but it will not download themes. I have checked that a trigger is setup. It also doesn't play a theme if I manually copy the theme into the drive and rename it theme.mp3 - I can see the file listed under themes but can't get it to play automatically Am I missing an obvious setting?
  9. I was struggling to find the configuration settings for CoverArt today. I have been away for some time, and am new to the newest release of Emby and windows 10 (I have only ever used MediaBrowser). I spent over an hour looking for CoverfArt settings and realized something was preventing links from opening, as my server settings would not open (the settings tab next to the dashboard tab), which is the only place I had left to look for the Coverart Settings. Figuring that perhaps there was an installation issue, I uninstalled CoverArt and attempted to reinstall. The plug in would not open to pro
  10. enthous

    Review a plugin

    This may seem like a ridiculous question, but how does one add a review for a plugin? I've looked in both the catalog and in my own list of installed plugins and can't find a way to leave a review.
  11. As of version some changes have happened with in the Vera Smart Home Automation Plugin. It now has more customization options. You are able to choose different scenes based on the type of media which is being play through Emby. Add your Device/Client name to your saved profile list (here I have added my Xbox One): After the profile has been added, you can select the profile button, and you will navigate to the new setup page: You'll notice that you can now select media types to run scenes from Vera. This allows you to choose different scenes based on what y
  12. alexeyev

    plugins mb2

    MB2.6.2 works great But! plugins not available (( http://www.mediabrowser.tv/plugins/plugin_info.xml (blank) what to do?
  13. Hello! I've had this problem for...maybe a few months. When I first started with MB/Emby, I purchased the themes Roc and Crystal as part of a discount sale that was going. A few months ago, I reformatted my computer and - long story short - no longer have access to these themes. I figured I would be able to go into themes and possibly purchase them again, but they no longer show up in plugins in either the classic MB configurator or the WMC plugin. Are these themes still around? obviously, as I bought them, I'd like very much to use them, but I can't seem to find them. In older posts,
  14. Where did the Plugins tab for Configurator go? I wanted to add some more Windows games but I can't do it. Has installing Server 3.0.5572.0 screwed up Configurator? Help!
  15. deaerator

    Plugins &Extra Metadata

    Can it be possible to store all extra features into another folder. Some of the plugins store backdrops and theme.mp3 in the same folder as the media. Can this be moved somewhere else and the reason why I ask is that I use kodi and plex for other things and they pick up those extras as movies in kodi or plex.
  16. isamudysan

    Plugins Installation Fails

    bear with me, here, please. this is my first time putting together a NAS, and installing plugins for my NAS. i'm using FreeNAS as my OS. in any case, i am having issues instally mb3 plugins as you can see in the attached image. i tried to install the anime plugin, and the restart plugin; but, it was a no go. i shutdown the mb3 server, and restarted it. still, nothing. any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. secondly, i'm not sure if the second attachemment is the result of not having the metadata or what not; but, i see no poster/image of said tv shows or movies. again,
  17. any chance of developing or option to use existing plugins, like KODY has, icetv, genesis, ororoTV...you know what I mean that would be really cool I love MB and I'm supporter, and would hate to install another Media Center software and switch between to use one or other function ( love the plugins in KODY but hate the movies and video libraries )
  18. ajplante

    XBMC Notifications

    Is there anyway you could include support for notifications, either through a plugin or nativly, for XBMC's native JSON interface? It would be great to be notified when new shows are added right on my XBMB3C machine.
  19. breezytm

    Themes TV & Movies

    Hello, This may sounds like a rare request but to each his own. I would like to keep the downloaded trailers, tv tunes, and themes files away from my movies and tv shows directory. Would it be possible to allow downloading these files to the same location as the thumbnails or custom location. I share my movies and tv shows folder with multiple different applications and don't want to add anything extra in the directories other than the movie/episode files and subs. MB may know what a "theme" file is but I doubt an application like plex or xbmc would know what to do with it. Than
  20. xdaze

    Source for ServerWMC plugin

    I looked through GitHub for the source code for the plugin for ServerWMC, but I was unable to locate the source. Has the source for the ServerWMC plugin been posted?
  21. BrettM


    Hi All I have installed the Roco skin and registered the skin. But I have 2 issues with plugins I have listed the issues below: 1. I used to be able to have the box sets (collections) listed on the menu but it longer separates the box sets it puts them in with movies so it's very confusing, the same thing happens if I go back to crystal I have lost the collections (box sets) I have Auto box sets vers: installed 2. I also used to have trailerss for the movies but they to have gone none of the movies have trailers anymore. I have trailers vers: 1.0.5281.2007 installed. Ca
  22. Is there a wiki, or something somewhere that shows the best Theme/Options to get MBC to look as close to WMC as possible? I'm loving MB so far, but am overwhelmed by the options/plugins/themes, and am also trying to keep the WAF as high as possible (so simple and stable). I'm wondering if there's a step by step somewhere, that I can get something like: How to replace the "Movies" in WMC so it goes to the "Movies" in MB How to change the MB list of Movies so it looks more like the WMC list of movies (just a simple list, no favorites, same blue'ish' background, and just one long list of m
  23. jjhtpc

    Intros per folder

    I have created a decent number of custom Intros some of these are somewhat folder specific (kids movies) and it would be great if you could assign Intros based on folder. Essentially if f:/kids movies play an intro from f:/kids intros
  24. This came out of nowhere, possibly from the last update but I can't be certain. Any attempt to click on Plugin Catalog returns an "Internal Server Error" and nothing appears. This occurred soon after I left my "honest" reviews, coincidence or retaliation hmmm. (poor attempt at humor). Log MBServer: Version 3.0.5061.25570 Tested on Firefox 25, IE11
  25. hedgehogg

    Plugin Descriptions

    I have noticed when looking at the plugins on the server clicking on them gives no descriptions in some cases e.g Theme Videos Surely if I'm gonna pay I would like to know what I'm buying as "Theme Videos for TV Shows" just don't say alot. Even a link to here would be nice
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