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  1. I'm having a bug with video stopping after the first video ends in a playlist. When the first video ends it pops out of the video screen and back to the list of videos, it seems like the video keeps playing but only audio is working so I'm not sure what's going on. I am choosing the play all option so its not that I have only clicked on the first video. Is anyone else getting this problem?
  2. ice pube

    Reordering a playlist

    Please add a way to manually reorder playlists. I would like to create a Clone Wars playlist and reorder them in chronological order. I have been unable to figure this out either via the android app or the webui. Thanks for any help.
  3. This is actually a feature request. Would it be possible to add in the playlist view, an indication of which item is currently being played by the web client? I can think about something like adding an icon next to the item in the playlist that is currently playing or even something more simpler like changing the row background color of the item. This way we can easily and visually see where we are in the playlist, what's coming next and what was playing before. Thanks!
  4. fc7

    Music playlist stops playing

    Hi there, I'm no sure if I found a bug or is just a missuse case. If you stop playing a song from a playlist to jump to another one, then the web client will only play the new song and stop playing at the end of it, instead of continue playing the rest of the playlist. Repro steps: Create a music playlist with the "Instant Mix" feature for example (most of the time I'm using the "Instant Mix" feature since I love it). The playlist will start to play. Go to the playlist view and choose any other song from the list and clic on "Play" from the menu. Let the song play and the web client will stop playing at the end of the song and it will play the rest of the playlist. Shouldn't the web client continue playing the rest of the playlist? If this is not the case, would it be possible to add a "Play all from here" to the menu? Thanks!
  5. MediaFan

    Music Playlist

    Is it possible to create a music playlist on emby so that I can have continuous and/or looping playing of music in a folder. I playback on my Roku, but I wasn't sure where to post this question. Also, when I'm using music files on Emby; do I need to edit their audio file tags?
  6. ice pube

    Reordering a playlist

    Apologies as I could not find a thread or info in the wiki. Is there a way to manually re-order a playlist with a specific order? I want to create a clone wars playlist and reorder them in chronological order. I have been unable to figure this out either via the android app or the webui. Thanks for any help. Woops - can this be moved to feature requests?
  7. Hi, I don't know how to clearly explain this, but if I have accidentally put duplicates in my massive playlist the second instance of the duplicate will play the track below it in the list. If that makes sense. May be a hindrance when syncing with android.
  8. srgsng25

    Streamig music

    i want to to stream music from a website is there a plugin to do so the file format is in .M3u & .pls formats i could do the program laucher but the requires me diggging out the keyboard and i much prefer usign my remore control to control my media experience i the Theature
  9. Bluebull32

    Video Playlists in 1.79 ?

    What is the status of the video playlist capability? I see in the release notes for 1.78 report that video playlists are working, but I am using version 1.79 and can't get playlists to work. My workflow: - Create a video playlist with Media Browser server. All videos are "direct play" mp4. - The roku app finds the playlist. - When played, the first video plays through, then I get kicked out of the app. Does anyone else here have video playlists working for them?
  10. Jhag

    A few Questions

    Hello! I have a few questions, i hope someone can help me. I created playlists, but when i play them via the android app to my intel nuc, i don´t see a watched status afterwards. Is this normal or an configuration thing? And is there a possibility to automatically remove watched episodes from a playlist? Thanks in advance! Jhag
  11. PeteWhite67

    MB3 & MPC-HC Playlists

    Hi, how do I get MBC3 to recognise a MPC-HC playlist (*.mpcpl) as a valid file? Thanks in advance, Pete
  12. panda

    Playlist problems

    Hello all, This is my first venture into HTPC and into this community. Hello! I want to report on some issues I am having with playlists and the web interface on the same computer as the server - I haven't uploaded any logs in case I am being a noob and have missed something obvious: 1) A playlist category is not appearing anywhere - not on the home screen, and not in the menus. 2) I can add music tracks or an entire music album to a new playlist. However, I cannot see existing playlists in the slide out menu - I don't think playlists are being saved, and this might be affecting (1) above? 3) The only time I can see and play a playlist is when I add tracks to a new one. However, once I navigate away, I cannot get back to it - again, see (1). I am using Windows 8.1 x86, Media Browser v3.0.5464.40000, and have tested with IE 11 and Palemoon 24.7.2. I hope this information helps.
  13. saitoh183

    Playlist of movies not working

    Hi, i just got a Roku, and so far the wife is loving it. But playlist dont seem to be working. First, when you click on a playlist, there is only Play...you cant choose what to play from the playlist. Second if you do hit play, it just exits to the Roku main menu. Is there any logs from roku i can retieve or just posting the MBS logs would be enough?
  14. perry59

    copy a playlist

    Is it possible to copy a playlist from one user to another? I found folders corresponding to my playlists in "D:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\playlists" but they are empty. Thanks
  15. perry59

    playlist issues

    Its awesome that playlists have been implemented! Maybe I have not set them up properly, but it seems they are lacking some functionality. First, I'd like the playlist to just start playing when clicked, don't make me click the play button on the media too. Second, Play ALL in the list, don't stop after the first one plays and make me click the next one (kinda defeats the purpose of playlist doesn't it?) Third, after a selection plays, it resets the volume way down low and I have to turn it back up again on every file. is there some way I can "fix" these unwanted behaviours? Thanks
  16. Sahil

    IMDB TOP 250 Playlist

    Ho to make IMDB top 250 playlist using media browser ..Every time i make smart playlist it searches only local videos not XBMB3C movies and tv shows... Enable to make any playlist
  17. hi guys, wondering if you can create a playlist on mb3 so i can play all my music videos or kids shows at once with my roku box? currently using plex with my roku, but the lack of ability on plex to create a playlist is quite annoying. thanks much
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