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  1. How do you turn off the playlist on the dashboard?
  2. It would be great to have full support of m3u playlists so that external playlist can be easily imported and modified through Emby. It would be a much stronger music server! Plex doesn't do that, so it would be a point in favour of Emby too
  3. Hello, I am currently experiencing issues with the playback of Emby audio to a Chromecast Audio device. I use both the iOS and Android Apps and both have the same issue (also seen and tested on Google Chrome). When starting a playlist based on Shuffle (artist) or simply an album and casting this to my Chromecast audio the audio/stream stops after playing the first track. There is usually about 5 seconds left on the track but it cuts off completely. The next track is not started automatically and the playlist (which you usually see when playing on the local device: ipad/android) is empty. Simply pressing the "Next" button solves the playback and the next song will start, but this song also stops 5 seconds before the end. My wife doesn't seem to like having to press the next button after every song ;-) The versions which I am using are: Emby Server (Synology Based) - Version Emby for iOS 1.4.9 Emby for Android Mobile 2.9.90 Firmware Chromecast audio: 1.30.111140 Both the Chromecast audio and the emby server have been restarted several times. I've uploaded the system log but I can't see a reference to the next song which is to be played.
  4. jasonwilliams

    Ghost Playlists?

    Hello Community, The drive in my server recently crashed, but thankfully I have been using the Backup plugin, so restoring my config was easy. Everything is working perfectly, but I panicked when I went to play a music playlist, and they were all missing. I created a new playlist, and suddenly all the playlists reappeared. Relevied, I deleted the playlist I just started and all the playlists disappeared again. When I create a new playlist, the others appear, but only when I navigate to Music --> Playlists. If I use the hamburger menu and navigate directly to Playlists, they do not appear. Is there a glitch here or something I can do to make them work properly? Thanks, Jason
  5. Hello all, Im runnig the following config: QNAP: TS-853A Hardware:CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3160 @ 1.60Ghz RAM: 8 GB Software:Firmware version: Build 20180215 Emby Server: ffmpeg: 3.4.2 Mono: 5.11.0 The Problems im having: Remote not accesebol/working as show below, cant forward, cant see anny details and cant go back If I want to play a hole album it will only play one song most of the time, I cant see the play list Emby is not cutting gables files and if they are cut in seperates there will be a break betwean them. Tanks in advance, Greatings, Spartan_GIV
  6. Haesselmaas

    Sorting clips - help!

    Hi! I have a large media library with clips from different shows - sorted by the date they originally aired. I would like to find a way to be able to add all these clips to one place, sort them by date and then watch them chronologically on my phone. I have tried in a lot of ways, but I can't make it work. I spent years finding the airing date of every single clip and adding the date to the name, but in the Emby player the names of the clips are automatically changed to episode names, so even if I could find a place in Emby to add the files, I wouldn't be able to sort them correctly. Also, there are a lot of clips that come from the same episode, which just seems to confuse Emby. Please help me. How do I make Emby stop changing the names of my files? Is there a playlist (of something similar) function where I might be able to sort the clips by date? And if so - would I then be able to watch this "playlist" on my phone (e.g. on my way to work)?
  7. edejaeger

    Issue with playlists

    Hello, I would like to report an issue I am having with the playlists : sometimes, I can get the playlists as I click on the "Playlists" folder, but 99.9% of the time it takes more than 10min to display them. There are only 14 tracks in the first one and 3 in the second one. I guess it is the moment to build the playlists' names which takes so much time because, when I just want to add a track into one of them, the interface is populated after more than 5min : most of the time, the songs have ended before I can select the list where I want it to be added into ! You may understand that I cannot manage a playlist with such an issue. I tried to add just 2 track manually into the XML files, just for a try, but I can't see them. It may come from the cache management on the server side..? Emby server is v3.0.5871.0, running under MS-Windows 10 (French). I mostly use the Web Interface (generally under Edge). Please help ! Many thanks by advanced. B.R. Eric
  8. Lilan

    Moving Items in Playlist Broken

    Recently, maybe in the last couple months I noticed that when items are moved in a playlist, they are to the wrong location. What I mean is say I have the following playlists with 5 items: +------+ | 1 | +------+ | 2 | +------+ | 3 | +------+ | 4 | +------+ | 5 | +------+ If I try to move this item up to the third spot, after refreshing the page even though it's moved into the third spot, it will end up in the fourth spot. +------+ +------+ +------+ | | | | | | +------+ +------+ +------+ | | | | | | +------+ +------+ +------+ | | ^ | 3 | | | +------+ | +------+ Refresh +------+ | | | | | | 4 | +------+ | +------+ +------+ | 5 | + | | | | +------+ +------+ +------+ This happens every time and it's really irritating when editing playlists as items have to be moved into the spot one above where you want them. When you want to put an item in the first spot it makes things even more difficult.
  9. Playlist - Make the change of order in the playlist can be permanently saved
  10. Disculpen el problema se resolvió al reiniciar el servidor y ahora todo anda bien y el reordenado en la lista funciona bien. Me gustaría borrar este post por completo para que no se vea el titulo (ya que no es verdad lo que indique) pero no encuentro la forma
  11. Me gustaria mucho que en el playlist se resaltara la pelicula que se este reproduciendo actualmente​. Ayudaria mucho en los playlist con muchas peliculas para ubicar rápidamente por donde va la reproducción actual y ver fácilmente la próxima película en reproducirse y poder reorganizar el orden siguiente de reproducción. también podría ser muy útil un botón en la pagina que muestra los controles de reproduccion de la pelicula en curso, que al pulsarlo nos lleve a la pagina del playlist y nos apunte a la pelicula en reproduccion
  12. Playlist - Highlight easily visible in the playlist the video currently in play
  13. I've made playlists (for a Star Wars party). They are basically: Trailer Trailer Trailer Movie In Emby Theater, I click Play All. The short trailers play. Then the playlist quits. I can manually select the movie to play. But it won't auto play-all. The movie is part of a Collection. The Trailers are in a different Library than the movie. Is this a known quirk? Is there a tip for creating playlists? If this isn't a known thing, let me know. When I have time (after my party) I'll post full details with log info. Thanks.
  14. I have noticed this a few months ago but have ignored the issue. When I add an artist/album/song to a playlist new/old my entire music library is then added to the playlist This then slows down the server until I delete the playlist. This does not happen when adding music or movies. I have tested on chrome, firefox, and Emby for Android with the same results. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.
  15. I would like to see like to see TV channel type functionality similar to cytube. Where you can create a 'TV station' playlist from videos in your library and people can join in to watch the same stuff that everyone else is watching. Like cytube it doesn't have to be 100% in sync. On the surface it seems pretty simple, keep track of the current video in the playlist and where it would be in relationship to the start time. When a client connects start the client at that spot. When the video is done start the next one. If we could get that it would be great. I looked through the developer api's and I got pretty lost on how you could even start something like this. So it might not be as simple as the description. I think this would be a very good feature especially for premiere members since no other streaming platform I have seen has this kind of functionality.
  16. Hi, I used the emby app after a few months now and found that to have video playing you need an in-app purchase now. I bought and found that there is no way to auto-play next videos in a playlist. I thought this feature was there when i last used the free version? I am missing something? there are no controls to skip to next or previous videos in the app's media player interface while these are available in the windows server. I tried skipping to the end of the video but the next video does not start playing. If so what does the playlist do? edit: seems same issue as already posted Auto Play Next Episode Not Working Since Update to 3.1.2 thanks
  17. jnheinz

    Music Playlists - Sync from Emby?

    Can music playlists be created using the Emby web client or Kodi & be synced back & forth.. so the playlists are present on all instances of Kodi that are connected to the Emby Server? My initial testing is showing that they do not sync back & forth. Is there something I am missing or is this not an implemented feature?
  18. laurent92

    Playlist GUI improvement

    Hi, Emby is really nice and I decided 2 weeks ago to buy a Premiere license to support the team. However, audio Playlist management could/should be greatly improved. Alternatively, as a newbie, maybe I missed something... Let me describe my situation: I mainly own music compilations, best-of and singles (old LP’s and EP’s recorded to mp3) + some albums. To avoid file duplication, I save only one copy of a song in my mp3 folder and use Playlists to “virtually” define Albums and Compilations (~500 Playlists currently). My mp3 are tagged and covers are embedded in the Tag. Each Playlist is named following typical rules (Artist – Album.m3u) and is associated with its cover (Artist – Album.jpg) Playlists are organized into meaningful folders: - Albums - Pop - Artist1-Album.m3u - Artist1-Album.jpg - Artist2-Album.m3u - Artist2-Album.jpg - …. - Rock - ….. - Compilations - 80’s - …. This worked quite well with TVIX or Logitech Squeezebox (yes I know, I’m a technology dinosaur!). Thus, to manage my music collection within Emby, some workaround and some tricks are required. Firstly, I wrote a small software in Access 2016 VBA (see topic https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43369-m3u-playlists-batch-importing/). Now that my Playlists are imported within Emby, I would like to take the most of these lists. Unfortunately, Emby doesn’t provide a user-friendly GUI for playlists, neither using the web, mobile and theatre apps. For instance, there is no alphabetPicker to avoid browsing hundreds of playlists, no filter …. In my opinion, the playlists interface should have the same functionalities than the movie or music ones (with Artist - Album - Compilation - Genre menu for example). At least, the Playlist GUI should be similar to the directory browser, as exemplified inn the attached screenshots. Would it be possible to implement the movie/music GUI for playlists, instead of the current basic one ? If not, would it be possible to use the directory GUI and add Genre to the Filter menu (genre are auto-tagged by my Playlist importer) ? I hope that Emby developers can improve the Playlist view based on some of my proposals, or that someone could explain me how to change (if relevant) the playlists.html layout (under …\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\dashboard-ui ?) in order to implement some of these features. Regards. Laurent.
  19. Hi, Emby is really fantastic (and that’s why I decided 2 weeks ago to buy a Premiere license to support the team), but in my opinion, Audio Playlist management could/should be greatly improved. But maybe that as a newbie, I missed something or my audio management strategy is inadequate : to avoid file duplication, I save only one copy of a song in my mp3 folder and use Playlists to “virtually” define Albums and Compilations (~500 Playlists currently). Thus, to manage my music collection within Emby, I needed first a tool to import my m3u playlists. A java app has been proposed by another forum member, but it only imports one m3u at a time. Thus, I decided to write a small software in Access 2016 VBA (Sorry, I'm don’t manage other programming languages and some databases functionality were required to deal with multiple users). The Access software and a short guide are attached. Please be understanding and not too critical, I’m not an expert ! The software was tested on 2 different computers running windows 8 or 10. It’s provided as is and I can’t ensure that it will run on all configurations… ​Hope this could help others... Regards. ​ m3u Playlist4Emby V0.zip
  20. Good Morning! Ever since Emby Server was updated to 3.1.2 the auto play next episode feature has not been working. After an episode the Spinning Emby logo appears and spins indefinitely. It's like its failing to retrieve the next episode from the queue. The Server Dashboard shows the next episode direct playing, but being stuck at the --:--:-- timestamp. I've included screenshots of both of these. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  21. Greetings I'm using Emby server on a windows 2016 VM. Clients connect via web interface via chrome, and iOS emby client. I'm in the process of evaluating Emby to replace my home Sonos setup. I'm currently using EMBY for Audio only, streaming to a Chromecast audio group of 2 speakers. The actual audio playback works fine, but I note the following (see below image) via the current emby iOS client/web interface on the playlist tab, it just shows as blank. I can go fwd/back in the playlist, but can't actually see the contents of the playlist, because i sometimes want to change the order the playlist, or remote upcoming items. Is this because i'm casting to a Chromecast audio group?
  22. I have issues with sharing of playlists and files on the webserver via webclient. Sharing files or playlists via FB or other soc. networks doesn´t work for me. I don´t have troubles with sharing on madsonic and ampache, but in emby - no luck. In older versions of emby I got the link as a website, but without working navigation buttons. Now in the latest 3.0.7100 it says following message : Error (FileNotFoundException): Could not find file "/usr/lib/emby-server/bin/dashboard-ui/dlg1473857573378". 404 Right link does work : Generated link doesnt work :
  23. computerprep

    Playlist content missing in app

    On Android Mobile, from the home menu I click on Playlists, then Cabin, and now I don't even see a list of the movies that are included the playlist. But on the Nexus, the same playlist and user account shows 8 titles. And it's also working on webUI.
  24. tired dad

    Combine *some* Emby lists into one?

    Hello, I have several folders in my Emby library, all separated by theme (Kids, family, Documentaries, etc). For some themes, I actually have two folders (e.g: Kids New, Kids Viewed). In Kodi directly, I can set playlists by path, so i can have one for new kids movies, and one for viewed, and then a "superlist" comprised of both playlists. The "superlist" becomes the menu item while the other lists become submenus. So... how do I do that with the Emby plugin running? I think the Emby video library is set as a node but I don't know how to combine two nodes into one Kodi playlist. I am using the Arctic: Zephyr skin and I see it has widgets, but I am not sure how to combine widgets into a list either. Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.
  25. I created a music playlist on the Emby Server and it plays all the songs correctly on my Roku 3. However, after the first song finishes playing and the next song begins to play, the information (metadata) for the first song continues to be displayed. The first song information is displayed through the entire playlist (until the Roku screensaver comes on). Is there an easy fix to make the Roku display info for the song that is currently playing?
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