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  1. Hi The alphabet picker doesn't work properly in playlist folder (v4.2.0.28, but it was already the case before) There is no alphabet picker available when sorting by folder (see attached Playlist folder.jpg) The alphabet picker is shown only when sorting by name, but with only a few entry (see attached Playlist name.jpg). It would be nice to add an alphabet picker for all views. Regards.
  2. Hi It would be nice to implement the alphabet picker for all views, including music playlists, whatever the way files are sorted. For music playlist, it could be worth adding a filter for genre/style Thanks.
  3. edencorbin

    Playlist lose tracks

    My playlists keep losing tracks. I think it might be becoase I have moved files around in my music folder, but I'm not certain. Does emby have no way of relocating lost files? Seems like that would be an awesome feature. Specifically I had so much music I put all my songs in alphabetical folders to help with folder browsing. All the music is still detected but my playlists blew up, even still have photos (emby generated with a few of the album covers) but not all the tracks. Any know issues or planned features around this?
  4. DerrickM

    add a filter to playlist

    It would be nice if within a playlist there was a filter box so that I could filter playlist to show album or artist or title. May not get used all the time but it would be nice for example if i add an entire artist to a playlist and then decide later that i want to get rid of one album, i can just filter by that album and remove the songs.
  5. DerrickM

    edit the playlist view

    I think it would be really cool to add a few things into the playlist view I like the way you can jump to an artist or album in the suggestions page of the music. add album title in playlist view add link to album and artist from within playlist view (same as it is in the suggestions page) ...Last request for a bit...
  6. twistedvincent

    Unable To Delete Plugin Images

    While I'm posting issues I almost forgot about this REALLY annoying/frustrating one. I have, at least a dozen times, tried to delete my Playon and Playlist images from my home screen. I uninstalled the Playon plugin but the image is still lingering on the home scree. As for the playlist deal I have NO idea whats going on because I've NEVER had or used a playlist in Emby so I'm completely baffled by that one. Thanks
  7. slyfox

    Missing Playlists

    My playlists have vanished. I cannot see them in the playlists section. Tried restarting the server but that did nothing. I can see them when adding a track to a playlist or when editing metadata.
  8. Hi All, I have a large playlist with Sitcom shows that I watch generally on shuffle. I have recently updated a version of one of the shows and want to delete the old copy of the show from the playlist and add the new ones. Problem is that the show is well over 100 episodes and looks like this will take forever to delete one-by-one. Is there any way to delete entries per show or multiples at once? Is it possible to delete an entire playlist and just start again? Is it possible to manually edit the playlist file perhaps via a text editor or something else? (not sure where they are located mind you) If I delete the old copy of the show and rescan, will it auto-delete missing entries from the playlist? Appreciate any advice. Thank you, AD
  9. So it would be nice if we could choose to hide libraries from the top instead of being forced to see it. See like in my case I would like to have movie collections and playlist but without them appearing on the top in libraries. And I was thinking that it would be a nice feature to be able to hide them if preferred because you can already access them from other areas. For examples for playlist you can just go under the music library and tap on playlist, or the collections is under movies. I'm not saying to completely remove them but to give the option to hide them. That would be a feature I would like to see in Emby
  10. beckfield

    A better use for playlists

    Emby's recognition and use of .m3u playlist files is a major advantage over Plex. I think they could be better used, though. Currently, all playlists are accessible via a Playlists 'library' on the Emby home page, or the Playlists view within a library. But all playlists, no matter where the .m3u files reside, are gathered together in one monolithic page. If I want to find a Dvorak Symphony to play, I have to sift through the entire list. I think it would be a better, more usable model, if it worked something like this: I have a box set of all 9 Beethoven symphonies. Since each symphony consists of 4 or 5 tracks, I created a .m3u file for each symphony. It would be nice if, when viewing the Album Detail page, I had the option of seeing the discrete list of tracks (the current view) or a playlist view, which would look something like this: There are cases where a CD may have a 4-track symphony as well as some single-track works. I attempted to show how this might appear in the mock-up. I can think of 3 ways to go about this. My mock-up includes buttons for 'Disc View' and 'Playlist View.' The Disc View button reveals the current discrete track list. The Playlist View button reveals my proposed view. Emby should remember this selection on a per-album basis. There could be a Library-level setting to enable/disable Playlist view for the entire library. Since discrete tracks are displayed the same way in either mode, there may be no need for the buttons at all. If at least one .m3u file exists in the media folder, the UI displays it in the new format. Would people want/need the option to switch views? I don't know. I would also expect that the 'shuffle' function would keep playlisted groupings (like entire symphonies) intact, so Beethoven's 9 intact symphonies would be played in random order, but each symphony is internally not shuffled. What do you think?
  11. So currently when downloading a playlist for offline mode, you get the songs individually instead in a playlist. So I was wondering if it was possible to fix that and download a playlist for offline in the order that it is in. So that it’s just as when online, just press and play the songs in order.
  12. Hi, I noticed this evening that music files containing special characters (é, è, ù, ç...) are not recognized when included within m3u playlists. For instance, a playlists containing: #EXTM3U E:\Laurent\Musique\Music\FLAC\Jean Michel Jarre\Jean Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 1).flac E:\Laurent\Musique\Music\FLAC\Jean Michel Jarre\Jean Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 2).flac E:\Laurent\Musique\Music\FLAC\Jean Michel Jarre\Jean Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 3).flac appears to be empty in the browser. When adding manually these files to the playlist from the browser, the resulting m3u file looks like: #EXTM3U #EXTALB:Les Chants Magnétiques #EXTART:Jean Michel Jarre #EXTINF:1078,Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 1) ..\..\Music\FLAC\Jean Michel Jarre\Jean Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 1).flac #EXTALB:Les Chants Magnétiques #EXTART:Jean Michel Jarre #EXTINF:238,Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 2) ..\..\Music\FLAC\Jean Michel Jarre\Jean Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnétiques (Part 2).flac It seems that ISO 8859-1 encoded playlists m3u are not well recognized and that UTF-8 encoded playlists m3u work well. Is this the normal behavior ? Regards. Laurent.
  13. SilverPeak

    Emby hide playlist

    Hi, I just updated to the latest version of Emby ( and everything seems to work fine but one problem arises in the My Media overview there is now a section called Playlists and i want it gone. it wasn't there before and should be gone really. Already i've tried to hide/remove it by right-clicking on it but no such option is available. Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/2FZx2sm.png Am i overlooking something? Thanks!
  14. jasonwilliams

    Playlist Truncated?

    Hello, I haven't been using playlists for a while because of the problem with ET for Xbox with large lists. I went to try and play today and noticed that all of the playlists have been reduced to about 40 items. Has anybody else seen this happen and is there a way to recover?
  15. jeflatt

    Collections in Playlists

    I couldn't find anything in the forums on this topic, so hopefully this isn't covered somewhere that I missed. I'm currently running Emby beta for Roku, 3.0.131. I only have movies on my server. No music. Some of these are in collections. When I put a movie into a playlist that is also in a collection, the ENTIRE collection appears on the playlist. If I look at the playlist on the web version of Emby, only the movies I selected show up in the playlist; no collections. So it seems to work in the web version, but not in Roku. Is there a setting I'm missing or is this something that may get fixed in the future?
  16. Francisco Pineda

    Error al reproducir playlists

    Hola. Se me presentó un error al querer reproducir algun playlist en una de mis pantallas (solamente en esa). El error dice: "Error de reproducción No tienes disponible ninguna calidad por ahora. Intentalo más tarde o consulta con el administrador para más detalles". Supongo que es la traducción del error "no compatible streams are currently available" Adjunto los logs del servidor, si alguno hace falta mas tarde los adjunto al hilo. Muchas gracias por el apoyo. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-213c27f0-4ee6-4b47-bedc-f6d21770054d.txt
  17. bored

    Music Playlist

    I've made a few music playlists, but I don't see a "playlist" option in either the main menu or in the music menu... where can I find it?
  18. radioactivesqrl

    Playlist Ownership and Management

    I just installed version 3.5.2 on FreeNAS which I had to install from scratch, so I'm building up some playlists again. Part way through making playlists, I decided to take a more secure approach and create a separate admin account from my viewing account (which now has no admin rights). I noticed that once I took away admin from my viewing account, I have a more limited list of actions I can perform on my playlists; specifically image and metadata editing are missing. Some functions such as 'subtitles' maybe should require an admin because that would affect global content. As I understand it, the playlists are owned by my viewing account and even the admin doesn't see them when I login under that account. Since my viewer account owns the playlists, it should have full admin rights to modify it. Viewer's menu Viewer(with admin rights)'s Menu I didn't find any other posts about this quirk. Is this intended or a bug?
  19. Currently, the playlist will report the total runtime of all of its items in just total minutes. Could we have an option to show days - hours - minutes as well (or instead?). Here is a Bash function that I use that calculates total minutes into the above format. The same math could be used in Emby: function show_time () { num=$1/1000 min=0 hour=0 day=0 if((num>59));then ((sec=num%60)) ((num=num/60)) if((num>59));then ((min=num%60)) ((num=num/60)) if((num>23));then ((hour=num%24)) ((day=num/24)) else ((hour=num)) fi else ((min=num)) fi else ((sec=num)) fi echo "$day"d "$hour"h "$min"m "$sec"s }
  20. riothamus

    Playlists not getting deleted

    I am running a Fedora server that mounts my media over an NFS share with read-only rights to the data. For some reason, I have playlists that have been automagically generated that I did not create. I attempt to remove them via the web app, and they disappear from the Playlists page for about 5 - 10 minutes. But if I go back to the playlists tab again, then the ones that I had removed are back again. Has anyone else experienced this before?
  21. shimmerknight

    Playlist item limit question

    Just a question on the number of items a playlist can contain with regards to a music playlist in this case. Is there a limit of 200 items for a music playlist? I'm asking because if I go one song over 200 abnormal playback will happen, at least in the browser(Edge, IE). At some point in the list, clicking an item will cause the next item in the list to play. If I continue to add more songs it will continue to skew the playback by the number of items over the 200 point until I get towards the bottom of the list than it will start playing the first song. The now playing does correctly display the item that is playing.
  22. Hello, I'm not sure if this exists but I have merely overlooked it. If I have please point me in the right direction. My memory is shot but I am pretty sure I used a plugin for Emby that did this waaay back in the day. Firstly, I use Emby for WMC. I am wondering if a feature could be added / plugin created that would display your media in a style like the TV Guide, having multiple channels, and displaying media randomly for each channel. You could configure all of the channels by naming them what you want, and showing what media folders you wanted on each channel. The plugin would then create a random playlist for each channel. Ideally, it would only play items from the unplayed content, possibly make this an option. It would be great to sit down on a weekend and have Emby play random TV shows and movies for me, much like watching real TV (minus the garbage). My apologies if this has been requested before, and I simply didn't look hard enough. Cheers.
  23. jasonwilliams

    DLNA or Remote Playback

    Hello, I noticed that when using DLNA or Remote Control playback of ET for XBONE, the first song just repeats over and over. From the Web Client, I can click >> to get the next song to play, but then it repeats as well. From the ET for Mobile client, I cannot click >> (it is grayed out). I also tried DLNA directly to my receiver (Denon AVR5100) and the same thing happens. I'm not seeing anything in the logs, so I'm not sure this is the correct log. Please let me know if you need a different one. Thanks! Jason ServerLog.txt
  24. StLDreiling

    Playlist Item Limit?

    Is there a limit to the number of items that will appear/play in a Playlist? On four different devices and in both the stable and beta Emby apps, my playlists appear to be limited to 20 items.
  25. FordGT90Concept

    Major problems with large music albums

    I have an album with 405 songs (all consecutively numbered). When I click on #1 and hit play, then go to the playing now list, it looks like this: I know about the arbitrary limit of playlist to 100 but when I click on 1, it should play through 100 no? Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, etc. I can work with 1-100, not this...ridiculousness.
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