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  1. A few days ago, I uninstalled and then reinstalled Emby Server because of some minor problems. Since then, I cannot playback or record from the dashboard. I can use the guide and do all server functions, but cannot playback. When I choose a live program, I get a black screen with "circling." Playback and recordingworks fine from Emby Theater. OS = Windows 10 v 1709 Emby Server = I'm attaching the latest server log. Thanks in advance, Steve
  2. So I've been using Emby off and on for a while now on my Android TV, for the past several months I've been using it as my only source after finally abandoning Plex. The problem is, recently my anime (mkv files) no longer have time controls, like skipping ahead, rewind, resume from xx:xx, etc. My regular movies and TV recordings (mp4,avi,etc) have no issues. I've tested these same anime episodes on my phone app (Android) and via the browser and the time controls all work without issue, it's only the TV. On the TV I switched it to using external player (VLC) and I can skip, pause, resum
  3. Hi, I am running Roku Emby version 3.0.134. I am running Emby Server version I am running the Emby app on iOS version 1.7.4. I am a premiere member. When I try to watch a video via Roku or iOS, I either get a blank screen with sound or I get the video replaying a 1 second portion over and over again. This was happening before I upgraded the server and clients. And it continues after upgrading all to latest versions. Interestingly, when I play the video via web browser on a laptop it works perfectly. I have attached the ffmpegtranscode and EmbyServer log files for reference. A
  4. Hello everyone, I am testing Emby to see if I could use it to replace my previous media server installation, and so far everything seems fine, except for one issue I am having with one specific tablet. This is an old low-spec tablet (LG V490) that I occasionally use to watch TV shows, and I am only getting audio, and a black screen. The OSD displays fine, and the screen displays the beginning of the video for a fraction of a second when playback starts, but after that it's pitch black. I have tried with different videos and quality profiles, but it's always the same. If I use an e
  5. The Emby Theater app from the Windows Store has the overlay come up when you use the media keys, which is supposed to show the name of the song and then the album artist. The theater app is making it show the artist(s), and then the album artist. This happens with all of my songs, all of which have proper names/titles. Spotify's overlay: https://i.imgur.com/Ws3Jqrj.png Emby's overlay: https://i.imgur.com/YD90HRo.png Otherwise, it works normally. I do notice that the windows store app is quite a bit slower at starting songs, compared to the web UI or Emby Theater from the website. It's
  6. dear friends and developers i wanna disable this button for web and android app for 1 user kindly tell main how to disable this feature? please see screenshot.
  7. Embury5000

    Collection Playback

    When playing a collection on Apple TV (not sure if this is the same on other clients) it would be awesome to resume playback of a collection where it left off, rather than having to either start at the beginning again, or manually open movies, which does not autoplay the next movie.
  8. I have the offcial emby app on my Samsung TV, it was all working fine but now when I open the app and select a video I just get the loading circle spinning indefinitely. However if I open the same video on my Samsung S9 app or on my Xbox it plays fine. I logged out of the app on my TV and back in which didn't resolve the issue. I then tried uninstalling the emby app and reinstalling it on the TV but still no joy. Any ideas?
  9. germanicus

    No resume on any video

    Hello all, So far I really love Emby. It has provided 95% of the solutions I need for multiple users in my home however, there is one really nagging issue that is kind of a deal breaker. I bought premium for one month to see if it's worth it and the only thing holding me back now from purchasing a lifetime membership is this one issue. No videos will resume playing if I leave that video's screen. It correctly marks where I left off and when I go to play it from where I left off it quickly loads to that marker and then the slider moves to the beginning of the file and pauses. If I hit p
  10. I just recently set up an Emby server through FreeNAS. I was able to play movies and music (and see my artwork and tags on music) just fine, but I wasn't able to use the Android App due to an old version of Freenas. I just finished updating FreeNas, and after configuring a new emby server am not able to stream any movies or music VIA web browser. Friends accessing the server VIA domain name aren't able to either. When playing a song I get "No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details." When trying to play a movie it will
  11. Kimballslice1890

    Nexus 9 Playback Issues

    I have a Nexus 9 32GB LTE (International Version [use it as wifi only though]). I like to use the tablet on road trips to watch my Emby content. I have the Emby app installed. Whenever trying to stream content on the Nexus 9, I regularly get a green and pink jumbled image or it is very choppy... like a low framerate and the video is way behind the audio. The only temporary solution I found for this is to force the quality to 720p -1mbps. Anything higher than that will cause it to be choppy or green... is anyone else having this issue that can recommend a solution? when setting the quality
  12. Crossfire0mega

    Server crash on media playback

    So for a little while I have been having issues playing movies, they will play for a few minutes then stop and the server will physically shutdown requiring a manual reboot. This does not seem to happen with tv shows but only movies. I also cannot get it to stop transcoding everything. I have a samsung smart tv 2014 running the emby app. I have also tried casting from an android phone and tablet to a chromecast or to the tv directly but all result in transcoding. I even tried using a ps4. I've attached the logs of the most recent incident but every movie I have tried to play recently does the
  13. I bought the streaming option for my Emby app on the Fire TV Stick, but streaming doesn't work; no video is played. The server is accessed through a reverse proxy on a ssh tunnel forwarded remote emby and everything works fine using the web browser (either using the Silk browser on the fire tv or any other pc). I sent a log through the app at 13.46 CEST, local user is Riccardo. I am pasting the server log for that call, lots of errors there; full log is attached as well. I am using embty server 3.4.0 and latest app version. 2018-08-14 13:45:08.794 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhos
  14. jok3r-ger

    Playback Issues Firefox

    Hello, I have a problem with playing back my media on firefox. The playback starts fine and works for some time until it stops for a few seconds until it continues. This problem doesn't exist if I use chrome or force transcode on firefox. OS: Win 10 64bit Firefox Version 62.0.2 I hope you may be able to help me. log.txt
  15. Hi All, New to Emby after switching from Plex and liking it so far. I am having an issue with playing live HD channels. When selected the player loads, I get the popup asking if there is an issue and this will repeat until it gives up. I can get the channel to play by switching to a lower quality and then switching back however. Setup: Fire TV (Pendant) connected to LAN with Ethernet adapter Emby App v1.6.15a Emby Server v3.5.2.0 Running on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro 1250DF7C v20180817 Settings: Client playback set to auto. (Auto sets quality to 30
  16. I have some problem with the playback of Multi-resolution movies. It seems Emby is not selecting the correct version. I thought Emby clients where capable to select the correct version? I have tested this with Emby Theater (Xbox One, Windows Store & Desktop) and the webapp. All of them are using the highest quality version instead of selecting the one with the correct resolution. On my Xbox One S this is a big problem because it selects the 4K version of a movie instead of the 1080P version. I don't have a 4K screen, so I get a green screen.
  17. I have an XBox One and an XBox One X for playback (Windows 10 as the server) that have both started having the same problem within the past few weeks or so. Here's how we can reproduce the problem: Go to Television\Series\Choose a Series, Click "Shuffle". Playback then stops\freezes at the very end of the first episode usually right around when it says "Next Episode will start in 9 seconds" . It will sit there until someone backs out of the app or clicks "Start Now" . We have been using the shuffle for several years when it stopped working a few weeks ago . I think it is either due to an updat
  18. icedragonslair

    Audio Placement Mask Issues

    I am wondering if this will have any issues the audio in a theater surround system using kodi v18? It seems to be a little heavy on the audio on the right side or is it just me. These are the comparison of the two files (original vs converted) MediInfo entries, should I be concerned? ​​​​​​​ Full audio reports from mediainfo here: my newly converted hevc source: I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please feel free to move if needed. Thanks again for all, Ice
  19. Hi, I just uploaded to my emby server some isos of my DVDs, they are identified in the gallery, but when i click on play, nothing shows up. I'm using the latest version of emby server with all the default emby plugins (so far...) on a synology NAS. Can anyone help Cheers
  20. on win10 tablet, after 10 minutes of playing something, playback gets cut off and i found this in the event log The system is entering connected standby Reason: Idle Timeout. happens for both audio & video files seems that somehow the idle timer is not "informed" that there is something playing haven't used ET on the tablet for a couple of weeks, but i'm sure, the last time i did, this didn't take place
  21. TV Model: LG 55UH850V Smart 3D 4k TV WebOS Version: 3.3.3-3704 (dreadlocks-dharug) Software Version: 05.30.10 Emby App Version: 1.06 Server Version: Description of issue: During playback of content, the playback controls occasionally stop showing up when an arrow button is pressed and all control (pause, skip back or forward, Close Caption selection) of the content bar coming out of it completely, stops working. Only the show logo appears on screen when you attempt to get playback controls up. This seems to occur more often if I allow video to Continue on after an episode,
  22. One of the remote users on my server has been reporting freezing and stuttering quite often despite waiting for the transcode to reach 100%. It has happen across several different movies. It will play fine for some time but after 10-30 minutes the movie will freeze and it will never stutter and freeze from that point on. The movie is always 100% transcoded before playback begins and both of our speeds are quite sufficient for streaming and we experience no problems on any other sites. Were mainly using the web interface and google chrome for the remote user to play movies but have tried using
  23. Hi all im looking for some help. For a while now ive been unable to play new shows or movies but im able to play ones I have previously watch fine, which is very odd. Im able to play the other shows and movies fine over the network as normal. Thanks.
  24. mlstark

    Playback Not Working

    This is really strange and I have tried to research this within the community but did not find anything that related to this. I rebuilt my Emby server a month ago and use Emby Theatre or my Samsung SmartTV app to access the server. Before the rebuild, all playback computers or smart TVs were playing back all movies perfectly but after the rebuild, I am able to access movies and music folders and all my collections are working perfectly but when I try to play a DVD or BluRay, I am getting either an error message on the computer that states I need to acquire an external player OR on the Smar
  25. Chikung

    Emby Server / Playback issues

    Dear Community, I am running the Emby Server von my Synology NAS 1515+. So far I have been able to get everything running with the support of all the good threads inside this forum, e.g. remote access with my domain and SSH certificate. A big thank you for that. The only point I am struggling and have not found the route corse yet are the playback issues of micro stops and total freezes at home on my local network, from the NAS to my iPad or iPhone. I have done several tests with the same movie file: Download with the Synology App DS-file: no issues, CPU and RAM around idle, downl
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