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Found 20 results


    Metadata and pictures loading problem

    Hi all, I'm faced with metadata and pictures loading problem since the beginning of November (Synology NAS DS920+). For the sake of interest, I connected the NAS via VPN (Netherland) and all the pictures (movie descriptions) loaded immediately. Please specify the addresses of the sites from which metadata and images are downloaded, I will add their routing via VPN on the router.
  2. Good morning, I want to know if it is possible to modify or integrate pictures and description in the mails body when sending mail from the plugin E-mail Notification Thank you in advance Sincerely. STStarkMB
  3. wmcig2020

    Keine Elemente in Medienübersicht

    Hallo, Ich habe die Emby Server Version von 4620 auf 4640 erneuert. Dies habe ich über Portainer gemacht. Nun sehe ich aber nur meine Musiksammlung. Bei den Fotos und Filmen kann Emby keine Elemente finden. Ein Scan brachte keine neuen Ergebnisse. Auch an den Einstellungen wurde nichts verändert. Das Thema hat sich erledigt. Es war eine Servereinstellung meinerseits. Habe in Portainer das falsche Verzeichnis der Daten angegeben
  4. Editing the "primary" picture of a folder is currently cumbersome. There is an option to edit the picture. This only offers to upload a new picture. However, the desired pictures already exist in the folder itself. So I'll have to download it, and reupload it as folder picture. Instead would it be possible to add: a context menu option "Use as folder thumbnail". This would be easier I suppose. optionally, allow to select an existing picture instead of the "upload" button? Thanks in advance. This is a wonderful product which is a treat to use.
  5. Some pictures will get automatically to movies, music etc. e.g. poster and logo to movies, folder to music ... maybe it woud be possible to put back to movies and music, thumbs to movies, box to movies and music, background to both Would be great bkh
  6. Hello, I'm trying to set up a pictures gallery in Emby. I've deleted and re-added the library a couple times; after my last package upgrade, I had to delete the Emby cache and metadata folders and restore from the backup plugin. All other libraries are working -- videos, shows, music, etc. Only the pictures library shows empty. This folder is also only part of this one library -- it's not to be shared with any other. Pictures are all in /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures and readable by the Emby user. [ ANINIX::Core/depriv \\ /usr/bin/bash {0 2019-08-08-14:45 /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures} ] |> uname -a Linux Core.AniNIX.net 5.2.1-arch1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Jul 14 14:52:52 UTC 2019 x86_64 GN U/Linux [ ANINIX::Core/depriv \\ /usr/bin/bash {0 2019-08-08-14:52 /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures} ] |> pacman -Qi emby-server Name : emby-server Version : Description : Bring together your videos, music, photos, and live television Architecture : any URL : https://emby.media Licenses : custom Groups : None Provides : None Depends On : alsa-lib aom dotnet-runtime fontconfig fribidi gmp gnutls lame libass.so=9-64 libdrm libfreetype.so=6-64 libjpeg-turbo libmfx.so=1-64 libpng libtheora libva-drm.so=2-64 libva.so=2-64 libva-x11.so=2-64 libvorbisenc.so=2-64 libvorbis.so=0-64 libwebp libx11 libx264.so=157-64 opus skia-sharp sqlite zlib zvbi Optional Deps : None Required By : None Optional For : None Conflicts With : None Replaces : None Installed Size : 80.97 MiB Packager : Maxime Gauduin <alucryd@[member="archlinux"].org> Build Date : Sun 28 Jul 2019 09:34:44 AM CDT Install Date : Thu 08 Aug 2019 02:41:00 PM CDT Install Reason : Explicitly installed Install Script : No Validated By : Signature [ ANINIX::Core/depriv \\ /usr/bin/bash {0 2019-08-08-14:52 /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures} ] |> ps -fe | grep emby emby 27121 1 3 14:41 ? 00:00:22 /opt/dotnet/dotnet /usr/lib/emby-server/EmbySe rver.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffdetect /usr/bin/ffdetect-emby -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg-e mby -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe-emby -restartexitcode 3 depriv 29149 26787 0 14:52 pts/3 00:00:00 grep emby [ ANINIX::Core/depriv \\ /usr/bin/bash {0 2019-08-08-14:52 /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures} ] |> id emby uid=422(emby) gid=422(emby) groups=422(emby),1000(http),1027(ssl) [ ANINIX::Core/depriv \\ /usr/bin/bash {0 2019-08-08-14:55 /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures} ] |> find /srv/yggdrasil/ -type d -maxdepth 1 -exec ls -ld {} \; dr-xr-x--- 12 depriv http 244 Dec 5 2018 /srv/yggdrasil/ dr-xr-x--- 38 depriv http 4096 Feb 10 22:06 /srv/yggdrasil/Digital_Library dr-xr-x--- 11 depriv http 134 Oct 14 2016 /srv/yggdrasil/Emulators drwxr-x--- 90 depriv http 4096 Jul 14 10:21 /srv/yggdrasil/Pictures dr-xr-x--- 6 depriv http 97 Jan 10 2018 /srv/yggdrasil/Software dr-xr-x--- 5 depriv http 52 Sep 24 2016 /srv/yggdrasil/Videos drwxr-x--- 12 depriv http 4096 Aug 8 11:15 /srv/yggdrasil/new_acquisition dr-xr-x--- 7 depriv http 4096 Mar 9 2018 /srv/yggdrasil/reacquire dr-xr-x--- 19 depriv http 262 Dec 20 2016 /srv/yggdrasil/Music dr-xr-x--- 15 depriv http 4096 Dec 5 2018 /srv/yggdrasil/LWiki_Pictures
  7. Hello! I have noticed this on both the iOS App and the Web App. I have folders with pictures and videos with several hundred items and when I open Emby to browse through them, it makes the app (or browser - either Safari or Firefox) freeze. I was testing with a folder containing ~1700 items, and it takes a long time to render. And even when the page is completely rendered, scrolling is almost impossible. As a short solution I was trying to enable paging back (setting the number of items per page), but I couldn't find the right setting in any of the js files on the server. I read some threads from 2016 where people were complaining about paging, but with so many items, showing everything at once is also an issue. Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. The image previews in library News feed are distorted. Instead in the continue watching section, the pictures have the right format. How is it possible to show the previews in the right format?
  9. Hi, after recent updates to and then, I cannot see my photos anymore. Not all of them, but a lot of them. What's happened? I have all the pictures of my life in Emby, but now I can't enjoy them on my TV anymore. This is not all: if I try to see my photos, the server crashes and I need to close two sessions of "Electron" in Windows Task Manager and then start server again. Any help or solutions? Thanks! Claudio
  10. Hello, i have3 WD NAS My Cloud PR4100 Pro. In my music library there are no pictures of the artists and bands. In (most of it) the metadatas are the musicbrainz-ID's included. Is there an easy way to refresh the metadata with the pictures in all of the 10015 artists. There is no way to do it manually. THX bkh
  11. Good morning, after updating from 3.3x to 3.4 via dpkg I am missing several pictures. There are some folder pictures missing and a lot of pictures from media inside of all folders. Never had this problem before after an update. How to proceed from here? EDIT: Testet via different browsers and accounts, cleared cache of all testet browsers. EDIT2: Found several "Error ImageProcessor: Error encoding image" in server log. See attached. included server log.txt (changed url, private and public ips). Thanks in advance Soki Log.txt
  12. Hi Guys, So I've noticed that some of my collection information isn't being pulled from the movie db site. The site looks like it doesn't work anymore so i was just wondering if any of you know a solution? Also there is only one link that you can put in the settings for collections to pull the data where as individual movies you can add three links from three different sources. Can that be changed?
  13. I have a library on my Emby Server: PicsVids - of type Home Videos & photos. My folder structure is Years/Events/files. You can see an example at the bottom of my post. My issue: When a folder has pictures & videos in it, the Emby for Kodi addon only lists the videos. If I have Kodi go to the folder directly as "Pictures", then the pictures and videos are listed. Running Emby Server Version beta Running Emby for Kodi Beta: v2.2.46 (I think - I'm not and home and can't check, but I upgraded this morning) PicsVids 2010 Christmas pic1 pic2 vid1 etc Halloween pic1 pic2 vid1 etc 2011 Christmas pic1 pic2 vid1 etc Vacation pic1 pic2 vid1 etc etc
  14. Blueeyiz702

    Can't retrieve Backgrounds In Webclient

    when i try to add backgrounds in Webclient, im getting this and cant figure out why?
  15. rhodges

    Pictures Library

    I'm not certain if this was already asked for, or maybe already in the roadmap, but, is there any plans to manage the pictures library? It would be nice for me to have Emby manage all my stuff and not have any Kodi "doing it's own thing". Thanks!
  16. gebhard

    Pictures not displayed

    Hi, I've put some pictures (JPG) in a directory of a mixed library. Directory listing: The directory can be accessed by Emby, the pictures should also be accessible (other: r). But the content of the Folder "Dies-und-das" is not displayed, the folder in the library is empty: Log: log.txt Emby Version 3.0.5821.0 Thanks, Gebhard
  17. About a month ago (not sure if it was after an update) the images for all of my movies, collections and TV shows stopped appearing in all clients (web, Win 10/8, Android, etc.) The images are located in the same directory as the media file and I have not made any changes to the server that I know of. I have attached the logs from this evening as well as a screen shot from the web client. Thanks in advance for any help. server-63574170301.txt server-63574243200.txt
  18. As the title really, thought I would give this system a try since plex is getting ever more annoying, and in general I'm liking it (video playback is very quiet though) apart from this issue with pictures, it will show them and when I click on one of the thumbnail expecting a fullscreen version of the photo all it does is show the picture in the middle left hand side taking up less than an eighth of my tv's screen. Is there any way to change this?
  19. Is there a global advanced refresh option? I continuously lose metadata option requiring me to manually do an advance refresh for each movie to reload the images. If there was a global command to do this automatically it would save me a lot of regular maintenance for keeping images stocked.
  20. Netbug

    Specific Use Question - Pictures

    Morning, all. I have a specific use question and I'm wondering if a Roku might be the answer. My father builds cars as a hobby. When he's disassembling them, he takes pictures as he goes so he has reference points for the parts (these are old British sportscars). Right now, we have a 42" TV hooked up with a little mini-PC that he uses to browse the images. Problem is that the little computer has died on us. I'm wondering if I could use a Roku stick with the MediaBrowser3 channel to allow him to browse the images using the Roku remote. When I last tried to use the MB pictures feature on the Roku, I couldn't get it to work, but that was some time ago. Would this be a reasonable solution? I ask because the Roku stick is $60 whereas building another little computer will run to at least $300.
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