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  1. PenkethBoy

    Photo Libraries - options bug

    If you have a photo library of just a single folder with no sub folders the "menu" options of select view/sort/filter do not appear If a folder has a sub directory and you enter the options are available so only appears to be a top level issue I tested this with an unset library and the menu option are available so an inconsistency between library types? It not a major issue but tought it worth pointing out windows 3.0.6060.0 win 10 pro 64 bit
  2. I'd like to share a script that I built yesterday for resizing of people photos, that potentially can take massive Mb/Gb of our HDs. With this script, you can set a max width or height and all photos larger than that will be reduced proportionally, saving diskspace and making page load easier. For now, it's interactive, so it can't be scheduled. I may fix that in the future. It requires ffmpeg and ffprobe in the server. #!/bin/bash EMBYPATH="/media/hard_disk/emby" # Write here the official Emby path MIN=300 # You can set a warning for operations smaller than usual echo -n "Would you like to set a max [W]idth or [H]eight of Emby People photos? : "; read TYPE; if [ "${TYPE,,}" == "w" ]; then TYPE="Width"; elif [ "${TYPE,,}" == "h" ]; then TYPE="Height"; else echo "Invalid type."; exit; fi echo -n "What will be the Max "$TYPE" size (in pixels) : "; read MAX; if [ ! $MAX -ge 1 ]; then echo "Invalid max size."; exit; elif [ ! $MAX -ge $MIN ]; then echo "Photos with less than $MINpx will produce bad results. You were warned. Tap to continue..."; read; fi NFiles=$(find "$EMBYPATH/metadata/People" -type f -iname 'poster.jpg' | wc -l) OldSize=$(find "$EMBYPATH/metadata/People" -type f -iname 'poster.jpg' -printf "%s\n" | awk '{t+=$1}END{print t}') ind=0; hits=0; IFS=$'\n' filelist=$(find "$EMBYPATH/metadata/People" -type f -iname 'poster.jpg') for photo in $filelist; do ### PHOTO ANALYSIS ### scale="" sizes=$(ffprobe -v quiet -show_entries stream=width,height -print_format csv "$photo") width=$(cut -d, -f2 <<< "$sizes") height=$(cut -d, -f3 <<< "$sizes") ### CONVERSION COMMAND ### if [ "$TYPE" == "Width" ] && [ $width -gt $MAX ]; then scale="$MAX:-1"; elif [ "$TYPE" == "Height" ] && [ $height -gt $MAX ]; then scale="-1:$MAX"; fi if [ ! -z $scale ]; then ffmpeg -hide_banner -v quiet -y -i "$photo" -vf scale="$scale" "$photo"; hits=$(( $hits + 1 )); fi ### PROGRES BAR ### ind=$(( $ind + 1 )); perc=$(awk "BEGIN {printf \"%.2f\",(${ind}/${NFiles})*100}"); echo -ne "Processing $ind of $NFiles [$perc%]\r" done; echo -e "\n"; if [ $hits -gt 0 ]; then NewSize=$(find "$EMBYPATH/metadata/People" -type f -iname 'poster.jpg' -printf "%s\n" | awk '{t+=$1}END{print t}') echo "Photos Reduced: $hits"; CalcSize=$(( $OldSize - $NewSize )); if [ $CalcSize -ge 1073741824 ]; then CalcSize=$(awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.3g",'$CalcSize'/1073741824}')Gb elif [ $CalcSize -ge 1048576 ]; then CalcSize=$(awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.3g",'$CalcSize'/1048576}')Mb elif [ $CalcSize -ge 1024 ]; then CalcSize=$(awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.3g",'$CalcSize'/1024}')Kb fi echo "Diskspace Freed: $CalcSize"; else echo "All Photos already respect max $TYPE of $MAX. No Photos reduced." fi
  3. I want to change the base width of the div.card.squareCard.bottomPaddedCard on the login page that is used to display avatars that are not hidden during login. This width changes based on @@Media min-width variables, so I also want to change all those so the profile images are smaller across the board, but I can't seem to get the CSS code to take effect. Trying to affect this code (user-id and domain code replaced with question marks) <div class="card squareCard bottomPaddedCard"> <div class="cardBox visualCardBox"> <div class="cardScalable"> <div class="cardPadder"></div> <a class="cardContent" href="#" data-ajax="false" data-haspw="true" data-username="admin" data-userid="?????"> <div class="cardImage" style="background-image:url('?????/emby/Users/?????/Images/Primary?width=600&tag=?????&quality=90');"></div> </a> </div> <div class="cardFooter"> <div class="cardText">admin</div> <div class="cardText">Last seen a minute ago</div> </div> </div> </div> Looks like the base code for the width of the outer HTML element copied above is only controlled by this, line 307 of card.css .squareCard { width: 50%; } I should be able to override this code by declaring the element in addition to its class, but to be safe I'm declaring two of its parents. #loginPage #divUsers div.squareCard { width: 33.333%; } And it doesn't work. I've already added some small level of anonymity to the login page by hiding the username and last seen time from display. I use the same method and avoid using any !important shortcuts in the css. (Edit: I apply this code in Settings > Branding > Custom css) I also tried to !important this and it has no effect. Any ideas? -------------------------------------- Screenshots... current live display: desired display:
  4. Hi I have a well organized photo collection where I maintain different albums; my problem is: Emby will generate a cover photo (primary and thumbnail images) for each album when it scans it first; later; I choose a particular image to be the album's primary image, and I set it manually as primary and thumbnail images. but after few days, I found that emby will regenerate a new cover image (most probably it's the same that was generated the first time); now my concerns are: I renamed the primary images as folder.jpg and tried also backdrop.jpg; why emby doesn't pick these by default, like it does in media collection (movies and TV shows) I locked further updates from metadata editor; which by default locks the updates for images; but still primary and thumbnail images are changed. Is there any basis or criteria based on which emby will generate the cover image? and if not is it possible to consider folder.jpg or backdrop.jpg as default primary and thumbnail images? Regards, DaN
  5. arrbee99

    Photo Folders

    Wondering if something could be done to improve how folders of photos are displayed..... Its an old(ish) photo, but still seems to apply.
  6. I have a folder/sub folder structure for my family photos. Navigating with the client apps is very difficult. 1. You are presented with a tiled layout of thumbnail squares. Which ones are subfolders? Which ones are just pictures? There should be a way to easily glance at the screen and identify folders. 2. Folders are mixed in with pictures. If you have a folder with a mix of sub folders and pictures, the sub folder could be # 50, or 500 in the list. Folders should by default all be at the top/left of the viewing area. I would suggest: 1. An option to disable thumbnails for folders. 2. An option to enable a highlighted border around folders. 3. An option to default sort so that folders are all at the top/left of the viewing area. 4. Maybe a completely different UI element for a tile representing a folder. Maybe something that looks like a folder.
  7. HPBirkeland

    Missing media folders in Photos

    Hi, and Merry Christmas to you all! I run Emby Server version 3.0.5781.9, updated today. In the Photos section I have fodlers for every year, but Emby only sees a few of them. In the screenshot below you can see that Emby only shows three folders, and a file manager showing all the folders that are really there. All folders only contain subfolders and jpg files. I also attach the latest log file. Any ideas what's wrong? The Emby server runs on Linux Mint, and here it is accessed through Chrome on another Linux Mint PC. I have some other issues as well, but I'll start new threads for them. Log.txt
  8. Photo album/folder contains "folder.jpg" and/or "folder.png". Issue: 1. folder.jpg nor folder.png is displayed as album image 2. folder.jpg nor folder.png images are displayed as album member IMHO: At a minimum folder.jpg and folder.png images should be displayed within the album. Ideally, the folder.jpg/folder.png image should be displayed as the image for the album or a dynamically generated collage if no folder.jpg/folder.png is present. Thanks for your attention.
  9. First I want to Introduce my base Photos ---Year ------Month ---------Photo.jpg Atm there are two ways of showing photo folders: 1. With Style 2. Without Style (same as folder view) When Style is activated for a photo folder, it looks like this: As you can see, there are is no underline text which describes the photo or folder name, in this case the different months. In further versions it seems the folder name was written by Imagemagick into the picture, but for some reason this is gone. Additionally, all photos from the subfolders get replicated to the top level, as you can see. When clicking on a photo, you get a popup of a large photo version like this, which is very nice: In opposite, the same view with Style disabled looks like this: As you can see, this is much more overseeable in my opinion. So I would like to keep the Syle option disabled. But now to my problem. When I click on a photo with Style disabled, it looks like a TV Series episode details page with no possibility to enlarge the small photo: Request for Webview, Android (perhaps another platforms I cannot test are affected): Is it possible to have a large photo popup instead of a TV Episode Details Screen when the Style option for a photo folder is disabled. If that's not possible, please disable the photo replicates to the top folder level and activate a folder/photo name line under the pics when the Style option is enabled.
  10. Server Version 3.0.5675.1 Browser Firefox 39.0 Zip files make traversing folder structure behave erratically. Recursive albums (folders) does not appear to be supported. For example: Family-> ........Immediate/ ...................Summer Vacations/ ...................................1990/ ...................................1991/ ........Cousin A/ ........Grandma/ In Album mode (top level folder) contents are flatten for display (i.e. contents of all sub-folders are displayed along with contents of top-level folder). Icon for sub-folders display name of parent folder. (This may go away if recursive album(folder) structure is handled differently than it is currently. Poster/Backdrop option is not present in all Photo views (i.e., Top-level and most sub-folders). In those views that do offer Poster/Backdrop option, selecting an option here changes that option in other Home videos views. There appear to be many other anomalies (mainly traversing the metadata) either due to recursive albums not being supported or misunderstanding on my part. Emby for Media Center appears to handle recursive albums as expected.
  11. EduardoSantos

    Photo thumbnail generation

    Hi all, Emby server used to create thumbnails for my photo/image folders. These would appear on both web and roku client. Now this thumbnail generation is not working. Is there any means to explicitly invoke the server to do it? How can I provide a log on this? Thanks
  12. Due to the Library Scan stalling issues with the Dev MBS build, I installed Beta MBS on a separate PC and copied all of the libraries (TV, Movies and Photos) I use in Dev to the Beta setup, but the library scan is still stalling. This is where it stalls - it seems to be the same place in Beta and Dev: 2015-03-09 12:07:47.1620 Debug - App: Running PhotoAlbumImageProvider for \\MEDIASERVER-2\Photos\2010\05. May 2015-03-09 12:07:47.1710 Error - App: Error in Dynamic Image Provider *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.5518.7 Command line: C:\Users\Media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Processor count: 2 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: False Program data path: C:\Users\Media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Application Path: C:\Users\Media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Path cannot be null. Parameter name: path System.ArgumentNullException at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, Boolean useAsync) at MediaBrowser.Common.Implementations.IO.CommonFileSystem.GetFileStream(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Boolean isAsync) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.Photos.DynamicImageHelpers.<GetSquareCollage>d__f.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.Photos.BaseDynamicImageProvider`1.<CreateImageAsync>d__18.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.Photos.BaseDynamicImageProvider`1.<FetchAsyncInternal>d__d.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.Photos.BaseDynamicImageProvider`1.<FetchAsync>d__7.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.Photos.BaseDynamicImageProvider`1.<FetchAsync>d__0.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at MediaBrowser.Providers.Manager.MetadataService`2.<RunCustomProvider>d__4a.MoveNext() The contents of the folder are: Directory of \\MEDIASERVER-2\Photos\2010\05. May 08/03/2015 22:33 <DIR> . 08/03/2015 22:33 <DIR> .. 09/02/2014 06:52 40,329 02052010028-poster.jpg 02/05/2010 15:23 1,014,733 02052010164.jpg 02/05/2010 15:24 822,162 02052010165.jpg 02/05/2010 15:24 1,047,833 02052010167.jpg 29/05/2010 11:52 877,144 DSCN3732.JPG 09/02/2014 06:52 34,587 DSCN3765-poster.jpg 09/02/2014 06:52 33,431 DSCN3784-poster.jpg 09/02/2014 06:52 37,901 DSCN3785-poster.jpg 29/05/2010 11:38 889,108 DSCN3811.JPG 29/05/2010 07:14 929,446 DSCN3812.JPG 29/05/2010 07:14 932,837 DSCN3813.JPG 29/05/2010 07:14 791,408 DSCN3814.JPG 29/05/2010 07:14 919,595 DSCN3815.JPG 29/05/2010 07:15 880,543 DSCN3816.JPG 29/05/2010 07:15 854,096 DSCN3819.JPG 30/05/2010 15:12 702,897 DSCN3821.JPG 30/05/2010 15:13 862,707 DSCN3822.JPG 30/05/2010 15:14 824,158 DSCN3823.JPG 02/05/2010 15:30 35,991,259 02052010028.mp4 02/05/2010 15:24 1,101,256 02052010166.jpg 15/05/2010 10:52 5,918,340 DSCN3765.AVI 16/05/2010 10:39 4,461,864 DSCN3784.AVI 16/05/2010 10:48 3,932,524 DSCN3785.AVI 01/05/2010 16:01 903,417 01052010162.jpg 01/05/2010 16:06 949,367 01052010163.jpg 02/05/2010 15:25 844,873 02052010168.jpg 02/05/2010 15:25 864,846 02052010169.jpg 29/05/2010 11:53 891,203 DSCN3698.JPG 29/05/2010 11:52 862,555 DSCN3714.JPG 29/05/2010 11:53 889,446 DSCN3723.JPG 29/05/2010 11:54 921,239 DSCN3727.JPG 29/05/2010 11:54 829,571 DSCN3738.JPG 01/05/2010 12:36 788,810 DSCN3754.JPG 01/05/2010 13:29 917,270 DSCN3755.JPG 01/05/2010 13:30 894,583 DSCN3756.JPG 01/05/2010 13:41 811,235 DSCN3757.JPG 08/05/2010 10:52 814,976 DSCN3758.JPG 08/05/2010 10:53 778,280 DSCN3762.JPG 08/05/2010 10:53 829,114 DSCN3763.JPG 08/05/2010 12:11 903,935 DSCN3764.JPG 16/05/2010 09:39 981,794 DSCN3766.JPG 16/05/2010 09:39 1,002,124 DSCN3767.JPG 16/05/2010 09:41 819,699 DSCN3768.JPG 16/05/2010 09:41 1,000,656 DSCN3769.JPG 16/05/2010 09:41 707,166 DSCN3770.JPG 16/05/2010 09:42 995,785 DSCN3772.JPG 16/05/2010 09:45 798,327 DSCN3773.JPG 16/05/2010 09:45 736,906 DSCN3774.JPG 16/05/2010 09:50 869,343 DSCN3775.JPG 16/05/2010 09:50 909,544 DSCN3776.JPG 16/05/2010 09:57 813,076 DSCN3777.JPG 16/05/2010 09:58 789,244 DSCN3778.JPG 16/05/2010 09:58 893,082 DSCN3779.JPG 16/05/2010 09:59 858,525 DSCN3780.JPG 16/05/2010 09:59 825,849 DSCN3781.JPG 16/05/2010 09:59 800,839 DSCN3782.JPG 16/05/2010 10:01 899,168 DSCN3783.JPG 29/05/2010 07:13 919,403 DSCN3809.JPG 29/05/2010 07:13 959,108 DSCN3810.JPG 29/05/2010 07:15 805,147 DSCN3817.JPG 29/05/2010 07:15 878,304 DSCN3818.JPG 30/05/2010 15:12 771,420 DSCN3820.JPG 30/05/2010 15:14 803,405 DSCN3824.JPG 63 File(s) 98,432,792 bytes 2 Dir(s) 1,257,381,216,256 bytes free I can't see anything wrong with any of the names etc., and as I have stated previously in the other post, these Photos are 5 years old and have been in MBS before without issues. Could a MBS developer please take a look and give some sort of indication as to what the problem is please. Server log here. Thanks. .
  13. CBers

    Photo display order

    Just realised that if a photo folder has photos and folders in it, the folders are listed at the end rather than the beginning where I'd expect to see them. I noticed this first in the Android app, but it's the same in the web client. Is there a way to get folders displayed before photos please?
  14. The "People feature" in MB is great. I would like to use this for my Photo Library. Whilst this can be done through Metadata Manager this will take ages to do for 1000's of photos. I use Picasa for identification of people in my photos (especially as Picasa does a pretty decent job of automatically identifying people in photo's). I am no programmer but was wondering if somebody could create something (a plug-in maybe) that can read data from Picasa and update the MB metadata.
  15. I have a lot zipped manga and photos. It would be nice if i pointed the server to the folder with my manga and it would let me read it without having to unzip the files even better if it would scrape data from a source such as http://www.mangaupdates.com . Also when i open an image all i get is a small photo and clicking it again brings me to metadata of the photo i see no way to fully view the image,attached is a screenshot of a how a photo is shown, a nicer photo viewing experience would be nice like a slide show of all the photos in a folder/zip file.
  16. Pine

    Photo images change

    When I set an image for a folder containing photos (in Metadata Manager) a file poster.jpg is created in the directory. After a while ALL photo's in the directory shows the "Primary Image" the same as poster.jpg. This causes all photo's (in any client) to be exactly the same and the photo itself is not displayed. I have also tried to set the "Image Update" option to off for the different photos but it does not help either. What am I doing wrong?
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