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  1. When browsing movies, etc, add to the "AZ" Sorting pull-down menu, an additional option to "Sort by Filename" This then orders all the movies in the raw, default way, such that they match the file system on which the actual media files are stored, on disk. This order is generally quite different to the default sort order, as movie titles are sorted ignoring the articles: A, An, The... and also some movies have different names displayed, especially foreign films. The file systems sort by the basic pure alphanumeric order.
  2. When organizing my library I often have to move albums to another place in my directory structure. Sometimes there are only small spelling mistakes in the path, which have to be corrected. Is there a way to scan all collections [boxsets] for items with wrong/changed paths? Currently, items with wrong paths are simply not displayed (even they are still in the .xml). That's not nice and very confusing. One totally loses the overview, especially with a very dynamic library (lots of new and deleted paths). It would be totally sufficient if there would be tiny log file somewhere, so I can corre
  3. Natilus13

    optional Network Path Question

    Hello folks, Something that I have been wondering for a while now and have not been able to find a clear answer for is this... For setting up libraries, there is the folder and the optional netork path. As I am on a Mac, my folder is listed as /Volumes/Share/Movies With that in mind, should the optional network path be listed as //Server/Share/Movies or should it be \\Server\Share\Movies Currently my shares come from both Windows and Mac boxes, not that I think that makes any difference. Thanks! N
  4. DutchEllie

    Path could not be found

    Hi all, I just installed emby server on my linux vps. I want to have my emby libraries on a different server however, specifically a onedrive server. Don't worry, I have that all sorted out, using rclone and a cache. It works like a charm. However, the folder currently is in the root directory, under the name of /onedrive owned by a user and group called qbtuser (from qbittorrent) so it can write nicely to it. Now I need to assign the emby libraries to somewhere like /onedrive/movies and /onedrive/series. However when I try to add a library in emby server and specify the folder, /onedrive
  5. burstlink

    Kodi/Emby Plugin - Native Path Problem

    Hi, I wanna share with you this native path problem I've just found on Kodi (it's 18.4 / 18.5, but I think the version doesn't matter). I have a folder on my QNAP NAS (where Emby latest server is running), and I added it in the Emby library at this path : /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/Video/2160p Native path : \\\Multimedia\Video\2160p\ Everything is fine .. but .. I have another folder called 2160pUNT (Untouched), so, in Emby is : /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/Video/2160pUNT Native path : \\\Multimedia\Video\2160pUNT\ In Emby stan
  6. Emby Server v4.2.0.9 beta Auto Organize v1.4.4.0 as you can see extracted movie name includes now the whole path, so it will never find any result media type "movie" also does not get preselected in identify popup any more series name still gets separated correctly 2019-06-02 14:47:47.173 Info App: Sorting file D:\SORT IT BITCH !!\video\Deadpool.2.2018.Super.Duper.Cut.mkv 2019-06-02 14:47:47.177 Debug App: Extracted information from D:\SORT IT BITCH !!\video\Deadpool.2.2018.Super.Duper.Cut.mkv. Series name Deadpool.2, Season 20, Episode 18 2019-06-02 14:47:47.202 Warn App: Unable to f
  7. hi there, would it be possible to make the path information to files not be displayed in the webclient? or to make it optional in the admin settings somewhere? thx!
  8. Hello, I run emby with a reverse-proxy and redirect the root path to access emby to a sub path of my domain. example: mywebsite/emby/ when I create a homescreen shortcut using mobile chrome for android to access emby it creates the shorcut to the root domain of "mywebsite" instead of "mywebsite/emby/". Thanks for your help, I prefer the web version over the android app.
  9. topbanana

    Improve reporting features

    Your libraries of movies, TV, etc. almost certainly have lots and lots and lots of misidentified items, errors... 5%, perhaps more is possible... And 5% of a large collection, is a lot of items. Wrongly identified. Emby relies on the various databases on the internet, and between them, they inevitably make the odd mistake... That's fair enough. Many factors are involved, bad filenames, rare titles, foreign character, etc, etc... Some are just stupidly wrong. They're going to happen... BUT. We still don't have any tools to find them. You have no way of knowing how many errors are in
  10. topbanana

    Add Sort by Filename/Path

    Now that the SortRemoveWords hack doesn't work, can we please, please just have Sort by 'Filename/Path' added to the sorting options! It's such a simple and obvious feature. I need to change the sort order to match the media files on the filesystem. But Emby sorts the titles ignoring the articles, A, An, The... Which is entirely valid, but we need to switch between either. Emby was created to help us wrangle huge numbers of media files, sorting data is such a basic feature! Please!
  11. There used to be a tab in Libraries to setup path substitution, but now it's nowhere to be seen. Where did it go to? I can't find it anywhere and can't use external players without it. Previous: Now:
  12. Paperpack

    Question about my folder permissions

    Hello Emby comunity, yesterday I have set up my first emby server emby-server-deb_3.5.2.0_amd64.deb on Linux Mint 18.3 (Mate). The Setup of the system worked fine, I have left all settings as default. I have added user emby to group paper I have added user paper to group emby But when I try to add Libraries I face this issue: Folders: I can add folder paths like this: / /home /home/paper /tmp/folder1/folder2/folderX but I can not add this existing folder /home/paper/images (and not any other folder in /home/paper/) When I try this, I receive "The path could
  13. mireki1975

    Emby movie Download location

    Hi there, i have a small question, when i go to the emby server, select a movie and click on download the movie will be Downloaded on my local machines Download folder. is it possible to change this location? keep on the good work
  14. Hello, I installed Emby server on my Raspberry PI 3 recently (Docker official method). It was a little difficult (linux noob inside ) but now all seems to be OK. But, i'm now trying to add a library, but there's a problem as i can't find any folder or share hosted / mounted on the RPi : (as you can see there's nothing but default paths) (network choice empty too) : How Emby detects disks and network shares ? Here is what i have and would want to choose : 1 usb hdd (ext4) + 1 network share (cifs) : If it must be set in Docker,
  15. Hi, i've just noticed, that all my *.nfo files contain the local (windows c:\...) path's for the actor images. I had a mapping from the local path to the unc path, which worked fine for month if not years, but now i cant find the entire "Path substituion" menu anywhere in the Webgui. I do still have the "Enable path substitution" checkbutton under Library -> Nfo Settings. Was this removed when a custom unc-path (Shared network folder under a Folder-Path in the library) was added? The only Forum-Article about this i could fin is https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35508
  16. Hi, I have my server for Emby running locally on a Fedora 23 machine, ports forwarded and local networking is fine. I can reach the server website from my external IP address from outside my network and everything loads. I have set up the transcoding/streaming bit rate to be low enough to test streaming despite internet quality.. However I cannot access the media outside of my network. Going through the Kodi Logs (on an external network) its apparent that the Kodi installation isn't looking for the media on my server at a different location however its currently looking at "/mnt/dat
  17. Hi, When im setting up the server should I be using the local path ie /volume2/tv or the network path ie \\\tv ? When I added the folders with the local path emby found the media files no problem but no files were showing in KODI, When I try and add the folders using the network path to see if this resolves the issue it does not let me add the path giving me a path error. Im thinking this could be because it cant see the network path as it is the same IP as the NAS itself so it wouldnt be able to route to it ? The folders have r/w permisson. Any ideas?
  18. Hi All, So previously I was manually building the folder structure with as Collections but kept it in the movie folders. i.e. Let Me In Lethal Weapon Collection [boxsets] Life As We Know It Lifted Little Children ... ... Major League Collection [boxsets] etc However, Auto Boxsets plugin removes this manual requirement, I can just have movies listed out in the movie folder. For example, if I have all of the Men in Black movies in their individual Men in Black 1, 2, 3 (respectively) folders... Auto Boxsets logically groups these movies as a collection for you. So h
  19. msavazzi

    issue with path substitute

    Team I have an issue. I'm testing emby with Kodi, direct folder access. On the qnap all files are in the library with the usual:​ /share/MD0_DATA/Video/... I have mapped it to a disk v:\ In Path Substitute I put in the first line the path of the QNAP and in the second the v:\ but when I press + nothing happens
  20. I just did a reinstall of the server (and Windows, for that matter) and I'm trying to direct the server to reference a different folder than the default ImagesByName folder for People. My server is installed on the C: drive, which is a small 60GB SSD. To save space on my C: drive, I want Emby to locate people images on my E: drive instead. Prior to having to completely reinstall Windows, I was able to save my "ImagesByName" folder (with ~16.5 gb of hi-res actor images from an IMDB IBN People Downloader) to a thumb drive and then migrate those files to the E: drive upon fresh reinstall
  21. Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible but I think it worth bringing up the idea. Every time that we made a change on the Emby addon settings (server address, use of local paths) that involves a path change for media in Kodi internal DBs, a DB reset/resync is required. How complex or even possible is to instead of doing that, the addon will just change the paths on Kodi DB by executing a SQL query against them as is documented on Kodi wiki site for a library path change? This will require sqlite3 binary on Kodi, that I'm not sure is always there (like in OpenELEC or other Kodi distr
  22. mickeyfinn

    Orphaned Collections

    In trying to fix another issue, I removed a movie library and replaced it with the same library using a UNC path rather than a local path, then re-scanning the entire library. However, this caused a problem with existing collections made up of titles from the old library. I now cannot see the original collections and when I try to re-create collections for those titles, I get an error stating the collection already exists. I tried editing the collection.xml files in AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\data\collections\ to update the local paths to the UNC location, and re-scanning the libra
  23. Hi there, I enabled the camera upload this morning for my samsung galaxy s5. I was able to get it to work buy pointing it to a custom folder on the server machine itself. However that machine has limited space available due to the extensive movie library. I changed the upload path to another machine on my network and I simply cant get it to write to that folder. Sharing is enabled and the HTPC-Mb3 server has read write permissions. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance!
  24. ICT-Solution

    Illegales Zeichen im Pfad

    Hallo Zusammen Ich habe vor ca 2monaten den MB-Server installiert und kondiguriert. Es hatte bis zum Update 5.0.5445.5 alles einwandfrei funktioniert, jedoch seit da an meldet es mir bei jedem scan "Scan media library failed. Illegales Zeichen im Pfad." Ich konnte in den Logs nichts auffinden und selber sehe ich keine falsche Zeichen, bzw Sonderzeichen oder der Gleichen. Habt Ihr irgend eine Idee? Danke und Gruss server-63553075199.txt
  25. Hello all I've a little problem since update 3.0.5445.5 In the dashboard it shows me a failed library scan, caused by an illegal sign in a path. I was searching manually in the directories and had a look into the log files, but did'nt found anything. I can also watch all my videos .. so i don't know what to do. Can someone help me please to resolve this problem? Maybe i've to say, that i've modified some other files to create 3 server with 1 configuration .. Well, all my servers have the same problem and are running now update 3.0.5445.6 - which also don't resolve the prob
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