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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I'm sure this question has been asked before, but a quick search didn't get me any relevant result. I'm looking for a way to set all my movies to the parental rating of a specific country. Over the years my collection has grown and various tools have been used to scrape metadata into xml files, which is also where Emby supposingly gets its data from. Now this means that I have an odd mixture of various parental ratings, some US, some UK, some Spanish and some others... I'd like to get this reset to the ratings of one specific country without having to spend a few days manually entering this or delete everything and start anew. Any suggestions would be more than welcome! Cheers!
  2. So I added a new series to the server for my two young sons to watch. When logged in on their profiles, the saeries is not displayed - that's because their profiles restrict content based on the rating. great, that works. When I look at the series, I see the parental rating applied is KR-ALL. Being in the UK, anything other than GB-U or GB-PG is not allowed on their profiles. Again, good, all is working. however, when I go to amend the parental rating, I change the series rating to GB-U thinking this will cascade from the highest level down through both seasons and all episodes. Nope. I then have to go to each season and change that perental rating and then each and every single episode. Even using the metadata manager this is panful as Ican't select multiple items... Please tell me I did something wrong and should have done X instead to change all values simultaneously... Tl/DR - changing the parental rating of a TV series doesn't cascade to all items below it and using the metadata manager is painful without allowing multiple selections.
  3. I am trying testing Emby over Plex for my Home setup and see that the Parental Ratings are not displayed properly for India Region. My Metadata Counrty code is set to India
  4. gillmacca01

    Parental Rating Cleaner request

    @@ebr I notice that you are the developer of the genre and studio cleaner plugins. Was wondering if you could create another cleaner for parental rating. The reason I would like this, is that I live in the UK. UK shows/movies show ratings with a prefix of GB, but american shows/movies should american ratings. For the purpose of creating playlists based on parental rating, it would be a lot easier to be able to map american ratings to GB ratings
  5. Hello, Please add an option (button or checkbox) to copy parental ratings to season and episode level.
  6. How do I reset or rescan all movies and set parental rating? Lots of my movies have no rating or ratings that is different than what is posible to choose from under usersettings "Maximum allowed parental rating" So I am looking for a way to rescan all labary and set correct parental rating on each movie.
  7. Hello folks, I don't know exactly if this is a bug or a feature but.... here it goes: When I get into the Report view, I notice that ONLY the original Parental Rating field appears (and can be filtered). As lots of media comes with wrong (at least for me) parental classification, I use a lot the custom parental rating field. So this way I can control much better those ratings. Can't you make the report show de custom parental rating instead of the original, in cases it has been filled? Now that we are here (Report View), I'd like to suggest you to let this screen REMEMBER the last filter and order configured. Every time I get to that screen, I have to reproduce the same steps to always disable the same columns, or create the same filters. AT LEAST the viewed columns could be rememebered.... what do you think? Thanks!
  8. The setting to block content with no parental rating is sometimes insufficient to e.g. protect children from undesirable content.. Consider the Film "The Human Race" tmdbid-185267.. has no UK rating..so MB3 helpfully downloads the French Rating - FR-U {The German Classification is 18 incidentally} whilst potentially normally helpfull to have classification equivalency across regions, this film would not have got a GB-U rating in UK.. Given the german classification , i suspect TMDB french classification may just be incorrect.. Is it possible to either turn off equivalency, so no rating for your country = no rating...(safest implementation for parental guidance scenarios) - The Strictest Option or Ensure that all non local ratings are mapped to the highest local rating {a sort of hack of the equivalency tables as a short term safety measure} or even better {To maximise protection and automation when perhaps different regions have different tolerances} - The slightly more relaxed Option. Select the highest rating from all the foreign regions (once equivalency is considered to the local country's rating system) alternatively a filter of no {local} parental rating in the movies reports would provide a halfway house..and be useful in any case to identify content that may need closer inspection..
  9. Hello! Long-time HTPCer, but new it MB3. I setup my son as a user with a parental rating of Y-7. Movies and TV shows work fine, you can only see shows with a rating of Y-7 or less. But in music, while you can only play music I marked as Y-7, you can see all artists and albums. I'd rather not have him see Rob Zombie cover art for a few more years! A side effect of this is the small covers shown on the view button also pulls from all albums, while movies/tv only use ones he can watch. Since all his music his under genre Children, it would be nice to have the ability to limit by genre instead of rating. Then, I wouldn't need to a rating to all his songs. Thanks! Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of this program.
  10. Anyone knows how I can force refresh parental ratings? I use localised ratings but by mistake I enabled download and save metadata. Therefore quite some ratings were replaced by US ones. I restored in my movie .xmls all localised parental ratings but MB server does not seem to pick them up. Tried everything: deleted library, refreshed media library a couple of times, deleted all caches I could find, ... So, how to get rid of those US ratings?
  11. It looks like MBS is pulling the Parental/Content Rating tag from TMDB which doesn't have a rating for most Australian movies. IMDB does have these ratings It would be good if there was an option to set the preference for where to pull metadata from on a field by field basis.
  12. MSL_DK

    parental setting

    I can't find anything about "parental setting" in other languages than ratings-us. is this a missing feature that's planned?
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