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Found 33 results

  1. ipodfreek

    Emby Process Freezes

    Has anyone else had this issue? I run Emby as it's own profile on my iMac. It stays logged in so Emby can be used on our TV's. After a period of time, the process seems to completely freeze, and I cannot connect to the server to watch movies. I have to come upstairs to the iMac and force quit the Emby process in Activity Monitor. Once restarted it works fine for (I think) a day or so, then dies again. I'm now running version 3.0.5724.4, but it was doing this in previous versions too. Anyone? Thanks. I've attached three recent log files. Thanks again! server-63578044800.txt server-63578116287.txt server-63578044796.txt
  2. Hello, I am in the process of moving from Plex to MediaBrowser, and have noticed that the server load when transcoding is rather extreme. Server: MediaBrowser Server Version 3.0.5518.3 Hardware: Mac Mini (2011) with 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM running OSX 10.9.5 Client: Nexus 7 (Android 5.0.2) running MediaBrowser version 2.2.03 Network: Same subnet, Nexus 2 meters away from high speed access point with 1GE link to MacMini Symptom: ffmpeg using 372% CPU, Mac Mini getting warm, fan going full speed. The file being transcoded is as follows. Have not changed any default transcode settings. Server set to "Auto". Codec: H264 Profile: High Level: 41 Resolution:1920x1080 Aspect ratio:16:9 Anamorphic: No Interlaced: No Framerate: 23.97602 Bitrate: 10732 kbps Bit depth: 8 bit Pixel format: yuv420p Ref frames: 4 CABAC: Yes Pictures of system load: While transcoding, extreme load: After transcoding, normal load: As you can see it's a huge difference. I have run Plex Media Server for a few years, and it manages to transcode multiple sessions to multiple different clients without getting the same extreme load. Is this due to a horrible misconfiguration on my end, or a bug in how MediaBrowserServer on OSX uses ffmpeg? Attached is what I presume to be the correct transcode log. Please advise - this is my first experience with Media Server, and first day of using it, and as I didn't find this referenced anywhere, I figured this would probably be the place to ask. Thanks much in advance! transcode.log
  3. geno27

    library scan freezing

    Since updating to server version 3.0.5582.0, I've noticed that the first library scan after starting the server is fine, but after that the library scan gets stuck at 0% until you shut down the server. Hitting stop causes it to freeze with a "stopping" message. Anyone else having this problem? log
  4. Hi guys, I'd really like to upgrade my rather old Kodi HTPC setup by replacing the backend with Mediabrowser. I like the possibility to watch on multiple devices in my home network without keeping media databases in sync. So what I did was installing Mediabrowser on my Ubuntu server (HP N36L) for testing before buying a faster server (for transcoding). I am running into the problem that I cannot playback any content without transcoding being in place. The library is set up using linux local paths ( /media/Storage/movies ). I configured path substitution so that the clients can access the files directly. This is the point where I am not sure why transcoding is still in place. I tried the following configurations for substitution None of these worked for the web client on my Macbook (using Google Chrome), since I still see the bandwidth settings in the top right corner. All the options also didn't work for a Windows 7 client using Firefox. I did not test the following clients yet. Kodi, iPhone, iPad. My server can provide access to the media files via NFS, AFP or SMB. Can anyone help me troubleshoot the setup so I can playback with direct file access? Is it even possible that devices with different OS can playback with direct file access at the same time? Regards, Bondfreak
  5. I'm currently running server version 3.0.5518.7 and for the past few days I've been getting a notification that there's a new version available, which I expected due to the blog updates. I've downloaded the OSX server multiple times and I continue to have the same server version. I can provide a log if it's something on my end but I figured I would check first to make sure the OSX has been updated. I assume the program location hasn't changed just because of the new Emby name? Sorry for the size of this screen shot.
  6. Hi, I'm a recent convert from Plex, mainly due to the open source nature of MediaBrowser. I was very happy to see a Mac version of MB Server, and would be even happier to learn if there are any plans for a Mac OSX version of the MB Theatre as well? In our house we use a Mac Mini as a server, and various other Mac Minis as set top boxes / Home Theaters, and would be absolutely delighted to be able to continue using these with MediaBrowser. Is there any interest besides me for a Mac version of the MB Theatre? Is anyone already working on this? Would it be an incentive with a kickstarter or similar campaign for it? Unfortunately I have zero programming skills, but apart from that I'd like to contribute any way I can. As you can see I'm very new here, so any pointers or insights would of course be greatly appreciated - thanks again for a great media solution, and for making it open source! -Florux
  7. Hi, I've read a lot about SSL / https support in Media Browser, but cannot find the settings for it anywhere - there's also no mention of it in the wiki. Could someone please point me in the right direction? -Florux
  8. Hi, There are differences in the Media Browser Server depending on it being addressed through app.mediabrowser.tv or locally on localhost:8096/web. OSX version: 10.9.5 Media Browser Server: 3.0.5518.7 (and previous version(s)) Web Browser: Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. No difference. It is very easily reproduced as simply using the different addresses to access it gives the different behaviour. So far I have found three differences: The settings menu has icons when accessing locally, no icons via app.mediabrowser.tv The setting menu has sync option when accessed locally, not via cloud The setting menu->Plugins does not work for launching plugins when addressed from cloud, but works fine when addressed locally Here's a picture of items 1 & 2. Item 3 is addressed separately. Viewed from localhost: Viewed from app.mediaserver.tv: I have extracted logs but cannot find any difference anywhere that could be useful. And since it's so super easy to reproduce I have for now not added logs. Please advise if that is needed anyway, and if so what exactly I should do. -Florux
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