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  1. Dataman100

    Nfo files started appearing

    A few weeks ago, .nfo files started appearing in my main media folder. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when. I'm guessing it started after one of the automatic sever upgrades. I've made no changes to any of the settings in Emby, nor made any changes to any paths. My metadata path is set to a folder under the main video folder. Nfo files just started appearing for newly added video files in the main media folder. I've never seen that before. Was something changed in the handling of .nfo files? Sorry I can't be more specific, but I don't really know when it started. Thanks, Dave
  2. I use emby as a server for large amount of pictures. I put all my pictures for emby to manage but I don't want some of them to be seen by my family so I tag my private folders with a tag named "priv" and I use the "block items with tags" to deny access (yes, I use parental control on my parents). However it would be more convenient for me if I could somehow add the tag from the filesystem level e.g. create a file named "folder.nfo" or similar and put the tags there. The advantage is that these files would be automatically backed up along with the content to some other drive. Other advantage: it's faster to copy a file than to click, scroll, type, click and click again in web client for every folder I want to exclude.
  3. Hi, I have a music video folder in my library, this contains folders for the artists with the video files in it. No I have enabled the nfo and the xml reader for this folder: So far I've created a folder.xml file for the artist metadata (with LocalTitle, SortTitle and Description in it), but as I'm trying to move to nfo files, I enabled also the nfo saver for music videos: While this works without problems for the video files, there is no nfo created for the artist folder, even if I edit and save the metadata. So this is, what a folder might look like: As you can see, no nfo for the folder, only the old xml file. But when I enter the metada editor in the emby web client, I can edit and save the data, but still no nfo file is created. Also, in the wiki there's nothing about the file names for (artist) folders nfo files, at least I couldn't find something. So what would be the right name for an artist folder nfo file? Also, does anybody know a tool for creating the metadata (nfo files) for music video files, as emby is really bad at automatically creating these (tried with one folder, artist Army of Lovers, video file Crucified (1991).mkv it created metadata for a comletely different artist and song (something with crucified in it's name) from 2003. It could be much easier, if the artist could be read from the tags in the video file (just as it is already done with title, genre and year)... Ciao, Alfred
  4. charles douglas almeida

    Como fazer o emby atualizar metadados dos arquivos NFO

    Tenho o seguinte cenário: Filmes separados por pastas e em cada uma delas possui as imagens e arquivos nfo com metadados. Porém quando efetuo o rastreamento da biblioteca, o emby busca na internet ao invés de buscar as informações que já estão salvas. Possuo a versão premiere.
  5. Hi All, Small issue and annoyance with Timlord plugin, nfo’s and Kodi. TimeLord updates series data after every scan when no data has changed, season and episode dates remain unchanged. This causes kodi for emby to do a incremental sync every time after TimeLordrd is run, all tv shows have there nfo modified date changed. Included server log with manually triggered task done twice. embyserver2.txt in the log you can see: TimeLord :: Rework Series Dates Emby.Kodi.SyncQueue: "LIBRARYSYNC" Updated 387 items: Emby version: TimeLordTV Emby-Kodi (3.0.26) Kodi companion
  6. Hi, I'm creating all metadata by myself, I used to use MetaBrowser but now switched to EMM. So now, I've changed from using movie.xml files to movie.nfo files. For 3D movies, I have a tag <format3d> in the xml file (HSBS, HTAB, etc) that ws auto created by MetaBrowser, which works with xml files. But if I insert the same tag into the nfo file, it seems to be ignored, the server doesn't show that the file is 3D, the Format3D field in the information is empty and I have to edit the information in emby manually. Is this a bug or is there a different 3D tag for nfo files? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  7. Aussiedroid

    Bluray NFO Location & Naming

    I wanted to check where the Bluray nfo file should be located & how it should be named. Originally, I had these as movie.xml files in the root folder of the movie. I've upgraded to nfo files and removed xml but having this as movie.nfo was not displaying or refreshing. Some searching around the forums & wikis found that this should be now called index.nfo under the BDMV folder. I've tried this but still no data will refresh/display. If I manually refresh to fetch new metadata from Emby Theater for example it creates a file <foldername>.nfo. So I renamed my original nfo file to the folder name & refresh missing metadata & it displays as expected. Is this correct? (before I go through and manually update my other rips) Also, on a side question, should subtitle options display the name of the subtitle stream? They are present if I play this via an external player such as Media Player Classic but show as Und (Undetermined) in Emby interface. Many Thanks, AD
  8. @@Luke Emby Server Version: Recently added two (2) new TV shows and noticed that the TVSHOW.NFO file is not being written to the media folder as expected. I double-checked my entries in library and 'Save Artwork and Metadata into Media Folders' is checked. EPISODE.NFO and Series and Episode artwork are being saved into media folder. It is just the TVSHOW.NFO file that is not being written into media folder. It is being cached and is displaying the TV Series information. Just no local NFO file in media folder.
  9. I've got a video (The LEGO Movie from 2014) in my Emby-library. For this video the emby-server did not generate an .nfo-file when I added the movie to the library and also not on rescan or actualize (metadata-manager) or on identify. It downloads the pictures for the movie (banner.jpg, poster.jpg and so on) and stores it in the folder where the movie stays. For other movies in the same library there is always an additional nfo-file. The metadata-manager does show the information of the movie (plot and so on) which are normally stored in the nfo! So somewhere (database?) it is persisted. But why is there no nfo-file in this special case? Reagrds
  10. bling26

    Metadata Savers Option

    Emby no longer reads metadata from a xml file? Only nfo files can be used now? This has changed sometime in the last month I think. If you go to Server Manager > Library > Metadata and locate Metadata Savers option, only nfo is available now? This is no good, where did the xml option go? The main reason I choose to go with xml is Media Center Master creates the metadata in xml. I like that because I can manipulate the synopsis for example: "Former cop Brian O'Conner is called upon to bust a dangerous criminal and he recruits the help of a former Miami street racer who has a chance to redeem himself. Parental Rating Summary: MPAA Rating: PG-13 Sex & Nudity: 12 Violence & Gore: 25 Profanity: 1 mouthed and 1 muffled F-word, 2 obscene hand gestures, 3 sexual terms, 38 scatological terms, 24 anatomical terms, 30 mild obscenities, 1 religious profanity, 1 religious exclamation Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 1 Frightening/Intense Scenes: 2" as opposed to the overlong: "Florida street racer Tej (Ludacris) is looking for a driver and calls Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) to a race. Brian is an ex-cop who has the hottest car now. He races against Suki (Devon Aoki), Orange Julius (Amaury Nolasco) and Slap Jack (Michael Ealy) and wins. The police arrive and give chase, capturing Brian. Agent Markham (James Remar) and... ON AND ON AND ON FILLING UP MY SCREEN" Can this be fixed or put back the way it used to be please? Please allow xml metadata files to be read or allow us to choose the type of synopsis is displayed.
  11. I would love to have a setting that forces Emby to write the actor thumbs with the Internet addresses where they are located and not also use some local ones into the nfo. Some thumbs show: <thumb>D:\MediaBrowser Data\Metadata\metadata\People\.....jpg</thumb> I would like all nfos to be like: <thumb>https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/........jpg</thumb> It seems to happen if you refresh something from the "front-end" and then this actor seems to be locked-in to that path. Having this setting would make the nfo more portable. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi, i've just noticed, that all my *.nfo files contain the local (windows c:\...) path's for the actor images. I had a mapping from the local path to the unc path, which worked fine for month if not years, but now i cant find the entire "Path substituion" menu anywhere in the Webgui. I do still have the "Enable path substitution" checkbutton under Library -> Nfo Settings. Was this removed when a custom unc-path (Shared network folder under a Folder-Path in the library) was added? The only Forum-Article about this i could fin is https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35508-path-substitution-setting-is-missing/&do=findComment&comment=334997 which basically just points to the Library-Setup-Wiki, which is not correct anymore... How can metadata still be substituted? Im i supposed to add this into Library -> Advanced -> "Metadata path"? There i seem to be unable to add a unc-path (after "Save" the circle icon appears and stays forever)... /hp Version beta
  13. When one has Emby configured to store data in NFO files adjacent to their associated videos, and you then designate certain metadata fields to be "Locked" a XML field of <lockedfields> is added to the NFO file, containing a "|" delimited list of the metadata fields to be locked from editing. In my prior experiments I found that if I added this field to an existing NFO file (ie, one that Emby has already added data to) then Emby would read the NFO and lock the corresponding fields. I mistakenly thought then that I could add this XML field to my externally generated NFO files as part of my migration from a different media management system (my custom-built one). My hope was that Emby would take in the data from my NFO, and then subsequently lock the appropriate fields from further editing. However, <lockedfields> is being completely ignored on import, resulting in no fields being locked (though the other data, such as Tags, is correctly imported). The following is an example of the NFO file data that I'm generating: <movie><sorttitle>Voice Behind the Mouse</sorttitle><plot>Leonard Maltin interviews Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, the voice of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They talk about the characteristics of Mickey and Minnie that they see in themselves. They compare how Mickey's voice changed over the years, even within Walt Disney's run of doing the voice. Allwine and Taylor consider how Walt would probably embrace new technologies of today. Allwine does most of the talking, sharing anecdotes and touching on a wide array of other subjects related to Disney animation. Taylor, his real life wife, recalls how she prepared for her Minnie audition. The feature includes some clips of "Runaway Brain", older shorts, "House of Mouse", and even the costumed Mickey Mouse at Disney's parks, as well. It's a great supplement - both very informative and entertaining.</plot><lockedfields>Overview|Tags</lockedfields><tag>Shorts</tag><tag>Disney</tag><tag>Mickey Mouse</tag><tag/></movie> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408316/ Please pardon the formatting -- it seemed best to present it exactly as I'm generating it from my other program. Thanks! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  14. From what I can tell currently videos within the "extras" folder do not get parsed automatically for online metadata, nor do any associated NFO files (from outside of Emby) get parsed. Following up on this post ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40262-why-are-dvd-extras-limited-to-a-single-directory/page-2&do=findComment&comment=377431 ) I thought I'd go ahead and make a request here (and reiterate some of what I posted in the above thread). I'd be interested in NFO support for Extras, both support for writing to NFO, but also for reading an pre-existing NFO on import, like is done for regular items and automatically adding any available online metadata. However, given that the way extras are currently presented (ie, such that you don't really see/view much of their details), I can understand why there currently is not much support for additional details (and thus no NFO file support). Edit: Also, images named the same as a given extras video are ignored. It would be nice if these were picked up as well, like they are in non-extras contexts. Edit: An additional clarification: By "automatic" I do not mean that a external lookup should be automatically performed for every file in the Extras directory, as that would likely be a nightmare of mismatches. Rather, I just mean that if there is an NFO file that goes with a video file, and the NFO file contains metadata (such as IMDB ID, etc.) then an automatic lookup using that data should be performed in order to grab the corresponding metadata for that Extra. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  15. I could swear I saw a post similar to this recently but now I can't find it.... I'm in the midst of transitioning my library of movies, etc. into Emby and so I'm doing a lot of testing with NFO files and how Emby reads them, etc. It would be really useful during this period if there were a way to tell Emby to Re-Read a given NFO file (and pull in any new or changed data). Currently I have to remove the folder, restart Emby and then re-add the folder to get Emby to re-read the file(s), which is a bit of a pain. However, I realize that what I'm desiring here is not something that one would use often (I will probably very seldom use it once I get everything transitioned), and is a potentially dangerous feature because a user could overwrite data within Emby with old data in the NFO if they're not careful (so clear language and warnings are probably a good idea). So I'd be fine with this being some sort of Advanced or Hidden setting or something. Or if there's already a way to do this I'd be grateful to know that.
  16. timwagg

    .Nfo's not being created

    Hi All! I've been looking through a number of the forum posts but can't seem to find a similar issues so thought I'd start a new thread. About 5 days ago, I noticed that new imports to my Emby library (TV Shows) aren't displaying their names correctly within Kodi. Normally episodes would display within Kodi as follows; Ep Number. Ep Name e.g. 01. Episode Name Whereas since the nfos have failed to write Kodi display the episodes as the file name title (which is renamed by Sonarr before being scanned into the Emby library); Ep Number. Series Name - SXXEXX - Ep Name e.g. 01. Family Guy - S15E01 - Episode Name I've checked my settings within Emby and it's set to write the nfo files on import. I've tried to refresh the whole lib and also gone into metadata manager to refresh each episode and the whole series, neither is forcing the nfo to write. I noticed that you can get Sonarr to write the nfos, however I set it up for Emby to do this to ensure they were compatible. All the naming conventions and the artwork is looked after my Sonarr before being passed into the directory on my NAS. I'm running all software on a Windows 10 PC and all the media is stored on a Synology NAS.Thanks in advance, and let me know if you need any logs/screenshots etc! Lastly, I do also have another question about getting Emby to scan for new content when it is added to the relevant folder on my NAS. I know Plex can do this by watching the folder but I can only see a timed option for Emby.
  17. Anyone has been having trouble with the Watched status lately? I noticed that my "Next Up" list is somehow frozen because when I watch something... it gets the checkmark in the poster, but the .nfo file of that media doesn't get updated, so Emby doesn't really recognizes that it has been seen, and keeps showing me Watched media in NextUp list. Manually removing the .nfo hasn't helped. Anyone?
  18. killwack

    prevent change of existing nfo files

    Hi. Currently I am using a MYSQL Database and several KODI Clients with different profies accessing my music and movie library on a local NAS. Since more than 10 years I am using XBMC, now KODI and all my library metadata and information is locally stored and mannaged in the appropriate nfo file of the movie, or tv show. This according to "Kodi standard rules", managed by my prefered, really great and simple Ember Media Manager tool used for years. Now I tried emby the first time as an mysql alternative on my NAS, but found out, that after an sucessfull scan with emby of all my ~2000 movies, that all my NFO files have been deleted and renamed to .info by emby after the scan has completed. This change and deletion brought me into big troubles, because I was unable to re-edit or change existing information in the "new" .info file afterwards. My manually placed information in some nfo files has been overwritten by emby, and I was unable to re-edit it because Ember Media Manager is currently not compatible with the .info file. I would assume, the .info used by emby is not 100% compliant to KODIs xlm format, used for their generated .nfo files. I had luck, because I have had a backup to be able to restore all local .nfo information of my library. EMby seems to be a great server, because the scan and artwork seems to be very "uncomplicated" compated to the effort needed in using a mysql based backend database for KODI. So I want to ask, if there is a way to prevent emby from changing my local .nfo file? I have found some settings on the web interface to change the location of the emby metadata or the emby database (tumbnail?) cache, but have not found any way to prevent emby from deleting my local nfo file and re-create a .info instead of it, afterwards. Any idea how I could force emby not to delete or change my existing nfo files stored in my media (movie) directory? I have nothing against, if emby stores the .info file additionally with the pre-existing nfo file in the same, or a different location within my movie directory. I would appreciate your help or any idea, how you have realised or managed your existing emby/KODI media library. BR, Rainer
  19. Hi. I've finally bitten the bullet to try and sort out my Futurama episodes into the correct DVD order. Easiest solution seemed to be nfo files, which is working except for the episode thumbnails. These still show the image from the air order episode. For example, S02E01 from TVDB is "A Flight To Remember", but the DVD order episode is "I Second That Emotion". With an nfo to override the scraped data, I get the correct title, but the wrong thumb. My nfo in this case is below. Please can you tell me what I need to do to get the correct thumbnail? Thanks. <episodedetails> <title>I Second That Emotion</title> <season>2</season> <episode>1</episode> <plot>Professor Farnsworth installs an empathy chip in Bender after the inconsiderate robot flushes Nibbler down the toilet. With his newfound emotions, a concerned Bender ventures into the mutant-infested sewers to rescue Leela's beloved pet.</plot> <thumb>http://thetvdb.com/banners/episodes/73871/131187.jpg</thumb> <playcount>0</playcount> <lastplayed></lastplayed> <mpaa>MPAA certification</mpaa> <displayseason>2</displayseason> <displayepisode>1</displayepisode> </episodedetails>
  20. gillmacca

    nfo editor

    In the original series of doctor who, I have a lot of episodes that are missing genres. Now I could manually go through them all and add the genres, but that would take a long time. I was wondering if anyone knows of an nfo editor that would allow me to bulk add the genres?
  21. Hi Was just looking at some NFO's and noticed that the TVMaze plugin is getting a little carried away adding entries to the NFO files for TVShow, Season and Episodes an example from "Eureka" TVShow.nfo ...... </episodeguide> <season>-1</season> <episode>-1</episode> <status>Ended</status> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> <tvmazeid>542</tvmazeid> </tvshow> I guess its every time a scan/refresh is done another one is added? My assumption is this is the plugin doing this? I hope the solution will remove the extra entries rather than just stop the extras
  22. Hello, First of all I would like to thank the Emby team for a fantastic product. Swapped over from Plex a few months back and haven't looked back since. In my setup I'm only having a single problem so far. All of my metadata is managed by a thirdparty tool and emby only has read-access to the NFO files to import the data. This works great except that it seems unable to import the <displayseason> and <displayepisode> entries from the files. For example the following NFO file for a special episode: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <episodedetails> ... <runtime>26</runtime> <aired>2012-09-13</aired> <rating>8.5</rating> <votes>2</votes> <season>0</season> <episode>1</episode> <displayseason>1</displayseason> <displayepisode>4096</displayepisode> ... </episodedetails> It should be available under specials and after season 1 but it is only visible under specials. Also if I check the Metadata Manager the Airs after season field is blank under the Special Episode Info section. I have tried adding the information manually in the Metadata Manager and this works perfectly. But for some reason it doesn't seem to want to import the information from the NFOs. Most grateful for any help in this matter. Thank you!
  23. Hey all. So I've been having this issue for quite a while now and it's happening over multiple apps. The server doesn't remember watched episodes. This happens on the web, Roku and Emby for Kodi. I've researched this and tried multiple fixes I've found in the forums to no avail. Their are 2 users accessing the account. The NFO is set to my name in the metadata settings and the NFO is checked under the services tab for Series, Seasons and Episodes. I will go through and mark episodes as watched (I've done this on every platform to see if one would work and none did), then after watching an episode and going back to the main screen random episodes will come back as unwatched, sometimes the entire season shows back up. Here's the logs from 07/06, any and all help is appreciated! https://paste2.org/GU8x1M2Z
  24. In a nfo for series specials one can define where the episode should show up: http://kodi.wiki/view/NFO_files/TV_episodes <displayseason>1</displayseason> <displayepisode>9</displayepisode> Emby doesn't import this special episode info. Airs before and airs after just keeps empty in the metadata manager.
  25. I'm loving emby, but.... I had a nice clean directory with just video files. Easy to view/read raw or with multiple viewers, clients and servers. Now I have a clutter of extra supporting files that fill up the directory with -thumb, -poster, .nfo files. I understand the need for them, but is there way to create a sub-directory called "emby" and have all the supporting files live there? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Akak
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