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  1. I currently have my Emby media stored across multiple drives. When initially setting up Emby I read here on the forums that is preferable to have direct file paths set and then use the path substitution feature, I think it was to allow for direct playback. All is working well this way but now I need to replace the hard drives, I would like to do this with fewer, larger capacity drives which means some of the media cannot be in the same location as it was before. Is there any way to change the file paths of certain media folders but retain all of the downloaded meta data for those files. For example on Plex this was achieved by adding the new file paths while keeping the old ones, forcing a re-scan whereby it would match the old metadata to the new file locations, then removing the old, now obsolete, file paths. I believe if I had my metadata stored as NFO files in the media folders this would be possible? However I do not do this as I prefer to keep my metadata on the solid state boot drive for better performance as the media drives are not constantly spinning (the server auto sleeps). Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
  2. I remember I could edit a movie's last played date to anything i like, but I can't seem to find that option anymore. Has it been removed? Or is it because I use .xml instead of .nfo for my metadata?
  3. CBers

    Change from XML to NFO

    As it seems that XML support is dying out in Emby, what is the best way to change over to NFO support ?? Do I change the METADATA settings to use NFO, stop EMBY, delete all XML files, start EMBY and run a LIBRARY scan ?? Thanks.
  4. plessers@gmail.com

    emby doesn't get music album art anymore

    Hello, For my movies, I always have a *.nfo file in the movie directory, so I changed my emby setting to This works really great for movies, but I noticed that for my recently added music, there is no album art anymore. Has this something to do with it? All my *.mp3's have album art embedded, so I would like to see this album art appearing in emby? How can this be done? kind regards, Bart
  5. Hello, Comming from PLEX, I'm testing emby now. It's quit impressive, but I have some questions. My movie library is organized in folders per movie. Each folder contains a *.nfo file, containing relevant information. My metadata agent is configured as follows: Server -> Metadata -> Metadata readers -> 1. Nfo 2. Emby Xml (see also attachment) For testing purposes, I added some custom text in the nfo before creating a new library: However, after a scan, the custom metadata does NOT appear on my movie The *.nfo has the same name as the movie *.mkv Do I something wrong? Kind regards, Bart
  6. I'm running into an issue scanning my library. I typically scrap my data with Media Center Master...with the following formats checked. I'm attaching file examples. hmm odd that i can't upload NFO files. server-63580784722.txt 03X05 - The Usurper.xml 03X05 - The Usurper.zip
  7. Hi there. I am running emby server on my mac. Using kodi as a client (I cannot play files via the emby Web app at all). Episodes get updated as having been watched correctly, however the progress is not being stored. I get no option to resume playback. The file simply resets watch status to "unwatched" (I assume so because the plot gets hidden to prevent spoilers again.) and the episode starts again from the beginning. Where should I begin to diagnose this? Stats: Mac mini: OS X 10.7.2 Emby Server version 3.0.5724.4 Kodi version: 15.2RC1 Git:2015-08-28-59716ca DB Version(in logs and dashboard): 1.1.39 Play method: "direct stream" Kodi does report its current status and play duration to the dashboard. The nfo file for that episode in particular does not appear to contain any watched indicator nor progress information. If I watch the file to near completion, then hit stop - kodi treats it as watched however if I then edit the nfo there isn't even a watched status tag in the xml. There are so many logs to go through which I will gladly do of you can tell me what I should be looking for.
  8. Hi, Some movies have troubles identifying, I assume cause the .nfo file is in wrong format. You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix2dos In metadata manager you see the whole .nfo file in the IMDb Id: field. So basically everything is in one line with lots of ascii art symbols/characters not properly recognized as ���
  9. PhillyFanInDetroit

    Total Server Metadata Wipe?? Anyone?

    So, after using MediaBrowser/Emby for the last three years (guys - great job and top notch - if I had more extra money in the wallet, you'd have it) it would seem that my Movie, TV Series and Music metadata for some reason just won't update or has had more than enough errors to cause the server updates to proceed slower than an act of congress... Okay, all kidding aside... is there a function that I can completely wipe all of the Metadata and have Emby server completely re-download and reorganize all metadata in the shared drives? Another question... is there a function in the metadata manager that can rename files in the folders as well? Just curious - when I torrent TV episodes - the naming convention is enough to give me a headache, I'd like to keep things in the same naming format so looking through the folders is easy enough.
  10. When I go into a movie's edit page and click to browse images or click the cloud button for any given image type, the window loads with all of the options, but it never actually loads the images to preview. I've sat with the window open for a good while. This is using Windows 8.1 up to date with the most recent IE. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm currently using Emby 3.0.5582.4 running on Windows 8.1. I guess there is a problem with reading information from nfo file in metadata manager. - plot is read from nfo and stored in metadata Manager - that's fine - tag <type> ("Treat Image as:") is ignored, but written when I save it via metadata manager. After scann of library all cover arts are showing h264 instead of DVD / BD. This worked in a version before 3.0.5571. Below you find an example of nfo file. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <movie> <plot>Amerikas stärkste Geheimwaffe gegen das Verbrechen ist wieder im Einsatz: Sensationelle Actionszenen und unschlagbarer Humor – Vollgas mit Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu und dem “gefallenen Engel” Demi Moore – wieder unter der Regie von McG! Ob als Bullen reitende Cowgirls, Motocross-Rennfahrerinnen oder ultra-sexy Showtänzerinnen – die Martial Arts-erprobten Verwandlungskünstlerinnen begeben sich auf Charlies Anweisung hin in höchst brenzlige Situationen. Diesmal macht sich das Team auf die Suche nach zwei gestohlenen Titan-Ringen, die verschlüsselte Informationen über die Identitäten sämtlicher Personen des Zeugenschutzprogramms der U.S.- Regierung tragen. Als die ersten Zeugen tot aufgefunden werden, kann nur das todesmutige Power-Trio den Täter aufhalten. Doch dann holt sie ein Stück dunkelster Vergangenheit ein.</plot> <outline/> <customrating/> <lockdata>false</lockdata> <type>DVD</type> <dateadded>2011-09-22 13:02:07</dateadded> <title>3 Engel für Charlie - Volle Power</title> <originaltitle>Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle</originaltitle> <director>McG</director> <trailer>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDbguY8lE-0</trailer> <rating>4.8</rating> <year>2003</year> <sorttitle>3 engel für charlie - volle power</sorttitle> <mpaa>DE-16</mpaa> <aspectratio>2.355:1</aspectratio> <website></website> <rottentomatoesid/> <collectionnumber>86029</collectionnumber> <imdbid>tt0305357</imdbid> <tmdbid>9471</tmdbid> <premiered>2003-06-27</premiered> <releasedate>2003-06-27</releasedate> <criticrating/> <criticratingsummary>Eye candy for those who don't require a movie to have a plot or for it to make sense.</criticratingsummary> <votes>93201</votes> <budget>120000000</budget> <revenue>259175788</revenue> <metascore>48</metascore> <runtime>94</runtime> <country>US</country> <genre>Action</genre> <genre>Abenteuer</genre> <genre>Komödie</genre> <genre>Krimi</genre> <studio>Columbia Pictures Corporation</studio> <studio>Flower Films (II)</studio> <studio>Tall Trees Productions</studio> <studio>Wonderland Sound and Vision</studio> <tag>secret identity</tag> <tag>raub</tag> <tag>secret agent</tag> <plotkeyword>secret identity</plotkeyword> <plotkeyword>raub</plotkeyword> <plotkeyword>secret agent</plotkeyword> <awardsummary>8 wins & 14 nominations.</awardsummary> <art> <poster>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\folder.jpg</poster> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop1.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop2.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop3.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop4.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop5.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop6.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop7.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop8.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop9.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\backdrop10.jpg</fanart> <fanart>\\kino\filme\#-9\3 Engel für Charlie Reihe [boxset]\3 Engel für Charlie\fanart.jpg</fanart> </art> <isuserfavorite>false</isuserfavorite> <userrating/> <playcount>1</playcount> <watched>true</watched> <lastplayed/> <resume> <position>0</position> <total>5665.003</total> </resume> <tagline/> <actor> <name>Cameron Diaz</name> <role>Natalie Cook</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/ahFkUN9Sm8oF1txUHE5JcJ95Ere.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Drew Barrymore</name> <role>Dylan Sanders</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/y8GKPHsBXVGIGBdDzdNxjm0IbKF.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Lucy Liu</name> <role>Alex Munday</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/cOSycUPBNi49YcPHo4Rf7ROHqCC.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Bernie Mac</name> <role>Jimmy Bosley</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/3qIk1hVV82kcZSEffbuUHpMQBCq.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Robert Patrick</name> <role>Ray Carter</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/dpUIbzLpExv69faSRyww8A4ydxf.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Demi Moore</name> <role>Madison Lee</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/eLNoOYnxvhpV0BMSkNNnyyo5In7.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>John Cleese</name> <role>Mr. Munday</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/iGFWzoHz4ruCSfeEY54CRdMnFJ8.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Matt LeBlanc</name> <role>Jason</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/35sPf8IBVl54vdmc9Tyv17otMnk.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Luke Wilson</name> <role>Pete</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/n7CRA7h1z3FVOzBJ5EjfSrPQbvl.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Shia LaBeouf</name> <role>Max</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/anP0tygzniIok6L3OxcSZ9TYCF3.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Bruce Willis</name> <role>William Rose Bailey</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/kI1OluWhLJk3pnR19VjOfABpnTY.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Ashley Olsen</name> <role>Future Ange</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/gIZBBtO7IGV1wxgFNCzuo7ZakwO.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Mary-Kate Olsen</name> <role>Future Ange</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/fxTJRxHrNyZVrWZWQZOTXJnGwDY.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Pink</name> <role>Coal Bowl Starter</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/A4tOzacgaBltm522XYxLodG3ImX.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Crispin Glover</name> <role>Thin Man</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/thA5rOv5XE1oFpxD9DSp0tDrIIR.jpg</thumb> </actor> <actor> <name>Justin Theroux</name> <role>Seamus O'Grady</role> <type>Actor</type> <thumb>http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w185/3Ed13zSHQlJW1sMGugtOZW1My74.jpg</thumb> </actor> <id>tt0305357</id> <set>3 Engel für Charlie Filmreihe</set> <fileinfo> <streamdetails> <video> <codec>h264</codec> <micodec>h264</micodec> <bitrate>2261005</bitrate> <width>720</width> <height>432</height> <aspect>2.35:1</aspect> <aspectratio>2.35:1</aspectratio> <framerate>25</framerate> <language>und</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <default>true</default> <forced>false</forced> <duration>94</duration> <durationinseconds>5665</durationinseconds> <format3d/> </video> <audio> <codec>ac3</codec> <micodec>ac3</micodec> <bitrate>448000</bitrate> <language>deu</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <channels>6</channels> <samplingrate>48000</samplingrate> <default>true</default> <forced>False</forced> </audio> <audio> <codec>aac</codec> <micodec>aac</micodec> <bitrate>159990</bitrate> <language>deu</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <channels>2</channels> <samplingrate>48000</samplingrate> <default>false</default> <forced>False</forced> </audio> <subtitle> <codec>mov_text</codec> <micodec>mov_text</micodec> <bitrate/> <language>und</language> <scantype>progressive</scantype> <default>false</default> <forced>false</forced> </subtitle> </streamdetails> </fileinfo> <thumb/> </movie>
  12. Hi everyone... Has there been any MB changes related .nfo files lately? I don't have MB set to download my .nfo files (I don't have "Nfo" checked under Metadata/Services/Metadata savers:) as I get them from nfofactory.com and have different devices streaming from different locations and don't want static entries created by media browser in my .nfo files or to have them overwritten. I've been doing it this way about a year now. However, over the last few days I'm noticing that MB has been overwriting my manually downloaded .nfo files and I'm about 99% sure I haven't made any changes in the MB config for at least several weeks or a month. Some of my original .nfo files have been unaltered from nfofactory.com and others have been overwritten by MB and now have static entries pointing to the poster art, fan art, etc... on the USB drive media browser points to for it's library. ** Example ** (sorry if this gets confusing ): 1) I own a DROBO 5N (NAS) and a DROBO 3 (USB 3.0) enclosure. 2) MB streams from the DROBO 3 (remotely) using a Roku, Web, etc... 3) I use a D-Link Boxee for streaming from the DROBO 5N on my main TV at home (locally). 4) MB is installed on Windows (Version 3.0.5490.2) and pointed to the DROBO 3 (USB 3.0) for my library. Ok, so... I noticed issues when: 5) My primary data is on my DROBO 3 (USB 3.0) where MB points to and it backs up nightly to my DROBO 5N (NAS). 6) Now, when I browse movies on my D-Link Boxee the poster art has begun not showing up (because the nfofactory.com .nfo file has been replaced with the .nfo file from MB and it points to the incorrect location for the poster art, etc...). So, *deep breath*... I very well may have something configured incorrectly and maybe a recent update has affected it? ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated at this point as I'd rather not re-download 800+ .nfo files from nfofactory.com I'm also completely open if there is a better way of doing this? Thanks so much guys! If you need anymore information I'll be glad to post it.. ~Shane
  13. TonkaTuff

    Disable Kodi metadata

    Hi guys. Can someone please point me to the location to disable Kodi metadata? On the Kodi tab under Metadata the narrative includes the statement: "To enable or disable Kodi metadata, use the Advanced tab to configure options for your media types." However, I can't find any relevent settings under Library > Advanced or under the top-level Advanced section. Thanks for your help.
  14. Tolotos

    Collections don't work

    Hello, I'm new to MediaBrowser and added my XBMC library (movies and *.nfo) into MediaBrowser. Unfortunately my collections which are working in XBMC are not shown. Must I configure MB to use the XBMC tags for collections? Yours Rüdiger
  15. I want to scorch the earth with all XBMC media knowledge and import the info from Media Browser. I only use XBMC for Pseudo tv in the living room. I use Media Browser everywhere else, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my xml/nfo data exported from Media Browser and import it into XBMC. I can find the opposite instructions, but even when I remove my movies from XBMC and clean the library, every time I add the movies folder back and set the scraper to scan locally it always re imports my old XBMC metadata. I have options set in the Media Browser web ui to save metadata as an xml and nfo, but it doesn't appear to have a manual back up mode, and I can not locate any nfo files (hidden files shown) from either XBMC, or Media Browser within the movie folders themselves. In a nut shell I want to erase my XBMC metadata from my movie collection and replace it with the metadata from Media Browser and continue to use Media Browser to look up and save the metadata in the future in XBMC. I apologize if this has been explained multiple times. Asking Google the right question on this has been difficult. And thank you for any and all help!
  16. Hi All, I store my album overview inside each mp3 file in the 'Comment' ID3 tag, so that should anything happen to my metadata, the metadata can easily be recovered from the ID3 tags themselves. I was just curious if it would be possible for MediaBrowser to read the 'Comment' field and use this to populate the 'Overview' field?
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