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  1. Baumingo

    Emby on my old WD Mybook?

    Hi guys! So I bought my WD Drive years ago and it has been collecting dust for the last year or so. I want to make use of it now as a media server but I find the WD app as well as plex not really fitting(with Plex it is mostly the premium fees I want to avoid). Emby would be great for that an I wanted to know if someone knows how I get that running on my WdMybook live Any ideas how that could work or is there a better way? Would greatly appreciate any help! My Drive is a MyBook Live from WD
  2. I reinstalled Emby on my WD PR2100 with the latest beta version ( after trying to find the Emby Guide data for live tv. Prior to installing the beta version, I still could not get any channel to play. I am using an HDHomeRun tuner with the premium tv package. I also have an m3u tuner. I set up the guide providers and refreshed the guide data. I am still now able to view any channel. All I get is the endless spinning wheel. One other fact that may be important is I just added a second router behind a Uverse router. All my devices are now connected to the second router and ev
  3. ztheoz

    Hardware acceleration and Qnap

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a nas from Qnap (model ts-253BE), but I wanted to know if hardware acceleration is supported by the app. I've read an old thread where users said that it wasn't supported yet, so I was wondering it is now. Also, is the hardware acceleration working with h265 codec, or just h264? Thanks a lot !
  4. Hi Guys and Gals I'm looking into Emby at the moment, I have bought a premium month to test it out. I do very much like the speed of the UI, and the design of it is mostly good. The recognizing of I have a few issues with HW transcoding. Does it work at all? The NAS I'm running it on is a TS-853A, it uses an Intel® Celeron® quad-core 1.6GHz. I can see that it's recommended to use VAApi, but I don't see any help CPU wise in that, it goes straight to 100% CPU utilization when just doing playback. This makes it unusable for me, as the NAS has quite a few other jobs (Virtualization
  5. perry59

    basic networking question

    I've been using emby since before it was emby, always been happy with it. I just run the server and client off my desktop computer and watch movies there. I'm finally ready to move into the current century. I want my server to be always on and be able to stream movies the to roku on my tv, or to tablets etc. To this end the system I have in mind is purchasing a NAS and moving my library to it, then purchasing a NUC and putting emby on it (and J River MC). The NAS will be hardwired to my router and send files wirelessly to the NUC, the NUC will then send the movie to the roku and/or tablets
  6. I've got Emby running in a jailed environment on a XigmaNAS environment with Realtime Library Monitoring enabled and it does not seem to be recognizing any additions. I've got to go to scheduled tasks to trigger it, or wait for the daily / cron to run. If I go on the machine locally and do something it might recognize it, but if I drop the file in the directory via samba connection it does not recognize any changes. Is there another way to trigger the library scan without being logged into the admin area? Like if I want to set it up so someone can drop content into one of the libra
  7. Hi guys, I have all my Videos and so on stored at a NAS (which cannt be used as Emby-server), therefore i thought about a workaround with a windows machine as an emby-server in front of the nas (which uses an smb-release to acces my media). Kodi on my shieldtv works great with that smb-path. how are my chances to get this done? Is anybody out there, that uses a similar solution? i´d be glad for every stone of contention
  8. A quick question - would there be any possibility for an Emby server plug-in for the Western Digital My Cloud series of NAS boxes? I have a MyCloud Mirror (Gen 1) which currently supports my Kodi MySQL database (and the media itself) and am seeing some good things about Emby. So I was wondering if there was any possibility/plan for that NAS series, or would it need something of greater power? If there is a better place to ask this question, please move the thread (new here so still finding my way around).
  9. Hi, I just uploaded to my emby server some isos of my DVDs, they are identified in the gallery, but when i click on play, nothing shows up. I'm using the latest version of emby server with all the default emby plugins (so far...) on a synology NAS. Can anyone help Cheers
  10. I've always run my MB Server on a Windows 7/8 machine and had a separate unRAID NAS for my media. I would like to build a setup for my parents in a single box that they would be able to move from their summer cottage to their winter condo. I'm wondering what the best way would be to do this, specifically with the OS. The hardware I had priced out was this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fzBgzy Obviously that SanDisk and unRAID can be knocked off the bottom. What would you guys recommend for what I'm trying to do here? What reliable/low-maint OS for the storage pool (expandable to th
  11. Hi all I haven't been on the forums for a very long time and am back for a query. Since Media Browser and the rebranding to Emby I have seen Emby transform into a masterpiece and am very thankful for the teams that have put in the effort and time into this nifty set of software and different packages out there to suit peoples desires in terms of being compatible between Operating Systems and devices. This will most undoubtedly be mentioned throughout the forums but I just somewhat do not know what to search when it comes to this. I have looked among the different options for the NAS Ser
  12. I'm running Emby server on Synology DS418play with 6GB of RAM (emby server running on mono) The NAS is pretty much stock, I only installed emby server on it. I bought a HDHomerun Quatro few weeks ago. I'm experiencing burst of big glitches in the recordings. At first, I thought the Quatro was defective, so I contacted Silicondust support. They requested that I activate the debug feature in the Quatro. They told me that they see burst of packet loss. It can be fine for several minutes, then a burst of packet loss on a short period and fine again for several minutes. It's worst w
  13. Hello all, Im runnig the following config: QNAP: TS-853A Hardware:CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3160 @ 1.60Ghz RAM: 8 GB Software:Firmware version: Build 20180215 Emby Server: ffmpeg: 3.4.2 Mono: 5.11.0 The Problems im having: Remote not accesebol/working as show below, cant forward, cant see anny details and cant go back If I want to play a hole album it will only play one song most of the time, I cant see the play list Emby is not cutting gables files and if they are cut in seperates there will be a break betwean them. Tanks in advance, Greatings,
  14. Hello to all, is it possible to install Emby server on the Nas Zyxel NSA 326? If you can not be in progress an app that will allow it? Thank you Hello to all, is it possible to install Emby server on the Nas Zyxel NSA 326? If you can not be in progress an app that will allow it? Thank you
  15. Ciao a tutti, e' possibile installare Emby server sul Nas Zyxel NSA 326? Se non si puo' sara in progretto un app che lo permettera'? Grazie
  16. LiquidAurum

    Can't decide which NAS to buy

    Hi Guys. I'm hoping to buy a NAS to house all my media. The only issue is that I'm still new to storage, so I've been trying to research. I've narrowed it down to Synology and QNAP as those seem to have a direct package to download and setup. Which of the two brands do you recommend? Which model would be the best? I don't want something that breaks the bank. I've been looking at the QNAP TS-451, and haven't been able to pin down one for synology. Thanks
  17. Hello all, I am about to transfer all my media to a dedicated QNAP NAS and run Emby Server on that as well. I currently run my EMBY Server on my windows machine. I am just wondering how I would go about ensuring that all the watched, partially watched episodes etc are copied and displayed correctly in the QNAP NAS? Is it as simple as copying my entire Television folder onto the NAS, and therefore all the watched etc flags are there? Or do I have to do something special? Basically I am wanting to transfer or Migrate all my media and the server functionality to the NAS, but want all hist
  18. I'm running Emby server with two NAS devices. The older one, a Buffalo linkstation NAS is no longer sharing anything but media titles and some metadata with Emby. The videos won't play and none of the graphics are visible. The NAS is working fine - I can stream videos from it using other media browsers, but Emby just can't see anything regardless of what device I try to stream on. Does anybody have any idea what's going on or how I might fix it?
  19. kryptonking

    Looking for advice on simple setup

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice on the best approach to building a setup for my parents. I'd like to keep it as simple as possible so that it's very straightforward for them, and also so I'm not getting troubleshooting phone calls every time they want to watch something. Here's what I was thinking: - Emby server running on a NAS - Emby client on Roku - all video is max 1080p with x264 codec - FLAC audio? AAC? AC3? I'd like to have the best quality audio while keeping transcoding to a minimum (or none if possible) so they'll need a format that the client can decode
  20. Dear all, Let me introduce my context and then ask you what can be done with Emby: 1) My context: Kodi (17.4 Krypton with Misfit Mod AM Smooth Build) installed on: Windows10 Desktop, FireTV Stick, H96 Android tv dongle Synology NAS currently empty (no multimedia content). I have installed Emby. 2) What I would like to do: When updating the current Kodi Build I am using, when removing the current Build and uploading a new Build, when adding new addons on the Kodi installed on my desktop, then I would like to have all other devices updated at the same time. Let me know if I can
  21. Dear Community Experts, I am a newbie and I like Emby a lot. I have Synology DS415+. Since installing Emby, Synology unit is messed up with hibernation - basically, the unit wakes every 30min / 1hr when there is no need for it. When I uninstall Emby, NAS goes into hibernation very nicely. It does look like the Emby server in NAS is impacting hibernation. I tried to adjust 'scheduled tasks' even to once/week (e.g., media indexing, media scan, etc), however this does not. I would be grateful if experts in the community have solution to fix this issue. Thanks so much.
  22. Hi, First things first I am using emby server on a windows 10 machine and media is played through 2 Roku's via WiFi and PlayStation 4 & Xbox One via Ethernet. I use a discrete modem and router setup in my network. I store my media on 2 WD Cloud NAS that are connected via Ethernet & I store media on the server PC. I cannot play any media on any device through emby. The server is accessible from all of the above mentioned devices. When I try to play media from the Roku for example the loading screen comes up the progress bar moves about a quarter of the way and just fre
  23. Long-ish question, *hopefully* easy answer: I recently upgraded from several external hard drives to a QNAP NAS. After testing the QNAP Emby app server performance, I preferred the old Windows-based server overall and thus the new QNAP is purely operating as the NAS, not the server (hence this forum). That being said... Similar to a question I had awhile back here, after changing my library media folders to the new NAS folders, I am again having difficulty saving metadata into local media folders (rather than in a generic "metadata" folder in the server files). When I add new content, the
  24. rptpeeters

    Video-afbeeldingen op tv niet zichtbaar

    Na een herinstallatie van Emby (v. 3.0.5985.0) op mijn QNAP Nas worden de videofiles niet meer als afbeelding weergegeven (voorheen dus wel) op mijn (LG smart) TV. Onder de instelling 'Metagevens' staat aangevinkt dat afbeeldingen gedownload en opgeslagen moeten worden ( dat werkt). Onder op de optie diensten (Metagegevens) staat aangevinkt dat de afbeeldingen moeten worden opgehaald: 'primair', 'logo' en 'miniatuur' Onder DLNA settings heb ik onder het profiel van mijn LG smart-tv aangevinkt dat 'album hoezen' moeten worden ingesloten. Waarom worden de afbeelding niet weergegeven? Wat
  25. Right now I have Emby running on a NAS which was perfect for me at the beginning. It has plenty of storage and is always on. The downside is that it can only transcode 1 stream reliably, so if multiple people are watching remotely it can't keep up. I am looking for a box that will just be running the Emby server and has enough CPU to do multiple transcode streams (probably will use an SSD for transcode cache). I will still use the NAS for storage. I don't need any video card or anything along those lines (unless it is more cost effective to get one and utilize it for encoding, but I think
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