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Found 6 results

  1. I have recently been trying to setup a Pro Wrestling library in Emby. Before I started setting things up, I did some forum research to see the best library type for this purpose and this thread (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/68025-folder-structure-being-recognized-as-series/) indicated either a Mixed Content library or Home Video library would likely be the best. I opted for the Mixed Content type. By its nature, Pro Wrestling is generally a mix of three content types: Weekly episodic TV series, each spread across multiple years of "seasons" (e.g. WWE Raw, WCW Nitro, et
  2. This maybe a bug or just the underlying behavior to get multi-versions to work in Emby. According the Emby Wiki you can name the movies files with the following naming convention Multiple versions of the same content can be stored in a single movie folder. /Movies /300 (2006) /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - 1080p.mkv /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - 1080p-trailer.mp4 /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - 4K.mkv /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - 720p.mp4 /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - extended edition.mp4 /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - directors cut.mp4 /300 (2006)/300 (2006) - 3D.hsbs.mp4 Each version must begin with th
  3. easez88

    Help with folder structure

    Hello I have a movie in dvd format that is split in two discs. I'm not sure what the folder structure should be so Emby does not see it as two films but one. From the wiki I gather that I can do something like: Movie/movie-dvd1.mkv movie-dvd2.mkv I also see that I can do: Movie/VIDEO_TS/My question is, how do I combine these two naming conventions so Emby shows the movie once with two discs instead of duplicating the movie? Currently I have it setup as: Movie/Movie-dvd1/VIDEO_TS/ Movie-dvd2/VIDEO_TS/
  4. Hi, can anyone say whether TV episode numbering is case sensitive please? I've recently switched from OS X and Plex to Windows 10 and Emby (such a relief!) but all my current TV episodes are named in the following way: Show - s01e01 - Name of 1st Episode Show - s01e02 - Name of 2nd Episode ...etc. I've named them this way for trivial reasons I guess; that being I prefer how the lowercase 's' and 'e' look for season and episode, over the uppercase 'S' and 'E'. I've read the official wiki which explains how to go about naming TV shows and the only example of this way of naming shows t
  5. I need help understanding filename conventions as applied to blu-ray ISOs. I'm referencing the guidelines, but Emby isn't behaving as I expect. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming For example: Mad Max: Fury Road. My set has both 2D and 3D discs. I think the names should be: "Mad Max - Fury Road (2015) - 3D.bluray.iso" "Mad Max - Fury Road (2015) - bluray.iso" I've got the hyphen to indicate two versions, the bluray to say it's a blu-ray and not DVD, and 3D for that version. For this case, I get only the 3D version in Emby Theater, but it's not labeled
  6. I can't get MB3 to recognize the Planet earth series from 2006. There is no identify feature for TV series. What do I do. Here is what I did... .../TV Series/Planet Earth/01 Episode Pole to Pole.mp4
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