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  1. IMO this would greatly improve the music library. I already have all metadata properly tagged with musicbrainz picard and unfortunately my emby library is nowhere near as cleanly presented as Kodi/Subsonic libraries. Currently - I have tons of one-off featured artists that have little to no presence in the music industry showing up under the album artists/artists headings within the music section. this is the only thing that stops me from using the emby music library at the moment. thank you for considering.
  2. EduardoSantos


    Is Emby supposed to grab images from theaudiodb? It does not show their images when I open the artist, choose "Edit images" and search for cover or background images. Is there a configuration? Thanks in advance
  3. SmplyUnprdctble

    Music track listing out of order

    Navigation: Roku App > Music > <pick an album> I noticed this a bit back (e.g. on the previous release app), and hadn't dug deeper until recently because I thought it may have been something odd in my tags. But, I finally looked and I'm not certain what's going on. The track order of tracks on an album in the Roku app (both release and beta) is out of order. I have validated the following: My MP3s are in the folder structure and named <Artist>/<Album>/<track#> - track title.mp3 My MP3s have tags for track, among the other metadata Emby Web produces the track listing in the correct order If I take a random album (Newsies), Roku is displaying the tracks in this order: 7, 13, 14, 8, 5, 10, 15 <etc>. Another random album (Clay Walker / Rumor Has It), Roku is displaying tracks in this order: 6, 2, 8, 5, 1, 3, 10, 7, 4, 9. It IS enumerating the tracks in the Roku display (just not correct track number next to the title). The sort order in Roku doesn't appear to be track order (with or without leading 0s), title, length, or any other metadata available that I can ascertain. Emby Server: (Linux) Roku App Beta: 3.0.118 Roku App Release: 3.0.111
  4. even this is not something you typically see in music apps i would find this pretty useful to have visual feedback on what albums or tracks i've already listened to maybe i'm not alone
  5. EduardoSantos

    Music artist runtime

    Is there any means as to Emby update the <runtime> on the music artist's metadata. Some have no runtime defined. Others have runtime defined but adding a new music album seems to add no time to the runtime. Thanks
  6. Hi, The music sync performance never has been the best of the world, but it wasn't bad. It's sadly to say that since the last version the performance is horrible. Sorry devs, but I had to say it. I love Emby, but the main reasons to migrate my Plex Server was the music sync. I have to clarify that Plex Server is a fucking nightmare with offline music and Emby is the better option to do this actually. So, I have a list with the main problems with offline music: Not real sync. When Android App die and start again, songs download several times and is necessary to use third party software to clean duplicate files to save storage. When you try to sync playlist or collection with so many songs (500 or more is enough to start the party xD), server and client (android app) goes crazy/slow. Many times, sync process is blocked by a single song. My workaround is edit sync object, delete the blocked song and wait server refresh that song again to include in sync object. After this, sync process start again in some moment, not immediately. I have to clarify that my devices (server and phone) are very powerful: Phone: OnePlus6 (8GB RAM, 8 cores, 128GB internal storage) Server:Dedicated server (bare-metal) in professional hosting. Debian 9 Intel® Xeon® CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz 16GB RAM Emby is running using Docker (18.06.1~ce~3-0~debian) Attaching my personal sync objects. As always, thank for your support.
  7. Nic0wyN

    Halloween Theme

    Hi, how to remove the halloween theme, try to change config, in display preference on Emby server, no change on emby app. (have desactivate all option in relation seasonal theme, not working) And can't find the menu in Emby app (disappear when i have change the grid) (Didn't like the theme cause theme music continues playing even after the beginning of the video, must wait for the end of the music .... ) Can you help me ? (sorry for my english, french here )
  8. SmplyUnprdctble

    Albums by Letter shows Artists by Letter?

    Roku App: 3.0.111 Server: / Linux Roku Navigation: Emby >> Music >> By Letter The title says "Albums by Letter" However, what's displayed is Album Artists by letter. Is this intended? I was anticipating scrolling through my music to get to a specific album, similar to "Movies by Letter", but at the same time, I can see why the idea of Album Artists would be the default screen. I'm just confused from the wording. Also, the aforementioned album is under "Various Artists" (I need to reorganize some of my stuff because that became too much of a catch-some), however, since "Various Artists" has 77 albums, I don't get the full list -- I get the first 25 (this is partly my fault, but I can see some Album Artists having more than 25 albums in my collection soon). Is there any thought of supporting >25 albums for an artist, or should I start finding a way to separate out artists?
  9. When playing a multi-disc album and the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) disc has a different image (in the file), the image of the first disc is still shown when playing. All files are tagged correctly and in the same folder so these show up as multidisc albums on the server. Can this be fixed, please?
  10. bored

    Music Playlist

    I've made a few music playlists, but I don't see a "playlist" option in either the main menu or in the music menu... where can I find it?
  11. Hi! I have some collections (just music) with two different kind of objects, in this case just "Artists" and "Albums". When sync (Android) those objects one by one the sync works great, but if I try sync the collection object don't work properly. Sometimes say "failed" or another times stay in "transfering" state forever. Sync music collections is officially supported? My emby server version: beta Thx a lot!
  12. EduardoSantos

    MP3 track with embedded cover

    This is kind of weird... This MP3 track is being detected with wrong time signature by Emby. When Emby plays it will stop streaming it just 3 seconds after begining. If I remove the cover image using MP3Tag, Emby scans ok and plays ok. If I insert the image back using MP3Tag, Emby scans it wrongfully again. Every other player I tested (e.g.: VLC and Groove) plays the track ok with or without the embedded image. Shall I provide the track? Server logs?
  13. Some music albums have no gap between tracks. Some of them are live recordings and have clapping sounds, on others the music really does not stop playing though the track changes. Emby will currently play these with a silent gap between the tracks. I understand the next track is being read and then the casting starts. I would like it very much to have no silence between the tracks. It would be a real improvement on the listening experience. Also, and maybe as a bonus, Spotify and Windows Media Player have a crossfade option that allows to configure from 1 up to 10 seconds the next track would start before the current playing ends. That would also be a very good Emby feature.
  14. Gents, is there a possibility to display the album image from the music file if this is present, instead of defaulting directly to the folder image? I have a lot of music that are from compilation albums and have thrown these in one large music folder without any further structure nor do I want Emby to index that properly. In other words, it's a mix tape but a very long one. Since Emby does try to scrape metadata for albums anyway, the tracks are displayed with surprisingly different covers. This afternoon when playing music, a Type-O-Negative track came up as an ABBA image, as that is what the folder.jpg is. The track has its own image/cover incorporated and I'd like to see Emby to display this instead of the default jpg in the folder. Cheers,
  15. Hello, i have3 WD NAS My Cloud PR4100 Pro. In my music library there are no pictures of the artists and bands. In (most of it) the metadatas are the musicbrainz-ID's included. Is there an easy way to refresh the metadata with the pictures in all of the 10015 artists. There is no way to do it manually. THX bkh
  16. EduardoSantos

    How to refresh track's cover image?

    Hi, I find no means as to refresh a track's thumbnail (i.e. cover image of the track). I change the album folder.jpg image and Emby correctly changes the album image but all track's cover image are kept. By using MP3Tag I change the tracks embedded cover image but Emby does nothing. Already tried to rescan, refresh, etc. Even when I delete the track, rescan database, re-add the track, rescan datamase, the old image is kept. Only by editing track's cover image on Emby I am able to refresh it. Are there any other means to refresh it?
  17. EduardoSantos

    Artist on music search results

    Music search results are currently shown like this: Wich shows the Track's thumbnail followed by Album name and Album Artist's name. It occurs, though, that there are albums with several different artists on each track, as you can see on the above figure. There, on the left side, there is a "The Jazz Century" album and, on the right side, a "Number 1 Jazz Album". Both of them comprises a bunch of different artists giving panoramas of the music. So the question is, shouldn't Emby display the Track artist instead of Album Artist's name? It really seems pretty coherent, as the info being displayed is the track information. And It would be of great use for the ones with large libraries.
  18. FordGT90Concept

    Xbox One S Music randomly stops mid-track

    I've seen it happen on many songs (almost all of them > 5 minutes) but "Stay" on Interstellar never completed. The most recent attempt, it stopped at exactly 4:00. I attached the logs. It did not have any problems playing through the browser on my computer. Edit: It has done it on 6ch FLAC and MP3. logs.zip
  19. Problem occurs when the app is already playing a content, e.g. movie or music. I hit the cast button and choose a Chromecast device. Chromecast starts playing the content, remote controls on Emby app are operational (by using them I can control the casting) but... the previously existing casting to the android app will continue to play. Only circumvenction is to stop Chromecast casting, select the app as the target, start a new content and then stoping it. Tested it on three servers and on different scenarios (e.g.: local and remote, music and video). Does it happen to you?
  20. Deat69

    Problem with Album

    So I have been updating my Music library recently and I have the Alan Jackson Greatest Hits album, it will play on everything BUT emby. Any ideas?
  21. Hi! This is simple to explain, so when I sync some music keeping the "original" bitrate the cover images show in my favorite android player, but when I need to do transconding changing the bitrate (FLAC size is the reason) the cover images don't keeping into the file sadly :'( Is possible improve this? Thanks in advance.
  22. A couple of questions: 1. I have a significant amount of artists lacking metadata (fetches metadata for individual albums) but nothing for the actual artists. Adding the last.fm plugin didn't alter much of that either. A few examples of artists lacking metadata, even after doing individual re-scans: Khalid, Future, Roy Woods, Arty, Billie Eilish. In other words, popular artists with metadata available via MusicBrainz/Last.fm. 2. Plex pulls each artists top tracks as part of the metadata, is this possible with Emby? 3. I've added multiple artists to my favorites, however when I'm selecting the favorite artists section none of them load, i.e the only visible element is the "play all, shuffle, sort by name e.t.c." menu against the dark grey background, see image below.Tried the Android app (Note 8) as well as desktop browser (chrome, no addons). 4.The "More like this" section recommends the same artists for all of them (despite having at least 100 unique artists available) i.e it's not just bad recommendations it's the exact same ones. See image below. 5. What is the simplest method to group collaborative tracks under one artist (i.e tracks with features seem to be picked up and labeled as "artist a, artist b" and I would prefer tracks with feature to be listed under the artist who released them (not as their own collaborative item). 6. The Android app I've installed does not look like the screenshots available on Google Play. Are they taken with one of the premiere themes? I use a Galaxy Note 8 and i'm running the Emby for Android (not the TV app). I haven't done a complete removal and installation of my server because I spent a significant amount of time marking TV/Movies as watched and I've yet to figure out if/how you could back this up, but I did attempt to remove and recreate the music library (however the favorite artists somehow kept their mark?) so perhaps a clean install of the entire server is what I have to do. Worth noting that the tracks with the problems above have been through Picard prior to being scanned by Emby. My server runs on Linux Mint, but since these questions are about the service and not so much the server, I posted here. If it's in the wrong section please move it. Thanks in advance.
  23. shimmerknight

    Playlist item limit question

    Just a question on the number of items a playlist can contain with regards to a music playlist in this case. Is there a limit of 200 items for a music playlist? I'm asking because if I go one song over 200 abnormal playback will happen, at least in the browser(Edge, IE). At some point in the list, clicking an item will cause the next item in the list to play. If I continue to add more songs it will continue to skew the playback by the number of items over the 200 point until I get towards the bottom of the list than it will start playing the first song. The now playing does correctly display the item that is playing.
  24. So, I have 2 folders on my PC, an Albums folder, where I store my albums (Albums/Artist/Album format), and an OSTs folder, where I store soundtracks (OSTs/Media title/OST format). What I want Emby to do is, create a music library with a folders view, so that when I click on the library, it shows me two folders: Albums and OSTs. Then, if I click on one, I want it to be presented in a list format, following the folder structure, without any metadata or covers or anything. How do I do this?
  25. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Problem with music files on Roku app

    I added about 3000 music files to Emby recently. I previously only used Emby for videos. I have gone through some of my songs and indicated some were favorites. I did this from my computer. However, when I go on the Roku app, I can't get to my favorites to play them. When I first open my music library, I see "Favorites" as a header, but it quickly disappears and I can't see how to get it back. Also, is there no way to shuffle or mix my entire library? From what I can tell, I can shuffle play within an artist or album, but not using the whole library. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm using the latest beta version of the app. Thanks.
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