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  1. jasonwilliams

    Music Playback Party Mode

    Hello, I've heard this is hard to do, but I also think it would be a game changer for the platform if it could be done - essentially synchronize music playback across instances of ET. One of the big advantages to a system like SONOS is that you can have music playing in multiple rooms and I use it all the time. If we could have that in Emby I'd be willing to help finance the dev! Jason
  2. I'm putting this issue seperate from another issue to keep the replies clear. When I scrol through the EMC home screen to the "Music" entry, WMC freezes and throws an error message pop up. I will attach a screen shot, although it doesn'tshow much. The "Latest" music widget is also empty too. MBClassic-19920199454183a5a4a4f56a26dc8709a4b4d80.log embyserver.txt
  3. That would be so nice... to have a listing of all tracks from a given artist. A big plus if we could sort it by date, duration, album title... Today we just have the album listing on the artist's detail screen. Seeking for various recording of a given track means browsing each and every album. I know there is a general search but I really think there should be a means to list all tracks from the artist.
  4. Johnston79

    Songs only playing for 50-70 seconds.

    Have an Emby server set-up on a Pi3. Everything seems to work except music playback through the Kodi app. Songs play 50 - 70 seconds, stop and move on to the next track. Same thing is happening on two boxes, a Pi with OSMC and a Mint19 linux box. Play fine through the web browser. If I turn off Transcode the songs don't play at all. Even though they are kodi friendly formats and play if scanned into Kodi the old fashioned way. Not a deal breaker but would be nice to get everything shared the same way before setting up the rest of the devices in the house. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7895ebae-5ef5-4334-85aa-69c458331ed0_1.txt
  5. zenobit06

    Musik-Archivierung, Klangverbesserung

    Hallo, ich habe mich für »emby« entschieden, weil ich eine Möglichkeit suchte, um meine nicht ganz kleine iTunes Musik-Mediathek (ca. 16.000 Songs) auf meine Chromecast Mi-Box zu streamen. Ein erster Versuch mit einigen Testalben funktionierte gleich zufriedenstellend und ich bin mit dem Stream-Ergebnis sehr zufrieden. Nichtsdestotrotz stellen sich mir zwei Fragen: 1. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Klangqualität der teilweise schon älteren Alben wie unter iTunes zu verbessern (z.B. per Equalizer)? 2. Die Archivierung der Musik funktioniert nicht ganz so wie es sein sollte. Die Rubrik "Alben" bleibt bei mir leer. Statt dessen erscheinen die Alben unter "Verzeichnisse". Kann man das ändern? Ich experimentiere zwar noch, aber was ich bisher so erfahren habe gefällt mir sehr gut. Greetings, zenobit06
  6. Awkwardphoton

    Update Emby Android UI

    I feel like certain parts of the Android app for emby could do with some visual upgrading I know that it is a topic that has been suggested before, but I have attached a couple of concept images of what I believe is a decent update to the current UI to the music playing screen, I suppose similar could be done to the tv and movie casting screen as well. The Images showcase the current interface and my suggested cleaner interface, what does everyone think?
  7. I'm trying out Emby as a music server, with Emby on Apple TV as the client. I have a copy of my iTunes library on my Emby Server, so I pointed Emby at the iTunes music folder and it ingested my library. Another couple hours to fix missing album art, wrong artists, misc details like that (stuff that I've did in iTunes years ago). But now...what? Emby didn't (couldn't?) import my iTunes playlists or any of my iTunes play count or rating info (bummer, but understandable). So what can Emby do for making playlists? How do I make playlists? I see the method of adding individual songs, tediously, from within the server. Is there an easier way? Is there anything like the "Genius" feature in iTunes that can autogenerate playlists given a starting song? Is there a rating system I should spend some time with? I've pretty savvy on Emby as a movie server. But I'm a total newb using it for music. A quick look at the FAQ and Wiki doesn't show me anything. Thanks for any tips and pointers!
  8. Hey all, I know this has been talked about a couple times, but over and over I stumble on this change… Most recently I realized I won't be able to control my synced music playback through Android Auto. Unless/until Emby gains Auto integration / certification at least. I understand the reasons behind the change to use the Download Manager, there's no point in reinventing the wheel. But maybe there's a third option? I'm sure Emby gets notified of successful downloads, couldn't it then move the downloaded files to a location accessible to other apps? Basically treat the app-only data directory as temporary storage for in-progress downloads? That, or use the DownloadManager's API to download to a public location, enabling MediaScanner, too? Thanks for listening
  9. Above screen is Android's app now playing screen for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen? Above screen is Android's app now playing screen for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  10. Hi, As far as I could conclude, Chromecast's now playing screen for music shows: - Album art on the lower left corner and fanart as the background - track title, first track's artist, album title Well, it seems to me this is kind of a bug: you see, when the track being played has more than one artist, just one is shown. Also, when track artist is not the album artist we end up with album artist not being displayed. It seems to me this info should be displayed like this: - When track artist equals to album artist: track title, track artist, album title - When track artist differs from ambum artist: track title, all track artists, album artist, album title What do you think about it?
  11. EduardoSantos

    Music details

    It would be amazing if Emby could store detailed info on a track/tune. Not only could we add things like lyrics but other, maybe, historical info e.g. like this music was composed to the festival...
  12. EduardoSantos

    Shuffle on music genre

    Running Emby version From Web interface, it seems Emby's shuffle for a music genre results on choosing a sole random album and playing all tracks from this album. It also seems this behaviour does not occur when casting from the android app to a Chromecast. Tried also to navigate to the all music section, filter the music by genre and then shuffle it. Got same result.
  13. Above image is Emby's web interface screenshot from the album detail screen. It has one of the track's menu "activated". It seems to me there could be real improvements with very little effort. a) There is currently no "Play" button on the track line. Instead each track line shows three buttons: "Add to playlist", "More..." (which opens the menu shown on the above image) and "Add to favorites". The "Add to playlist" is also shown on the "More…" menu. I would suggest: relocate "More" button to the end change "add to playlist" to play button using the long click function already standard to Emby as a means to select one or more tracks to insert/create a playlist. b ) Once the "Play" button is present, I would suggest every contributing artist on the track line, e.g.: number (1) on the image, to be a link to the artist detail page. I understand the "Play" button is a conceptual change but even sticking to the current line-touch-playing I think artist's linking on track would be a real improvement on user's experience navigation. c) On track's "More" menu there currently is a "View artist" option (number 3 on the above image) which actually leads to the first track's contributing artist. I would suggest changing this option to "View Album artist". As mentioned on "(b)" above, every contributor artist would be reachable from links under track's name. d) I found no reason why each track "More" menu has an "View album" option (number 2 on the image) as we already are on the album detail page. e) The "now playing" tray currently have two links: one to the album detail screen containing the track being played and one to track's artist detail page. Problem here is this second link leads to "the first contributing artist" Emby grabs from database. As stated on item "(b)" above, I suggest there should be a link to each artist shown.
  14. Above screen is Emby's web interface "now playing screen" for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  15. Above screen is Emby's web interface "now playing screen" for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  16. Above screen is Android's app now playing screen for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  17. mbyhome

    iOS emby music shuffle issue

    Hi I'm seeing an issue as follows since iOS emby version 1.7.8. Just verified the same issue still exists under version 1.7.9. Whenever I click the "shuffle" button of a music folder (let's say it contains 3 sub-folders and each sub-folder has 5 songs). The application should recursively flatten the hierarchy and shuffle all 15 songs under this music folder to put them into the play queue. However the current iOS emby app only randomly selects one of the 3 sub-folders and play the 5 songs of the selected sub-folder in order. The play queue only contains 5 songs from the same album after I click the "shuffle" button. I checked the chrome web client and it worked fine. The web client recursively flattened all hierarchies and randomize all songs as the play queue. So it seems the problem only exists in iOS app. Thanks!
  18. So when i go to my music library on the ps4 and go to an album the tracks are only listed alphabetically Ah i've just found this seems to be a ps4 issue, but could there be a work around? create playlists where they're in order or something like that?
  19. Hello, I always search to see if someone else posted but I never find a similar post so apologizes if this is a duplicate. This seems a bit weird to me and the first couple times it happened I just chalked it up to a fluke. I listen to music on Emby Theater via remote desktop while I'm at work because all the other ports are blocked. If I restart Emby theater everything appears fine, but inevitably the play, fast forward, and other buttons become distorted. I figured it was just because I was using it on remote desktop and my display settings are different. But today when I got home I checked on my machine and it does appear to still be distorted. You can see from the screen shots that it only looks normal when the window is really long. So the taller the window is the less of the buttons you can see. It seems like something is a bit off with the scaling. But can't pin down exactly how to replicate it even though it happens to me very frequently (daily).
  20. DerrickM

    add a filter to playlist

    It would be nice if within a playlist there was a filter box so that I could filter playlist to show album or artist or title. May not get used all the time but it would be nice for example if i add an entire artist to a playlist and then decide later that i want to get rid of one album, i can just filter by that album and remove the songs.
  21. rechigo

    Music metadata

    So I don't know what's up with music metadata, it doesn't automatically find the metadata so I tried to manually add it using https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ and it still wouldn't pick up the metadata. What am I doing wrong? How do I get Emby to pick up music metadata?
  22. I have several Paul McCartney albums in my music collection. Each track is tagged with the correct name (via musicbrainz, but visually checked as well), and nfo file lists the artist as Paul McCartney. Under metatdata manager, the artist is just listed as paul. Editing it in the manager and even locking it, after scan it displays the artist as paul again. This is more of a cosmetic thing to me, because when I search for mccartney, it finds the albums/tracks, so it's just the way it's displayed
  23. Catsrules

    Music and Bluetooth

    So far I have been very impressed with Emby, for video as well as Music. There is just one thing that is driving me crazy Media does not Pause when a Bluetooth audio device is disconnected. For example, I play music from emby in my car over bluetooth. The idea is when I turn the car off the music will stop playing. This is what other Music/media apps do. However Emby continues to play the music and it switches to my built in speakers and I need to manual pause the music. Is there any way to enable this? I looked around but I couldn't see anything. I think I am at the mercy of the developers on this one.
  24. Hi, I have the latest Emby app installed on my Nvidia Shield. I just noticed it isn't possible to seek through a music track. So for that, my feature request
  25. willo123

    Music improvements

    Quite possibly the most hyped thing related to anything audio playback at the moment is Roon (https://roonlabs.com/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1LvfgOQ3JY). What it does is essentially: - make all sorts of trivia prominently central in the UI - build all sorts of connections based metadata so that it works as a mind map of sorts so that when playing a song from artist b, it would be possible for the user to find, for instance things like - any instances of the same song (such as when the track is included in live albums, best of, cover versions etc) - any tracks produced by the same producer All other solutions I’ve come across are far cry from the functionality of Roon. Particularly frustrating the situation is in products like Emby, as Emby already has the basic featureset required for such a functionality (Same features that are used to handle cast for movies and TV), but the existing features are not used to anywhere near their full potential when it comes to handling music. At least the following areas could be improved without the need for major all new functionality having to be added: 1) UI for music in Web client is weird for music related items. - Description is put at the very bottom, so it isn’t readily available. I fail to see the reason for this, it is similar kind of information as Description of Movies and TV, so there’s no good reason to display it at completely different locations. - Description is retrieved from The Music dB (or MusicBrainz)? In either case, many releases have no such information available. However, it is relatively common to include such details in tag field Comment, yet there’s no way of making Emby read that, or any other tag, into field Description. - Also things like website and tags should be shows at the top of the page, not at the very bottom. - Track listing on the artist page takes huge amount of space if the artist has even halfway sizeable back catalog. One might argue that tracks should not be displayed at all. However, if they are, they should definitely have “More” –functionality (show say, then 10 most played tracks, complete list would have to be opened separately) - release listing is a huge mess in case the artist has lot of releases. - most important improvement would be to separate proper releases (artist is album artist) from featured on releases (artist != album artist). - using proper release type (separate at least, albums, anthologies, singles, live recordings etc) would be next step into same direction but significantly more complicated to pull off, as there’s lack of standardized handling of such a thing between various taggers (most don’t handle that information at all) 2) properly manage any involved artists of music (partially in use even today), but - person read from tags like Composer are not connected to artists in any way - more person roles (such lyricist) would be useful - For example Music Brainz Picard can retrieve far more credits than what is used by Emby atm. 3) handle band members largely in a similar fashion than cast is handled (you actually can even add band members right now as actors, however Web client refuses to show them unless you tinker with CSS). To properly handle that, you would probably need a new person type “Musician” which would have properties like: - instrument (multiple values can exist) - period (needed for artists, as lineups may change) 4)Allow addition of links to external resources, such as Wikipedia page, Last.fm page etc or external reviews. For this, ability to add arbitrary number of hyperlinks would be needed. For that purpose, the link would have top have at leas the following properties - url - title - Description To tailor it more specifically for specific information types like reviews some additional fields like: - reviewed by - date - review (stars or something similar) would be needed. 5) Pretty much no solution (including Roon) seem to actually utilize any other cover art except for RFront cover. Yet cycling through all of the album art images much like you browse liner booklet) would be blatantly obvious use case
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