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  1. I listen to a lot of electronic/dance music, and there's a lot of cases where multiple musicians may collaborate on a song. Likewise I have purchased a number of compilation albums where a specific musician may only contribute one or two songs out of a dozen or more. I'd like to be able to view all the songs I have in my library that were made by/involved a specific artist. However, if I go to an artist page, I only get a list of albums that they were involved in, even though 90% of the songs in some of the albums have nothing to do with them. Would it be possible to add a view somewhere (such as on the artist info page) that will allow showing all the songs in a library made by that specific artist?
  2. Everything else is being matched fine, but with music it's a big hit and miss. Most of the artists in my library got identified, but only ~50% of them have pictures downloaded for them. I downloaded Last.fm hoping it could help and logged in in case it would be needed, but that didn't help at all. I set last.fm as the highest in library settings. For example "Alstroemeria Records" has 8 photos listed in last.fm-s page yet Emby found 0. Also how to I merge artists? Plex has a option for it (Select couple, then merge under options). Is there an alternative in emby, would help to clean up a lot of them. My folder structure is basic: A:\music\artist\album\song.mp3 https://imgur.com/a/SfQyeTa Thanks
  3. EduardoSantos

    Now playing on Home screen

    AndroidTV app presents a "now playing" section on Home screen. What follows are feedback about it. 1) Music info display (seems to be a bug) When reaching home screen after casting a "play queue" from Emby's Android smartphone app, one shall see the following: When reaching home screen after issuing a "direct play" command using actual TV remote, thus starting a playing queue, one shall see the following: Please note first image has some very good nerd info on the music (encoding & channels) and one info which I think is from the music album: the year. So it seems there occurs something different which causes Emby to show these additional info. As a means to help tackle the issue, I noticed these additional info will also be shown on the second scenario after pressing the screenshot button on my remote. But the info will be shown just for the highlited track. 2) Actual music info (not exactly a bug – more kind of feature request) When considering image 1 above, it occurs to me that: - Music title is shown twice (below screen header and below music thumbnail) - Though I see the year, I have no idea about what music album contains that track - I also see one info (when current queue will it end) that relates to queue rather than to track. So, I would suggest: - keeping Year and including AlbumTitle, AlbumArtist & Genre; - including track's date added, playcount & bitrate. Moving queue's ending time info to the right side of the "Now playing" ("Reproduzindo") header. It could provide duration besides ending time. Actually I wonder if this info hasn't been there on a recent past. Yes, I understand resulting screen would be heavy loaded. But I am confident developer team has both talent and criteria to reach to the best design and what info would be relevant. 3) Behavior (not exactly bug – more kind of user experience standards/expectations) Pressin "Ok" on track thumbs will present a contextual menu which has two versions. This is current track's contextual menu: This is other tracks' contextual menu: I think both the menu mechanism and options offered seems to be ok. Problem is, though, when you reach to the actual "Now playing" screen where: - There are no track's contextual menu; - There are no means to remove a track from the queue. In fact the newly redesigned "Now Playing" screen offer no pressing on tracks thumbs. Now, I know there was a debate about this screen and developer team made serious efforts to redesign it. No mistake: I like the visual. But it lacks some functionality like excluding a track from queue among others such as order editing. I have other comments about the outcome from the redesign but not only this is not this post's subject but also… Well, I think it's suffice to say the current "Now playing" screen lacks information actually presented on Home screen "Now playing" section. Please let me know if a thorough "Now playing" analysis would be of any help. Keep the brilliant work! Wish good health to all the community.
  4. processcreative

    Music background display

    Hi all I've had a search for this on here and can't find anything specific that relates to my question.... When playing music in Theatre (Windows 10) and I display the album art as shown, there's often a backdrop behind the album art (in this case Johan Johansson, or at least, the top of his head!). I'd like an option to turn this background off, as when the album art sits over it and crops the image it looks very odd to my eyes. Switching off the 'enable backdrops' in preferences doesn't alter it. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.... J
  5. Would be nice if both Libraries match with artist name. I tried to link them with Collections but I had to add music albums one by one, if I grab the music artist to Collections nothing happens... Automatic join by album artist name please.
  6. Hello, first thank you for the great work for Emby. I have few questions for music metadata. It seem that music don't use ID3 tags of my music files (FLAC). In the interface, for "Album Artist" and "Artists", I see artists that don't exist in my tags. A concret exemple : album "Live from Mars" from "Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals" : I have tagged the album with "Ben Harper" for Artist and Artist Album but in metadata data I see "Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals". You can see screen catures if it's not clear. I have other album of Ben Harper so I see two entries in the Web UI with Ben Harper and "Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals". I use MusicBrainz Picard for tagging so I've information from MusicBrainz like Emby. Same problem for a lot of other album... So how I can use my ID3 Tags Artists and Album Artist to organise my Music library, specialy the Album Artist en Artists menu in the Web UI ? How can I use my tag for metadata in Emby ? Thank you for your help. PS: Plz excuse my english.
  7. This topic regards the Album Artist screen - not the Artist screen. There is no "Appears On" the Album Artist screen. "Appears On" is the section shown on the web app containing music where a given artist has taken part but it is not the Album Artist: it is only a music Artist.
  8. This topic regards the Artist screen - not the Album Artist screen. There are no album or music shown on the Artist screen. In the cases where an artist is also an album artist, Emby AndroidTV app correctly shows that artist's albums. It seems no sense as there exists other screen (Album Artist) that shows this exact info.
  9. AdminAccount

    Does Emby iOS stream dsd music directly?

    I want to know if the iOS app convert dsd file when streaming. I want to make my synology nas a lossless music center by Emby. I have many flac and dsd files in my disk. I don’t want to transcode or something. Thank you.
  10. EduardoSantos

    Music Collections

    So I started trying to use Emby's Collections feature. Emby's WebApp interface allows building collections containing movies, entire tv series, a season of a tv series, episodes, artists and music albums, tracks... It seems any media item can be included on a collection if you press the "more" menu. Resulting collections can, thus, contain various kinds of media items. When navigating throughout the interface, though, only movie libraries will present "Collections" as submenu. Should I stick to movies on a collection? Is it ok to create music album collections? Is there a reason why there is no "Collections" item on music library submenus?
  11. I'd be grade to have an option to minimize artist description because they can end up pretty big as you can see.
  12. EduardoSantos

    More Like This (Music albums)

    Is there any means by which we can define a music album metadata in such a way that the section "More Like This" will include specific albums? Let's say some tracks from album A were rearranged and released on album B and I would like that, when presenting album A, Emby would always list album B on the "More Like This" section. Is it possible? If so, how?
  13. EduardoSantos

    Music: Now playing on AndroidMobile

    Many, many thanks to everybody involved on the new AndroidMobile now playing screen. Having all track artists listed and linked to their pages is an awesome feature. I really can't say how grateful I am. Hope this will spam to all other now playing apps. You are the best
  14. EduardoSantos

    Music: Now playing on WebApp

    Many, many thanks to everybody involved on the new WebApp now playing screen. Having all track artists listed and linked to their pages is an awesome feature. I really can't say how grateful I am. Hope this will spam to all other now playing apps. You are the best
  15. Hi, I've got a suggestion for the music player interface. Once the background art work comes on, I think it would be nice to have the option to have the cover art still displayed, perhaps as a thumbnail in the lower left area. I like the clean appearance, but having a quick visual reference from the cover art would be nice. I also think that having the option to have the audio format of the track displayed would be nice. I know you would want to make sure it doesn't create a lot of clutter, but knowing that a track is a FLAC 96/24 5.1 surround mix, versus a 44.1/16 Stereo file would be nice. Related to this, I spent the last weekend getting Jellyfin up and running to see if there were any advantages with that system. For me there are too many issues with the Android client for me to use it. But one thing I did notice was that Jellyfin was A LOT BETTER at finding artist information. For my collection, both Plex and Jellyfin found more artist information than Emby right off the bat with no particular input from me. None of them were 100% since my collection is pretty eclectic, but the difference was notable. Steve
  16. So this is weirding me out.... I'm building a separate library for my classical music. Since I'm quite picky about my tags I unchecked all 'downloaders' and 'fetchers' under the advanced settings of the library (musicbrainz, last.fm etc) Workflow: Remove all tags using MP3Tag (FLAC files) The composer goes in Album Artist, and the performing artist(s) go in 'Artist', with multiple artists deliniated by a semicolon (. fill all other tags move files to library on filesystem (ubuntu server, all files have 775 permission, just to be sure) scan files This seems to work fine, but the artist 'The Tallis Scholars' gets changed to 'Thomas Tallis' on all 4 albums I have of them. It doens't happen with any other artist so far. All other tags are read correctly. No musicbrainz IDs are visible in metadata editor and changing metadata manually per song isn't working. What do you specifically need to help me diagnose and solve this problem?
  17. Whenever I select a track, it plays, but never advances to the next track. If I select play on an album or playlist, it plays the first track and stops. My files are all in FLAC if that's pertinent. Happens regardless of local wifi, remote wifi, or mobile network. Web client via mobile Safari doesn't have this issue, nor do any desktop browsers. iPhone 5S, iOS 9.3.3 App v1.2.1, but this has been happening for a few months now
  18. EduardoSantos

    Shuffle play

    Shuffle play would be of great use on: - Album artist; - Music genre.
  19. Hello For some reason Emby recently only started reading the first Genre tag in all of my music. My Music folder is setup as Artist > Album > Tracks My Music is tagged using Mp3Tag and Music Bee Genre1//Genre2//Genre3//Genre4 Stone Sour Come What(ever) May Heavy Metal//Hard Rock//Alternative Metal//Post-Grunge Emby only shows Heavy Metal.
  20. clakulus

    Various Apple TV Bugs

    Hi there. New Emby user for the sole purpose of music and having a few issues with the Apple TV client, mostly cosmetic. I've noticed there is an issue with track numbers in that they do not display unless you scroll down, then back up again. The numbers do not correspond to the tracks (which are in the correct order despite this). Please see the image attached - note the missing track numbers, which change each time an album is selected. The web client is fine. I've also noticed that I cannot skip through some tracks, which display as streaming 'live'. Is this a file format issue? Kind regards
  21. Hello folks, before the post I would like to thank you for the amazing job, I'm new to Emby and I love it, making the switch from another solution and really have to say that emby has improved a lot in the last 3 years. I love that the community is so responsive, and that developers are actually present in the forum in first person. Let's get to the point. What I would suggest here is to Improve a little bit the way Artists are sorted based on the ID3 Tags. Now, we have basically two Tags to look at: Artist Album Artist. Imagine now to have a song in the album of artist "Mark" singed by "Mark" featuring "Jon" "Lisa" and "Eddy". In this case, I'll use tags like this: Artist: Mark feat. Jon, Lisa & Eddy Album Artist: Mark Standard behavior of almost any player (including Emby here) is to add artist "Mark feat. Jon, Lisa & Eddy" that actually does not exist, and will not have any match. Once upon a time I used to use a very nice player for Gnome called "Listen" Unluckily the project is not supported anymore, but you can find the source code here. Listen acted in a peculiar manner that changed my way to see tags: it correctly interpreted some separators in the Artist Tag, such as: "feat." "featuring" "," "and" "&" It used to place the song mentioned above under all single artists: "Mark", "Jon", "Lisa" and "Eddy" and not creating the "fake" artist. Unfortunately I'm not a coder, but I don't think this should be too much complicated...at least I hope not, 'cause I would love to have this feature implemented. This would be a major plus for Emby to stand out from the crowd (IMHO). Let me know what you think, I hope to have explained it in a clear manner, otherwise I apologize for my English, just let me know and I will try to explain it better.
  22. Hi, i'm new to Emby - i'm having a dabble to see if i like it or Plex more (new to both). I can't see all 17 tracks on my Dido, 2CD album. It seems a bit confused . It thinks it's listing and playing CD2 - but it's not. It labels it CD2 It's actually CD1 It says there's 17 tracks (there is, on both CDs) But it only lists 11 tracks for me to play - these tracks belong to CD1. Identifying the album doesn't help: https://musicbrainz.org/release/82aca567-04ce-4ffc-8c78-743c1c0778e0 My directory structure: Does it not like the fact it's set at CD1, CD2? The Wiki doesn't say anything about it: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159113-music-naming Thanks for the helps.
  23. Hi, I tried everything and now unable to solve issue by myself. I added videos songs in Music video type content and created a library but no videos are showing but a few Audio songs. I really thankful, if someone help me. Thanks
  24. Emby I have a library of content type "Music" that I've been using for some time without issue. Not sure when this broke but as it stands I no longer see a list of songs underneath a specific artist. Meaning: Go to the Music library and click the Artist link at the top. Select any artist. Note you'll see the artist image, title and play/related buttons (as you should) and below you'll see a list of other artists titled "More Like This". There are no songs listed anywhere and no errors in the console output. If you just hit the Play button the songs will play. They simply don't show up in the UI under an artist. If you instead navigate using the top nav to "Songs". All the songs are listed as you would expect. So this issue seems specific to the Artist screen. Also tried removing and re-adding the library, didn't help. Tested with Chrome and using the Emby mobile app. Should also note the audio files are sitting in an NFS directory.
  25. LexEmby

    Music Library problem

    Hi, I am experimenting with emby. Photos, movies work ok. But with the music library i have some issues. The emby server is on the envidea shield tv. Th mysic database is on my synology NAS. I started to import 3 artists. Emby onlys sees 1 artist ( or album artist) but it sees 4 albums. My id tags are ok. srescanning the library or renewing the metadata does not change anything. When i go to task, scan medialibrary i get a failure. ( not when i empty de music database). I cannot figure out what i am doing wrong... Who has an idea? Alex
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