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  1. Mustang Dave

    Music Not Showing

    I am not sure whats going on.... I have not made any changes... Just under my daughters profile, the children music does not show. Under Emby theater it is blank and under Emby WMC it just shows playlists, album artists, etc... just with the folder title, no image and nothing in the folders. I have one separate Music folder containing all the music of the system and I have a children's folder within that. C:\Users\Media Center\Music\Childrens \\MEDIA-CENTER\Users\Media Center\Music\Childrens C:\Users\Media Center\Music \\MEDIA-CENTER\Users\Media Center\Music
  2. Gday Team Emby! I have an issue with Emby not displaying contributing artists within' the album view: Under an artist, the contributing artists are displayed correctly with all artists involved within' the track, but within' the album view, there's no mention of contributing artists. Sidenote: Same result in playback. Just the album artist showing - and even when there's multiple album artists, only one is showing. ARTIST VIEW: ALBUM VIEW: PLAYBACK VIEW: //Kenifyable
  3. As per Luke's suggestion, turning this into a feature request - It would be nice if Shuffle didn't get killed if I pick another song to play while its already in shuffle mode, or in other words I want to skip the song its decided to play but still shuffle and move on to the next song. In relation to this, when I click Shuffle, the Shuffle button doesn't visually change to show its been selected, This would also be useful to click again to Unshuffle. If this can't be done, a Skip This Track button would be nice. Hope this isn't too confusing - it confuses me when I read through it....
  4. rubicon

    Music playback issue

    Hello, I haven't found anything relevant but if something similar has been posted before, I am sorry in advance. I am having a long time now an issue when streaming my music library through the iPhone EMBY app. I haven't mentioned it before as I wasn't using that feature often but lately I like listening to my music too through EMBY. So, the problem is when I stream music through my iPhone EMBY app (playlist, songs in queue, shuffle mode etc.), after a while, always (if not immediately) I have to unlock my phone for the next song to continue playing on the list. This is most inconvenient especially when I am in the car driving and always have to press the iPhone button (sometime that alone only works) or even having to unlock so the next song in the queue can play. Even through the Samsung TV app it hangs from time to time but it’s not as bad as the iPhone app. I know EMBY is mainly for movies, and for that it works extremely well, but it would be handy to be able to use it smoothly for mp3's as well. I would expect it to work on the background but it doesn’t seem to like it when the device locks. Anyone having similar problems? Thanks in advance, George
  5. Under Library Nfo settings I have "Copy extrafanart into extrathumbs" selected. I'm noticing that when I load up an artist in the library, it tends to download all images into extrathumbs, but only some into extrafanart. I thought it might be an issue with the "minimum backdrop download width" setting, but I tried changing that to zero and still got the same behavior - all images download into extrathumbs, only some download to extrafanart. Any idea what my issue might be here? EDIT: I disabled and the re-enabled copying into extrathumbs... behavior seems normal now! All images downloading into both folders. So I think I'm good here now!
  6. FordGT90Concept

    Problems with long lists of songs

    I noticed on albums with >100 songs, a few things break when in album view... 1) If you jump down the list and click on one to play, it likes to play the song just above or below it. When you click play next, it usually jumps to a song two below it in the list. I believe this issue presents on server/web too. Edit: album has 173 MP3s. 2) Scrolling up one of these long lists after having reached the bottom of it, I wanted to play number 8 but kept going past it because you can't see it until you're on it. When I pressed down, the highlighted element vanished until I went down like 10 or so, then it showed up on something like number 36. This of course made me go up again and I missed 8 again. Rince and repeat about four times until I finally got to number 8 and successfully stopped on it. Edit: album has 197 MP3s. 3) I noticed that when I click on the ... and do Play from here, it only copies about 100 of the songs to the actual playlist. I don't particularly have a problem with that but unless you're paying close attention, you'll never noticed it didn't do the whole thing. Ideally, it would do the whole thing. Edit: album has 183 MP3s (2.0) & 58 FLACs (5.1). 4) There's no way to jump between letters of album titles is there? That would be nice.
  7. FordGT90Concept

    Emby Theater Windows Store CTD

    Music -> Artists -> M -> crash Repeated three times. Can't find client logs. Server logs attached. crash.zip
  8. I would like to be able to change the 'recently played' and 'frequently played' lists on the music home page to show as Albums instead of individual tracks. I pretty much always listen to music an entire album at a time so it means my 'recently played' list is just a reverse order list of the last album I listened to. Frequently played would be more useful to me as a list of albums as well. Thanks for all the work you put into emby!
  9. jnheinz

    Music Playlists - Sync from Emby?

    Can music playlists be created using the Emby web client or Kodi & be synced back & forth.. so the playlists are present on all instances of Kodi that are connected to the Emby Server? My initial testing is showing that they do not sync back & forth. Is there something I am missing or is this not an implemented feature?
  10. Okay so today I decided I would try to start using Emby for my Music as well... Not sure if that is going to happen as I am currently trying to scan my Music folder for Music and nothing happens. I have it setup with the folder structure "Music\Artist Names\Album Names\Song Name.mp3" and all my files have been properly tagged with MP3Tag and work with multiple programs. So not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug with the latest update but I figured I would report this.
  11. Hi all, After starting this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42676-help-trouble-sorting-media-in-kodi-to-respect-emby-libraries/ I did research and was helped by wonderful folks in the community, and thought I had sort of figured out how to set up Kodi to show specific content from my libraries rather than lumping it all "Movie" type content together in annoying ways. I'm on Emby server 3.0.8500.0 (no, I haven't updated yet, and won't for a week or more until I know it's not likely to break anything... I'm cautions! ). My Kodi is the stable version (16.1 I think) Short story: I made a test library with a couple movies in there, and made a link to it in Kodi, and it shows up, yea, but in multiple skins it shows up as music, and the movies aren't named correctly in Kodi, they show up as numbers (???). Longer story: For this test I created a new folder accessible to Emby. It happens to be on the E: drive of the Emby server, E:\TestShows\, and contains: \Hollow Man\ \Close Encounters of the Third Kind\ I set this TestShows folder up as a library in Emby called MyTestShows (note distinction from filename, to enable me to trace what's going on). This content is set to type Movies and looks like this in the Emby library management screen: I opened Kodi, and having figured out the default Confluence skin doesn't support edits to the main items, I chose Titan skin, and went in and configured a new home menu item. As I recall I configured the item to go to: \Add ons\Video Add ons\Emby\MyTestShows\ and then confirmed the main MyTestShows in the selector box that followed. I then backed out to the home screen. My Test Shows was there, and when I went into it, it had just the two movies, but they were called 49 and 50. ??? And they showed as type Music. I repeated the test in Aeon Nox (same results). I'm very confused. What am I doing wrong? Why is it not displaying the content name (movie name in the row instead of 49 or 50), and why does it think it is music? THANKS FOLKS Marc
  12. rickster53

    Embedded Image Song Details

    The Details section for an individual song has an Embedded Image section that contains specs on the embedded image file. However, it also has a duplicate entry for the song's bitrate which already appears in the Audio section. In addition, can you explain the last entry in the Embedded Image section which contains the value "90000" in every song? Thanks! Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45569607/Embedded%20Image%20Details.jpg MB Server Version: 3.0.5301.21343
  13. When Selecting a Genre you have the option to create an instant mix from the context menu. If Selecting multiple genre's, using the "click and hold" method, I get the green highlight and can select multiple genre's but then can't really do anything with them. Like play, shuffle, Instant Mix. Maybe I'm missing something, if not, this would be a great feature. Thanks
  14. acura4ever

    Music library tag

    Recently, I make a music library to control my mp3. I found that many ID3 tag weren't correct. So I fix everything that I can, but many errors still exist that seem out of my control. Many artists are showing in double. Here the screenshot showing the problem and my directory structure. I would like to know another thing. In Kodi, who is controlling the music library? Right now, Emby in kodi is configured to enable music library but isn't in sync with the emby web. In Kodi, the number of artist is 254 vs 228 on emby. Can someone explain me the disparity? Thanks.
  15. FordGT90Concept

    Idle display when music is playing.

    I'm listening through the Divinity: Original Sin via Emby Theater for Windows music on my secondary monitor while playing a game on my primary monitor. After a while of inactivity, it starts showing stuff. It just now started doing this: -Meet the Press -Nature -Beach Boys -Lethal Weapon ...and so on... At first I thought, "that is cool" but over time, it has started to kind of annoy me. Why? Because none of this stuff displaying is relevant to what is playing! There's two basic elements that are necessary: 1) Don't stop showing what is playing. 2) Change the background to: 2a) Something directly related to what is playing like photos associated with the artist, album, or song. Case in point: I have 27 albums by Michael W. Smith. If a song of his is playing, simply cycling through them would make me travel through memory lane. 2b) Music visualization (oscilloscope, loudness, frequency, etc.) of what is currently playing. Kodi had a decent 3D one included with it. 2c) Dynamically create something related to all of the music in the library. Here's an example of Zune (the individual album pictures spin to | with a black background and a new one fades in in its place): 2d) Fan art or, in the case of game music, screenshots! 'Nuff said! XD
  16. nealc

    music queuing broken?

    Hi all A few months ago I used to be able to select music tracks into "Queue" from their right-click menus. The current track would play, followed by the next queued track, then the next... Clicking the >| icon would skip to the next track in the queue - and all was well. Now I can right-click & select "Queue" or "Queue all from here" as much as I like. The tracks never play. The >| icon goes a pretty green if I click it, but that's all. This is what I installed Emby to let me do - play ad-hoc sequences of my music - and it no longer works. :-( So, any chance of restoring basic music track-queuing function? Or telling me what setting or workflow I've messed up? If it helps: My Emby web client is in Firefox 49.01 (IE11 behaves the same); Emby server is 3.0.7200.0 on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 server). I'm very happy to investigate, test, log, report or otherwise try to assist. Regards, Neal
  17. In Plex if you have artists show up as (for example) Adam Ant; Adam & The Ants; Adam and the Ants; and Ant, Adam--you can go into the web interface and change the artist names on the fly so all of the associated albums get grouped together. In Emby if you try anything like that the album associated with the artist you changed completely disappears. There's also no easy way to change the artist info once Emby has it. Changing the metadata tags and doing a new scan doesn't result in the item being picked up correctly. I don't understand why the information can't simply be changed in the web interface. I might also want to group solo albums by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham with my Fleetwood Mac albums. In Plex it takes 10 seconds. In Emby, as far as I can tell, it's virtually impossible to do. I never use Emby for music because of this. It's a very basic element of functionality that Emby has lacked going back to its Media Browser days. I don't understand why the music library can't be made more user user-friendly when it comes to making changes to artist and album names.
  18. RSAvenell

    Emby on PS4 - Playing Albums

    Greetings Emby community. I may just be missing something very simple, but when I open Emby on my PS4 to play music from my media PC, the tracks for each album are listed alphabetically, not in the correct order on the album. Anyone know how to have albums show up in the correct order? All tracks in their folders on my PC are numbered (01 Xsongtitle, 02 Xsongtitle, etc). I'm sure its a simple thing, but I can't seem to find a setting to change this. Or is the PS4 music player just that dumb?
  19. Jay Freeman

    Music: Artist page

    When I browse to an artist's page, I see the list of albums along with a selection of songs. Is there any way of disabling the songs from showing for the main page? I only want to see the songs when I select an album Thanks
  20. Sat32

    Music Upgrade

    Music section that can separate albums by media type and coverart that would represent primary formats CD, SACD, HDCD, Vinyl, Tape. Better handling of Boxsets example Doors Perseption is a collection of all the doors albums. I setup the boxset like this Music\Doors Perception\Discno\trackno - title.ext I did the correct embedded and folder.jpg art work for all the albums, Waiting for the Sun, Strange Days, Morrison Hotel, Ect in each album folder. And placed the of the boxset cover folder.jpg in the Doors Perception folder. Emby only shows the first album cover and the songs as one big group Thanks
  21. uploadstation

    artits ending with (dot)

    Hello I found a bug When i add Boney M(dot) its not showing but when i remove the dot it shows up same thing with others . Also artits are not showing ? (only album artits) ? When i click on a VA cd it dosnt show the artits unless i have it as album artits. If you need more info just shout it:) Hope this will be fixed soon . Thanks you
  22. Hello i have some improvments requests for the artits page When i click on a album artists the list that shows songs i huge i would like to see only about 10 you could add a link to show more but showing only 10 saves me a lot of scrolling It would be nice to have a dropdown option on the music videos some artists have a lot of music videos and it takes up a lot of space Would it be possible to have only the albums of the artists on the Album arits page and have a dropdown menu for the albums on other albums (VA/Soundtracks) Would it be possible to have a menu with (More albums From the *year*) on the album page Thanks in advance
  23. Blueeyiz702

    Music Sync Problem

    I recently removed my music albums section,and cleaned both sections in Emby and Kodi,but when kodi runs sync at startup it still scans like albums and songs are available but there is nothing in that section? Its been removed,and also i took screenshot of some strange characters that show up during music sync,can anybody tell me what they are and how to get rid of. Thats reason i removed music albums,when these characters show it kept hanging on sync and would not show albums correctly. http://s72.photobucket.com/user/nolovenv...m.png.html
  24. EduardoSantos

    Music genre confusion

    Hi, I am running Emby Server v. 3.0.5972.0 on Windows 10. There is a strange behavior when accessing music by genre: - When I open an album it is listed by Emby as "Jazz Vocal" genre; - All tracks are listed as "Jazz Vocal" genre; - When I access "Jazz Vocal" genre, both the album and the tracks are correctly listed; Problem is that album and tracks are also listed as "Jazz" genre. Random play on Jazz will also include these "Jazz Vocal" tracks. Is this behavior expected? If so how can I depart these genres? Thanks
  25. jamvids

    Music Broken

    Hi, In the last few weeks anything to do with music has become all but useless. I have 3 music folders set up, Albums, compilations and soundtracks which used to all merge in the "music" section (as TV and Movies still does if enabled in the settings) Now they are just individual folders. At the moment if i go into an individual section on the android app and go on to the "Albums" tab I get the spinning wheel for ever. Sometimes it will eventually list my albums. If I try and re-order them it's back to the spinning wheel and nothing. server log https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o0dq6x5vcs4lmcm/AAAJpNI1YNSvcwuqrjAQz-uCa?dl=0 server v no android log android v 2.7.09 Sony xperia Z5 premium Sony Xperia Z Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T33 Also seems to take a while on chrome too, but does eventually get there
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