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  1. Bonjour à tous, Je viens à vous car j'ai pas mal de soucis de lecture vidéo avec l'application Emby sous AndroidTV. Ces problèmes concernent quasi exclusivement des gros mkv en 4k HDR, c'est à dire que la lecture commence normalement et après 2-3 minutes l'image saccade énormément (pas toujours au même moment), coupe et bien souvent revient mais sans HDR. Et quand je me rend sur mon serveur Emby (c'est un docker sous Unraid) je m’aperçois que le transcodage s'est activé tout seul. C'est d'autant plus étrange que quand je lis ces mêmes fichiers via Kodi ou VLC il n'y a aucuns soucis à signaler, le lecture se passe normalement. Que faire ? Edit 1: Je viens de faire un test rapide avec Plex (toujours en docker sous Unraid) et comme pour Kodi, lecture impeccable ... Edit 2: Avec Jellyfin, RAS aussi ça tourne nickel.
  2. Hola a todos, Soy nuevo en esto del media center y cree uno ya que me parece una excelente forma de tener organizado mi libreria de series y peliculas pero estoy teniendo problemas con algunas series, al reproducir o lo hacen solo con audio o se reproducen asi. En la PC si me reproduce (ocupo MPC-HC y klite Codec pack haciendo uso de LAV Spliter, LAV Video Decoder y LAV Audio Decoder) Comparto con ustedes la media info del fichero y agardezco su respuestas Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasuka 12 (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 Hi444p).mkv.MediaInfo.txt
  3. Alexnrnjo

    Can’t playback MKV files

    So far Emby has had no issues with playback, however this week it has not been able to stream or even play any files that are MKVs. I also noticed of these files that don’t play they also don’t load any media info either as shown in the linked pictures, I used a movie and tv show as examples both of which are fully on the server and I can watch through VLC on the server itself just fine. There is no bandwidth limit and all files are somehow playable off of the iPhone Emby app, but are not working on any desktop browser or streaming device (Shield tv, fire stick, LG App).
  4. embyben

    Cannot seek MKV files

    I am using Emby premium via FreeNAS 13.3 on a VMWare ESXi Model HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 CPU 4 CPUs x Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz Memory 15.97 GB When I watch ANY .MKV file i can only start from the beginning to watch the video. If i try to seek using the progress bar the video stops and is unable to restart playing. Any ideas? ffmpeg-remux-2b1a20e6-e179-4d9b-8fc7-b6154edddd95_1.txt
  5. scott.freiman

    Identifying MKV Audio

    I have ripped some 5.1 audio albums to create MKV files. The files play back correctly. However, I see no way to use Identify to find the album. Even though I have the AudioDB plug-in, only MovieDB, IMDB, etc, are searched. That means that when I am searching for Chicago II (the album by Chicago), it matches to a wresting movie NXT Takeover: Chicago II! Is there a way to tell Emby to search for audio matches and not movie matches? If not, how can I manually update the metadata for audio and not a movie?
  6. sundevil67

    Playback Issue - .MKV files

    Forgive me if this is related to transcoding & has been discussed in another thread. I'm not completely sure it has anything to do with the file format, but it does seem to be an issue I've noticed (so far) to be affecting only .mkv files. I'm not able to start watching a video from the middle or anywhere other than the beginning, and pretty much any hopping around will cause the video to crap out. Is this just a limitation of the format, a bug somewhere in Emby Mac OS server, or perhaps connected to some kind of corruption or defect in some of the individual .mkv files I've collected or converted. Any guidance appreciated!
  7. Hi, Could scraping mkv's for cover_land.(jpg/png) for thumbnails be added, and used as a higher priority than cover.(jpg/png) for thumbs... also use cover.(jpg/png) as the poster. I am in the process of re-repping my bluray and DVD collection, and using the media cover as cover.jpg and extracting the thumb (using ffmpeg) as cover_land.jpg for the episode thumb or using fanart as the movie landscape.jpg.
  8. Some TV Show Blu-rays (e.g. "Lost") have two episodes in one file which when ripped I prefer to split into two individual episodes/files using MKVToolNix (v36.0.0 64-bit) so that Emby/Trakt correctly marks them as collected/watched etc. My problem is that, while every normal individual episode/file plays perfectly, every single "split" episode/file shows corruption/glitches on playback; the glitches are either multi-colour blocks when played back in Emby Web Client or green bars in Amazon FireTV (screenshot attached.) The glitches keep appearing every few minutes making the video un-watchable and so I always end up having to find and load up the physical Blu-ray to watch the episode... annoying to say the least. For the avoidance of doubt if I directly (i.e. not via Emby) watch the same file using VLC or Windows Media Player then there is no corruption evident so it does seem as though Emby is introducing the video glitches somehow and only on any file that has been split from a larger file. Any ideas on what causes this and how to fix it? embyserver.txt
  9. Hi there. Moving over from Plex I have set up Emby server on my shield (latest 16GB model) and it is all working well. I have all my media on a large external usb drive and have set all the temp folders (cache, transcode, metadata, sync etc) to said drive. When syncing files, larger mkv files especially seem to start converting at a good rate (about 4x ish) and then after around 20% (slightly varies per file) the conversion stage just hangs. The Device/sync settings page simply displays the percentage it is stuck on as does the same part of the iOS app. The ffmpeg log seems to cut off mid line and not be updated any further when this happens. Logs attached. Any help much appreciated. I have tried varying combinations of speed throttling, cpu cores etc to no avail. I have even opened the file in the sync folder on the server and it seems to play up until the point the conversion failed. Plenty of space on the drive and the file plays fine when simply watching via the iOS app or tv emby client (lg). Thanks, Richard. ffmpeg.txt HardwareDetection.txt embyserver.txt
  10. scooterjes

    MKV Files

    I apologize if this has been asked before but i never could find a answer that didn't involve reencoding the file I have a bunch of video files in MKV format that will not appear in my library no matter what i do I have the attached the info screen out of VLC showing the file info. Also here is the path info I have tried adding the whole anime folder and even seperatly adding just the gundam folder as well D:\nas\Anime\Gundam\Gundam 00
  11. I have two MKV files that I stream from a Windows emby server to a Raspberry Pi HTML5 client. One of them has perfectly fine audio, while the other has highly distorted audio (like if it was amplified 10 times, then compressed). The audio is distorted only on the Raspberry Pi client. If I read the same video on another client (Android app, or windows web client) the audio is perfect on both files. The Raspberry Pi client uses Chromium 65.0.3325.181 Built on Raspbian , running on Raspbian 9.8. Here are the specs of the file that does not distort the sound Here are the specs of the file that does distort the sound Server configuration : Version (Windows) Dlna (1.0.12) Is there any well-known issues regarding MKV files with distorted audio on specific platforms ? I've seen several threads about this, but it was on Roku (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/28067-audio-distorted-when-playing-1080p-mkvs/) and I'm using the HTML5 client.
  12. Hi I have Battlestar Gallactica in mkv. I've tried playing it through my ms8 android tv player and chrome on my laptop (dedicated graphics, i7, 16GB RAM) and the playing is very pixelated, stutters a lot and usually crashes/closes within seconds of playing. Restarting it usually helps and it will play but the experience is awful. Other shows/movies tend to not work at all. Generally x264 and x265 files give me hassles. I've attached the embyserver log. I got the ms8 android tv player to improve the playback of the movies/series as the server hosting the library isn't very strong. Am I completely wrong with this thought process? Would appreciate insight into this so that I can continue enjoying the system as everything I'm adding to the library these days is x264 and x265 and impossible to play. Playing other file formats work. embyserver.txt
  13. Hi! I have installed the emby server on my Windows 10 computer. I have also installed the emby app v2.2.4 on my Samsung-TV from 2014 (UE46F8000) using Orsay OS. Everything works brilliantly except for one very annoying thing: No subtitles are shown in the movies. I have played with the server subtitles settings, but it does not seem to matter whatever settings I choose. Subtitles are not shown on my TV, period. If I play back the movies on my Windows PC where the server is run, I can select the subtitle language and subtitles are shown during playback. The subtitles are part of each .MKV media file. Is there a subtitle issue with emby app v2.2.4 for Samsung Orsay TV:s? Please help.
  14. So I've been using Emby off and on for a while now on my Android TV, for the past several months I've been using it as my only source after finally abandoning Plex. The problem is, recently my anime (mkv files) no longer have time controls, like skipping ahead, rewind, resume from xx:xx, etc. My regular movies and TV recordings (mp4,avi,etc) have no issues. I've tested these same anime episodes on my phone app (Android) and via the browser and the time controls all work without issue, it's only the TV. On the TV I switched it to using external player (VLC) and I can skip, pause, resume, rewind etc without issue as well. What happened to the TV app? The server and TV both update automatically to the newest build/apps when available; is the TV build broken or something? How can I fix this?
  15. After creating MKV's from DVD's with MakeMKV, I then extract text subtitles (if any) with MKVExtractGui. Then I use MKVToolNixGui to set the default track flag on Vobsub from "yes" to "no" and to set the default track flag on SRT from "determine automatically" to "no". Then hit the multiplex button. I thought this would make it easier to select my saved .srt files with Roku if I want subtitles, but the default would be NO subtitles showing. Now I am thinking I'm just wasting my time. If I open the new .mkv with MKVToolNixGui the default track flag on the Vobsub is "determine automatically" and so it the flag for the SRT file. So it looks like it is not saving the changes I applied. Also, the new mkv file is usually 1K or more smaller than the original, so something is changed. I would suspect there would be NO change in file size since all I am asking it to do is flip a couple bits. Is this program buggered? Am I wasting my time or doing something wrong? Thanks for any help
  16. Dickbryant

    Basic Lossless Audio

    This is a basic dumb newby question, but please HELP. I’m at my wit’s end. How do I get a lossless audio stream to my high-end Marantz receiver? I’m sending the mkv file verified with DTS Master HD from the Emby server on a high-powered Win 10 desktop. I’ve read the Roku client app won’t pass through a lossless stream. So I’m using a new Xbox One/s with Emby Theater connected to the Marantz via HDMI and receiving the served file via fast wi-fi. But I only get lossy DTS. Oh, and I have the Xbox set to output bitstream audio in DTS. Can someone tell me how to get lossless audio to the Marantz either with this setup or some other client device? Ive researched this every way I know how and am about to just give up.
  17. puntipik

    Film streamen statt konvertieren

    Hallo, ich bin ein langjähriger und begeisteter Nutzer von MediaBrowser 1 und 2. Ich bin jetzt auf emby umgestiegen. Ich habe auf meinem Server alle Filme im MKV container, wobei die Videos entweder im x264, oder x265 Codec sind. Im Container sind auch mehrere Untertitel enthalten. Ich hätte jetzt eine Frage zum generellen Abspielen der Filme auf den unterschiedlichen Apps. Ich bin jetzt nämlich drauf gekommen, dass auf meinem LG TV, mit der LG App von Emby die Filme immer konvertiert werden, statt nur gestreamt, sobald zumindest foreced Untertitel im MKV File enthalten sind und angezeigt werden sollen. Können die Apps nativ keine Untertitel aus dem MKV extrahieren, weil immer konvertiert werden muss? Ich hätte es gern wie bei dem alten MediaBrowser gehandhabt, dass alles nur gestreamt wird, da ich es nur im Heimnetzwerk (LAN) verwende, wo eigentlich nicht 'runter' konvertiert werden müsste - vorallem auch, weil mein Server das konvertieren hardware technisch nicht schafft. Gibt es vielleicht eine Auflistung, welche App (LG TV App, FireTV Stick, WMC Plugin) welchen Codec mit oder nur ohne Untertitel ohne konvertieren wiedergeben kann? thx lg puntipik
  18. there is probably a similar question so sorry for the redundance! I have several hundred movies that are in DVD copy format, I ripped them that way because I like to use the dvd menu to apply subtitles when my wife is watching or to see special features. VLC handles this just fine but I am wanting to use emby more now and streaming this format to my roku has been problematic to say the least. I hear many say to go to the mkv format and now that I have found that mkv can retain the subtitles and other features I am starting to experiment with that. I downloaded makeMKV and it seems to work pretty good, I just tried it out on "deadpool 2" and it gave me what I wanted, the subtitles and extra features, plus I could strip out all the foreign language stuff. I do have a question concerning subtitles though. Which is better, more efficient, built in subtitles or external srt's? I did get an external srt from the movie, but emby is not using it. if external srt's are better, should I delete all the subtitles in the mkv? also, when playing through chrome it is easy to turn off/on subtitles but when streaming to the roku I did not see a way to do that. Maybe I missed something? as a side note, I noticed makeMKV had no problems pulling the video out of a copy protected disk, interesting! thanks for any pointers!
  19. schmitty

    MK3D support

    Hi, Could the mk3d file extension be added to the 3d file naming conventions? eg. if the file extension is mk3d, then the server shouldn't have to rely on the other naming conventions.
  20. schmitty

    Mkv metadata

    I believe there is a bug where Emby Theatre is not reading track titles embedded in the metadata of mkv's. eg. Blu-Ray's rips I've entered information in each track title such as the Audio info - DTS-X 7.1 English. Emby seems to be creating it's own, eg. Eng DTS 7.1.
  21. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Memoria 32 Gb Intel Core i7-7700 Tengo detalles para la reproducción de contenido en formatos mkv, de hecho haciendo las pruebas de momento el mp4 es el formato que acepta tanto en emby media player como en la app para android.
  22. icedragonslair

    Audio Placement Mask Issues

    I am wondering if this will have any issues the audio in a theater surround system using kodi v18? It seems to be a little heavy on the audio on the right side or is it just me. These are the comparison of the two files (original vs converted) MediInfo entries, should I be concerned? ​​​​​​​ Full audio reports from mediainfo here: my newly converted hevc source: I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please feel free to move if needed. Thanks again for all, Ice
  23. What happened to the Live TV DVR function in the last server release? The folders in the TV library are now named TV show (2018) instead of TV Show, so now I have new series recordings split across two folders. I can recombine them if this is the naming convention going forward, not a huge deal, but it did cause some confusion. A bigger problem is the shows are no longer remuxed to MKV container on the fly, and I no longer am able to find the configuration for this feature in Emby Server. Was the feature removed? If so, why? I thought MKV was preferred to TS for use in these applications.
  24. Hi Folks, I am using Emby for a while now and I really enjoy it for DVD playback - I have digitised all of my DVD library which works great. I have recently moved on to my BluRay library and I am noticing a playback issue using the browser as a player, I also have an emby app on an android TV box and notice the same issue. The server Emby is on is purpose built CPU: AMD FX 6300 Hexa Core Processor 3.50GHz RAM: 32 GB OS: Currently Windows 10, Planning to switch to Server 2016 Storage: OS Disk 500GB SSD 500meg Read 500meg Write (where Emby is installed) Video Storage Disk 1+2 8 TB HDD 7200 RPM 128meg cache The MKV's from the BluRays are usually circa 30GB in size I will say that I am extremely new to emby and video stuff in general so I am not sure what info is useful and what's not. The settings on emby are defaults as per the installation. One thing I noticed when playing the Blu Ray files from Emby is the Network usage shoots up on the emby server - Not sure if its expected/normal or if I need to consider NIC teaming The other thing I noticed is if I sit and suffer the freezes (and there are lots) usually mid way through the movie it will stop freezing and/or happen less frequently unless you rewind or fast forward. Does anyone have any setting recommendations I could try just to rule out simple stuff?? I have done all the usual host stuff such as ensure power management is not switching off stuff, all drivers are up to date, disk read/write is fine and tonnes of space for the temp/cache directory. Any/All suggestions greatly welcome Also if there are some logs I can provide to help, or do a debug during playback, just tell me what and Ill get it done. Cheers M
  25. ok, please bear with me. I am going to provide logs, at end, as well as inline images... I noticed a problem with my EMBY server tonight (Version on windows 10) no recent windows updates, I believe the server updated a week or so ago, but problem only seemed to occur after a reboot tonight. first, got a error message when playing a file (see log #1, emby-nogo-cm-5x13.log ** FILE 1** that's the log just under the main log (I guess the decoder file) I did verify that there is a file there, (as shown below here...) Next I tried another episode Criminal minds emby-nogo-cm-5-14emby-nogo-cm-5x14.log.log ** FILE 2** didn't snap a picture -- same results as previous message. Next is the emby-nogo.log ** FILE 3** at this time i rebooted pc and logged in again. next I tried a file in a different directory and for some reason,emby-ok-tds-2017-120.log also worked. ** FILE 4** I then looked in my logs file, and found something from last week I know (also) worked (last week tonight emby-ok-lwt-fron 01-03-18.log ** FILE 5 ** and last, I included the main-emby-01-03-18-0000.log ** FILE 6** and finally my most current log-file from main-emby-01-06-18-2140.log so, I hope I posted enough info to figure out why some stuff isn't playing again, let me know if I need to add more info, and what. thanks again
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