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  1. mofa2016

    Fetching metadata timeout

    Recently I found Emby could not access to tvdb and tmdb to fetch metadata. I need to use v2ray to proxy those traffic before, because the GFW in China, but I find that there's no traffic going trough my v2ray client now, when starting a "Rreconize" progress. thetvdb.com, api.themoviedb.org, assets.fanart.tv, Those 3 proxy rules are added to my pac settings, and I'm sure the proxy service is functional, I can access to www.thetvdb.com with browser. embyserver.txt
  2. I have hosted my emby server on a vps and using rclone mount as my library . I am currently renaming and sorting all my content . Just had this very simple question I currently have 2 choices Either i can scrap all metadata directly in my google drive using tiny media manager or other tools and don't let emby fetch any metadata. So each TV show & Movie will have its own nfo , posters and everything in its respective drive folder itself . In short emby would read metadata individually for each folder The other option is i can not scrap any metadata externally . Just rename them properly following emby naming convention using any tool and while adding that library , let emby fetch all the metadata for it ( which i beleive it stores locally in /var/lib/emby/metadata ) So my main question is which option do you recommend me ? What would give better performance and quicker loading of metadata ? ( Locally or mounted drive ) On another note - Assuming i have metadata in my source itself , is there any option to ignore the metadata in source library - google drive ie the ones within individual movies and tv shows folder and force use the emby metadata fetched by emby itself ?
  3. Mr.Berzerk

    Writing Meta Data to Files

    Hey, I'm just wondering if it is possible to bulk write the IMDB meta data to my video files. Or have I just not figured out how to do it?
  4. I have all my photos from my dSLR visible on my Emby install and it appears that something is creating PNG files that are the same size as the source content. The issue here is that the source files are typically 5472 x 3648 (Landscape) or 3648 x 5472 (Portrait). Is there a specific reason why it's creating these files for my images? There's absolutely no better to creating in JPG format -- they're already compressed as JPG. I'd expect to see it generate downsized versions at lower resolutions, not convert 1:1 to PNG and waste disk space. Here's some output from windirstat on my Emby server. The PNG images are eating up a solid 1/3 of my disk space right now. It's completely wasteful and the images end up taking a lot longer to transfer and decode on any end clients. You can see in the second image that they're all named "folder.png" or "landscape.png". Server info: - Windows Server 2012 R2 - Emby - Plugins: Auto Box Sets, Channel Downloader, CovertArt, Email Notifications, Genre Cleaner, IPTV, Revision3, Roku Thumbnails, Rotten Tomatoes Reviews, Server Configuration Backup, Server Restart, Trailers
  5. for some not yet decophered reason folder 'louis theroux' although identified correctly on tvdb is given original title 'louis theroux: miami mega jails'. this mistake infects the trakt link, so i cleared original title field in my emby. but it (incorrect original title) came back on refresh locking the name (title?) field (unticking) does not protect original title field as still blank original title is reverted on refresh. can this work if only i knew better (1st time lock metadata user).
  6. As I was correcting metadata for TV's 24, I noticed only 32 People appearing in the Cast & Crew section of the main show page, despite me loading 47 People into the Edit Metadata pop-up. Is there a limit? If so, can this limit be adjusted? 24's Main Screen 24's Main Screen, farther down the page: the Cast & Crew bar At the end of the Cast & Crew bar: Colm Feore and Annie Wersching In the Edit Metadata popup: Woah! There're a lot more names after Colm Feore and Annie Wersching!
  7. Please clarify the "Replace all metadata" wording. Perhaps a following note that says the context of what is being replaced. e.g., When selecting a specific item, e.g., a series or even just one actor, when I click the 3 dots, select Refresh Metadata, the two Refresh mode choices are "Replace missing metadata" and "Replace all metadata". While "Replace missing metadata" feels fairly harmless, I'm never quite sure what "Replace all metadata" is going to do. I really don't want to replace my entire library, I'm just looking to replace this item (series, actor, etc.). So perhaps something like "Replace all metadata for this actor", or even fully generic ".. for this item" Thank you.
  8. Hi there. Many of my movies have missing cast members (image 1). I can manually get them to load (image 2). Is there a way to force Emby to reload / refetch them? If there already is a thread explaining this, please point me there, as I couldn't find one. Thanks in advance.
  9. CathMowr

    Audio MB Data does not show

    There are a couple of artists that do not show their MB data. Why can that be? For most artists with Info this works perfectly.. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I like watch k-dramas, c-dramas etc. Some dramas I can not find in themoviedb or tvdb to grab the metadata, specially the backgrounds and covers. Would be nice to have https://mydramalist.com/ as source of information. Thanks
  11. I know, we probably all have issues with thetvdb, but I haven't found anyone having the problem I have. I'm using the latest version of the plugin as of today. All the metadata gets downloaded in english, even though german is selected. And it doesn't find any primary cover images, all others e.g. background are found.
  12. Meijinhada

    Music Tags Only?

    I've seen some other topics about this, but I'm just....confused and tired. I was using Google Play Music to stream my music if I couldn't use my Fiio, or just got lazy, and for the most part, outside of a few weird quirks, it basically handled my music perfectly fine, tags and all. Now that GPM is going away and YouTube Music is a dumpster fire, I'm looking at just streaming from my Synology again. I tried Plex; no matter what, everything comes out a mess. Then I found Emby, and it seems better at handling tags, but I am still utterly perplexed at what it's doing. It seems to be the single songs more than anything, but some others find themselves messed up. Even though I have it set not to audiodb or MusicBrainz, but to just read my own tags (which have been perfectly fine for years, and JRiver, Google, and Fiio have had no issues reading them), I have a bunch of my songs claiming to be under albums of the folders I have them in when I look at the database, but each track has the proper metadata for the correct album. Others in other big folders are for the most part perfectly fine (like my Chiptunes folder, which has a ton of different folders based on game system, and then album, but even a bunch of them are showing up under "Miscellaneous"). I did finally download Picard, but I then realized if Emby is grabbing the folder name as an album, it won't make a difference. I grabbed a screenshot of what is my Metal & Rock folder (which has what I roughly group together as those two genres for ease of finding stuff). I assume there's either junk tags I'm missing or something else, but I just want to understand why my own tags aren't being followed. Also, do I need to embed cover art in ALL my files to get them to show? Most of my chiptunes are showing art from the folder just fine, but then my Big Finish Audio plays are not, as an example.
  13. DarkKniyt (John)

    MovieDbImageProvider Issue

    Started having issues with getting TMDB data. Specifically, Actor Images. I'm attaching my log file which shows time-out errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated! embyserver.txt
  14. i love having a music videos library but i felt that updating the metadata using the metadata manager was tedious, because my mp4 files are already tagged and my folder structure contains all the info that i need in the NFO files, so i wrote this python script to do the tedious parts for me. this script will: * autofill your NFO files (if you follow the folder structure) * change the sort title so that your music videos are sorted in a pretty way * walk thru your music videos and query your a musicbrainzid for each artist (i forget why i did this, i think it was part of a larger project with automatically getting artwork, but i cant remember) - you only need to do it once per artist what you need to do: * match my folder structure * know how to run python script * change line #44 of code to include your email address (musicbrainzngs.set_useragent('emby_music_video_metadata_manager','20200811','youremailhere@youremail.com') * change line #38 of code to point to your music videos (maindir = 'a:\musicvideos') folder structure: ARTIST NAME ----- ALBUM NAME (YYYY-MM-DD) ---------- ## TRACKNAME.mp4 Notes: month and day are optional... ## is album track number i am new to python. if you use this, its at your own risk, but it works well for me. i have another python script relating to youtube-dl that i will be posting in the other thread i started for that soon. you will see a bunch of commented out code in here. i forget what i was trying to do with it. at the end of the day, all i needed was what is in the script now to get my music video collection looking like the attached screenshot. mvmm_20200811_public.py
  15. I would love to see the option to have Emby show me more advanced Metadata for audio. I tag my files as meticolous as possible and it would be nice to have a display for things like Label, Barcode, ISRC, Catalogue Number, Original Release Date / Media Release Date etc. Basically the values MBP already shows me in it's tagger. But also the more technicals side of things like Sample Rate, Bit Rate, File Format, Mono/Stereo. Video already does that, so why not audio? Also a few more sorting options in Audio would be nice, like having the possibility to sort by Artist AND year, not just one of them. Further I'd love to have the option to turn off backgrounds in certain sections, same with Logos. I like the backgrounds/logos in movies but i dislike them in the music section, sometimes it differs from artist to artist. Another thing is the UI for the IOS Apps, to be more precise the bottom bar. It would be lovely to be able to customise that bar. For example, I don't need fast access to movies on my phone, but on my iPad, the other way around with music. Anyways, thanks a lot for the effort you put into Emby! UI wise I already like it a hundred times more than Plex. EDIT : Not just UI wise. In general.
  16. I am really struggling and need some help. I am trying to set up a large collection of fitness videos in Emby (and Jellyfin and Plex for that matter) and struggling badly. Tvdb does not support fitness videos. Luckily moviedb does, one must enter each workout as a "movie" and tag it is a "video." This works, it downloads a nice poster, but it also pulls down the long file name (e.g. A Little Obsessed - Day 5 Legs) - see Figure 1. Because the rules at moviedb are that each "movie" must contain the series name first, and the workout name second, titles are very long, and they get cut off- so each video is labelled "the same" (see FIgure 2). On the other hand, if I embed the shortened title (eg. Day 5 Legs) in the metadata of the .mp4 and then in Emby select "prefer local metadata" and NO fetchers/agents, I get what I want - nice readable titles - except I don't get the nice poster (only a random segment of the video as a still). Or I can start with that, but as soon as I choose "identify" (or match in Plex) it pulls down the poster and the long title - for the ones that I do that for (see Figure 3). How can I fix this? I have too many videos to update the record for each video in Emby- I am looking for a solution that will work across the board (in part because I am experimenting in Windows but my final server will be on my Nvidia shield- once my disk drive/files/etc are all set up properly). Please help! Suggestions welcome! At one point I tried altering the title with .nfo files, but then it didn't stick- the system used the .nfo file to identify the video, and then pulled down the full poster and long title, and overwrote the .nfo file! (Arrghghg).
  17. It would be helpful if Media Stubs that have online metadata would automatically download (or there be an option to make set it as automatic) additional metadata that normally would be derived from the video file, particularly Duration / Length / Runtime of the video (and then of course actually display that metadata in Emby Theater). I realize that the online metadata may not always exactly match the true duration (eg, a special edition DVD with extra scenes not in the official theatrical length), but anything would be more useful than nothing here. If I'm trying to decide on something to watch it is unfortunate to have to go dig up the physical DVD/Blu-ray (or switch to the online service provider, if is something I have on Vudu, iTunes, etc.) in order to find out how long it is (particularly since movies can vary in length from ~1.5 hours to 2.5+ hours). Thanks!
  18. Premise Emby is a media server which manages a media collection so the user does not have to do so. Basis for Feature Request Part of managing that collection is conversion to modern, appropriate media types that utilise better codecs, better encoding techniques. Presently people do most of this outside of Emby. Discussion The underlying tool being used for conversion is ffpmeg, see attached log. What I would like to see is an Advanced Conversion page which exposes some of these options to allow people to better manage their media conversion requirements. Then save these settings into a user-created named profile which can be exported or imported. This profile is then be applied it to a folder or file in the metadata of their collection. Doing so would initiate a conversion process with the settings of that profile. Benefits Current conversion options are limited. The Original Quality setting gives you files with 3MB/s bitrate from any source. Exposing more advanced options would allow the user to define specific conversion requirements and save them for use in their collection. The ability to export/import settings opens up a whole new class of community support. Conversion profiles can be shared between members and it is quite likely you will end up with a subculture of conversion expertise. As one person rightly said "giving advice on encoding is a lifetimes work" so its the community themselves who can do it best. Given the development of profiles and settings in a community of like minded people these can filter up to the Devs on which advanced features can be included in future releases. Reputation Given the right interest and gradual development Emby could easily become known for the best media management of all its competitors, something to distinguish itself in a competitive market. Devs Encoding and developing of such really is a work of passion. So its could easily become a pet project of some Dev to put together an advanced conversion page internally and slowly test out the options. Support Advanced encoding options are really out of scope when it comes to support. The core product does what it needs so if a forum is created for Advanced Conversion then right up front can be disclaimer that use of non standard profiles is at a users own risk. On the other hand, Emby devs working with the community are likely to develop some included advanced profiles that are supported when used for conversion. Thanks for listening. ffmpeg-transcode-a0dd4aa0-cce4-4e99-9e36-76d7599cc2e1_1 (4).txt
  19. Library set up as Movie library - upon scan library, the search comes us blank every time, even if I manually use "Identify" from the metadata manager. No matter what I put in the search field for movie name. Tried IMDB id and TMDB id and still no joy. This worked all fine just last month - no changes to Synology config or software level. Currently on Emby with Synology DS213 on 6.2.3-25426. Movie Meta Downloader settings are to use The MovieDB first then The Open Movie Database. Thoughts?
  20. Good Afternoon everyone, I have added a season to my library, Emby tags all the shows correctly, but only ads a few to my library. I have already: Checked for (stable) updates Re-started the server. Re-Scanned: Season Show Library. Copied away, Deleted via emby & Copied back the files same files are found, same metatdata applied Not sure what else to try, so here I am. Screenshot: Left Metadata Manager Season 3, Episodes 1-24 found and tagged Episode 2 details shown Right GUI: Season 3 Episodes 6, 16, 22-24 are only episodes showing.
  21. So the bulk of my music files have for some time been Ok and meta data there. These were encoded by Handbrake originally a long time ago. I use TPMGEnc Video Mastering Works 7 for some time for my TV content and Music Videos done in past couple of years (and TV appears fine as does movies using XML based metadata source files). My Music Videos (library type Music Videos) will not extract the meta data contained in the MP4 file even though the library has had this enabled for prefer embedded data. I noticed some errors in the Synology log file and have attached it. I have not messed around with my Emby Server - it simply has been upgraded since 3.5x for each Emby version with no beta versions. Its on 4.4.3 currently. No other 3rd party server apps. I've used iTunes and SoftPointer Tag & Rename - I've always used the latter for all the videos scanned in a while ago, but used iTunes to see if it no longer liked what Tag & Rename was doing. SD Music Videos Encoding Summary: Typically High Profile, component, 720x576 50 frames level 3.1. Interlaced 25fps content deinterlaced to Progressive 50fps. Stereo (320kbps) or Dolby Digital 5.1 (448kbps). Bt709. No HDR metadata. Thanks, embyserver.txt
  22. I'm struggling with artists being randomly assigned to some of my albums. They are either all from 'The President's Own' United States Marine Band, or most of them are from that artist. Within my music directory for Emby every artist has their own folder and there are no music files that aren't in a folder. There are a few random albums in the main directory that aren't nested under an artist (I hope to fix that in the future). In the first image below, note that the artist for each of the albums should be listed as 'The President's Own' United States Marine Band (that's the folder they are in, and the Artist and Album Artist are both listed as 'The President's Own' United States Marine Band within the metadata (that's what the other two images show). Joshua Redman is listed as the artist for two of the albums, but he isn't, and he also isn't the composer. Joshua Redman has his own folder and has 4 albums in the folder, none of which is these albums. I selected Joshua Redman as the Artist within Emby and found that he has many albums, from various artists, that were incorrectly assigned to him (see 4th image). Richard Wagner is a similar story, except that he doesn't have his own folder. Wagner is a composer for some of the "songs" on some of my albums, but not that one. Previously I had this problem, except that these albums were "randomly" assigned to Audioslave. In an attempt to solve the problem, I deleted the library.db and the metadata folder for Emby. After everything loaded, this is what I got. Similar problem, but different artists assigned. I also disabled all media updating from outside sources (last image). Any suggestions to solve the problem? I've attached the directory tree for the 'The President's Own' United States Marine Band folder. Thank you for any help you can provide! Marine.txt
  23. Scenario: I have an external disk full of movies and lend it to my brother. The film folder is full of nicely named or scene named movies, but it's hard for my brother to see/know what some of the films are. It'd be nice to have a "Contents.html" page on the disk that he could open to see the poster view page we get to see in emby! The poster view alone would allow them to work out what most movies were kind of about and whether they want them... but perhaps the posters could be clickable to go to the metadata page for that movie. The page would be generated for a Media Location, so it'd just show what movies that are in that folder, that has been included in an emby library. the html file would be created in the root of that folder. The external drive would be currently holding folders added to emby's libraries... (could it export the moves and data to an external disk?) This 'contents' page would be generated/updated on demand, so if i was lending the disk to my brother tonight, i'd ask emby to create the contents page for this specific media location or to update/recreate it if it had previously been created... The contents.html's images/data would be stored in a folder (just like a saved webpage does), perhaps hidden, say '_embydata'... This would include all the posters, metadata, etc. if they're not already set in emby to be saved in the media folders. All links relative so the whole folder could be moved/copied. The contents page would be paginated, i'm guessing only statically, set at creation time, so 200, 500, whatever... Just a simple poster page would be awesome for what i'm needing, but one with clickable metadate, other bells & whistles would be good later.
  24. I have a EMBY server installed on my Windows10 PC, with "save metadata as nfo" and "Saving artwork into media folders" activated in the library settings. Now I want to build a NAS based on Unraid, surely I backup the files in the list below manually and transfer to new directory as the supporting article indicates. /ProgramData/config /ProgramData/plugins /ProgramData/data/collections /ProgramData/data/playlists /ProgramData/data/displaypreferences.db /ProgramData/data/users.db /ProgramData/data/library.db /ProgramData/metadata But I've noticed the people information in the .nfo files for my media indicating a directory that will be different with those on NAS. Then, the question would be this: Would those links transform properly “After the scan”, directing to the new directory? I am concerned about the people images won't be displayed unless a "Metadata Refresh" is operated. @@cayars
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