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  1. Hi I recently updated to the latest version and realised I could relocate some of the system files. I decided to move the metadata and transcoding folders off the OS drive and onto the faster and raid protected media volume. it looks like that was a really bad move, as i lost all downloaded metadata on the next library refresh. new stuff is fine, but my 10TB of old stuff has no metadata anymore - no people, genre, descriptions etc. just the artwork that is saved to folders. I tried copying the old metadata folder into the new one (its huge ~ 4GB) - restart - re scan - no love I tried manually refreshing metadata from metadata manager (per item and per folder) - no love I tried moving the metadata location back to my user folder - restart - re scan - no love the only thing that seems to work is renaming the file in explorer , a re-scan picks it up as a new item and gets new metadata.. but then i lose all my personal metadata like watched status, apart from the obvious impracticality of manually renaming thousands of files and folders it seems as though the metadata manager rescan / refresh doesn't really work too well Doug
  2. Have tried to search for an existing thread on the subject but could not find. I am experiencing issues with a few titles in my library where the metadata is impossible to update. I cant seem to find any particular similarities between the titles (filetype etc.) It just seems to be random. It can download data from a dataprovider such as TMDB but if I try to change something (add/remove Genre, tags etc.) when I press "Save" it just gets stuck with the turning saving icon forever (tried leaving it for an hour but nothing. We are talking maybe maximum 2-5% of my titles. Anyone that can give directions on how to solve? Log.txt
  3. shedman214

    metadata problem

    Does anyone know how to disable certain metadata agents?? I have one specifically (Proxer agent) that puts my info in a different language I don't understand and it irritates me. so I just want to delete or just disable it since I have no use for it. does anyone know how to do that? if so please give step by step instruction, I am a novice lol
  4. levander

    Random language metadata

    Hi, If refresh metadata by choosing replace all metadata it scrapes data in random language although I set up scraping language to English and country to USA in library config. Anyone has idea what could be wrong or am I missing something? Thanks.
  5. Every show we record has no metadata, file names are date/time format. I've looked through all the settings, refreshed epg xml. We have guide data, don't know why that isn't being pulled through when recording. Cheers.
  6. nikolasd

    Change Library Path

    I really dont't know if the titles corresponds accurately to my problem, so I will give a brief explanation of what happened. I have emby-server installed an an Ubuntu 16.04 Server. For long time, I had this server turned off. So I started it again and first thing I did was to update all packages. My latest version was installed by the repo that existed for Ubuntu package. But since this repo is no longer existing, I updated to the current version, by downloading the deb package and installing it. I think that this way, broke some things up, because here it is the situation I have right now. All my libraries after the update still exists, but cannot be updated. After searching around I found out that in the Metadata manager all my libraries have there path defined to /var/lib/emby-server/root/default, but the actual path is /var/lib/emby/root/default. I tried to change this path to the correct one, but It looks like that is not possible. I want to avoid deleting the libraries and recreating them, since there are a lot of libraries and mainly because almost all the metadata inside those libraries, were created by hand in a period of 2 years. As a work around I just created a symlink /var/lib/emby-server that points to /var/lib/emby/ but if there is some other more straightforward way it would be great.
  7. Hi, I have a music video folder in my library, this contains folders for the artists with the video files in it. No I have enabled the nfo and the xml reader for this folder: So far I've created a folder.xml file for the artist metadata (with LocalTitle, SortTitle and Description in it), but as I'm trying to move to nfo files, I enabled also the nfo saver for music videos: While this works without problems for the video files, there is no nfo created for the artist folder, even if I edit and save the metadata. So this is, what a folder might look like: As you can see, no nfo for the folder, only the old xml file. But when I enter the metada editor in the emby web client, I can edit and save the data, but still no nfo file is created. Also, in the wiki there's nothing about the file names for (artist) folders nfo files, at least I couldn't find something. So what would be the right name for an artist folder nfo file? Also, does anybody know a tool for creating the metadata (nfo files) for music video files, as emby is really bad at automatically creating these (tried with one folder, artist Army of Lovers, video file Crucified (1991).mkv it created metadata for a comletely different artist and song (something with crucified in it's name) from 2003. It could be much easier, if the artist could be read from the tags in the video file (just as it is already done with title, genre and year)... Ciao, Alfred
  8. Hello all, I am hoping someone could offer some assistance. I have recently only started using Emby's collection feature (in the past I would create the Collection folder manually myself). I have set all of my Emby data (cache, metadata, trans-coding) saved locations to another drive on the server Emby is installed on. Everything is running extremely well, however I have a small hiccup regarding Collection metadata. By default, Emby looks for, and stores Collection metadata to it's default location of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\collections I have added a new location to where I have all other Emby data stored, being \\MEDIA-SERVER\MediaBrowser\Collections I manually moved all existing data from the default location, to the new folder, and then removed the default location from the Library, leaving only the new location to monitor. Emby has no issue with this change, displaying the data as it should. However, after a library scan Emby creates a new library with the name Collections1, which has the default location listed against it. I can delete the Library Collections1, but it gets recreated automatically. Also, whenever I create a new collection, it continues to store the information in the default locations, instead of the new location as specified against the library. I have looked at the settings for Collections in Metadata Manager, but it only displays the default path of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\root\default\Collections with no way of changing to the new location. Is there something I am overlooking to get Emby to store all newly created collection data to my new location of \\MEDIA-SERVER\MediaBrowser\Collections ? I am running Emby Server Version Thank you for any help you could offer. Cheers.
  9. AllesMeins

    Add episodes that "thetvdb" doesn't know

    I feel pretty stupid right now, but I can't figure out how to fix this problem. I've the BluRay version of the show Ascension (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/ascension/episodes/5017375) which consists of six episodes. When it originaly aired they always added two episodes together and therefore only aired it as a three-part series. Therefore thetvdb only lists episodes 1 to 3. So I've six files, but emby only accepts and adds the first three to the database. What can I do now? How do I fix this?
  10. I have recently removed my old music collection of MP3s and added a new music collection of FLACs. Emby matched around 80% of the artist with MusicBrainz correctly while I manually updated the MusicBrainz ID with the rest. Emby has pulled down fan art metadata but not the artist 'Overview' information. Is this by design? If not then how do I get Emby to update the 200+ artist in my library? Also, does the Metadata manager section work anymore? My artist artwork does not mirror up with what is shown in my library view. Library view of artist +44 images Metadata manager view of artist +44 images
  11. I use emby along with an rclone mounted google drive and every time it scans the library for new media, it takes a lot of time and bandwidth as well. Now, that's fine for regular use, but, I want to move my server to another computer. And, it looks like I need to re-scan everything and last time, it took 3-4 full days to do that. Is there a better way to migrate the metadata along with the server? I tried storing the metadata along with the media items. But, on testing with a few folders, it seems to be replacing the old nfo files and metadata with new ones after scanning the media again. Is it supposed to do that?
  12. So music video collections have been somewhat hit or miss when it comes to updating metadata (if it exists). I just found http://imvdb.com/ which is the IMDB for Music Videos. Not sure if it could be used at some point to support meta data for music video collections? http://imvdb.com/about Many times my videos are pulling data down for movies based on titles of videos... even if it naming convention is David Bowie - Something, it seems to go off the something and pull metadata from themovidedb.org Anyway, the site looks like its set up in similar fashion to thetvdb.com and themoviedb.org. They have a beta API as well based on the about page. Cheers, Draz
  13. Anim_Tech

    Director Photos

    Hello Again, Back with a fairly simple question (I hope). We would like the director's photo to show up at the bottom of the media page along with the actors - etc. However, there seems to be some built in intelligence that is working against us. When a person is set to "Director" - their photo does not show up along the bottom. When a person is set to blank - scanning the library automatically makes then an "actor". When a person is set to "Actor" (playing "Director") - scanning the library automatically sets them to "Director" and their image is hidden again. The only solution we have is to change every person to "Actor" (playing "Director") - then never scan the library - but inevitably we need to scan again to update files. Any way around this? An option to show the director? A way to disable the clean-up action? I've already removed the "refresh people" task from the scheduled tasks. Thank you very much! -Jonny
  14. I'm using Emby in a docker and just wanted to ask whether I can move the complete config folder to a new server and set up the docker in the exact same way, with the same paths for the library, user and permissions. Will that "just work"? I read about the backup and restore plugin, but I don't want to rescan my library.
  15. Weird that I couldn't find info on this by searching the forums but I'll ask anyway. Apart from the initial metadata collection run when a new item is found, when does Emby (if at all) run a regular missing metadata collection? I've a few episodes that pop up with no images (maybe due to none being available when it was added to Emby) yet if I run a manual search in Emby for images it finds some and uses them. There's no scheduled task for this so when does the server check for any missing metadata on it's library?
  16. Guten Morgen, ein kleines Problem habe ich noch nicht lösen können. Manchmal wird, obwohl in album artist "Various Artists" eingetragen ist, dieser Wert nicht in das Abum übernommen (Screenshot links). Bei anderen funktioniert dies jedoch. Frage: Wo kann ich diesen Wert nachträglich pflegen? Unter Info bearbeiten … kann ich das nicht. bkh ---------------- Good morning, I haven't been able to solve a little problem yet. Sometimes, although album artist "Various Artists" is entered, this value is not included in the subscription (screenshot left). With others, however, this works. Question: Where can I maintain this value afterwards? Under Edit info... I can't do that. bkh
  17. From what I can tell currently videos within the "extras" folder do not get parsed automatically for online metadata, nor do any associated NFO files (from outside of Emby) get parsed. Following up on this post ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40262-why-are-dvd-extras-limited-to-a-single-directory/page-2&do=findComment&comment=377431 ) I thought I'd go ahead and make a request here (and reiterate some of what I posted in the above thread). I'd be interested in NFO support for Extras, both support for writing to NFO, but also for reading an pre-existing NFO on import, like is done for regular items and automatically adding any available online metadata. However, given that the way extras are currently presented (ie, such that you don't really see/view much of their details), I can understand why there currently is not much support for additional details (and thus no NFO file support). Edit: Also, images named the same as a given extras video are ignored. It would be nice if these were picked up as well, like they are in non-extras contexts. Edit: An additional clarification: By "automatic" I do not mean that a external lookup should be automatically performed for every file in the Extras directory, as that would likely be a nightmare of mismatches. Rather, I just mean that if there is an NFO file that goes with a video file, and the NFO file contains metadata (such as IMDB ID, etc.) then an automatic lookup using that data should be performed in order to grab the corresponding metadata for that Extra. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  18. Hello, I have just begun setting up all of my stuff and have been forced to move things around from drive to drive a couple times to get things right spacewise, and during this process I found myself unable to manually edit the paths to folder in my Libraries (perhaps there was a file I could have hand-edited that I'm just not aware of) so in the interest of not having to re-identify problematic shows and whatnot, I thought this time I'd tell Emby to put the metadata in the show's folder, thinking that if it did that the next time it had to scan that folder it would more easily know what show it was and have the data right there. However, now I find there are a handful of loose files in each show's root, which seems a bit off to me. Like I get why they're there and what they're for, but it would be nice if all the in-folder metadata were kept in a folder called "emby" or "embydata" instead of in the root of each show. Maybe it's just me?
  19. rthomas

    Metadata Music Videos

    I don't know if this topic has been covered yet so I give it a try. I.m.o. it doesn't make sense to use metadata from theMovieDB for music videos. It doesn't give any results for metadata and cover and background images. This is normal because the MovieDB doesn't supply data for musicvideos. I think this should be changed to the AudioDB or Musicbrainz. At the moment the only image you get is a screencapture and you have to put in all the metadata manually.
  20. jamvids

    Music Video

    Hi, Sorry to dredge up an old subject but I think there is a solution to a problem. I would love to be able to add music video en mass and have emby automatically do some stuff to make my library pretty. If using a naming convention Artist - Title, could it be made to automatically fill those fields in on the metadata, then look within the local library to link it to Artist and Album and use the same art library as the music one. No external DB required, and you don't need to link to music you haven't got. I don't know how difficult this would be to do but I would love it. Any thoughts?
  21. Season 1 netflix tv-show Dark part of the medata that the scrapper returns is correct but primary image and tv-show summary is from another TV-show (anime) with the same title Dark (anime). I have attempted to identify the TV show and select the right one but it still returns mismatched metadata. Please can you kindly advise.
  22. I'm trying to find some program that can create metadata for my music library. I would like to nest a folder.jpg file in each artist's folder, along with a backdrop.jpg. I have tried going through emby's various settings but I cannot find a way to have emby do this during a library scan. This is for another program entirely, and my music displays correctly in EMC. I also see .nfo files created in all of my album folders. Thanks for the help.
  23. How to setup the server so it has all the necessary metadata and images available even if the server is not connected to internet (lan only)? Let me explain. I just upgraded my synology NAS and planning to setup the old NAS in my parents' place. Since their internet is not fast and reliable, I plan to update their collection through ftp preferably with all the metadata and images from my new nas. In my new nas I have enabled 'Download artwork and metadata from the internet', 'Save artwork and metadata into media folders', and 'Download images in advance'. These settings will be off in the old nas to prevent it from accessing the net. When I copy the folder to the other server, will emby be able to pick it up properly (e.g. not connecting to internet, update internal db if there is any, etc..) ? With the settings mentioned above, I opened one .nfo file and I found the following - trailer links to youtube, even though I didn't enable the trailer setting - some actor images are referenced to /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/var/metadata/People, I'm not sure if this is even accessible remotely, maybe this part I can let emby repopulate from internet. - some actor images are still link to external path e.g. https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/.....Can I force it to download and store it like the previous item? I may have additional questions later, but first, is my plan possible with Emby? If not, what can be done and what cannot be done. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I watch tv in Emby using MediaPortal TV Server and MediaPortal TV Plugin on my Windows 10 PC. EPG is imported dayly and genres are mapped correctly. Recording works fine. However, no movie metadata is loaded by Emby for the elements mapped to the movie genre. Is that a known limitation of using mediaportal TV Server as source, is it a bug or is it just misconfiguration by me ? If it's the last option, how to set that up correctly?
  25. ThermoDust

    Metadata Manager Blank

    Problem is the metadata manager is showing blank. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AtItXRNac1nKhopn5VBM5idumQ4K1g I tried removing the libraries and readding them. The scan shows complete. I rebooted a few times and still nothing. When you go into the meta data manager it shows blank. Log: https://1drv.ms/t/s!AtItXRNac1nKhopmXTJpmqpBV87EbQ
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