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  1. Hello Since the last Emby update, Any time I add a new movie that has multiple version (Like 4K, 1080p) The filters only seem to pick up the 1080p file rather then the 4K File An Example is attached: I have Glass in 4K HDR along with a 1080p 10bit version. The NFO file is attached to the 4K video but when I filter by 4K it will not show up,
  2. rechigo

    Not finding TV show metadata

    Emby seems to be having trouble scanning the metadata for a series I have. My library type is set to Tv Shows and I have all metadata sources in use to try to search for the metadata. My series is "Star Wars the Clone Wars" and the episode names are in the format "Star Wars The Clone Wars 03X15 Overlords.mkv" Where "03X15" represents the season and episode, and "Overlords" is the episode name in this case. I am running server version (latest) Any help would be appreciated as there is no way I am going to manually search for/enter the metadata for 6 seasons (over 150 episodes) worth of video.
  3. Hello, Please add an option (button or checkbox) to copy parental ratings to season and episode level.
  4. schmitty

    Parental Ratings display

    Hello, Could the the parental ratings for movies be imported/displayed from TheMovieDB the same as they are for tv series. eg. MA15+ instead of AU-MA15+? Also, use the same display method in the drop-down menus in the metadata editor.
  5. Problem Scenario: Episodes have the correct episode name/title but the wrong episode order or sequence. Issue: In these problem scenarios, Emby overlooks the correct episode name/title in favor of episode order/sequence and fetches/displays metadata as such causing the wrong episode names/titles to display in Emby. Feature Request: Implement an override mechanic (at the series level) that will match/fetch metadata of the episode filename(s) based on the episode's name/title listed with the metadata provider. Feature Request Design: When the override is enabled for a particular series, the episodes for that series will have its metadata fetched and displayed based primarily on the episode's name/title and would automatically sort it or sequence it based on that. This way if you're not certain (or know for sure) that there's a mismatch between the episode name/title, Emby would compensate using the override so the user doesn't have to manually rename all affected episodes from affected series' to match the episode listing from the metadata provider. Practicality: This would alleviate the need to match verbatim the episode names/titles and their corresponding ordering/sequencing by the primary metadata provider. Plus if you have to do renaming anyway; you could focus solely on the episode name/title instead of in addition to the episode order/sequence which would moderately decrease the amount of effort/time one would spend renaming episodes provided they already know what the names/titles should be for the episodes. Override Scenario 1: The filenames have pre-populated episode names/titles and ordering/sequencing but there's a mismatch with the metadata provider Override Scenario 2: The episode naming/title/ordering/sequencing from the physical source doesn't match the metadata provider (due to user error or listing mismatch with metadata provider) Application: Tv Show Library Content Types Why does this need to be Added? Depending on the source of the media, there are scenarios where information/metadata is pre-populated (showname, episodename, episodeorder, etc) for the filenames and instead of having to correct partially inaccurate or partially disordered filenames (even though though the episode name/title is verifiably correct), The user could click a box to enable this override for each series that fit the problem scenario and/or the override scenarios without having to re-name/re-title/re-sequence who knows how many individual episodes
  6. There are some media items (Anime, TV Shows, Cartoons) that have the wrong episode titles & metadata fetched which is causing a mismatch in episode numbers and episode titles. Now most of these items have the actual episode name and episode number in the filename but when metadata is fetched; the episode order and naming is all overwritten and trying to manually correct this via the metadata manager is daunting. Does anyone have recommendations on how to prevent this or have it recognize or populate episode metadata based solely on the filename and order the episodes based on the filenames? These filenames with episode title and episode titles are pre-populated from streaming sources (Hulu, Prime Video, etc). I would like to have it auto-recognize and auto-order the episodes based on the filenames because i don't know for sure that the filenames that came from the streaming sources are correct as is. Even if it doesn't match the episode ordering of the metadata fetchers; at least have the episode names right and re-order as needed. Would it be better to just remove the episode ordering from the filenames and just leave the name of the episode by itself?
  7. EduardoSantos

    Movie metadata language

    I am running Emby Though configured to Portuguese Emby gets English metadata for movies except for the tagline. See image below.
  8. I have content (in my case work-related seminars, workshops, etc) that does not exist in any online metadata DBs and which I'm trying to organize in a "Home Video" Content Type Library. I would find it very useful if we could populate a few metadata fields by following a particular Filename Pattern. My proposal is that support be added for the following two filename patterns (the first one is my preference, but I think some people might also prefer the second in some instances): (20190415) This Is A Title [People A+People B].mkv This Is A Title (20190415) [People A+People B].mkv (20190415): yyyymmdd, which then populates the fields Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy) and Year (yyyy). If the user enters only a partial string, such as (2019) or (201904) then the provided data still updates the corresponding fields (and whatever is not provided is left blank). This Is A Title: Populates the Title field. [People A+People B]: Populates People, ie, People A is one person, People B is another, and so on. The plus sign "+" acts as the delimiter, which enables more than one person to be indicated. The limit to how many People can be added this way would just be the limits of how long a filename can be (which is an OS-specific limit). A Title or Date (one of the two) would be required, but the People string would be optional. If someone just uses the Date (20190415) then that would populate both the relevant date fields, and it would populate the Title field, eg, with "20190415". I propose that this feature be Enabled for new Library creation (only for Home Video Content Type Libraries), but disabled for existing Home Video Libraries (so we don't mess up anyone's existing content). And of course the feature could be Enabled/Disabled via a checkbox in the Library Settings. Perhaps the Setting could be called "Populate Metadata via Filename" and there could be a link to a wiki article on Github explaining the proper syntax. However, if the Devs feel that this should be treated as an Advanced feature and disabled by default for new Library creation I'm fine with that too. Thanks for considering my request! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  9. schmitty

    Track titles

    Hello, Awesome job with adding the track title settings into the latest server release. Is it possible this could be expanded on, by adding an override at the metadata level, as well as a manual option based on the auto-generated titles.
  10. There's various old threads regarding this and Tags: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/37700-autocomplete-tags/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40912-metadata-manager-tags-autocomplete/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/66541-autocomplete-metadata-tags/ I propose making Metadata fields such as Genres, People, Studios, Tags (and any other field this might make sense for) Autocomplete-capable so that we can start typing and see a list of existing options to choose from. This will help a lot with making sure we are staying consistent and not accidentally adding a new variation on an existing value. Thanks for considering my request! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  11. schmitty

    Local metadata

    Hi, I would like to know if Emby Server will still create metadata in media folders when a movie has different versions. And, if so... how do I get it to create the files, if they don't already exist? I have tried doing a library scan of the affected library.
  12. Generalfuzuki

    Latest TV Shows not in order

    Hi, I have tried a couple of tools to set the Metadata on my TV shows and looking through the Release and Added dates correspond to their air date. However on the Home screen 'Latest Shows' they are not in order of release or added date. For example looking through the first six shows I have shows from 2017-Present/2019-Present/2018-Present/2008-2014/1973-1978/2014-2016/2001. I have removed and re-added the library but no change, all my Movie sections are correct. Any suggestions ?
  13. Lately the process to download images and metadata based on a successful manual "identify" is taking upward of 5-6 minutes, and the only client-side indicator is the spinning circle. Woudl it be possible to have more of a progress bar that shows the different stages? My suggestion would be - "searching" - Successfully Identified via [tvdb, imdb, etc] (or "failed to identify given search parameters" - Downloading Metadata - Downloading Cast Images - Downloading Cover art - Downloading Background (if applicable) - Populating.... ("Replacing Images" if checked)... Done! with a notification of a fail state and possibly the number of assets being downloaded (if the API for each individual site allows) Thanks
  14. Hi, I was wondering if I can change or customize the data fields whiche are shown in the library. This is probably a more general question, but I couldnt find any hint which draws me into one direction. Using a browser to browse through the library I click on Music -> Album and I get an overview of albums. It also shows below each album picture the TITLE of the album and the ARTIST. Lets say I would like to change this to TITLE and GENRE (for whatever reason). Or swap TITLE - ARTIST to ARTIST-TITLE. Is this possible? And how can I do this? Thx Tob
  15. Hello, Ever since relocating the Emby data directory and rebuilding the library, I can no longer seem to retrieve internet metadata. Even via the Identify function. See the attached log file. embyserver.txt
  16. jeremymeyers

    Media Stub Box Sets?

    This was not covered in the media stub wiki. does the media stub feature only feature "one movie per folder"? I'm trying to add my Lord Of The Rings Collection blu-rays like this /movies/Lord of the Rings/ /movies/Lord of the Rings/The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).bluray.disc /movies/Lord of the Rings/The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (2002).bluray.disc /movies/Lord of the Rings/The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (2003).bluray.disc But Emby is displaying Fellowship of the Ring three times in my collection (even though the paths are unique and correct). Do I need to create separate folders for each movie even though they are just stubs?
  17. Hi Everybody, Can anybody help me figure out why some of my album artwork is not showing up in the Emby Media app? I don't rely on Emby Metadata Fetchers to get the album artwork, each of my music files has the album artwork embedded in the file itself. Most of the artwork is showing up, but about 5-10 out of every 100 albums (5-10%) is missing it's album cover. I was able to get a lot of them back by recopying the music files again to my new music location (server), overwriting the existing files with the one same files. However, I'm still missing about 2-3 out of 100 now. Thanks anybody/everybody! James
  18. marauder

    old/unused metadata cleanup

    Is there a way to clean up or remove old metadata from the system. I have all my metadata stored on a dedicated SSD drive instead of with the files. I found it to be much quicker loading doing it that way. I used to have a library folder path for temporary files which i hadn't watched then they would get moved to their final location. I'm worried this caused a lot of duplicates. I've since removed that directory. Just wondering if the system auto cleans up metadata if the file isn't there or if there's a way to I can trigger it to it. I deleted the folder, but my metadata usage did not decrease. I've got 721 Movies, 12000 tv episodes, 3000 Music files. My metadata drive is currently 45gb which seems pretty large. I'm reluctant to delete a folder in my library and readd it as I went through and made sure each file had the correct metadata and photos(banner, primary, logo) Is that sizing normal? I worry as my SSD is only a 64gb as i figured that would be plenty.
  19. siu99ss2

    Temp Metadata

    Hi, Am I correct in thinking that:- 1) If I use Emby in the first instance to tag a new episode (during library scan) with no files saved with local media ie nfo or image, the server will read this metadata from the library database? 2) But if I later retag the metadata manually using a third-party app and save the files with local media then the server will prioritise the local metadata first? 3) And as long as I have Xml preferred over Nfo as priority then the new local xml metadata will be read over the server database nfo file? Thanks Sat
  20. Let's talk about a real full migration and the separation of metadata and mediafiles. I know i know, you system architects of emby have had discussions and thoughts about this topic enough i guess...But i want to ask you to maybe rethink one or two things about the structure of emby. But hold on, before you think: great, another non-programming average Joe who thinks he knows things better than we do... just let me explain. The fact that i am here right now, writing this post about emby is because: i love it As a long time kodi-user i instantly fell in love with emby the moment i installed it and started using it. I mean, kodi gives me some more options and fine-control on how I want to structure my library where emby is limiting me, and emby has some little flaws here and there. But the overall feeling about emby is just awesome! So, i ditched Kodi for emby and never looked back...until now. I'm in a similar position as @@Kirk137 in his post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61721-best-migration-strategy/ or like @@flort in this post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47767-manual-backuprestore-userdata-and-changed-paths/ Due to some hardware and software-changes, i'm in the process of having to migrate from a emby macOS installation to a Ubuntu-based Linux installation. Even though my case is about macOS/Linux-migration, my problem is related with the general migration-process and metadata-management, and therefore belongs in the "general"-forum. So, as besides of the root-path from my mediafiles, nothing has changed and i thought: this won't be a big deal...just copying the database, correcting the rootpath for the mediafiles and boom it's done. Should only take one hour at best. But this was thought too short. I followed the instructions from https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup and was a little shocked when i read this in the documentation: How can it be that a software like emby, so powerful and well written/supported, has no proper 100% backup/migration-process? I followed the instructions for a manual backup anyway and now i have a "partially" migrated/backed up new database. After the re-indexing scan of 1-2 hours, the files are there and users and everything else - but the manually edited, handcrafted movie-entries are ALL gone. And this is a huge bummer as i putted in A LOT OF TIME identifying the movies/videos/shows by hand while remaining their original filenames!(sometimes this is possible sometimes not) So, the whole migration-process took 4-5 hours by now and still isn't complete/finished and satisfying. And right now i don't know where to go or what to do to get this done. I for myself and i don't think i'm alone in this - need a proper way to backup and migrate a whole installation. And with whole installation i mean whole. This should not only include: Server configuration Users User data (playstates, favorites, etc). Installed plugins Plugin settings Playlists but also: library/index metadata views full cache(people,pictures,movieinfos,artistinfos) Manually edited, handcrafted movie-entries. When nothing besides the rootpath of my mediafiles and the paths to the config files have changed, i don't really understand nor can't i find good reasons why i should have to put my hardware, and my nerves to so much stress(io-workloads) re-indexing, re-downloading, re-editing and re-configuring the whole library when the data are already available somewhere(old machine). I mean, i can understand that from a programmers perspective a migration/backup-process is no simple task. But from a users-perspective it should not be extremely more than: Ok, ok, i know. It's not just a single button-press and everything is magically done in 2 minutes. And i am fine with copying config files by hand, and running well documented pre-written SQL-queries etc etc. But in the end a migration/backup-process should be 100%, and not just 50-60%-ish. And now comes the part about emby, that i completely dislike and reject: The structure of handling data and media. The idea about saving metadata with the mediafiles might seem appealing and easy first of all...but when you think about it its not that great at all. Here's why. I don't want any tool than my file-manager and my brain to get in the way of my structure and naming-conventions. Therefore i only mount my media-folders read-only for emby, kodi and other tools. I do this because i don't want any bug, user or coincidence to threatening me with the possibility of messing, deleting, renaming or restructuring my media-files/folders. I need to preserve the structure and names of my files and folders to some degree for archiving-and a lot of other reasons. So i don't want emby or other tools to write nfo-files all over the place or rename anything. Yes i know about the possibility of recognizing files by hash even when the filenames have changed, but this is no option as i need to preserve the original filenames. When you think about it, why would you want mix up two categories of datatypes(data and media)? For me personally it feels way more natural when i have the two separated. I have one place for data and one for media. The other really big problem i have is when this idea of "saving local metadata to media folders" is the only possible way of a given migration-process. Without another given option it feels like getting told: You ether swallow our nfo-mess in your file-structure or you have to redo the whole indexing and editing-process with every crash or system-migration! Ouch! Most of other media-libraries like itunes, kodi, subsonic etc. separate the two datatypes while maintaining full migration-ability. Sometimes emby is also forcing me to rename files/folders just to get indexed correctly. For example when episodes of a show are named E01 instead of EP01...or when a show/anime hasn't episode-numbers splitted by seasons etc. While you are reading this, you might be thinking: What do you want from me?! Let me tell you: First of all, i need help. Medic please! I need to get this migration-process done without the need of having to re-edit all the rare movies and videos i edited by hand(took me weeks to months!) I need a way(detailed instructed how-to) on how to migrate 100% of my library from one machine to another. Give us the ability to just change the root-path of already indexed files after a migration. This should avoid the need of reindexing. Maybe implement a routine that searches for filenames in case of files are restructured(but saves the metadata until the user deletes the metadata). I please you to rethink/rewrite/expand you backup/migration-process. So it becomes easier, complete and hassle/io-stress-free. I please you to overthink your thoughts on the handling of data (metadata,user,movie etc) and mediafiles. A clear separation is needed imho. A separation would also make a full true migration-process easier i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please give us the ability to index custom naming-conventions without the need of renaming files and or folders. Kodi is great starting point as it has given me this possibility. I'm pretty sure that i missed a lot of thought's i had but this is already long enough. I hope i described everything clearly, if not don't hesitate to ask me questions. I also hope that other users voice their opinion about this issues. Thank you for emby and for your attention. Cheers kaizo
  21. tony@awtrey.com

    Metadata not working properly in Mixed Content

    I recently upgraded from 3.3.x.x to under Debian Linux. I have had some custom video content that has simple filenames like '02-16.mkv' and Emby 3.3.x.x previously displayed the title as '02-16' and a thumbnail from the video which was exactly what I wanted. I set the libraries up as Mixed Content and I didn't have metadata fetching enabled for those libraries. After upgrading to, all my mixed content libraries have decided I really wanted metadata after all. So now '02-16.mkv' has become 'My Bloody Valentine: University of London Union 16/02/1989' and has replaced my video thumbnail with an irrelevant image. To verify the bug, I deleted the library and recreated a new library, explicitly disabled all metadata refresh and sources, but the metadata in that library continues to refresh incorrectly. I have gone into the metadata manager and corrected the data, locked it and the library, then rescanned the libraries so I could get the original thumbnail images. The refresh process unlocks my locked videos/libraries and returns the incorrect information. Is this a bug or a "feature". It would be a shame if I could never do a top-level metadata refresh without overwriting all my correct metadata and thumbnails with garbage. Simply providing me a minimum filename length for metadata matching would correct this problem as well, since most of my custom content is month-year filenames like '02-16.mkv'. Tony
  22. Hallo, ich mache gerade meine ersten Gehversuche mit Emby nach Umstieg von Synology auf FreeNAS. Da ich eine ziemlich große Sammlung von TV-Beiträgen (technisch also: home video) nach emby umgezogen habe, würde ich mir gerne die Arbeit ersparen, alle Metadaten (vor allem Titel, Kategorien) manuell erneut eingeben zu müssen, und wollte stattdessen die Metadaten direkt durch Bearbeiten der SQLite-DB ergänzen. Mit den Titeln hat das schon funktioniert (Zuordnung über den Dateinamen). Nun habe ich eine Frage zur Speicherung der Genres in Emby Gibt es da "best practices", Genre-Einträge per SQL zu importieren? Wenn ich es recht sehe, werden Genres bei "Home Video"-Inhalten an zwei Stellen in der Relation "MediaItems" abgelegt: Einmal in der Spalte "Genres" beim jeweiligen Dateieintrag, jeweils getrennt durch pipe-Symbol | ; und dann nochmals für jedes Genre ein eigener Eintrag mit Type 21. D.h. wenn ich zu den Dateieinträgen Genre-Angaben in SQL ergänzen möchte, muss ich wahrscheinlich sowohl die Genre-Spalte des Eintrags füllen als auch einen eigenen Eintrag mit MediaType 21 anlegen? Punkt 2 (eigener Eintrag) macht mir Kopfzerbrechen, da hier noch zwei Spalten zu befüllen wären, von denen ich nicht weiss, wie man hier die Werte manuell generieren kann: guid und PresentationUniqueKey. Kann ich die Werte hierfür irgendwie im Rahmen des SQL Insert generieren, oder geht das zuverlässig nur über das Web-UI? Bin für jeden Tip dankbar!
  23. Since joining Emby last December, I have spent a lot of time organizing my media libraries, including correcting any mis-'identify' linking, updating metadata, and even setting custom "sort as" information to organize my libraries. Then the previous media server updated versions came out, I installed the new server version, and to my dismay, all of that custom information and work was lost! as the server restarted and essentially ran what looked like a fresh scan and link process. So much work and time, gone in an instant. I suspect that there's a way for me to help ensure this doesn't happen again, before I install the latest update. I appreciate any guidance or tips to help ensure that I don't make this same mistake again. I did find the 'lock this metadata' near the bottom of the metadata screen for each individual piece of media - is that sufficient to select to preserve my inputs? Or is there more to be done. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi all, I am having a problem and been playing with settings for a while now with no luck. I had the server setup when started and I was able to have people images saved under metadata/people/<letter>/<firstname><name> and the server read them from there and it all worked fine. I had to reinstall the server after I had to reset my windows system and unfortunately had no backup at the time to restore from (now I do - learned my lesson). The problem is I can't figure out what setting I had that made it possible for me to have people images that I upload from the interface or that are downloaded being saved under metadata/people. What I have now is that all actor images get saved into metadata\library\f2\f2dff2778123417793a6226ac6ad8cd4\folder.jpg metadata\library\f2\f2dff2778123417793a6226ac6ad8cd4\backdrop.jpg instead of the old way metadata\People\A\A. J. Langer\poster.jpg metadata\People\A\A. J. Langer\fanart.jpg Also, the new setup completely ignores the people folder in metadata and doesn't match any existing ones. Any help to getting this working as it used to would be greatly appreciated. Emby Server Version is
  25. I am completely devastated here. My Emby Server upgraded to v4 last night (something I have really been looking forward to). Now it seems like a majority of my locally created metadata (mainly for my extensive Music Video library) is completely gone!!?? The paths are pointing to the right location where the data was before and after the upgrade. I have tried to re-assign the paths again and then run several new library scans with no change. I have restarted the pc and the Emby Server several times. Now I am getting a slight panic attack that the YEARS of tagging all these videos with actors, composers and directors is forever gone! And since there is no Metadata supplier to talk of, it is not possible to quickly re-create. What can I possibly do? Help! :-( (The logfile I want to attach is more that 90 MB so I cant attach that one) embyserver-63683222140.txt hardware_detection-63683222143.txt
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