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  1. Since Version 3.0.5168.16132 folder.png and backdrop.jpg for plugins (podcasts, trailers) are no longer coming into effect in eg. dashboard home screen.
  2. Hi, I have just got a WDTV lIve SMP, and have been creating backdrops and covers and xmls for all my movies but have found that for the ones I have done, MB3 is now not showing the movie.xml metadata that I had previously. see as follows my folder info now... as you can see it has new info and xml tagged as same as the movie file plus cover, fanart,sheet and another cover jpg tagged same as movie file. What shows in MB server (latest beta build) using MB Classic is the cover (folder) discart, backdrop and media info but nothing else, no synopsis or genre etc from the xml, nor studio icons. Is there someway I can have both xmls inside my folders, and have the metadata showing? I hope it's just a setting somewhere I can manage as I have gotten 3/4 of the way through my movie collection and would hate to have to go back and delete all the wdtv info...(would make using the wd live a bit cumbersome as well;) Thanks for any advice and help!
  3. Right now, if I have a video and MB3 thinks it has found a match in one of the online searches, if it guesses wrong, I have to empty out all the fields. If you created a "clear metadata" or "reset metadata" button on the Metadata tab, it would be very helpful. Second, you might consider adding one option to Metadata Settings > Fields. If you could tell MB3 to not fetch any External ID's from the fetchers, this would be ideal. Sometimes when MB3 gets things wrong and you clear out the External ID's and refresh, it will repopulate the field with the incorrect data, and there's no way to stop MB3 from doing that at this point. Finally, this is the goal of the feature request. Sometimes I have movies that are not listed in online databases (for example, some of my Home Videos were identified and metadata was added from an online fetcher, and it took a long time to clear out the data). The feature I wanted most was just to create the primary image, but there's not a really good way of doing that - right now I just clear out every metadata settings > fields except for the Images and backdrops, but the metadata fetcher ID settings get in my way because it automatically downloads the images once it detects the movie. Consider adding a button on the Images tab to simply "Create Primary Image" and "Create Backdrop(s)", and you might consider adding an input to create multiple backdrops or primary images so a user can choose which ones they want to use. A button on this tab to "Delete All Primary Images" and "Delete All Backdrops" and finally "Delete All Images" might also be helpful. Thanks!!
  4. PoBear

    Searching for Metadata

    I have a question about manually collecting metadata in MB3. I have searched the forum and can't see any answer. I am a recent convert to MB3 previously I have been collecting metadata with the original version of MetaBrowser which worked well, but is not having problems where the metadata sources have been updated. One of its features allows you search for a TV programme or film and get a list of likely candidates back so if you have a different spelling or there are two versions of a film you can select which one to use. I can't find a similar feature in MB3? I have a number of TV Series and Films that have been misnamed or the wrong version selected, I know I could go in and manually correct the base data so it is a better fit, but it sort of defeats the object of automatic collection if you have to go to theTVdb, etc.. If it's not available, is it something that could be provided, perhaps an error file could be produced which the user can then process through MB3 by providing extra information? Thanks in advance
  5. icedragonslair

    Phantom Episodes Since Last Update?

    Does anyone know why this behavior is happening and how to stop it, it is very annoying Nearest I can figure is it is automatically downloading some sort of placeholder for unreleased episodes from tvdb...this is just wrong and should not happen at all when all of the metadata scrappers are turned off, oh wait, they keep re-enabling when any update is installed and then I have to go in and remove them manually...is there a a way to remove the scrapping capability from this server all together? It is more of a hassle then it is worth Thank you, Ice Server Version 3.0.5171.19958 Also is there a way to make my specials (season 0) not be mixed in with the other seasons in the order they were released? Example: Season 0 --S00E01 - Misc when displayed on theater and browser it show s up as Episode 000-0001 in Season 1 Becoming more and more frustrated with the little things, like these and others (turning off all updates only to have the program update anyways and then reset all of my settings). Making me re-think xbmc or the new plex theater as an altrernative
  6. Is there a way we could make a change to a top-level folder metadata element and have it apply to the children inside the folder? What would be helpful is if I could say "apply custom rating to children" or "apply metadata settings to all children" so that any folder or movie/TV show would get a setting that was set at a higher level. When I have the rating system turned on and apply the setting that any unrated movies/TV shows will not be shown on a single user account, then when I dump some home videos into a folder, that user can't see them until I go through and manually apply a rating to every file in that folder. Sometimes if we download everything from our video camera, it could be hundreds of files, and it becomes tedious to do. It would make life easier if there was an automated way to apply settings to all files inside a folder so that the rating system would work. It might also be helpful for other settings inside the folder within reason (you don't want to apply a Name field to everything inside the folder).
  7. I dont know if this has been already asked...search didnt yield anything relevant. But it would be a nice to have
  8. Since updating to 3.0.5170.675 a few days ago, I'm not seeing images, posters, and any metadata for anything in my collection. Is there any way I can force it to do a full refresh? This seems to happen from time to time when there is a major update. Wow... this is immensely frustrating. All the images (folder.jpg, backdrop.jpg, etc.) and all the xml files are there, but nothing is being read.
  9. Hi there, I have the server side installed on a server 2008 R2. when i try to manually change the metadata - like name and Overview i click on "save" but nothing happens - i used to see a small pop-up box that would appear and say something like item saved.. but with this tv.show for example.. nothing happens. Why is this ? Thanks.
  10. The tags are not heavily used at the moment. We just haven't gotten there yet. So, they won't do much other than have some sort of impact on what items are considered "similar".
  11. So I created a folder this morning for Ben 10 Omniverse Season 3 and put ep 1 in it. The show is recognized. If I create a season 2 and refresh, that season is recognized and the season (primary) image is downloaded. Season 3 is ignored though - no image download, the episode doesn't refresh with data. Everything looks correct on tvdb that I can tell. Season 3 is there, there's a season image for it, and the episodes are listed. I'm not sure if this is on MB3's side or if there's some special character on tvdb throwing something off...? http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=260995&seasonid=577066&lid=7 I looked through the logs and see plenty from automated scans and such, but noticed that when I click refresh metadata in the server editor, nothing's being logged in the server logs. Is there somewhere that the simple refresh activities are logged differently than the scheduled tasks?
  12. @Aphid I was not entirely sure what tidy genre meant since no where does it mention what it does but I figured it out after experimenting with it. Well I believe there is a bug with the latest release. It seems that when it fetches the genres it does add them to the series.xml file but it appears blank on the web client even after refreshing over and over. I tried this with "Max Genres:0" and up to 5. What I found that fixed it was that I had to go into the xml, make a change manually and save it. I ran a refresh and the genres appear. Not sure what's going on since the xml appears fine. Edit: I don't want to open up a topic for every issue I find even though it is the proper way but I want to also mention that when I change Max Genres to 6, 7 or more it still only adds 5 genres and the rest to tags. Using 0 as the max does assign all the tags as genres though.
  13. Taffer

    Metadata error

    Since swapping from MB2 to using MBC I have found that some of my TV show metadata is showing incorrectly, It used to show the correct info when using MB2 but since moving the drives to a new server machine and loading MBC I now get the wrong metadata info for some tv shows. Is there a way to renew / refresh or delete and start again with the metadata on the server ? Never mind as soon as I went back to the server dashboard I clicked on the little pen like icon and Bazinga suddenly it was all clear
  14. When I copy a new movie to the library/folders watched by MS3, is rightly pick up the added content. However it does not seem to be able to recognize it and match it with metadata. The new content is one movie file in one directory, moved to the movie folder. The folder is named as "Iron Man 2 (2010)(1080)". When I then manually goes to the library in the meta data browser and change the name to "Iron Man" and hit update metadata, it works. However, I then still have to manually update the primary image in the metadata browser, as this process does not do that, but retains a screenshot as primary image. Am I doing something wrong since it does not pick up the metadata automatically? BTW, I know I have been after you guys the past days with questions and all. After working with MB3S the last couple of evenings, it is only minor things I have run into. It a good piece of software. Good job, guys and thank you very much for your effort and for putting this out there for free, and for helping out and all!
  15. On the latest Dev build the server no longer grabs and saves metadata. I have to manually look up the movie on IMDB and then use the web browser to Edit and add the IMDB number then click Save and refresh the data. Then I have to manually go select a cover for the movie. Wasn't sure if this was a known issue yet or not, I know you guys are working a lot on the metadata stuff and I really like the automatic organization of TV shows that's in the latest Dev build, it works great!
  16. Note: This issue was sort of described in this topic but I have started a new topic to more directly describe the issue and the plug-in in detail. @@Aphid hope you read this. Issue: Ever since installing the Anime plugin (awesome by the way since it adds so much missing information) it has started to replace many of my covers from many anime series. Even after putting the covers back how I want them, every 24 hours or so they would revert back to what the anime plugin finds. How do I know this? Covers found from server (thetvdb) Cover that I selected and fetched from thetvdb Every day or so I find that the Cover changes to one that is not available from thetvdb Looked at sources for Anime plugin and found AniDB A search for the item anidb revealed the cover that was being used to replace thetvdb covers Log snippet: 2013-11-26 04:00:47.2583, Debug, ProviderManager, Running AnimeSeriesProvider for \\Star-pc\tv\Anime\Dragon ball GT 2013-11-26 04:00:47.2583, Debug, AniDB, Identified Dragon Ball GT as AniDB ID 233 2013-11-26 04:00:47.2583, Debug, ProviderManager, Running AniDbSeriesImagesProvider for \\Star-pc\tv\Anime\Dragon ball GT 2013-11-26 04:00:47.2653, Debug, AniDbSeriesImagesProvider, Downloading primary image for Dragon Ball GT from http://img7.anidb.net/pics/anime/332.jpg 2013-11-26 04:00:47.2653, Info, App, HttpClientManager.Get url: http://img7.anidb.net/pics/anime/332.jpg 2013-11-26 04:00:47.4124, Debug, ProviderManager, Saving image to \\Star-pc\tv\Anime\Dragon ball GT\folder.jpg I have attached the portion of the log where it shows doing this. Maybe there needs to be an option to only replace missing artwork if it finds preexisting images?
  17. Just like the title says. I'm not getting any posters to show up just the metadata. Thanks, S.
  18. Netbug

    Metadata for Extras

    (I was sure I saw this asked before... possibly by me... but can't seem to find the thread). I know how the folder structure for extras in movies works, but what is the naming convention and is there a way to retrieve meta data for extras? What's the source? Thanks.
  19. I bought my kids 'Clash of the Titans' (The 1981 original) but MB coded it as the recent remake. Everything I try within the admin console fails - I tried altering the IMDB reference in the 'Edit' screen, tried deleting the XML files from the folder, etc, but no dice. (The folder name does have the year in brackets, but that hasn't helped). Is there a technique for a) Manually overriding the auto-selected Metadata if MB doesn't do the job correctly Forcing a cleardown and refresh of the Metabase (either for a single entry, or for the whole volume) from scratch.
  20. @Aphid Earlier this week I wanted to add the anime specific genres to each show and what I found was that almost all the series had their episode metadata overwritten. For example the Dragon Ball collection, I have each series (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT) in their own series folder but the plugin assumes that the seasons located in Dragon Ball are the DBZ and DBGT so it gives it wrong episode metadata. I realized this too late the way it expects the multi show series to be organized like Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Digimon etc. I spent the week putting the metadata back for all my shows and then locked everything. Then I saw the new features added to the updated plugin "move excess genres to tags" and "tidy plugin". Thank you for that by the way, really appreciate it. So with that I decided I was going to add all those new genres to the shows but I proceeded to unlock only the series.xml (parent level) and the episodes contained " <LockData>true</LockData>". On the metadata editor in media browser web client it would show the seasons and episodes as locked but not the series folder which is what I wanted in order to fetch the new genres. Well I ran a refresh and when it was all over I found that the metadata for all the episodes were changed again.
  21. Is there an easier way to manage the metadata for folders that aren't part of the default? My scenario: I have an "Adults" profile for my wife and myself that uses the default library which has 6 libraries: 3D, Music, Kids Shows, Kids Movies, Shows, Movies. I have a "Kids" profile for my kids (duh!) that is a subset: they only have access to Kids Shows and Kids Movies. For the default library, I was able to set primary images and sort order text, but for the kids I had to figure out that they were stored in MediaBrowser-Server/root/Kids and add folder.png to them (and I guess I'll add xml for the sort orders). Some thoughts: Can I temporarily make that profile able to edit metadata and I'm guessing I'd be able to use the web and then turn that off? What if there was a folder in their library that wasn't already part of the default, how would I manage that? Would I be better off making a superset profile that uses the default library that included every folder and then having both the Adult and Kids only use subsets? It would be nice if a true "admin" account option existed that when I was in edit mode on the left pane showed not only the "Media Library" but also any other user libraries as well - although it would get confusing when they share the same folders... David
  22. Probably a long shot, but I'll throw it out there anyway. I would like to be able to control metadata settings for each individual media collection. Right now, metadata settings apply to all collections (save metadata within media folders, enable automatic updates, etc.). I do want the metadata stored within my movie and tv collections, but don't want it stored within my music collection. I share the music collection with other users and use it with several devices/software packages, all the extra files created by metadata collection clutter things up tremendously. I am currently deleting thousands of album.xml files and fanart folders Whoops. Didn't even think about that when I added my music collection. Thanks for the consideration!
  23. My set-up - Windows 7 with Windows Media Centre and an Xbox 360 where most of the viewing is done. Worked well under Mediabrowser 2x, and after the usual teething problems Mediabrowser 3 is going ok. I have Mediabrowser 3 on my android phone too, which works reasonably well. From reading the forums I see you guys have gone all in for the enriched metadata experience, but this gives me issues where metadata is not available - usually for older TV shows and one-off documentaries. I have my documentaries in a single folder that doesn't follow the M3 naming conventions - Documentaries\[show] For multi-part documentaries I try to find metadata and so follow the naming convention - Documentaries\[show title]\Season 1\[show] This worked up until the recent server upgrade, but now I can't see anything. I've tried splitting the shows into separate folders for single shows and multi-part, this has failed. Looking around TVDB for metadata I note that a lot of one-off BBC documentaries have metadata but this doesn't follow the M3 naming convention - instead of 'season 1', documentaries for this year would need to be in a folder called '2013'? Help! TIA
  24. I have several actors who have commas in their names. The metadata for these actors is split into two names at the comma. For example Robert Downey, Jr. is identified as two people Robert Downey and Jr. Via Wikipedia (note the comma): Here's the snippet from the movie.xml file within my Iron Man 3 folder: <Persons> <Person> <Name>Robert Downey, Jr.</Name> <Type>Actor</Type> <Role>Tony Stark</Role> </Person> Here's what shows up in the HTML interface for Iron Man 3: Is there something that I can change to prevent this from happening? Either this didn't happen in MB2 or I simply didn't pay quite as much attention to it until now.
  25. The images from the People folder within ImagesByName are not being associated with people who have names ending with a period. I'm guessing that the issue may be caused by Windows not allowing a folder to end with a period so there does not appear to be any image to associate with the given person. Perhaps at some point in the future it would be possible to ignore the final "." in a person's name when searching for an equivalent in the People folder? Two examples follow: The equivalent folder is named: T.I The equivalent folder is named: Robert Downey, Jr
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