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  1. Hi, I'm trying to evaluate emby at the moment and have been experimenting stuff. I have a huge collection of music videos that are not US content. So metadata cannot be managed by online metadata providers but instead manually. Considering the size of the collection it would be very hard for me to manually edit all of them using the emby metadata manager. I also tried embedding the metadata within the videos, some how emby couldn't pick them up real well. So since I'm a programmer, thinking if it would work I could create metadata files manually reading through my folders. Is this doable at all ? To achieve the same, i would need to know where metadata in metadata manager get stored for a specific video ? What's the format i need to create the metadata files so emby can read it? Also what is the best solution if I have huge collection which need to have metadata entered manually like in this case. Any suggestion is appreciated. Please advise if emby defeats the whole purpose if I'm going to manually manage my whole collection in this way. Thanks.
  2. JoshFink

    XML Saver Plugin

    Hello, I know I'm probably missing something extremely simple here but where is the XML Saver plugin? I remember it was there but I don't see it anymore. Thanks Josh
  3. deecemobile

    Metadata and Image Location

    Since I have started to use the Kodi emby plugin, the movie/ tv folders are no longer storing the images and metadata. Is there a setting to set this up again? I was using MB Classic for WMC before but now I use the Kodi plugin solely. I prefer the images be stored in the individual folders in case I browse files. If I check the metadata manager on the server it shows all of the images and metadata but it's not stored in the actual folders.
  4. Since TMDB has literally every department for cast and crew is there a way to filter some of these departments out of the movie metadata (People) section? A check box option for each "Department". Directing Writing Crew Production Costume & Make-Up Sound Camera Editing Art Lighting Visual Effects Cast
  5. CBers

    [COSMETIC] TV Movies metadata

    Luke On the Live TV->Settings page, can you amend "TV Movies" to either "TV & Movies" or similar please, so that it's clearer. As it stands at the moment, it can be interpreted as metadata for "TV Movies" only. I know it's been like this for ages, but I keep forgetting to post about it. Thanks.
  6. Since I have started to use the Kodi emby plugin, the movie/ tv folders are no longer storing the images and metadata. Is there a setting to set this up again? I was using MB Classic for WMC before but now I use the Kodi plugin solely. I prefer the images be stored in the individual folders in case I browse files. Thanks
  7. Concept211

    GameBrowser Metadata

    I recently set up GameBrowser III on my server and noticed the metadata that is collected when auto-scanned is nearly completely missing. I've noticed several posts on the forums where people complain that a large majority of their titles are not found. Another thing I've noticed is that for me, the initial scan couldn't find any of my sample NES roms that I put in the proper directories, even very obvious/popular ones like Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3 and The Legend of Zelda. However, if I manually went into each title and clicked the "Identify" button, I could then make a selection and the complete metadata and graphics would download immediately. However, who wants to do that for every individual game (not me)? So I've been trying to do some research and I used another popular title (Rad Racer) as a test subject... On initial scan all you see collected is a screenshot and disc image of the game: In the Emby web UI you see no cover or metadata: I checked the server logs and found only a few lines mentioning "Rad Racer". So I see that it download several files which I'm assuming 2 of them are the screenshot and disc images which are coming from http://gamesdbase.com/game/nintendo-nes/rad-racer.aspx (another metadata downloader which isn't even listed in the Emby Metadata server settings). 2016-02-12 05:30:55.1300 Error App: Error parsing xml file \\HTPC\Games\NES\Rad Racer\game.xml 2016-02-12 05:30:55.1300 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: http://thegamesdb.net/api/GetGamesList.php?name=Rad+Racer&platform=Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 2016-02-12 05:30:55.3090 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Cabinet&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.4460 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Cart&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.5890 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Snap&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.7300 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Title&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.8730 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: http://api.gamesdbase.com/3734c85e3634643265c3645ec33163c33730313362c3c35e36ffddc9ed5a6db45b6c6dc86f5771c8631b71c8625e711bb0.png The curious thing I noticed for ALL games is that it always throws an error saying that it couldn't parse the "game.xml" file even for the titles it did successfully find. Why is this? Is it just to let you know that the game.xml wasn't found since it's a brand new game in the directory/database? So I checked TheGamesDB.net API search results to see what it returned and I noticed "Rad Racer" isn't even on the list: I tried to use the "Identify" feature in Emby, but as expected, I got the same results as the API response: I then went directly to the general TGDB website and searched there and I also don't see "Rad Racer" in the search results: However, if you hit enter on the search field, you're suddenly displayed the details page of Rad Racer: http://thegamesdb.net/search/?string=rad+racer&function=Search So I think the reason Emby can't identify the majority of people's ROM titles is because TGDB website/API is buggy. I did some research and there seems to be a better Website+API that has even more titles and the results seem accurate. It's Giant Bomb (www.giantbomb.com) and they also have an API available: http://www.giantbomb.com/api/ - they mention on the page that they have a restriction of 200 requests per hour, but when I signed up for a API key, it is labeled with "no rate limits". This might be worth implementing to get better results. I also found another online database with a public API, but it's geared more for modern consoles: https://www.igdb.com/api/v1/documentation Here are several other resources, but without APIs: www.mobygames.com www.archive.vg www.spong.com www.ugdb.com www.vgcollect.com Is @@Redshirt or anyone else still involved in maintaining this Plugin? I'm a web developer/designer so I can help if you guys need it, although I have very limited knowledge of the inner workings of Emby (but I can certainly get up to speed if needed)
  8. Looking at the studios view, i have movies that show up as "Columbia Pictures" and movies that show up as "Columbia Pictures Corporation" in their metadata. There does not seem to be any way to merge these two together any way to click on the studios to see which movies are listed under each and then change them to match obviously 1 would be better/faster.
  9. Thomas64

    Issue with updating Metadata?

    Apologies if this is submitted incorrectly - first post on these forums. I am having an issue updating Artist information on Videos - I enter the new information into the Artist field (multiples separated by ";"), click Save (either the top or bottom one), Emby says it has saved the item, but when I move to a different item and come back - the information is either totally missing, or only parts were saved. It appears to me that it doesn't accept anything appearing to be misspelled, so I turned spell check off in Chrome, no change. Same problem exists if using Firefox. Haven't tested with IE. Not sure when the issue could have appeared - I've not tried to edit metadata in a while. I am running the latest of everything (that I know of): Emby Version 3.0.6300.0 Mono 4.4.2 Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon Latest stable repository version of both Chrome 52.0.2743.116 and Firefox v48 All most recent level 3 and higher updates applied I looked through the latest entries in the Log, and see no type of failure message at the time I was trying to do this editing. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. DzonDou

    Missing music artists

    Dear Emby Community. I can not see artists and album artists in any of emby client (chrome, android, kodi) while I can see it in Metadata Manager tree. Songs and albums are showing property in all clients. It is fresh installation of Emby Server, version 3.0.64000.0 on Debian Jessie. I have proper ID3 tags (I suppose). Music is kept in mp3, wma and flac files. It is stored on xfs partition. I run emby as non-default user - changed EMBY_DATA variable. I have also changed location of EMBY_DATA folder. All file permissions are OK.
  11. I am trying to edit Metadata through the Metadata Manager. When using MS Edge I just get a spinny wheel when I save changes. Works just fine in Opera. Any thoughts anyone?
  12. Something new in the latest build... which is really, really annoying and I cannot find a setting to turn it off. When playing a TV show from the web UI, it's autplaying the next episode wether I want it to or not. I have been through every setting and menu both on the server and user and cannot find a way to turn it off... I don't like it, I don't want it. Also the legacy browsing issue within WMC classic is a huge pain... I actually like having a movies by genre in there... makes it easier to find specific types of films. But because of the non functioning 'collections' addition, and the unwanted 'Upcoming' addition under TV shows... neither of which can simply be turned off... I've had to turn of legacy browsing to get rid of those blights. The downside is that I also lose other things that I actually use and want... But it seems that I'm not allowed to 'choose' which I do and do not want... it's either nothing or 'you'll have what we tell you to have' Once again this is bad design, there needs to be some one in charge of the way the UI looks that understands what good design is, and sadly that doesn't seem to be the case. Here's another example of poor design Accessing the metadata before used to be quick and simple, now it's quick and simple only if you want to specifically change data OR images. here's what you used to do. Enter item or hover... click the menu dots, click edit... change metadata. If you forgot something, missed something... all you had to do was change it and save it once more... if you wanted to change images, you clicked the images tab and did what you needed to there... all done. Now it like this. Enter/Hover click menu dots select edit edit data save forget you need to change soemthing else repeat steps above change save remember you also need to change images repeat steps above It's gone from a couple of clicks to get at EVERYTHING to repeating the same multiple clicks over and over again to do the same things. The pop over UI shouldn't close until you want it too, and you should still be able to access images from it. Now I like the idea of the pop over, it should be quicker than the old way... but at the same time it's been made overly complicated instead. Which actually makes it more time consuming and harder to use. Another poor design choice comes further down the metadata info... Under People, it used to be very easy to see clear lines between cast and crew... Now as a personal thing, I don't want crew in there... it's just additional metadata to be collected that lacks information and images... and I don't care about the crew, I just like having cast and director.. So I delete the rest and lock of the metadata for people... after all that's why the feature is there. Now it's increasingly hard to determine which is which because the lines between types has been removed and the width of the information is so wide that it's kinda hit and miss if you are going to hit the right delete icon for the person you want. Adding back those seperation lines between typeswould be more than helpful.
  13. MarcusJ

    Can't See or Edit Metadata

    I've recently had issues getting emby to correctly handle collections. A suggestion was offered to delete the problematic collection folders in Emby-Server/data/collections. I did that and it seemed to work fine. It was a GREAT start to my day. Huge thanks to all of the folks that jumped in to help out! Since then I have gone through the movie and collection libraries and continued the process of manually assigning movies to collections (I had stopped this process because of the challenges I was having). I was able to successfully add some new collections today, while others showed the same symptoms as other movies had shown in the past when I was having the original problem. I treated these new problem collections the same way (deleted the named collection folders in Emby-Server/data/collections. After deleting several of them, I then re-scanned the entire library to allow emby to rebuild the folders correctly, which it seemed to be doing correctly. I did this multiple times - each time deleting 5-10 collection folders in Emby-Server/data/collections that were not functioning properly when attempting to add them to collections. The scans seemed to go very well - MUCH faster than prior scans - I mean like a drop from 8 hour scans over the last few days down to 20 minutes or less. I was encouraged by the fast scan times as I thought the system was cleaned up and functioning more efficiently. However, after the last couple scans when I have tried to open any of the metadata, nothing happens. For example, when I try to "Edit Info" on a collection or an individual movie while in the "Movies" or "Collections" libraries, it literally does nothing...no metadata pops up, and the screen simply stays on the same page of posters that I was on. When I try to open ANY metadata thru the Metadata Manager, I simply get the colorful spinning circle forever. No metadata ever opens. I've tried opening metadata for Collections and for individual movies while in the Metadata Manager and it behaves the exact same way - spinning circle of wait...No metadata ever appears. I have re-started the emby server multiple times, and have re-started my computer 3 times. I have re-scanned the libraries multiple times and have done two "Clean Database" functions. None of this has helped. The scans each time get faster. The last one was 8 mins. but the inability to see or edit metadata is the same...not happening. I am 99% certain this is not a bug of any kind. This is in my mind, a case of user-inflicted damage caused by my deleting files and making changes on the fly to emby-server folders to fix other issues. This has now somehow bitten me by confusing the server or getting elements out of sync with one another. I'm now at a stopping point as the core functionality of emby (for my needs) is not functional. Before I throw in the towel, is there anything I can do to refresh my system and potentially get it back on track? I hate to throw away 4+ months of nearly dedicated time getting this library in good working order, only to get here...Beyond frustrated...
  14. PScherrer

    Metadaten aus mkv-Dateien

    Hallo zusammen, Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Metadaten (wenn im Internet nichts gefunden wird) aus dem mkv-container (zb. Tag Summary) auszulesen und diesen als Filmbeschreibung zu verwenden? Ich habe zB. eine Aufnahme welche nicht in den offiziellen TV-Datenbanken vorhanden ist, jedoch bei der Aufnahme die mkv-Datei mit Metadaten getagged. Wie bringe ich nun Emby dazu diese Metadaten zu verwenden? Danke
  15. plessers@gmail.com

    local actor images (.actors)

    Hello, My movies are organized in separate folders with movie name. In every folder, there is a subfolder ".actors" wich contains the images of the actors. This information is -together with the *.nfo file and other artwork- created by MediaElch http://www.kvibes.de/mediaelch/download/ This tools creates all the necessary information on disk, and can be read by KODI, PLEX, etc... I succeeded to configure EMBY to read the local *.nfo file, but the artwork for cast & crew remains empty. Currently my advanced metadata config is as follows: Is there a way in EMBY to incorporate this information? How to download actors artwork, preferably the local images? kind regards, Bart
  16. My EMBY Server is on a Win10 platform. I have a very large collection of HD movies as well as music and heavy metadata. When linking a lower powered device like a raspberry PI, the compelling of the DB crashes during the syncing process. I reduced the amount of threads and metadata a number of times only to sync my movie DB to it. Adding music (approx 250k songs with metadata and fan art) it just jams everything up. I am thinking of hosting my music files locally on the raspberry since storage is cheap as well as metadata so that it is less taxing on the machine and can pull music and metadata hopefully faster but at a minimum it would be able to still have an impressive GUI presentation. I would have to uninstall EMBY and reinstalling sync it. Omit the music and add it as root but how am i am able to have the meta data stored on that drive as well hopefully for both music and movies? I can omit the music portion as it seemed to be pretty solid without it although the sync took several hours, then add the external HD to root for music also. Please help me optimize these noncore zones using smaller lower power single board computers.
  17. I recently update emby to 3.0.6020 and have some new bugs. Some TV series doesn't show all the season even if they are there. I attached a serie (fortier) that show the problem but append on other tv series too. I attach a movie (underworld) that include all the title of the same series but should be count for 4 movies and not 1. The scheduled tasks run the scan media library and clean database this morning. I attached the log to troubleshoot more the issue. Thanks. server-63605692800.txt server-63605779197.txt server-63605779200.txt
  18. Hello together, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to have the possibility to create a Menu for Movies, which can be put together in metadata Manager by selecting different audio streams and subtitles to one of the menu entries. Maybe a pre selection for language and den show the created menu entries. Designwise background could be a blurred Backdrop pic, every menu point could show the backdrop more clear with some user defined text on it. Every menu entry den would choose the corresponding subtitles and audio streams. This way we could realize in Emby somthing like you see on your blu rays where der is Commentry on a movie, which is basically just a different Audio track. Or based on the language you choose the corresponding audio tracks are chosen. For example I have german movies with german audio and some forced subs for foreign language parts. If I watch that movie in english language there is no froced sub existing. It would also be good if the interface and metadata language could be define in user manager and that clients pick up that setting. something like this maybe simply: https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/apple-tv-lego-movie-itunes-extras.png Would be awsome if the coming versions of emby would support that
  19. acura4ever

    Library Metadata

    The option activated is "Save metadata and images as hidden files" but it is only for new files added. Actually, I didn't activated it when I first installed Emby, so all the "old" metadata is not hidden but newly added files are hidden. Can you fix this bug? Thanks.
  20. Hi All, So previously I was manually building the folder structure with as Collections but kept it in the movie folders. i.e. Let Me In Lethal Weapon Collection [boxsets] Life As We Know It Lifted Little Children ... ... Major League Collection [boxsets] etc However, Auto Boxsets plugin removes this manual requirement, I can just have movies listed out in the movie folder. For example, if I have all of the Men in Black movies in their individual Men in Black 1, 2, 3 (respectively) folders... Auto Boxsets logically groups these movies as a collection for you. So here is my problem. Auto Box Set plugin is working correctly, but it is creating the folders and metadata (backgrounds) on my C:\ drive which is a big no no. C:\ drive is my OS/Fast App drive so I don't want things like metadata to be stored there. Under Metadata manager I can see Collections but no option for me to edit the path and assign it to a data drive. Is this possible? How can I change this path? I want to change the path prior to removing my manual folder structure and allowing the plugin to group things logically. Also, the old structure and Auto Boxsets work together only through the browser interface. If you pull collections up under a device (IOS, Android, Roku) only collections grouped by Auto Boxsets show. So basically, you have to configure your library to only use the Auto Boxsets functionality if you want device access. Thanks! Draz
  21. Gregzilla

    Metadata Not showing in Series Folder

    My metadata is not showing in my series folder on my TV. Everything else is fine and all of the metadata is showing when I view it on the emby page and in my individual folders. This has only occurred since the last update. Please could you help as it is driving me mad?
  22. Hi, When in the library and clicking "identify" for a particular show, do the items returned come from the different metadata sources (omdb, tvdb, moviedb)? Upon selecting one, does the metadata come from that source or does it come the source selected on the metadata page of the "manage server" section? Thanks!
  23. I have just finished setting up my Emby server for the first time, and I'm loving it! But I'm facing an issue: all my videos are showing a very very long duration (length). The files are all in individual folders, with no metadata file in it. Emby accessed all the content and downloaded artworks fine. As I've read, video length is extracted (and is ignored from <runtime> inside a .nfo file). The major issue is that during playback I can't skip the video, since the bar is way too long. Most of videos are .mkv, but the issue is present in other filetypes too. What I've tried (and had no success): - Refreshing library; - Refreshing individual metadata in the Metadata Manager; - Completely reinstalling Emby Server; - Forcing a <runtime> tag in the video NFO file; - Installing stable, beta and dev releases. Anyone had the same problem or have any idea how can I solve this?
  24. I've started using tags to help fine tune my parental control for kid's account, and it doesn't look like tags applied to series/seasons of television are inherited by seasons/episodes. Is this the correct behavior? If so, I believe it should change. Adding a tag to a series should propogate to child items of the series. Same goes for collections, although collections are way less important since there aren't nearly as many child files to manually add tags to.
  25. johnchimpo

    Duplicate episodes from Sonarr

    This problem started with an update received in the last month (I have been on beta release and since this occurred have changed to stable updates only). Currently running ver This library has been in use with emby since appx 2011. Either sonarr or emby created this issue with a recent update, but I do not believe it was a bug just a kink in the config that I had slipped through all these years with no problem. The issue is a duplication of server data for each episode that exist in the library one with the UNC path and one with the local drive path. (i.e. \\media01\television\12 monkeys\season 01\ep1.mp4 and H:\television\12 monkeys\season 01\ep1.mp4). I have solved the problem going forward - the issue was that emby libraries were configured for the UNC path and sonarr was saving media, sending notifications and writing metadata using the local path. However, all the thousands of episodes that existed on the server prior to the fix are still duplicated. All the metadata for each duplicate file is the same, watch states, etc., but I'm lost for how to eliminate the duplicate entries. I've tried all the server tasks, checked every setting in the dashboard, dug through the server data files (where I can't find the server's metadata exists), read the logs (no permissions issues have popped up). Any genius ideas out there to save me from a complete re-add of the library?
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