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  1. Somewhat related to the Bulk Edit of Metadata feature request ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42975-bulk-edit-metadata/ ), I'd love to be able to specify a different Metadata Provider on a per-metadata basis. My desire for this comes from learning of the tradeoffs between the two main providers, OMDB and TMDB, as talked about in this thread ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43818-three-genre-limit/&do=findComment&comment=409723 ), which indicates that OMDB tends to have user-preferred Ratings data, while TMDB tends to provide more Genres (OMDB apparently just provides the first 3). So, it would be nifty if I could set my default Metadata Provider as OMDB, but override that to be TMDB for something Genres (or any other piece of metadata). Then I'd get the best of both worlds. Edit: Wanted to clarify that upon further investigation it seems it isn't clear cut which provider lists more Genres. OMDB seems to cap it a 3, but that doesn't guarantee that other providers will actually have more Genres listed. I still think this Feature Request has merit (as the Genre thing was just an example), but wanted to clarify my misinformation from above. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  2. mechguy

    Collections metadata

    I have an issue where certain movies are not adding to a collection as movies but as other items. I have tried removing these collections and letting the server scan them in again but they scan back in the same. Some movies even have TheMovieDB Collection Id but still have the same issue. I have attached the collection xml file for one of the problematic collections.
  3. Morning peeps How can you force the server to download/refresh all metadata for ever entry in the library these days. I know there used to be a task, that is no more
  4. Through a series of unfortunate errors I've ended up with all of my movies not having any metadata. I can go to each one and manually refresh the metadata and it shows up just fine. This will be very time consuming. Is there a way to force a refresh of my entire collection? Or should I just uninstall and reinstall Emby?
  5. softworkz

    New Plugin: TV Maze Metadata Provider

    Hi, this is a new metadata provider plugin for Emby, supporting TV Series, Seasons and Episodes as well as Season-Images. The data is retrieved from http://www.tvmaze.com/ The plugin should operate pretty stable, I've been running the code for a few months now without problems. But what's the benefit, now? Well, you got to make your own decision about how useful that additional data could be for you! Metadata handling in Emby is not a very transparent process. To compare the different metadata retrieved by the installed providers, it's probably best to use the Metadata Viewer Plugin (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/32984-new-plugin-metadata-viewer/). After installing, you need to check your metadata settings for Series, Seasons and Episodes. You should choose the priorities based on your experience from comparing metadata results as described in the previous paragraph. If you're already satisfied with your current metadata retrieval or just don't want to make a significant change at this time, I recommend the following: Disable TV Maze for Series and Episodes (Emby already comes with 3 built-in providers for those) But enable TV Maze for Seasons (and Season images): The reason: Currently, there's only one provider for Season data and there are many cases where TV Maze has some season descriptions when the other (MovieDb) doesn't Download: https://github.com/softworkz/Emby.Plugins/releases/tag/TvMazeBeta1
  6. mattykellyuk

    Multiple versions of films

    Hi I have had a quick search hopefully no one hasn't asked this. I have a number of 3d and non 3d films. To identify them I change their title adding "3d" to the end and put them in a genre called "3d", after this i block the server from updating these aspects. I would love to see the functionality that enables these films to be displayed as one in the library and then you are asked which version you would like to watch. Is this possible at the moment or if not can I make this a feature request? Thanks
  7. Long-ish question, *hopefully* easy answer: I recently upgraded from several external hard drives to a QNAP NAS. After testing the QNAP Emby app server performance, I preferred the old Windows-based server overall and thus the new QNAP is purely operating as the NAS, not the server (hence this forum). That being said... Similar to a question I had awhile back here, after changing my library media folders to the new NAS folders, I am again having difficulty saving metadata into local media folders (rather than in a generic "metadata" folder in the server files). When I add new content, the metadata is successfully being saved somewhere else (unknown location, log attached, tried to refresh "The Accountant" movie metadata). Not only do I instead want the metadata saved in the media folders, but wherever it's actually being saved is seemingly eating up scarce storage on my OS/server hard drive (small SSD). According to QNAP, I have enabled permissions for 'everyone' (see attached Capture #1) for my media content. Windows, however, is much more challenging as to confirming these network folder permissions. Unlike when using my external hard drives and simply assigning 'everyone' full R/W permissions through Windows Explorer and then applying these changes, Windows won't let me change these same settings for the QNAP folders, apparently giving full deference to QNAP's security settings and not allowing me to make any changes within Windows; I have navigated everywhere in the Windows folder permission settings and any changes I try simply won't stick, instead reverting to QNAP's overriding "special permissions" (see Capture #2). How do I get metadata to save directly in the media folders of the NAS? Thanks in advance for any input! server-63624863086.txt
  8. i recently just joined tried this emby to see if tis better than plex media server. So far i love how it has everything organized but the only thing that is not working properly is the metadata and cover art. Every time i load a new media library i have to manually load the information for it to find the data. is there a simpler way to have the library automatically do it itself. Ive have also downloaded the plugins (cover art 4.0, anime and trailer)Can someone tell how to fix this problem or how to update my library to do it for me (step by step please im not computer savy! lol) Thank you in advance.
  9. Solution: Grab from plugin catalog, since the latest changes have been published. The plugin does not automatically identify any series. The plugin successfully fetches the animetitles.xml, and the anime-list.xml, and also fetches the series from anidb.net and places it into the cache/anidb/series/{aid} folder on scan/identify by name/aid. However it never identifies the series! 1. Create folder called "Strike the Blood" 2. Scan library 3. Check for "cache\anidb\series\9772" 4. Open the library and you will see it has not identified the series, but it has all the required information. 5. Manually identify with AniDB Id "9772" and you will get no results. (If you use the name to identify it the results are not for anidb and you will not have an anidb.net source under the name) Note: If you identify by name/aid the aid will get fetched and placed into the cache/anidb/series/{aid} folder but it will not be in the identify results. Other Issue: The plugin is not listed under my plugins where you could configure it in like MB2. Create any series from http://anidb.net/api/animetitles.xml and try for yourself. Emby Version - Windows & FreeBSD Tested Line 51: it could be trying to read animetitles.xml/titles.xml but im not sure. Line 642, 964, 1001: Automatic identification of the series "Danganronpa" Failed Line 1042, 1083: Automatic identification of the series "gargantia" Failed Line 1125, 1166: Automatic identification of the series "hal" Failed ... more series tests in other logs 03-01-2017_EmbyAnimeError.txt
  10. I really like to see some user options that give more control about what people metadata gets downloaded: Some checkboxes what people to download - actors, directors, producers, writers, guest stars, componists. And very important, only one user definable value that limits the number of people per type that can be downloaded. Some movies have 50 or more actors listed at TheMovieDB, but nobody knows them and will never know. And this gets worse and worse!
  11. Casperfan

    Metadata is back dating

    Hi there, I have been having an issue with the release date. It is knocking off 1 day from every video I have manually corrected and locked the file also. I even went as far as deleting my entire library to see if this is the issue. Nope. Example 11-22-2016 become 11-21-2016
  12. Hello all, I'm new to Emby and to the forums. I hope that I'm posting in the correct section (^ ^) -------- I've searched hours for a solution to the issue I'm having but reached nowhere. The problem: My naming convention is slightly different than what Emby requires and I get Season Unknown for maybe hundred of shows. However, my naming convention aligns with Kodi, and Plex and I have my library organized well in there. But I want to drop Plex for Emby so I'm looking for a solution. Solution that came to mind but failed: So I thought perhaps importing my Kodi Library along with metadata or anything would solve this issue. Yet, all I could find after looking into this is that it's possible for Emby to import its Library to Kodi but not the opposite. Therefore, I'm wondering if it's possible to export my Kodi library and then import it into Emby, so Emby is then able to recognize the shows and sync with trakt and so on. Thank you!
  13. Techie-v2

    Metadata setting changed?

    Hi, Have the settings on where to store metadata changed by default? I noticed that a recent series I added didnt have any metadata stored in the season folder, yet metadata and images for yhe season were still being displayed. Having checked the setting in Library->(mediatype)->"Save artwork and metadata into media folders" I found it was unticked for all media types. I have never unticked this, all my other media has the data stored in the media folders but the new ones I have put on dont. I have remidied this by ticking the box then going into metadata manager and refreshing at the show level and the data and artwork has shown up in the media folder but I was just wondering if this would have changed in a recent update? Thanks Techie
  14. Smitty018210

    Editing Collections

    Hello, first I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I just have a quick question for everyone. There used to be a quick and easy way to add and remove items from collections in the metadata editor. I was wondering why it was removed. It made it so easy to add and remove items from collections. Using the search function was awesome. Now that I am doing manually it is taking for ever. I know there is an "auto collections plugin" which I've used before, but it keeps adding collections I don't want or adding items to collections I don't want. Is there a chance the metadata editor search function for collections might return? Thanks for the help.
  15. ryzilla

    Emby Sever metadata

    Hi Guys, Few question i have about the Emby server setup i have searched the forums for and cant find a definitive answer and was wondering if you guys can lead me in the correct path. Does moving the metadata location to folders have a performance hit? the reason i am asking is i copy movies to my hard drive for the shack that has no internet so just need the metadata etc. If so, does it populate actor images as well into each folder, assuming yes you will end up with 200 of the rocks face. on the above two questions does Emby still use the central cache folder in the c:\users\app... as thats on a SSD and assume would make it all run faster if it used that copy. All going well all my collections are setup as e:\tv1 d:\tv2 etc even with follow control of the folders of the local user emby wont write the metadata to them, do they need to be shared as \\tv1 \\tv2 for this function to work. thanks for looking over this Cheers R
  16. Hi Guys, So I've noticed that some of my collection information isn't being pulled from the movie db site. The site looks like it doesn't work anymore so i was just wondering if any of you know a solution? Also there is only one link that you can put in the settings for collections to pull the data where as individual movies you can add three links from three different sources. Can that be changed?
  17. Bernie V

    Metadata EPG

    My xmltv file is a a http link to a hosted file on the internet. There are some localized categories that are used used. In the Live TV xmltv settings I provided these categories for each type of program like discribed in the Emby docs. In the EPG everything is splitted up in the right type of program. 1) Only some movies get their metadata in Emby. Example: all the movies categorized with "film" don't get their metadata. (see attached file). Other movies with type "Actie" or "Komedie" are fetched with their metadata. I think not all the specified movie categories are looped to fetch their metadata. 2) What about series, shows, ...? Is there metadata provided for them?
  18. As I'm transitioning from my old (non-Emby) arrangement, I'm noticing I've got about 500 records of textual data regarding associated bonus features for given videos. A lot of these are indicators of Audio Commentaries present on individual TV episodes. I haven't begun my experiments with seeing how Emby handles TV episodes, or additional audio tracks, so I don't know yet how that might impact things. But a number of these items are listing the bonus features present on my VIDEO_TS folder rips (ie, the original DVD structure, menu and all). I know that many people advocate re-ripping everything to individual files. I may do that in a few instances regarding my movies, and I'm definitely considering it for my TV episodes (I can see the most benefit to that). But in general I plan to leave most (if not all) of my movie VIDEO_TS DVD folder rips as-is (in part because it would take quite a bit of time to segregate out each bonus feature to it's own file). So I'm trying to figure out where in the existing metadata structure I could place this textual data regarding DVD bonus features, and thus far I'm not seeing anything that makes sense. Overview and Short Overview seem to be the primary largish text fields, and those don't seem like an appropriate place for this data (unless I append it to the end, and lock the Overview field from further updates, but I'm not crazy about that route). Any thoughts on this, or is there anything in the pipeline that might work for this?
  19. Hi all, Some questions/issues with using genre metadata. I just started using Emby and just got my library added. I have not yet checked the metadata on most of my collection and as such this post is isolated to a Box Set collection I added. The Collection wasn't originally found in TMDB but that's because the name I had for it differed from TMDB which is fine. I went through the process of adding the TMDB ids to each movie via "identify" and it found the movies no problem so I assumed it pulled in all the metadata from TMDB including genre. I then went and added the genre to the main collection thumbnail and then tested searching that genre. Nothing appeared in the search results. I then went back and checked the movies I added the ids for and noticed that genre didn't get added nor some of the other key info like people (all of which are in TMDB). Added to this the search also didn't bring up the main Collection under the genre bucket nor a separate Collections bucket. Another problem is that a couple of the mp4s in this Collection didn't get pulled in. These are movie trailers with no official ID. I have three movie trailers and one got pulled in and two didn't. I thought maybe there was an issue with the library db so I moved the folder out of the movies folder, deleted the library db, rescanned without the folder, added the folder back in and rescanned. Still the same thing. Two of the mp4s didn't show but the third one did. They are named "That's Entertainment 1 - Movie Trailer.mp4, That's Entertainment 2 - Movie Trailer.mp4 (this got pulled in), That's Entertainment 3 - Movie Trailer.mp4. When I renamed the two of them to just "Movie Trailer" in their respective folders and rescanned they got pulled in but were associated with incorrect metadata (which is fine because I just edited it... I'm just thankful they got pulled in). For the file that got pulled in it wasn't associated with any metadata which is what I expected. I don't understand why two wouldn't get pulled in until I renamed them yet the third one pulled in fine. When I looked at the logs the two problem files weren't even referenced (no error or anything). They only appeared in the log after I renamed them. My questions are: 1. Why didn't the full TMDB metadata get pulled in for each movie? Once I added genre manually to each movie they then appeared in the search results. 2. Why didn't my main Collection appear in the search results? Are Collections as a search result not supported? 3. What's going on with scanning files? I could understand if the files were unsupported by Emby but these are standard mp4's and what's stranger is that one of the three got pulled in. I can't understand why two didn't. I can provide logs if needed.
  20. timwagg

    .Nfo's not being created

    Hi All! I've been looking through a number of the forum posts but can't seem to find a similar issues so thought I'd start a new thread. About 5 days ago, I noticed that new imports to my Emby library (TV Shows) aren't displaying their names correctly within Kodi. Normally episodes would display within Kodi as follows; Ep Number. Ep Name e.g. 01. Episode Name Whereas since the nfos have failed to write Kodi display the episodes as the file name title (which is renamed by Sonarr before being scanned into the Emby library); Ep Number. Series Name - SXXEXX - Ep Name e.g. 01. Family Guy - S15E01 - Episode Name I've checked my settings within Emby and it's set to write the nfo files on import. I've tried to refresh the whole lib and also gone into metadata manager to refresh each episode and the whole series, neither is forcing the nfo to write. I noticed that you can get Sonarr to write the nfos, however I set it up for Emby to do this to ensure they were compatible. All the naming conventions and the artwork is looked after my Sonarr before being passed into the directory on my NAS. I'm running all software on a Windows 10 PC and all the media is stored on a Synology NAS.Thanks in advance, and let me know if you need any logs/screenshots etc! Lastly, I do also have another question about getting Emby to scan for new content when it is added to the relevant folder on my NAS. I know Plex can do this by watching the folder but I can only see a timed option for Emby.
  21. When importing audio files with a "/" (forward-slash) in the name, it will import them into two genres. (e.g., Rap/Hip-Hop → Rap and Hip-Hop) After clearing the genres (through Emby) and adding a genre name with a "/" in it, it will split into two genres, BUT the genres will NOT be shown in the "Genres" subsection. [see attachment 01] - When I clip on the genre "Hip-Hop" or "Rap" on the album's page, it will load a blank screen with the full (slash included) genre name on top [see attachment 02] It's a minor issue, but a nuisance. Now, I cannot access music from the "genres subsection" if their genres included "slashes". It would be nice to either (1) allow special characters like "slashes" in genre names, or (2) employ a feedback mechanism that prevents the use of slashes in genre names & notifies the user in real-time when attempting to add a genre with a "/", or other special characters in it.
  22. Hey all, I can't for the life of me find how to change the metadata folder from the default C drive to the D Drive. I have looked it up and under the metadata settings I don't have an advanced tab. I am looking to change the metadata folder for recorded tv, movies, and live TV. Thanks for the help all! If there is anymore info people need to help me out just let me know.
  23. I've recently encountered a problem where a certain movie was unable to playback... I would press play and immediately get a 'there was an error encountered' modal. Enabling debugging I saw this trace: 2016-12-21 09:00:15.9642 Error ImageProcessor: Error encoding image *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/emby-server -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe -restartpath /usr/lib/emby-server/restart.sh Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Mono: 4.6.2 (Stable Mon Nov 28 20:49:26 UTC 2016) Processor count: 4 Program data path: /var/lib/emby-server Application directory: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin ImageMagickSharp.WandException: Empty input file `/media/data/emby-metadata/metadata/library/bf/bf5be3e608f420579a9264ce34418890/backdrop.jpg' @ error/jpeg.c/JPEGErrorHandler/322 at ImageMagickSharp.WandCore`1[T].CheckErrorBool (System.Int32 status) [0x00009] in <256b1c1ea9f54fe39d5f58f7aa82a335>:0 at ImageMagickSharp.MagickWand.OpenImage (System.String path) [0x0000d] in <256b1c1ea9f54fe39d5f58f7aa82a335>:0 at ImageMagickSharp.MagickWand..ctor (System.String path) [0x0003e] in <256b1c1ea9f54fe39d5f58f7aa82a335>:0 at Emby.Drawing.ImageMagick.ImageMagickEncoder.EncodeImage (System.String inputPath, System.String outputPath, System.Boolean autoOrient, System.Int32 width, System.Int32 height, System.Int32 quality, MediaBrowser.Controller.Drawing.ImageProcessingOptions options, MediaBrowser.Model.Drawing.ImageFormat selectedOutputFormat) [0x00028] in <17f4d1dc47fc44cebf08500df1508f14>:0 at Emby.Drawing.ImageProcessor+<ProcessImage>c__async1.MoveNext () [0x005de] in <43ad72a16dd046de98f98ca0cf2fddca>:0 ImageMagickSharp.WandException at ImageMagickSharp.WandCore`1[T].CheckErrorBool (System.Int32 status) [0x00009] in <256b1c1ea9f54fe39d5f58f7aa82a335>:0 at ImageMagickSharp.MagickWand.OpenImage (System.String path) [0x0000d] in <256b1c1ea9f54fe39d5f58f7aa82a335>:0 at ImageMagickSharp.MagickWand..ctor (System.String path) [0x0003e] in <256b1c1ea9f54fe39d5f58f7aa82a335>:0 at Emby.Drawing.ImageMagick.ImageMagickEncoder.EncodeImage (System.String inputPath, System.String outputPath, System.Boolean autoOrient, System.Int32 width, System.Int32 height, System.Int32 quality, MediaBrowser.Controller.Drawing.ImageProcessingOptions options, MediaBrowser.Model.Drawing.ImageFormat selectedOutputFormat) [0x00028] in <17f4d1dc47fc44cebf08500df1508f14>:0 at Emby.Drawing.ImageProcessor+<ProcessImage>c__async1.MoveNext () [0x005de] in <43ad72a16dd046de98f98ca0cf2fddca>:0 Which pointed to a corrupted backdrop image. I went into the metadata manager, forced a refresh of metadata for that movie and it started working again... Would it be possible to get a try/catch around that backdrop loading method?
  24. kanipek

    Recorded TV - metadata

    Is there a way to stop the creation/downloading of metadata for programs that I record? I am getting a tvshow.nfo and now with 3.1.0000 also a showname.SxxExx.nfo for each recording. I have tried using .ignore files - this isn't working for me. I have real time monitoring unchecked for the recording library. Am I missing a setting somewhere? server-63617684968.txt
  25. Hi, I am a lifetime supporter & have my premiere key successfully imported. I downloaded the Rotten Tomatoes plug-in & have ran quite a few metadata refreshes of my libraries the past few days. Seeing a few Rotten Tomatoes ratings, not a lot though. What can I look for in the Emby logs to see if it is using the plug-in to crawl for its 100 Rotten Tomato reviews per day? Thanks, sparc
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