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Found 17 results

  1. Hello together I noticed when I have a series per series a separate folder that Emby then can not access the image information as with Main entry. As an example. I have chosen the series Date a live. About the main search I find for each season the corresponding logo. However, I can only add the only and if I go over the season images search, the system no longer falls back to the main information but I can pull from it just as images and logos. The same is with the backdrops per series is a backdrop folder with a video stored, but only the backdrop that was added last is playe
  2. AmIBeingObtuse

    Change EMBY Logo and text

    Hi, I did a quick look around and coulnd't see this already requested. In the app could we get a setting that allows us to change the Emby logo to another image of our own and the wording next to it for premier users. It would look amazing to have our own logo and server name shown here instead and if were paying subscribers. Incentive to get emby premier for those who don't already too.
  3. jefersonjatobaa

    Como alterar logo inicial?

    Olá, estou iniciando aqui e gostaria de saber como alterar um logotipo inicial por uma minha própria?
  4. kanipek

    XTeVe - Local Logos

    Any XTeVe users find a method to use your own channel logos? Thanks
  5. Hello, This is the first time I am making a request, I hope to have answers and I hope that my requests will succeed. I am French and I use Google Traduction because I am not good enough in English to make my requests as well as possible. I would leave in French too, for other French people who use Emby like me. First of all, I am very happy with Emby, it works really well. 1) On Emby Web App and Emby App (Windows and others) Is it possible to embed logos on thumbnails of movies like 3D, HD, SD, Dolby Surround / DTS and more ... And, is it possible to display them in the sheets of films b
  6. blade005

    TV Series Logo Display - Video Player

    @@Luke @@ebr Emby Server: 3.2.33,0 Emby Roku 3.0 Build 41 I am not seeing TV Series Logos being displayed in the Video Player of Roku app. They are being displayed at the Series Detail page, but do not show up in the upper left corner as expected in the Video Player screen. They do show up for Movies. Any reason they have been omitted from being displayed in TV Series?
  7. Hi everyone, I present you another Intro with Emby Logo minimalistic, this time with sound. https://mega.nz/#!M0Z23RCb!CzXp3ID6XPRHgsTHeiy-ZeWsVzhPiTODUMkOpjNKGZY Enjoy Regards, Spirit
  8. maxcol

    Logo HD-MD-SD & FR-EN

    Bonjour à tous, Suite à une recherche anglais et français sur les forums je n'arrive pas trouver une réponse à mon problème, c'est pourquoi je fais appel à vous! J'aimerai ajouter manuellement ou automatiquement des logos sur chaque fichier indiquant la qualité et les langues de ceux-ci. En gros un(des) petits logo(s) qui viendrai se superposer aux jaquettes quand j'explore ma médiathèque du genre HD ou MD ou SD. Et par la même occasion FRA-ENG-ESP... pour les langues. Comme ça on pourra voir au premier coup d’œil la qualité du film selon l'encodage et les langues dispo sans cliq
  9. dados

    SVG Logo format not supported

    Hi, Could you guys consider adding support for svg image format for channel logo
  10. I'm using the Titan skin and when I go into Settings -> Skin Settings -> General Skin Settings -> Use Custom Image instead of Kodi Logo it then dumps me out to search for the file. It pops up what looks like a Network Share (see attached pic) for Emby and then under that is Public Testing and Dependencies. I assumed it would let me go out and search for the file but I can't get out of this tree. Ideas? (My goal is to upload a blank transparent image and remove the Kodi logo). Thanks
  11. Here's a humble screenshot of a re-designed Emby icon that follows Google's material design principles. If you're interested in incorporating it into the App builds, let me know what file format you'd like. These were made with Adobe Illustrator and are vector files, so I can export pretty much whatever filetype you need. Two samples, adding a little more virtual depth to the logo.
  12. What this solves: Adding Channel Schedules in bulk to NextPVR User Friendly Channel Names Cleans up Channel Names Prune Channels by Language Download Channel Icons/Logos Requirements: AutoIt Curl (SSL support) FSUM NextPVR Schedules Direct (Account) References: ISO 639-1 Codes Notes: I wrote this against two HDHomeRun Primes (Comcast Cable), so not sure how it will fair with OTA & Satellite. One might also be able to alter this script to work with other services, but since I don't have access to others, I can't add support for them. How: This is made up of two scripts, on
  13. monkeyslapper

    Viblaster Logo

    Thanks for the new update! I am currently getting this Viblaster logo on the upper right of my screen when i play a video through chrome I was talking to one of the admin and mention that it might have something to do with licensing failing. check the logs for issue. I am not sure what to look for.... I am posting logs. *** I would like to point out this only happens when i am on another computer logged in from a remote location. *** Server: Version 3.0.5675.1 server-63572829674.txt
  14. BAS

    PlayOn Missing Tile Artwork

    All of the sudden my Playon is now a blank tile in every client including the web client. I tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling with no luck. Is there a way to get the plugin to regenerate these logo tile images on my server?
  15. I don't know how long this has been happening but was doing some maintenance and noticed a few TV series missing logo and thumb images. As from the screenshots below the logo and thumbs appear on the fanart website but not downloading or even showing when you browse the images via the metadata manager. My settings seem correct and using version 3.0.5387.37160
  16. vidkun

    TV Show Logos Not Showing

    I am using the latest stable version of XBMB3C in the repo with XBMC 12.2 and the latest stable Aeon Nox 4 release connected to the latest stable version of MB3 Server. I'm having issues with images being displayed properly for TV Shows (haven't even started checking/testing the movies side yet). I started with trying to use the Episode view to display them as banners, but that never worked anywhere near correctly. So now, I am trying to use the Landscape view to display them as Logo. However, all I get is text of the show name with the episode counts in parenthesis. I have verified that t
  17. Does anyone know of a good place to get logos for local TV stations? Now that Live TV is in Media Browser, I'm trying to get some nice looking logos. I have been doing Google searches, visiting the TV stations' web pages, visiting wikipedia, etc. But it seems to be a hodge-podge of stuff I can find. Thanks for any advice!
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