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  1. I'm going to attach pictures but Enmby android TV clients fails to remember password and it seriouly annoy and certainly takes away from the user experience. Who the hell wants to keep having to login on a remote with no qwerty all the time. So unless the account is deleted or disable the client needs to remember the login forever and until the end of time, right now it only remembers for about a day I don't know what the trigers are that pushes it to stop remember but this issue is 100 percent reproducible as a friend of mine with same equipment is having same issue as well. other than what i provide don't ask for any further information as I have other things to do and don't have time to do any follow ups. Just test and fix on your own.
  2. Hello, I noticed many times when I login as non-admin user that Emby web app does not ask me to save my password. And instead, proposes me the password of the admin user (I manage both users). As other web sites work just fine, I guess emby does something different about the user and password field. Do others have this issue as well? Emby Many thanks
  3. Hello, I've been with Emby a couple of months now. And I like it. But I have always had trouble with the login page. All of the accounts except my account (admin) can never login, if they are shown at the login screen. When they click on their name there is always an immediate prompt that says somehting like "log fail, wrong username or password. please try again" I always found that a little strange since these accounts don't get a chance to type in any password. So up until now I just told everybody to click on login manualy and so on. For me it always works. Ican klick on my icon and I get asked for my password and I can sign in without any problems. At the beginning I always thought my users just forgot their passwords, since a reset usually helped. But today I was trying to setup a client with a user I created myself. But now I can't even login with this new user manualy. I am sure I have the right password because I can sign into the forums with it. I always get a message that tells me to make sure I have proper connection and so on. But I do since I can also sign in with my admin account from this client. I have these problems across all the client I use (Theater desktop, firetv, web app, android, ios). I always check on the dashboard if the users are there and I can also see the failed login attempts I just don't know how to fix this. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. TheBrainninja

    How to Force User to Log Out

    Hey all, I have an uncomfortable social situation I'd like to avoid passively, if possible. My partner logged into her Emby Connect account on her old roommate's Xbox, so she could access my server while she lived there; she's moved out and isn't on the best of terms with them now, and I'd prefer to disconnect her account from that Xbox without contacting the roommate directly. I've reset her password on the server, but it isn't forcing her to sign back in when she launches the app on devices she controls. I've restricted devices that have access to the server, but that also isn't ideal as the device list doesn't seem to list every device the account has connected from - it requires some babysitting to enable/disable the devices I want/don't want to connect. I realize this is more of a social problem than a technical one, but it would make my life a lot easier if I could solve it technically; is there some way to force her account to simply re-authenticate before it can access my server? She says she's reset her Emby Connect password already, and I've searched around to see if someone's addressed this before. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I've discovered today Emby and I'm trying to configure it on an old lapop with Ubuntu Mate. I've the server up, working and tested with other laptops on the same LAN. But I've noticed a problem, on Windows the server appears on "Network" as a "Multimedia Device". That's not the problem, the problem it's that if double click on it, I can enter on the library folder, or If I go to "Properties" and clic on the URL (for example):, I open the web interface on and automatically logs with my server user with all access. My question it's how I can set a login screen when someone wants to enter on the server, even if it's me from other laptop. I have my admin account linked with Emby Connect, I don't know if this detail helps with my problem. Regards EDIT 1: Ok, searching a bit more on this forum I've found this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/59893-require-pin-for-accessing-user-accounts/ and on a comment: Hi. If you want to be able to switch between users (accounts) on the same app, then you don't want to use Emby Connect. Connect is designed as an easy way to directly connect an app/device to a single user without having to know/type in the server address and credentials for the user. If you want to have two accounts with different access, then you want to create two normal accounts on the server (not by email address), setup their access and passwords how you like, and then any local device should automatically find your server and present those two users as options at log-in. Please let us know if this answers your question. Thanks. So, my first problem to ask for login it's solved. But I'm still able to access the folder via "Network" as the server it's listed as a "Multimedia Device" and if I do double click, I enter on the folder and see all the downloads. How I can restrict the folder of the library on the LAN?
  6. Hi - I would like to setup user accounts for 'parents' and 'kids'. I want to have some control in place so that my kids can't select the 'parents' or default admin account and immediately get access to all of the content on the server. I have not been able to find a way to set a PIN for the users. Here is what I've done so far: - Installed the server and setup a default admin account. I've linked this account to Emby Connect - Subscribed to Emby Premier (again with my default email linked to Emby Connect and the default admin account) - Created a local user and attempted to associated with my Emby Connect account (this fails every time - I've sent an email mentioned in the error message and have received a response). - Installed the app on iOS and logged in with my Emby Connect account (which is also the local admin account) - When launching the app - I can select either user and I am not prompted to 'login', the content is available without any restriction I know I can restrict content via ratings or keywords, but neither option will prevent someone from launching an account that has access to all of the media. Here is what I would like to happen (if I have a step wrong, please set me on the right path): - Install the app (iOS, AppleTV, Roku, etc...) login to connect my Emby Connect & Premier account - launch the app and have the choice of which user to 'login' as - be prompted to enter a PIN for each user (or in the case of my Kids - no PIN) - get access to the content based on the users settings (either library access, keywords, or ratings restrictions) Any help is appreciated.
  7. fc7

    Hardening Emby login

    After using Emby for a while I'm so happy with it that I decided to publish it to the Internet so I can listen to my music when I'm away, without needing to VPN home. I'm publishing Emby behind a Squid reverse proxy, using SSL termination. Meaning: Internet Client -----HTTPS SSL connection-----> | Squid reverse-proxy -----PLAIN HTTP-----> Emby | INTERNET | LAN Now I have a couple of questions/features requests regarding publishing Emby to the "evil" Internet: Is there any known issue/concern that I should be aware off that is not too relevant while Emby is only visible in the LAN but that can be dangerous if Emby is visible from the Internet? I'm worried about brute force attacks. Is it possible to enable a captcha on the login screen so for example after 3 failed logins the user will need to validate the captcha to try to login again? About the login screen: would it be posible to have a configuration parameter in Emby to "harden" the login form like for example disabling autocomplete on the username field? Is it possible to enable a configuration parameter to hide all users from the login screen, server wide, instead of doing it on user basis only? How does the "in-network sign-in" with the easy pin code works? How does Emby know that the user is logging in from the LAN or from the Internet? What happen if the user is in the Internet but Emby is behind a reverse-proxy in the LAN (all requests comes from the LAN IP of the proxy)? Would Emby check the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header if the reverse-proxy provides it? I know these are a lot of questions and some things may not be even implemented right now, but if they are not, maybe they can be a good idea to implement in the near future since they can help us to protect our server for the "evil" Internet. Cheers
  8. LouisMylle

    Login through API

    Hello, I'm searching for a solution to log in to the web-based client without entering credentials. Is there any possibility to login with variables in the url like an API and the userid? (Or through a POST/GET request) I've read the API wiki but I'm not getting any further.. Regards, Louis Mylle
  9. We are using Emby as our media streaming server in our school and it works really well, it replaced Microsoft Windows 2008 Streaming Media Server! We are running it on an Ubuntu server, so if we have to edit config files we will need to know the Linux file paths as opposed to Windows. The way it has been setup is that staff and students have a restricted login account with no password, and we use the school's crest as the icon like the screenshot below The problem is that staff and students (despite being told) are trying to login manually rather than clicking in the school crest. We then get people phoning IT asking us for the login details. Whilst ideally we would love LDAP/ Active directory integration, I appreciate this is not a priority. We would like to be able to edit the wording on the login page so it's clear that users who only wish to view content should click on the school crest. As a secondary requirement we would also like to remove the Forgot password option because our other login accounts are shared and hidden (need to know basis only) e.g. we have one where users can login to schedule the recording of a TV program (EmbyTV) where it would be inappropriate for users to change the password. Same with the Admin account which is also shared. The simple question is how do we go about customising the layout of the login page?
  10. hi all, hope this is the right place. i am running emby-server- (doesnt matter, happened on more than one version) using pkg on a freenas-9.10 server. i noticed that when i set a password for a user using the webinterface i get access to another field for local network login offering easy-pin-access stuff. nice. if i check the box for that it works as intended. if i disable the password for the user again by updating it to an empty one the field for local pin access goes away but is still active. meaning that i still see a little lock symbol next to the user on my fire-tv and need to enter the easy-access-pin to login. since i disabled the password i'd expected that all login restrictions would be gone now. if you feel like this is a valid point please look into that. thanks for making a great tool & product! edit: solved
  11. JoshFink

    Login screen for all users?

    I know I must be missing something simple that maybe I changed when I first installed. When I was setting this up I was always logging in as myself. Now that things are mostly working I wanted it, on launch to be able to go to the login screen and you either select myself or the Kids user. I have the kids user set up but I can't figure out what I need to do to get it to ask at each login. Thanks Josh
  12. Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. I have been having a problem for a few weeks now where I cannot login to Emby Connect when I am on a mobile data network. When I am at home on my network or at a friend's house on their network I am able to login with no problems. But if I turn wireless off on my phone and connect to the phone's data network, I cannot login. The problem is the same if I try to login to Emby Connect via a web browser also.
  13. When I open my Android Emby app, two scenarios are possible: - Connect Successfully - Connection unsuccessful. Go to server configuration. Well... it happens that JUST because my server wasn't reached, it doesn't mean there's something wrong and I have to be redirected to config pages. Sometimes it's just about waiting a few seconds and trying again (or even insisting a little more before giving up connection). I believe that this breaks Emby's connection transparency. I think that the best way would be to create a sidepanel that, WHEN DESIRED, could be slided in to reconfigure, connect manually or even emby connect. This way... Emby would retry non-stop (maybe with a tries counter, "retrying in N sec..."), until you REALLY want to manually configure it again. I'm thinking about installing Android Emby app on my wife's phone, but she is far from a tech user, and those users will cleary be confused with config pages. Common users hate config screens and just want app to work... even if takes a little while to connect. What do you think?
  14. mboehler


    Will support be added for podcasts that require a username and password to obtain the RSS feed? For example, I subscribe to Mysterious Universe Plus+ (http://mysteriousunivers.org/plus/) and I use the following to get the feed: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/feed/muplussq/ If I enter either http://mysteriousuniverse.org/feed/muplussq/ or http://user%40email.com:password@mysteriousuniverse.org/feed/muplussq/ into the Podcasts Plugin, I get an error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. Entering http://user%40email.com:password@mysteriousuniverse.org/feed/muplussq/ into IE or Chrome works fine for me. The plugin works great for other feeds that don't require a login. And I do have other ways of downloading the feed and adding it to my collection, so this is not a big deal. It would just make everything flow more smoothly if it was incorporated. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, I have this weird bug where I can't login to my emby server from my cellphone / tablet if I'm outside of my home network; login fails with "Request was denied for security." message (cf screenshot below). Emby website in my browser outside of home network works fine. I am running Emby behind a nginx reverse proxy so I don't connect through emby connect but through an URL like xxx.noip.me:123/emby App stopped working a few weeks back with no change on the server configurations.
  16. I want to change the base width of the div.card.squareCard.bottomPaddedCard on the login page that is used to display avatars that are not hidden during login. This width changes based on @@Media min-width variables, so I also want to change all those so the profile images are smaller across the board, but I can't seem to get the CSS code to take effect. Trying to affect this code (user-id and domain code replaced with question marks) <div class="card squareCard bottomPaddedCard"> <div class="cardBox visualCardBox"> <div class="cardScalable"> <div class="cardPadder"></div> <a class="cardContent" href="#" data-ajax="false" data-haspw="true" data-username="admin" data-userid="?????"> <div class="cardImage" style="background-image:url('?????/emby/Users/?????/Images/Primary?width=600&tag=?????&quality=90');"></div> </a> </div> <div class="cardFooter"> <div class="cardText">admin</div> <div class="cardText">Last seen a minute ago</div> </div> </div> </div> Looks like the base code for the width of the outer HTML element copied above is only controlled by this, line 307 of card.css .squareCard { width: 50%; } I should be able to override this code by declaring the element in addition to its class, but to be safe I'm declaring two of its parents. #loginPage #divUsers div.squareCard { width: 33.333%; } And it doesn't work. I've already added some small level of anonymity to the login page by hiding the username and last seen time from display. I use the same method and avoid using any !important shortcuts in the css. (Edit: I apply this code in Settings > Branding > Custom css) I also tried to !important this and it has no effect. Any ideas? -------------------------------------- Screenshots... current live display: desired display:
  17. Is there a way to setup 2 local accounts with no passwords to login with the "Friendly" login for Theater. Then a 3rd account with a password for remote login, without access to the 2 other accounts? I can't seem to get it setup where the 2 accounts with no password won't show remotely. I have the 2 other accounts setup where they can only be accessed by the local HTPC, and those accounts can't login remotely, that is until I login with the 3rd account user name and password. Once I have logged in with the 3rd account, I can swap users and login to the first 2 accounts with no password remotely, even if I use the logout option for the 3rd account first. The 2 other accounts remain wide open and accessible. Only way I can block access to the is to lock them with a password also. I would also like to set when accessing remotely that only manual login is available for better security. I have been searching the forum and github wiki but can't lock things down remotely unless I lock them down locally. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
  18. Well done! I think it's great when people fork the code for side projects
  19. Cire3

    Can't ad Emby users ?

    I have the server setup and I have the year license. Problem is I can't seem to add users ? I try to setup my daughters after I had them register/validate. I try to setup the user account and I get an error they are not registered with Emby ? However I can log in as them ? Am I doing something wrong ? user/user@email.com is how I'm adding them
  20. allison.proudfoot

    password reset

    I cannot get my password to reset. I am able to get the page that comes up and gives you your link & pin. However, when I open the link I am redirected to the page where you enter the pin but only for a spilt second, it then redirects me to the log in page where it asks for user name and password. It won't let me stay on the pin page long enough to enter the pin. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't work. I think i have the latest version 3.05781.1. I have tired using firefox and chrome.
  21. Tested on Chrome and FF. 1. Login with User A 2. Close Tab 3. Login with User B 4. Homescreen of User A is shown I can imagine it's meant like that by dev team, but I see problems with parental controls. I created an own user for my son. Even when he tries to login by clicking on his account, he gets my Homeview with all the fancy horror zombie apocalyptic stuff, if I just closed tab before instead of logout. Can it be implemented, that the user session ends when the tab is closed? Log says, the right user is connected, but in Browser it's not.
  22. Crossfire0mega

    keep getting kicked back to login screen

    Hello, I have a newly installed EMBY server running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 x86 server. I have gone through the install process and I was just trying to setup the media locations which are local directories and whenever I try to enter the location in it kicks me back out to the login screen. I have only one account setup and I created the local folders for my media with the same account as for emby. I also tried to change the server cache files path from the default under advanced settings and the same thing happened, kicked right back out to the login page. I don't know what's causing this, any help would be great. Thanks. p.s. I also have samba installed and have made my media folders into shared network folders open to guest and tried the network paths in the media locations settings and it still kicked me back to the login screen then too.
  23. I am having a major issue with the Fire TV Stick (It's also happening on the Nexus Player app). I recently added my sister as a guest account to my server, but on her Fire TV Stick, whenever she chooses "Login with Connect" after entering the pin on her computer using HER USERNAME AND PASSWORD, she is given the "choose a user" screen on the app. The major issue here is even though she used the pin with HER account, she is unable to launch the app using her account. It always gives the "Invalid Username or Password" error. She CAN however, click on MY username (the admin account) and the app works perfectly. This is a major issue, as I'd like to add more guests, but absolutely can't if they all have immediate access to my admin account, and not their own when using a Set top box. The app works perfectly under her account for Android, as well as the web client, but there definitely are some wires crossed when it comes to the pin sign on for the box apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  24. While testing version 590 I tried to login manually to Emby, with the manual login option. I noticed that there is no "Sign In" button so it's hard to tell if you triggered the login or not. I think I'm also facing a login problem since when I put the wrong password and press <Enter> the app will give me a message that the user or password are wrong but when I put the correct password the app is not doing anything and it's not login in either. Since there is no "Login" button I can't tell if the app is really trying to login or not unless I check the server logs. Can anyone else try to do a manual login and tell me if it's working for you? On the other hand adding a "Login" or "Sign In" buttong would not hurt I guess.
  25. While trying version 590 I noticed that if you login with a user and save its password so the next time you open the app it will automatically login to that user and afterwards you hide the same user from the login screen the automatic login will not happen. Is this the expected behavior? Repro steps: Login with a visible user and remember its password Exit the app Lauch the app again and it will automatically login with the saved username and password. <-- Correct Exit the app again. From Emby server configuration, hide the user that you used for login to the Samsung app from the login screen and save the configuration. Launch the app again and this time automatic login will not work and you will be presented with the list of users that remain visible and the manual login option. <-- Incorrect? I would expect that once you login with a user and remember its password, hidden or visible you should be able to relogin with that user in the app again automatically. Also by making the user visible again, auto login will start working again without touching anything in the app. Thanks
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