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Found 21 results

  1. I was wondering if there's a way to keep track of all ip addresses that connect to the emby server remotely or otherwise. Is there something I can use from the QNAP store or is there a plugin of sorts for emby? Ideally, I'd love to flag new IP addresses but that's not a must.
  2. Hello, I'm using the TVHeadend plugin including LiveTV. My TVHeadend server delivers the TPG. My problem: every EPG entry is also included in the embyserver.txt log-file. Since this is quite a huge amout this leads to extremely large logfiles. For example right now >80MB starting 4 hours ago. Is there a way to disable EPG logging? An example of an EPG log entry is attached below. Thanks a lot for your help! 2020-10-16 10:05:57.775 Info App: [TVHclient] GetEventsResponseHandler.handleResponse: add event HTSMessage: <dump> eventId : 78763802 channelId : 1192519619 start : 1602870300 stop : 1602872100 title : Kung Fu Panda: Die Tatzen des Schicksals description : Folge 21, Für vier Pandakinder beginnt eine abenteuerliche Reise, als sie in eine mystische Höhle unterhalb ihres Panda-Dorfes stolpern und dort zufällig das Chi alter und mächtiger Kung-Fu-Meister erhalten. Sie wollen ihrem Schicksal folgen und mit ihren neugewonnenen Kräften die Welt vor bösen Mächten beschützen - doch dafür müssen sie erstmal hart trainieren! Der legendäre Drachenmeister Po sieht sich seiner bisher größten Herausforderung gegenüber, als er den jungen Pandas beibringen soll, wie sie ihre neu erlangten Kräfte anwenden können. subtitle : Die Nacht des knochenbleichen Dämons Animations-Serie, USA 2018 nextEventId : 78763803 </dump> <ProgramInfo> Id: 78763802 StartDate: 10/16/2020 5:45:00 PM +00:00 EndDate: 10/16/2020 6:15:00 PM +00:00 ChannelId: 1192519619 Name: Kung Fu Panda: Die Tatzen des Schicksals Overview: Folge 21, Für vier Pandakinder beginnt eine abenteuerliche Reise, als sie in eine mystische Höhle unterhalb ihres Panda-Dorfes stolpern und dort zufällig das Chi alter und mächtiger Kung-Fu-Meister erhalten. Sie wollen ihrem Schicksal folgen und mit ihren neugewonnenen Kräften die Welt vor bösen Mächten beschützen - doch dafür müssen sie erstmal hart trainieren! Der legendäre Drachenmeister Po sieht sich seiner bisher größten Herausforderung gegenüber, als er den jungen Pandas beibringen soll, wie sie ihre neu erlangten Kräfte anwenden können. EpisodeTitle: OriginalAirDate: OfficialRating: HasImage: False ImageUrl: IsMovie: False IsKids: False IsLive: False IsNews: False IsSports: False Genres:
  3. Hello, I sent in the log from the fire stick Emby app. Additional details request for posting logs are below: I was clicking resume on a 4k HVEC file of "The Martian". This occurred on 3/24/2020 at 11:39 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). The name of the local user logged in was "Michael". If there is more information needed please let me know. The 4k video is in .mkv format and for what I can see in the dashboard while attempting to play the video is it tried to convert it to a format but stops and attempts 3 times. Then on the firestick give the error "Too many errors". Thanks for the assistance.
  4. It seems that the ffmpeg-transcode-* log files are not being rotated by the "Rotate Log File" scheduled task. No errors reported in the console logs. Other log files in the same directory are deleted as expected. 1.8GB of transcode logs built up before I manually cleared. Debug logging is not enabled; should these logs even be generating? Is there an option to turn those off? Thanks!
  5. Good Morning, in the last 2 months my server emby has been stealing memory reaching 92% of the server. It is installed on an Intel Xeon server with 8GB of memory. Windows Server 2012 R2 system, Emby-only server. I went to get the log to send it to you and I came across it (follows print) log with more than 6GB in size. Thanks in advance for your attention.
  6. Hello, I've been with Emby a couple of months now. And I like it. But I have always had trouble with the login page. All of the accounts except my account (admin) can never login, if they are shown at the login screen. When they click on their name there is always an immediate prompt that says somehting like "log fail, wrong username or password. please try again" I always found that a little strange since these accounts don't get a chance to type in any password. So up until now I just told everybody to click on login manualy and so on. For me it always works. Ican klick on my icon and I get asked for my password and I can sign in without any problems. At the beginning I always thought my users just forgot their passwords, since a reset usually helped. But today I was trying to setup a client with a user I created myself. But now I can't even login with this new user manualy. I am sure I have the right password because I can sign into the forums with it. I always get a message that tells me to make sure I have proper connection and so on. But I do since I can also sign in with my admin account from this client. I have these problems across all the client I use (Theater desktop, firetv, web app, android, ios). I always check on the dashboard if the users are there and I can also see the failed login attempts I just don't know how to fix this. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. I have LiveTV set up and it has been working fine for a little while using my Hauppage tuner and EPG via Schedules Direct. This last week or so, I have noticed that some of the programmes I was expecting to record haven't been and I want to interrogate the server to find out why. The logs are so huge, it takes an age to determine what I may be looking for Is there something that I am missing that will tell me when such events are/not triggered and occur? I was expecting something under 'Recent Activity' or similar
  8. FordGT90Concept

    HDHomeRun EXTEND log behavior

    Public Service Announcement Since I've lost two EXTENDs already to "reset reason = application watchdog" I've been paying closer attention to what my EXTENDs do. Here is what they sit at now (number is the last segment of the IP address): 100, new as of a month or so ago. 19700101-00:00:20 System: reset reason = application watchdog 19700101-00:00:20 System: E5592573 0000000E 004E2D68 0042D3A0 00432724 0040D9D0 004DDCEC 004DDCC0 19700101-00:00:20 System: 00506E0C FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 19700101-00:00:20 System: network link 100f 19700101-00:00:21 System: ip address obtained: / 20180415-06:00:50 System: time changed from Thu Jan 1 00:00:37 1970 to Sun Apr 15 06:00:50 2018101, about 19 months old and the most used of the three. 19700101-00:00:17 System: reset reason = application watchdog 19700101-00:00:17 System: E5592573 0000000E 004E2D68 0042D3A0 00432724 0040D9D0 004DDCEC 004DDCC0 19700101-00:00:17 System: 00506E0C FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 19700101-00:00:17 System: network link 100f 19700101-00:00:18 System: ip address obtained: / 20180401-06:00:53 System: time changed from Thu Jan 1 00:00:34 1970 to Sun Apr 1 06:00:53 2018102, about 19 months old and rarely used. System Log 19700101-00:00:17 System: reset reason = firmware upgrade 19700101-00:00:17 System: network link 100f 19700101-00:00:18 System: ip address obtained: / 20180328-21:18:07 System: time changed from Thu Jan 1 00:00:34 1970 to Wed Mar 28 21:18:07 2018102 is perfectly fine so not much to talk about there. 100 and 101 both have the application watchdog message; however, note the time it occurred. It's almost like they deliberately rebooted themselves at 6am. The question is why? Did the log get so full it had to purge it? I don't think this behavior is in error because nothing was recording at the time. Still strange and something to be aware of.
  9. FordGT90Concept

    Simplified Log Submission

    It would be nice if all of the client apps (especially Emby Theater and Emby for Android TV) had an option to submit logs that not only included the local logs produced in the last hour but also zipped up and received the logs from the last hour from the server as well as display a unique code on screen to reference the logs that were just uploaded. Basic flow chart: ​1) User hits "submit logs." 2) App sends a request to Emby Server for submission logs. 3) Emby Server finds the files that contain relevant data, compresses them, and sends them to the app. 4) App receives the logs from the Server, compresses and appends its own logs. 5) The complete log archive is uploaded to Emby's log submission server. The log submission server, upon receipt of the data, replies with a unique code (e.g. ABC123) that identifies this specific submission. 6) The app receives the unique code displaying it on the screen with a message saying "your logs have been received. Use this code to reference it: <code>" Whomever encountered the bug can write that down and report it (with details) at their convenience.
  10. I use unicode to name international media (Russian, to be precise), so the files contain the unicode characters. They appear fine in the log files, but when I view the logs via the Emby web interface, the unicode characters are corrupted. It seems like the encoding of the web interface is wrong or something. I tried it in Edge on Windows and Chrome on an Android tablet and the problem persists.
  11. Nisten

    Consecutive Log Outs

    I log remotely into the server to manage it but generally navigating through the server dashboard kicks me out of the server or logs me out. A few examples where I get booted out (initially clicking on the settings/gear icon near the very top right after I log in, clicking on one of the sections within the dashboards - settings, transcoding, live tv, navigating back to the home screen by clicking the home icon near the very top left). I have also noticed this when accessing the plug-ins section or clicking the "Settings" of a plug-in (but i wasn't specifically doing this today so its not captured in the log) 1) Is this supposed to be happening at all or in any instances (by design)? 2) In cases where its happening but its not by design, is it preventable? server log 11-2-17 (411pm).txt
  12. EVERY time I startup KODI and try to play a movie, it tells me that one or more of the items failed to play, see log. I dont know what I am looking at in the log. I always have to go to my computer, and manually restart the server. There are even times that I have to complete shutdown the server and restart it. Sunday it happened twice, and I never even closed KODI. I just had it in idle for about an hour. I have attached both logs from that day. Thank you for you help. Log 19MAR171624.txt Log 19MAR172014.txt
  13. rafinha

    Some errors in my log file

    Hi guys, few months a go I move from Windows to Linux server. Everything is working, but today I saw some errors in my logs. 2017-01-06 15:42:34.8846 Error HttpServer: Error processing request *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/emby-server -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe -restartpath /usr/lib/emby-server/restart.sh Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Mono: 4.6.2 (Stable Mon Nov 28 20:49:26 UTC 2016) Processor count: 2 Program data path: /var/lib/emby-server Application directory: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Unable to find the specified file. System.IO.FileNotFoundException No Stack Trace Available Anybody knows how to fix it to don't have this error anymore? Thanks
  14. anderbytes

    Question about logs

    I've seen than in "Manage Server > Help > Logs" , where the Logs list can be found... each one can be read and downloaded, OK so far. The problem is: the generated URL's create a persistent authentication-bypass where anyone with that url can directly read this and other logs (simply varying the incremental number) Example: https://www.mydomain.com:8920/emby/System/Logs/Log?name=server-63597366821.txt&api_key=72ef32b64a3c3486842c519dcc75a06e I modified the api_key here in this topic on purpose... or else anyone here would be allowed to download my logs. The problem: your browsing URL can be seen in a different number of places (cumulatively): - Your local computers, by other users - A network proxy, if you´re accessing from an office (any IT employee there) - Your ISP, that in other case would not have that kind of information about your server (any IT employee there) - NSA (everyone there) So... is it possible that the API_KEY will be hidden and a POST header (session-based) used, instead? Thanks!
  15. anderbytes

    Recurrent errors in log

    As mentioned in other topic --> http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/31100-emby-isnt-closing-used-network-ports/page-4&do=findComment&comment=324729 I want to report some strange errors that keep appearing in the log. I'll post a resume below and try to discuss a little about each one. Important: I used Emby for Android a lot around 17h of this log, began to experience some connection problems, and when I reached home, I confirmed that LOTS of opened ports weren't being closed (as described in topic above) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DATE: April 26th TIME: 16:03:36 to 20:48:59 (4 hours and 45 minutes) ERRORS SEEN IN LOG: "Error HttpServer: Error in ProcessAccept" --> 448 occurrences This one was already seen by @@Luke in https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/1097 Something related to Mono not trusting SSL certificate chains, I guess. "Error while sending TLS Alert (Fatal:InternalError)" --> 284 occurrences Seems to relate to error above "Error while sending TLS Alert (Fatal:CertificateUnknown)" --> 19 occurrences Seems to relative to first error above WARNINGS SEEN IN LOG: "Warn BaseItem: Unable to find linked item at path" --> 166 occurrences It seems that Library has a very hard time forgetting some items. All those occurences point to files that used to exist but doesn't anymore (renamed, moved or erased). Nothing seems to work here to erase those memories... cleaning old database, removing cache, NOT EVEN REMOVING THE LIBRARIES AND REMAKING THEM (very strange!!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Can you guys please try to make those errors disappear? Maybe they're related to other errors experienced (open ports not always closing... maybe) But we'll only know for sure after they're gone. Thanks!!
  16. First of all, I'd like to say thanks for the work being done on Emby Theater. It had been the main reason I held off for so long before making the switch to Emby. Now my question.... is there an update log or changes list somewhere that I'm not aware of for all these new updates to Emby Theater? If not, is there plans to in the near future? It's not a huge problem, it just would be nice to know what's happening with each update. Thanks
  17. oyvindo

    Where are Emby log files located?

    Hi all, My Emby fails to start and I wish to check the log files to see what's going on, but I can't find them? This is a Linux Server and I have searched for 'log' in the whole Emby path and found lots of xml and html files, but no text (log) files. Can someone please give a hint on were to look?
  18. trevordj

    FreeNAS plugin crashing daily

    I have emby up and running on my home server running FreeNAS. Over the last few weeks emby is crashing at least once daily. Once it crashes, I cannot restart it through the webGUI, I have to go into the jail and manually start it using the command 'service emby-server onestart.' I cleared my logs yesterday and this morning I woke up, the plugin crashed again. My logs are posted below. In case it helps, here are specs on my machine: [a href=http://www.ebay.com/itm/231360168024?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT]Supermicro 836TQ 16 bay chassis[/a] [a href=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005FYNSZA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1]SanDisk Cruzer 16GB thumb drive[/a] (for FreeNAS OS) [a href=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006GD30UC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1]5 x Noctua 80mm fans [/a] [a href=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DWFQ42I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s04?ie=UTF8&psc=1]Noctua heatsink[/a] [a href=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JDBYE1I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1]Cheap samsung console monitor[/a] [a href=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003NREDC8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1]Cheap console mouse and keyboard[/a] [a href=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813182927]Supermicro X10SRL motherboard[/a] [a href=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117512]Intel Xeon E5 processor E5-1620[/a] [a href=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145973]8 x HGST Deskstar NAS 6TB hard drives[/a] [a href=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147382]4 x Samsung 16GB 288-pin DDR4 ECC RAM[/a] [a href=http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10226&cs_id=1022602&p_id=5123&seq=1&format=2]A bunch of monoprice SATA cables[/a] A list of the logs: Here are the two logs labeled "unhandled" Any thoughts/ideas on how to fix this is much appreciated!
  19. Hi, I would like to request that the log path be made customisable in the server dashboard.
  20. Pretty much what the title says. I'd like to see in the organize log any media that might be skipped. For example if I had the following folder: Emby Watch folder --Owari no Seraph ----Season 1 ------>Owari no Seraph.s01e01.mkv ------>Owari no Seraph.s01e03.mkv ------>Owari no Seraph.s01e04.mkv and I try to add the file "Owari no Seraph.s01e06.mkv". I'd like to see in auto-organize something like the following: Moved: Owari no Seraph.s01e06 Missing Media: Owari no Seraph.s01e02 Missing Media: Owari no Seraph.s01e05 This simple feature would make file management far easier. Right now I have to occasionally check episodes and filter by "missing episodes". Which I have about 200, some legit and others not so legit. Not very easy to sort through but I am glad it's there, one day maybe I'll get that to 0 (unlikely).
  21. Hi I'm receiving this error in the server log - http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=TbbdfpvY , which is about refreshing trailers. I think its a path issue, but I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm using a custom path(not unc) for ImagesByName, but that directory exist. Am I missing a sub-directory or something like that? Thanks in advance
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