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  1. Is it possible, or will it be added, to have the ability to sync the channel groups in Emby with the channel groups i already have setup in nextPVR?
  2. Unraid Server: v6.2.1 Emby Server: v3.0.8100.0 Fire TV Box: v5.2.1.1 Fire TV App: v1.2.31a Log sent from Fire TV: 3:21PM EST Client is disconnecting from live tv 2-10 minutes after starting and returns to the guide. Been running this setup for quite awhile with no issues. The last time I was successfully streaming live tv both transcoded and direct playing was on 3.0.64, possibly 3.0.71. I update as often as new updates are released. Once the issue started on the first Fire Tv box I attempted: Clearing cache, clearing all data - no fix Re-installed Fire TV app - no fix Delet
  3. Hello I have a hdhomerun in my network for live tv. I however would like to use DVBlink (using the provided server plugin) and not the built in hdhomerun support. Whenever i delete the hdhomerun tuner it is added again after i go back from "home" to "manage server". Ill try to make a movie and upload it here to show you.
  4. My Emby Server updated, followed by a notice that my Mediaportal plugin was updated (and that the server should be restarted). Now, I can't start any LiveTV. I have used a browser, android and apple apps to test. I reinstalled the plugin to no avail. Interestingly, MPextended doesn't show the plugin ever attempts to connect. Also interesting is the fact that I can enter incorrect settings and the plugin will report it has connected successfully. I have noticed the thread about the removal (temporarily) and I suspect my problems may be related to that occurrence. Any insight
  5. Fire TV App: 1.2.66a I tried pausing live tv, but it appears to have been disabled. I reviewed the forum to see whether the reason was listed as well as the changelog, but didn't see any information. Reviewed the latest commits and saw a condition was added based on whether seek was available. Was this just a temporary fix or is this now the default behavior? I found it very useful to pause live tv and used it frequently.
  6. Fire TV App: 1.2.66a This has been an issue in previous app versions. Not sure if "miscalculation" is the correct word, but to reproduce the issue click a channel, select Tune to Channel, immediately afterwards, while the loader is visible, press the hamburger button to bring up the split live tv preview/guide view. The live tv preview is then loaded, but shifted approx. 7% to the right of the expected viewing area. Additionally, pressing return to hide the guide does not recalculate the resolution for full screen and remains the same.
  7. Hi there, For a while I had issues with Live TV not working first thing in the morning but then starting again later in the day. This went away and it has been very reliable until one or two releases ago when this issue returned. Originally to resolve the issue I stopped using the 64bit build on QNAP and began just using the 32bit one. This seemed to make it stable. I do not use the Emby through the store on QNAP I follow the community thread and download the latest releases as they are delivered, normally within a few days of an actual release announcement. This morning this happe
  8. Hauppauge WinTV Dual-HD (WinTV8 and latest drivers) NextPVR v3.7.7 Server 3.1.6094.3363 - (recordings were done on previous dev version last night) I am experimenting with recording Live TV The recording is fine via Emby and the resulting .ts files are recorded fine and play well My problem is that they are saved to the directory location i set up in NextPVR rather than in the directory i specified in Emby server under LiveTv>settings The recordings were setup via Emby and the saved files appear in Emby>LiveTV>recordings page as you would expect - so Emby knows they
  9. Hi, I'm trying to add a Schedules Direct (in fact my existing SD settings stopped working - in that I had no listings, and when I refresh the guide data in the settings screens - nothing happens. So, I deleted the existing SD config and added another and I get this screen: I've looked in the logs, an attached them - the most recent file says that a username is required, however I'm not able to specify it as the screen shows. Is there anyway I can remove any cached SD settings? I'e had a dig around the data directory, but can't see anything. Thanks Guys logs.zip
  10. I use Emby's LiveTV with a CableCard via ServerWMC, and in my guide I have way too many channels (530, most of which I do not watch). Marking some as favorites to move to the top of the guide listing helps, but what I'd really like to do is have another tab on the LiveTV page that starts the guide listing with my HD channels at channel number 650 (the channel index is 322). I have been hacking around on the live server code in guide.js and have been able to change the StartIndex to 322 and occasionally see the results I want (when I run Emby in a new private window and thus don't have
  11. RedStripe

    LiveTV series

    What is the purpose/use of the "SERIES" button on the LiveTV page. I've searched and cannot find any info. Thanks
  12. RedStripe

    LiveTV buttons option to hide

    Version 3.0.5972.0 Browser Firefox 46.0 I do not have LiveTV. I do not have a TV tuner and I do not want to buy one. I should not have to look at and manage buttons I have no use for. Please add options to hide the LiveTV and Recordings buttons on the Home and Folders pages. Thanks
  13. A few days ago I noticed that I didn't have any guide data and recordings weren't happening. I clicked on LiveTV -> Schedules Direct and get the following error in a pop-up right away: I clicked "Got it" and the only information filled in was my username. I put in my password and got the same Alert error. I verified that the username and password are correct by logging in with the same credentials into Schedules Direct. Here are the associated log files: 2016-05-26 16:42:14.9571 Info App: ScheduledTasksWebSocketListener stop transmitting over websocket to 20
  14. jason66048

    Encrypted Live TV Cable Options

    Just wondering what the best option is when dealing with encrypted LiveTV cable? Been running WMC since the XP era for LiveTV and Kodi for the media library. For the past few months been exploring options and Emby seems like a great one source solution that is wife friendly. Would it be better to use Emby for WMC, pull media from server, and continue to run Live TV though WMC since I have encrypted Live TV? Or should I consider another option using ServerWMC as I understand the Emby Server along can’t decrypt encrypted LiveTV cable? Any incite would be great. Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys, First I've got to say that I love the new Emby Theatre, however there's a single showstopper for me. LiveTV does not appear to run for me. It runs with no issues via Emby WMC (Windows 8), the Emby local web browser, and the iOS app, but in Emby Theatre when I try to run a channel the loading circle simply sits there rotating. I can leave it there for 30 minutes and it keeps doing the same thing. I have Emby Server running with ServerWMC, and have 6 BDA tuners in total connected. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks! Luke
  16. I have been an EMBY user with WMC for many years.... I am now evaluating EMBY Theater LiveTV using tge WMCServer plugin. when i connect using the connect interface. I see my channels and recordings. However when I connect using the Theater interface and select LiveTV, I see the channel and recording elements, but no channels or recordings are listed. Any suggestions?
  17. fc7

    LiveTV playback Firefox

    Hi, Running latest Emby stable on two different servers, one running CentOS 7 (64-bit) with Mono 4.2.1 and the other running Windows 8.1 (64bit) I found that LiveTV playback using the webclient on Firefox 43.0.4 on Linux works against the server running on Windows but doesn't work against the server running on Linux. The exact problem is that in FF the player is loading but the screen is black, no video. On the other hand when streaming from the Windows server, playback works fine. I will attach both servers logs to the thread later. If there is any other details you want me to
  18. Hi, I have a problem playing livetv content on Android application. I get the following message: Playback error. There was an error processing the request. Please try again. Playing of livetv from my emby server works just fine when I use Chrome browser in Windows or in Linux. I've attached log from the Android client app and the server logs. c0431e09-3040-43f6-a5e1-4005687815a71.log server_logs.zip
  19. Damstas

    API for fanArt with LiveTV

    Is there an API to use that allows fanArt from Schedules Direct to be used in LiveTV sections, in similar way to what library items have? Like in this pic https://flic.kr/p/C1dDBg
  20. Any way to get this implemented into the next version? Ordered in number of importance. 1. A button on the remote that would have a "Flashback" feature to flip between two different channels. 2. Be able to use the D-Pad to tune into a channel number directly, rather than paging through the guide. 3. A mini guide, similar to Windows Media Center while watching Live TV. Thanks for all your hard work!
  21. Hi there, it would be nice to change the Upcoming Shows Tab to use the EPG from the LiveTV Feature of Emby (should work with LiveTV Plugins, too). This would elimnate the problem for users outside of the USA to see whats shows if their library are upcoming in local TV. Furthermore you can Record the episode(s) directly from this page. If this is implemented a further nice feature could be, emby to search in LiveTV EPG for missings or new episodes which are not in the library and add automaticly a schedule timer to record. For example I have got all episodes of The Big Bang The
  22. Just installed Version 3.0.5781.1 on my windows 7 x64 server. I have an hdhomerun extend. The setup picked that up. I installed the emby xbox plugin as well. I setup two test media directories tv-test-- contains two folders for two series, one in avi form one in wtv form movies-test ---contains one dvd rip in ts folder form When i opened my xbox360-- i see the emby icon, open it , login as the only user i have. I see the TV and Movies . But I do not see any live tv. Should live tv /guide/epg work on xbox360? fyi, I am a kickstarter supporter for hdhomerun dvr and have a sepera
  23. Hi, I have Emby server installed on Windows 7 machine and recently I bought HDHomeRun model HDHR4-2DT. I've set it up with default settings and scanned for channels (Croatia is the location). Tried local LAN streaming through HDHomeRun View application and VLC and everything is working as expected, including automatic switching of picture ratio (16:9 -> 4:3 and back when streaming content changes). Then I've set Emby server to use newly found tuner (that part actually went pretty much automated). But when I try to look at the guide I get no info about the program and when I stream li
  24. I have two issues that I'm unsure where to start with. First, when viewing the TV Guide on my Nexus Player, the left side of the guide (the part that displays the Station Name and Channel Number) is significantly cut-off. It almost appears that I'm seeing cutoff on left, right, and below the guide, but it's most noticeable on the left side. I've attached a picture I took to help demonstrate what I'm seeing. I encounter this in both the standard TV guide and the new Live TV Guide that is still in beta testing. I haven't run into this anywhere else within the App. Is there a setting to ad
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