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  1. Hi, This is from the original topic https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ #bg-color and #bg-size - to alter the background color and size of the channel tile
  2. schmitty

    Add tvg-group flag to m3u streams

    Hi, This is part of https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ tvg-group - to set network/studio group of radio and tv streams for easier grouping
  3. schmitty

    Add live flag for m3u streams

    Hi, This is a part of the request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/ live (1/0) - disable/enable live stream flag, so play and seek controls can be enabled or disabled
  4. Hi, This is a part of the combined request https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/65020-live-tv-enhancements/, I decided to group these particular ones together as they tie in with each other. tv (0/1) - enable/disable tv (must specify either radio or audio-only options if set to 0) radio (true) - enable radio-specific stream with rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with audio-only) audio-only (true) - enable audio only stream without rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with radio)
  5. jkmonk0823

    Overrun with IPTV Channels

    I have been experimenting with different IPTV providers, and I now have 18,742 channels. The only tuner I have installed right now is the HD Homerun Connect with my OTA channels and the premium channels from Silicon Dust. How can I get rid of all the old IPTV channels? Also, how can I can include the username and password for an M3U file I created for another provider?
  6. jeflatt

    Change live TV channels

    I'm probably just missing something obvious here, but is there a way to change the channel on live TV while watching live TV? Right now, if I want to watch a different channel, I have to go back to the Emby for Roku app and sort through the channel list to find what I'm looking for. Is there a way to just "surf" through the channels without tuning out and tuning back in?
  7. Hi, just a quick question around guide data. Am I correct in that I need to pay for an external provider of Guide Data and that there is nothing built out of the box with Emby to take care of that? Currently migrating over from Plex to Emby (or at least trying) and I noticed this. With Plex it just pulled down the guide data for me (U.S. based). Thanks Josh
  8. So while adding a series I happened to catch the "Upcoming On TV" heading which somehow I never noticed before. I was thinking maybe there could be a list of episodes or the like provided by one of the supported metadata providers and you could tick an episode as "wanted" and going forward in the future Emby would periodically check to see if said episode is going to air and set it to record.
  9. Kimballslice1890

    Live TV Channel Numbers in Guide

    Was wondering if there was a way to enable the channel numbers in the Live TV Channel guide on android? I have a lot of channels, searching them hangs up the server and scrolling through them I can easily get lost as to where I am in the lineup.
  10. While the suggestions I am about to make are more for the web app than the iOS app, both platforms could be improved in these areas: - When searching for live TV programs, they show up as both programs and videos. Essentially, they should only show as programs to keep it clear, and also to clean up the search. (Might be caused by the beta) - When looking at a channel, you can see all the upcoming shows, however you don't know if they are new or premieres unless you click on a show. Those indicators should show up there, as well. - Just like in the programs tab under the live TV section, I would like to see the currently playing program's progress on a channel's page. Perhaps, a bar could be added under the name to indicate progress? - When adding a recording from a channel's page, the page seems to update and it recognizes a recording has been added (the context menu now shows "Manage Recording" instead of "Record"), however the red circle does not appear until after you back out and re-select the channel. These are just a few things that would improve the experience. Some of these are minor inconvenience, but I will say that Emby's current offering is already very good. EDIT: Forgot to say I’m on Emby Server
  11. Darkstyrm

    Schedule/Series Access

    I gave someone access to Live TV just so they can see the guide. My upload speed is not good enough to allow streaming. I locked down everything I could, but the user can still see Recordings/Series tab and see what has recorded and what is scheduled to be recorded. How can I lock this down further?
  12. Kimballslice1890

    Feature Request for Live Tv

    Don't think this feature exists, if it does can someone please tell me how to go about doing it? I would like to limit Live TV channel availability to specific users. For example if I have 10 channels, user 1 can access channels 1-4 while user 2 can access all 10. I know I can manually select available channels for all via the HDHomeRun but its an all or nothing solution.
  13. schmitty

    IceTV support

    Hi, Could IceTV support be added to Emby Server guide providers, so we are not forced to use XMLTV? They now have an API http://forum.icetv.com.au/iceforum/announcements/4/icetv-api-documentation/5065/.
  14. I am attempting to replace XBOX 360 Extender and Media Center with XBOX One and Emby I have two HD Homeruns as tuners attached to XFINITY cable cards TV - Sony KDL-52XBR9 Among the problems: 1 - The Guide is clunky and requires to many clicks to start a live program 2 - Some stations Direct Stream 3 - Some stations transcode I can play all these stations directly to the TV via DLNA through the HD HOMERUNS with no problems (of course I can't record etc) - This bypasses Emby And all works great with the extender and WMC - too bad Microsoft dropped support I have been patient with Emby knowing that it is a work in progress, but although there have been great improvements - the live tv area is still not performing anywhere close to WMC A good first step would be for all cable tv to direct play - any thoughts on when I can expect this
  15. krustyreturns

    ServerWMC info

    ServerWMC is a windows program that allows a Windows Media Center (WMC) installation on one machine to act as a PVR backend for Emby. This enables Emby to provide live tv and PVR functions to its client apps that support it. To set it up, you need ServerWMC installed on the machine that has WMC installed and configured. Then in Emby you need to install and configure its ServerWMC plugin. ServerWMC can be downloaded from here: http://www.serverwmc.com The ServerWMC plugin for Emby can be found in the Emby plugin catalog. A quick setup guide (courtesy of mediaputer) can be found here: http://mediaputer.com/guides/2014/06/stream-live-tv-media-browser-serverwmc/ Please post bugs, questions, and new feature requests to this sub-forum.
  16. Kimballslice1890

    Issue with Server / Feature Request

    First I would like to thank the development team for keeping to their word on a few of my other posts. The new server update is MUCH faster and snappier as promised. I am having a few issues now though, can't say if they are related to the new update or adding my HDHomeRun Prime to my Emby server a few weeks back. Everything on Emby runs extremely fast except the Live TV section when trying to load the Guide. The TV Guide takes a very very long time to load and can cause the server to hang up for other users that are online. In relation to this, I am subscribed to Schedules Direct. First issue is when it is updating the TV Guide, the server becomes unusable and extremely slow and unresponsive. Is there a fix for this? -Also can a feature be added where I can schedule what time of the day (say 4AM when no users are on) to schedule the TV guide refresh if there isn't something that can fix this. Also a new issue I noticed with the new server update. I recently bumped my server from 8GB to 16GB of RAM and noticed the server was using 14GB of that available RAM. I then bumped the VM from 16GB to 32GB of RAM and noticed the server once again was using 31.9GB of RAM. Which as a result caused the server to be slow and unresponsive. I currently run my sever on a VM with 1 Dedicated Xeon e5 2660 with 16 threads on the VM. 32GB of RAM. Dedicated 500GB 7200rpm hard drive to the VM and a dedicated gigabit NIC to the VM on FiOS Gigabit internet. Machine hosting the VM is 2x xeon e5 2660 and 128GB of RAM so dedicated resources aren't an issue.
  17. Kimballslice1890

    Live TV Recording Location

    So I noticed on my emby server that when watching live tv, my storage space is declining. Once it fills up, anyone watching TV is then kicked off and the temp files are deleted. Would the temp recording of what you are watching so you can rewind and fast forward be saved in the cache folder?
  18. jasonwilliams

    Hauppauge HD PVR

    Hello, I recently configured Emby to use WinTV using my Hauppauge HD PVR. Everything works great! One thing I noticed is that if I close Emby while streaming Live TV, WinTV doesn't seem to release the HD PVR and I need to restart the WinTV service to get it working again. If I use the back button, everything works perfectly. This issue might only apply to PVR devices from Hauppauge because they work a little differently than a traiditional tuner. This would apply to HD PVR, Collossus, & HD PVR II. Thanks, Jason
  19. Hi all, I have read that Emby supports Hauppauge tuners, but my HVR-930C UDB device is not seen by Emby It works when Hauppauge's own WinTV program tries to access it. What am I doing wrong (WinTV is not running when scanning for devices with Emby). When selecting Hauppauge, and click "Detect my devices", it finds a HD Homerun I have on my LAN. Hope someone can help.
  20. I understand that searching the program guide is a new feature in development builds. In addition to searching for specific programs, it would also be nice to search for channels by their name. For example, if the user searches for "ESPN" it should return currently airing programs on any channel that contains "ESPN" in the name. From that point on, the user experience would be the same as if they had searched for those programs directly. Implementing it shouldn't take much effort. Another nice feature would be the ability to locate the program on the grid (not sure if this is already a feature in the Dev builds). When presented with the result of a search, the user could then: 1) Click on the play button to start watching 2) Click a button that says "Grid View" (or similar) if the person wants to see the program in the context of the grid, or 3) Click on a button that says "Channel schedule" which will display the upcoming schedule for just that channel
  21. rafailsar

    TV Tuner m3u

    Hello Emby Team, i want to use the build in live tv / tv tuner /m3u to play the live channels of this list: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/free-greek-iptv/greek-iptv/master/android.m3u i use the url method, i tried the m3u file method too but it didn't work either. execute read and write access was given. Basicaly for the test emby-server had root access. I works just fine with the iptv plug-in :S any idea ? Best Regards Rafael
  22. Running Android TV Beta on NVIDIA SHIELD TV (gigabit wired to main switch) and Emby Server Beta. HDHomeRun EXTEND set to mobile profile. https://youtu.be/jLw3J2R-Ld8 Four main areas of concern which the video above shows: 1) 0:04-0:15 the long time (~11 seconds) it takes to tune to a channel. 2) 0:20-0:25 the initial pause (~5 seconds) that is observed not long after beginning play. This has happened since I can remember using Emby. 3) 0:29-0:33 the spontaneous pixilation. 4) 0:41-0:44 the spontaneous pauses. I timed them exceeding 30 seconds in length at times. I tried changing TVs and it didn't matter. When watching directly from the HDHomeRun tuner, #1 only takes 2-3 seconds, #2 doesn't happen, #3 doesn't happen, #4 happens rarely and extremely brief (<1 seconds). Direct Play is not checked, it is down mixing to stereo, and bandwidth is set to Auto. The above issues are easily repeatable. Users here would rather use HDHomeRun's app than Emby for Android TV because of these problems.
  23. Hi all, I have been using the Emby DVR with Schedules Direct listings for a few weeks now. All has been working well until I found a series I had set to record appears not to be scheduling or recording new episodes. Is there a log I can check to determine why the new episodes are not recording? As far as the UI goes, I can see the series recording icon in next weeks listing and the episode is definitely new but here is no icon indicating the episode itself will record, nothing in the Scheduled list and nothing in the Series scheduled list. The episodes from previous weeks did record correctly.
  24. jachin99

    Xbox One question

    I am using the original XBOX One with Emby theater, and I would like to know if it is normal for Emby to Transcode live tv feeds. I use a HD Homerun Prime as my TV source in Emby Server. Thanks.
  25. Just wondering if this is normal or is this something not yet implemented where live tv auto grabs the fanart for things that are currently on? See attached image
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