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  1. sc4

    Super slow UI / Playback

    Hi! I've all of a sudden have an issue with my Emby server. Over night it got from being fast / smooth to be insanely slow. I only have the "basic plugins" installed. Attached is the server log. Any idea of what's causing this? embyserver.txt
  2. rafailsar

    What are Emby's Linux Server ports

    Hi, does anyone know what are all the ports needed to us Emby ? I want to use Live Tv with a m3u file list and i am not sure if i blocked any necessary ports. It works fine with the IPTV plug in. Best Regards Rafael
  3. PortableStick

    No Compatible Streams

    I'm having trouble playing certain audio files. *.mp3 and *.flac all work fine, but *.m4a throw a playback error, "No Compatible Streams Found". I enabled debug logging, but nothing comes up related to the files I try to play. I also looked at the directory permissions - Emby is able to read and write to the music directory. Emby is at version and I'm using the official docker image. My core configuration can be found here, and I have an override as well: ############################### # Emby # ############################### emby: volumes: - /mnt/movies1:/mount/movies1:ro - /mnt/movies2:/mount/movies2:ro - /mnt/other2/movies3:/mount/movies3:ro - /mnt/other/series:/mount/tv1:ro - /mnt/other2/tv2:/mount/tv2:ro - /mnt/other/rifftrax:/mount/rifftrax:ro - /mnt/other/music:/mount/music What else can I try?
  4. Hi everyone, I have downloaded some videos from youtube but the json appears like something wierd (No paragraphs, no clickable links,no actors(Usually the name of the youtube channel) etc..) I whant to suggest to do something like plex have done to allow users to click on the links in the description and they have some more stuff like appear the actor info (Not sure if you can do that on emby "appear youtube channel as a actor") btw this is some printscreen to show you what i mean. It can be usefull to be able to read it like that (Paragraphs, clickable links, and if possible show the actor name like on plex (But not sure if this is possible) by the way the Paragraphs and Clickable links can be very usefull. This is just a minor update i guess So in emby it looks like that. And i also can report than the date is not correct it show me the years like that (20190513) on years filter. Thanks to take advantage of this feature request. Kind Regards
  5. creatortony

    Remote (WAN) Access

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help. I just did a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 and tried to get an emby server up and running but my remote WAN access address is stuck on http://mydomain:8096 I am trying to get it so that my remote wan access is HTTPS I did import a cert from let's encrypt and selected secure connections required for all remote connections. I have been doing research for hours and am pretty stumped here. Does anyone have any advice? I can access the server locally, when I check if anything is using port 8920 my system says nothing is using it. If I can upload any files to help with debugging this please let me know which ones would help.
  6. Dark6846

    Use correct rights

    Good day together i am very happy about ember and try to set it up on raspbian currently, after it worked fine in windows. my problem is the permissions of the folder structure though. My noticed bug: My folder structure for the movies is /media/pi/Mainstoragedrive/emby/movies/dvd/ If I want to add the folder in Emby. This folder is on my external drive. I can click through to "pi" and then the dropdown menu always closes. It is also not possible to add manually "The path could not be found. Please ensure the path is valid and try again. I am very helpless about rights. Question 1: Do I only have to specify the destination folder with user "emby" or the whole path? Question 2: Which rights/groups are necessary? Question 3: Why is it not possible? My rights look like this. Folder then right. pi drwxr-x---+ 3 root root (what does "+" mean? I can't find anything on the internet Mainstoragedrive drwxr-xr-x 4 pi root emby drwxr-xr-x 6 pi root movies drwxr-xr-x 4 pi pi dvd drw-rw---- 55 pi pi I hope that someone can help me so that I can go to bed smarter. Have a nice weekend.
  7. mireki1975

    Move from macOS to Linux

    Hi there , i think about to move from my mac mini to a Intel NUC with Linux. Now i have a few Questions : is there a clean way to backup restore all settings without rebuilding the Library? I think about a 10th Generation i5 NUC will this be a good choice even for transcoding? (Max 2 streams) besides emby is FHEM,iobroker and a TVheadend Server running. Server only - no tv attached which OS would you prefer ? Ubuntu? Debian? Thanks for tipps
  8. rouq

    Emby server become unresponsive

    Hi I'm watching more livetv these days and emby server become unresponsive maybe once every day or two. It happens only when I watch livetv (chase play), when I'm watching a recording in progress. The client stop with a little message like "stream unavailable" and the server webui is not accessible anymore. To get it back, I need to log on my ubuntu server terminal, stop emby-server service and start it again. From the logs, it looks like ffprobe is throwing errors in a loop. The first Error report is this: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (24): Too many open files I attached a partial logs file. Here the info about the server: Intel nuc i5 8th gen with 8GB ram running ubuntu server 18.04 LTS. Emby server HDHomerun Quatro Client: Nvidia shield with emby beta client. Thank you for your help. embyserver-6372327982228510.txt
  9. boggle247

    How to update Emby version in Linux?

    Running Debian Stretch (do I need Buster before I upgrade Emby?). How do i update the emby server instance? I've looked all over this forum and in the wiki and I see nothing (except below) that talks about how to upgrade/update. Is it: apt-get install --only-upgrade mediabrowser ?? I read this in another post in the forum. also, any known issues with this upgrade that I should be aware of?
  10. My issue or goal with this post is that i would like at the very least for the show titles to be in Norwegian and ideally also all the other metadata as thetvdb often only have metadata in the original language of the show. Situation: I have a separate library for tv-shows in my native language, The Preferred downloading language, Country and Preferred downloading language for pictures are all set to Norwegian. (under library settings). Yet all shows are displayed with an English title and English show description, And lack the show description. For the purposes of this post i'm referring to this show: https://thetvdb.com/series/the-great-norway-adventure The show title is in both Norwegian and English, The show and episode info are all in Norwegian only. I'm not sure about the pictures. The individual episodes only have descriptions in Norwegian (on the thetvdb) and these are missing on Emby. It apears i'm only getting metadata in english instead of the chosen language. I attempted to set the language for just this show and refresh all metadata (replacing existing) and yet there was no improvement. It does not appear to be an issue for my movie folder set to Norwegian, So i guess this is the tvdb api. Attached are logs for the next 6 minutes after i told Emby to refresh the metadata (replacing metadata). Edit: nvm i found this: https://forums.thetvdb.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=60423&p=174944&hilit=norwegian#p174944 I created this post as i found this issue to be on their fixed list, but i guess not. The issue is aparantly still with thetvdb api and is limited to the Norwegian Language.
  11. ifti12

    Crashing issue in Ubuntu Linux

    Hello, I've posted earlier here about a crash issue on emby 4.3 Our server has a 24 core processor and 40 GB of ram. So its a moderate server. We've let some of our local internet user use it as a streaming server but its at max 15-20 users at a time. We were running on emby 4.11 for past few months as 4.2 and 4.3 always crashed. So after the recent update which is 4.4 we thought we might give it a try. Result was same, it crashed but the sad part was we were unable to downgrade back to 4.11 life before. So we thought there might be a file issue. So we gave it a clean install. Removed everything and then installed 4.4. Luckily it survived. We set max trasncoding thread to 15 and stopped hardware acceleration. So it ran smoothly for one day. Today it crashed again. On a note, emby still uses almost 90-95% of our cpu all the time doesnt matter if there's 1 transcode running or 20. Load average was almost 70-80 before we limited thread count. Now its 50-70. So what's the issue here? Can anyone help? heres the latest error report: We saw same type of issue, so we stopped real time monitoring but we dont know what else we can do now.
  12. Trinax

    Inaccurate Scheduled task report

    I seem to have run into a bug recently where the "Last ran XX ago" time is inaccurately reporting 60 minutes since last scan/ran. Instead of starting the timer at 0 minutes and 0 seconds, it jumps up to 60 minutes the moment the scheduled task finishes. This is not a problem for me personally and I have tried to do a full restart of the server in order to fix it, but it is still inaccurately reporting finish time. Info App: Application version: emby-server-deb_{version}_amd64.deb Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True
  13. syn

    Files are modified

    Hi, After several years using plex, I'm spinning my first emby up. All in all, it's quite interesting. Feels faster. UI's pretty nice, ... Though there is one detail that worries me: in addition to nfo and posters, I suspect emby is modifying my video files. Still using plex for the moment, I would often rsync my media to emby, whenever adding new files, ... Doing so, I did notice, from time to time, that files would be transferred, while they shouldn't be. This morning, while I didn't change a thing since my last sync, I can see one episode (out of 13TB / 1000s of files) being transferred. Which would suggests target no longer matched source. plex:/goinfre/media/Series# rsync -avWxP . --usermap=:emby --groupmap=:video emby:`pwd`/ sending incremental file list Fear the Walking Dead/ Fear the Walking Dead/[05x16] End of the Line.mkv 1,418,620,611 100% 63.62MB/s 0:00:21 (xfr#1, ir-chk=1361/4021) sent 1,419,355,095 bytes received 412 bytes 63,082,466.98 bytes/sec total size is 9,287,400,962,104 speedup is 6,543.39 So far, I couldn't find much interesting in emby-server logs (neither systemd nor /var/lib/emby), the only log mentioning that file tells about executing some ffprobe. The emby management dashboard seems to focus on API events (alerts tells abut plugins, activity about users connecting or playing files, ...), I don't see much regarding background processes like libraries and metadata scanning jobs. Am I missing something? How would you track activities likely to edit media files from your libraries?
  14. Arkapravo

    I think i broke every thing...

    hey sorry at first place i may hear stupid.. but apparently i was so frustrated about not able to use samba(not of the emby's) on my pc after a furious uninstallation, i removed every file with a 'samba' in it. then i realized i deleted a whole lot of emby server files also.. :'''( i am completely screwed up right now... i have tried everything from uninstalling with 'apt remove' then installing, 'apt --autoremove remove' then installing, even 'apt --autoremove purge' then installing again.. nothing is working whatsoever. the server is firing up and i can browse it through http://localhost:8096 in my pc but that's it. cant access from any other device in my network. please fix anyway.. _/\_ please don't say it can't be fixed. thanks in advance
  15. s7relok

    Sync broken

    Hello, Emby sync is broken. I re created download, but It hangs at "ready for transfer" Destination device is a freshly wiped galaxy S9+, storage authorizations checked Log : https://zerobin.lagout.org/?01e41d22dd30b4b1#V22iF7K5PebtxskbR063Nc9QYCig/ewAFy9VZviz/wk=
  16. xsteacy

    Windows sofware raid on linux

    Hi, I need emby to access a Windows formatted raid in linux. I mounted the raid with the ldmtool but I cannot access the files with emby. I gave emby access to the drive with chown but with no luck. I saw lots of posts in Google and here about that but for normal drive... I use Elementary OS 5.1(bases on Ubuntu 18.04) Thank you for any help, all is welcome.
  17. xsteacy

    Need your help and opinion

    Hi, First, thanks for any help that you can provide with that. I have old parts that I no longer use and I would like to build a media server with them. Here are the parts: Motherboard: GA-Z68A-D3-B3 Processor: i5 2300 @ 3.10ghz Memory: 2x 2gb @ 1333mhz & 2x 4gb @ 1333mhz Graphic Card 1: Asus Geforce GTX 560TI Graphic Card 2: Gigabyte Geforce 650GT Boot: 128GB SSD Storage (spinning): 1x 1tb & 4x 4tb in RAID5 Power Supply: 500w I plan to use Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 with Docker, I am not very familiar with Unraid / FreeNas, etc. 1. Can I use both graphics cards even if they are not in SLI for transcoding? If not which one should I use? (I want to be able to transcode 4k if possible) 2. Is the power supply powerful enough if I can use both graphics cards? 3. Should I find out about Unraid or FreeNas, etc.? Is it worth it? 4. Any other suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. P.S. If I can't have 4k, I would settle for 1080p.
  18. Adventures in GPU Passthrough and Emby Server I decided to post this as I am sure I am not the only person wondering about trying a server with multiple GPU's for transcoding. From my experimentation, each GPU used must have its own Emby Server instance/VM. Over the last 3 months I have been experimenting with Linux, Emby and GPU passthrough. I have tried many distros and configurations. I started with Arch linux to cut my teeth on GPU passthrough as the documentation is excellent. My adventures have proven very educational. It does seem like every BLOG and post out there is usually missing at least one thing if you are doing a 'from scratch' set up. Here is what I have currently settled on as my 'production' system (yes, using Ubuntu server). This can be done using Arch, Fedora, CentOS ... however, I found this to be stable (for my use-case). I have also tried Proxmox and ESXi server. I was able to set this system up with Proxmox... EXCEPT, I ran into the AMD GPU reset issue in the VM that is pretty universal across ALL disto's and configurations (from my experience). Therefore, I settled on the Base VM system also being an Emby server running on Ubuntu 18.04 and using the AMD GPU for video AMD GPU acceleration in Emby Transcoding. This works great as in the event you need to reset the AMD-based transcoding server .. you won't run into the GPU hanging issue since the entire server will be rebooted. Below is my hardware I am using. I began this experiment with an I7 4790K, 16GB DDR3 and ASUS Z97-A motherboard. That configuration worked, but when I decided I wanted to run ALL of the GPU's in ONE system, I found that I was running out of processors to dedicate to VMs, hence I went with the 8700K and NOT the 9700K (12 threads vs 8 threads) -- another bonus to the processor upgrade is the addition of hardware HEVC enconding/decoding that the older 4790K didn't have. By heart I am a 'bang-for-the-buck' kinda person, so EVERY other computer/server I have are AMD-based. But as a technologist and realist, I realized, if I wanted a Multi-method transcoding server in one-box... I needed to go with Intel (at least until they release their GPU in the coming year(s).). I chose the ATX motherboard platform due to the number of full-size PCIe slots (even though not all of them are 16x slots. The motherboard I selected has 3 full-size PCIe slots, and I configured them as 8x/4x/4x. I have the AMD RX 570 in the 8x slot, the MSI GTX 1050Ti in a 4x slot and an Intel PRO/1000 quad port card in the final 4x PCIe slot. In my VMs I assign each VM its own NIC port on the Intel quad-port card. You may be wondering; "Where are the media files stored?" ... well, I have a FreeNAS server (ZFS RaidZ2) that holds all the media and the Emby Server configuration backup files. Once I figured out how to use the Backup Configuration plugin .. my experimentation became so much easier. Purchasing my Lifetime Emby Premiere License has been invaluable (No, I am not affiliated with Emby -- other than being a user). Multi-method transcoding Server Intel I7 8700K (6core/12thread) w/UHD 630 graphics Gigabyte Z390 UD motherboard G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200 Intel PRO/1000 PTQuadPort (PCIe 4x) MSI GTX 1050Ti Gaming X 4GB MSI RX 570 Armor 4GB OC Inland Profressional 120GB SSD (SATA) - Boot/OS WD 1TB HDD (SATA) - VM & Storage Base OS : Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 Add-ons : Libvirt, QEMU, OVMF, Cockpit Web Management, Emby-Media server (AMD-based transcoding) VM1 (Intel-based Transcoding) OS : Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 CPU : 2 Memory : 2GB VM2 (NVIDIA-based Transcoding) OS : Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 CPU : 2 Memory : 2GB VM3 (Software Transcoding) OS : Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 CPU : 4 Memory : 4GB You will notice that the VMs that use hardware accelerated transcoding only have two (2) CPU's assigned.. as the GPU does all the heavy lifting and you don't need a bunch of CPU power. I have tested this using using my cell phone to 'force' the GPU to transcode - I have noticed on occasion if the source is HEVC it defaults to software transcoding for some unexplicable reason. I have been able to re-build this system numerous times with full Transcoding functionality. FYI, I am using the Ubuntu drivers for ALL GPUS (Intel i915, NVIDIA and AMD)... if you are interested, I can make another post with links to the sources I used. I will also be testing AMD-based Hardware accelerated transcoding using the AMD Ryzen 5-based APU (R5-3400G). I have an AMD-based test-server that I will be using to do the same as above, but without the Intel-based transcoding option). For those interested.. my File('Media') server is: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G (4core/8thread) w/Vega 11 graphics ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard G.Skill Aegis 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3000 LSI SAS9211-8i 8-port 6GB SATA+SAS PCIe2.0 2x Mini-SAS to SATA Cable (SFF-8087 to SATA Forward Breakout) - SAS to 4 SATA connectors 6x Hitachi HGST Ultrastar 7k4000 3TB 7200RPM SATA III *NOTE: Storage is ZFS Raid-Z2 (2 drive fault) - 10GB available storage. I hope this is beneficial information. @@softworkz HiTekAgPilot
  19. dimmthewitted

    Does Custom CSS even work?

    I understand this only affects the web view. When I plug css into the Custom CSS section, the code does not render on the page. Here is some example code, just to see if I could affect the page: .card {display:none} .tabcontent {display:none} #indexPage {display:none} .SkinHeader {display:none} .homeSectionsContainer {display:none} Is any one else seeing this not working? I have Emby running on a Linux (Ubuntu).
  20. Hi Guys, this refers to here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/77892-raspberry-pi4-nas-for-server/page-2 But since the topic is a bit different, I guess no one does even read it.. So let me summarize the problem: I got folders for movies and for TV-shows. The are structured as follows: a) movies \\smb-share_whatever\videos\movies\action\Rambo 1\Rambo 1.mkv (or mp4 or avi) tv-shows \\smb-share_whatever\videos\TV-shows\Friends\Season01\S01E01.mkv (or mp4 or avi) Every folder does have a Backdrop.jpeg and a folder.jpg, the genre-folders for the movies also do have a folder.jpg. Since I got an "old" server (Windows 2012 R2), it also does access these files, which are on its RAID-Volume. (~8TB) Here it works perfectly, the overview shows movies and TV-shows and when you click one of them, you see the genres under movies. Now for the Rock64Pro-board with Armbian-Buster: I've mounted the SMB-share under /mnt, I can easily access both, movies AND TV-shows and also read them. (I've even tried via WinSCP to copy them being read from the /mnt). I've then added separately movies (content-type "movies" and TV-shows (content-type "TV-shows") to emby. The TV-shows are recognized and can be played easily. The movies show-up empty as there would be no content or it is not readable or not recognized. I removed the movies and added them as "mixed content" - same story. Since I want to retire the Win2k12-Server, I also have a NAS, which offers an SMB-share to my network. I've also the same files on the NAS, same folders - only different IP. When I add the movies from my NAS, emby does recognize them BUT: I) It does not show the folder-structure, only when I select the list-option "folders". On my windows-server it does it as a standard. Here it shows all movies (~1550) in a bulk-list. II) It does NOT play the movies. When I click one, the player seems to load and then it says "there are no compatible streams available." But it does play the TV-shows from the Win2K12-Server... (I've got my emby-premium on both registered, it is a lifetime-key) So - tons of problems - only because of my effort to save the 125W my server consumes 24/7 ;-) I'd highly appreciate if you can give me some help. Regards, Matthias
  21. Hello, When I first set up my Emby server a few weeks ago now, I made several playlists at the same time. We use playlists daily and it’s one of the main reasons we’ve moved over to Emby. However, I have had something weird happen with a few of them. After creating many playlists, I noticed that the Playlist icon had changed to match one of the playlist, which is fine. But I decided to change up the image used for that Playlists icon and when I did, three of my playlists also ended up with that same image - although they each had previously pulled different images from online for their respective titles (one of them was the image that pulled down for the Playlists link icon). I tried to change each of the images back to that of their own title but each time I did, the image changed for all three playlists. I decided the easiest thing to do would be to delete those three playlists and recreate them but every time I try with each of them, I get an error message - “There was an error deleting the item from Emby Server. Please check that Emby Server has write access to the media folder and try again.” Each one of three playlists give the same error but any other playlists have no trouble being deleted. It’s only these three that all are sharing the same images. I have checked and Emby does have read/write access to the Playlist location, as evidenced by the fact that I can create and delete any other playlist. I don’t want to lose all the work I’ve put into creating and organizing so many playlists and I’m not sure how to get rid of these three playlists. I’m feeling kind of stuck with them since there’s obviously a glitch between them all. I don’t know what to do to fix this and I’d so appreciate any help figuring it out. Thanks so much in advance!
  22. alberto.bracci

    emby -ffmpeg issue

    Hello everyone, first post here so if anything should be edited just tell me. Anyway, I am running emby on a Manjaro linux machine, everything has been working out of the box until now. I am watching an episode of a series I already watched tons of episodes on emby without any problem, and suddenly the media reproduction stops towards the end. If I reload the episode it will keep stopping around the same time. Other episodes seem to be fine for now. I attach the log embyserver.txt, it seems to be an error with starting ffmpeg, but I don't really see the reason as everything has been working ok until now. I have seen some other older posts with similar issue and I tried reloading the whole series, rescanning the library each time, but nothing changed. Hope you can help, thanks in advance! UPDATE I managed to watch some other episodes and also some films, the problem happens suddenly towards the end of some apparently random episodes of just this series. It might have something to do with the files themselves but I cannot understand what since they all come from the same source. Log log-ffmpeg.txt
  23. unhooked


    https://www.engadget.com/2019/03/18/nvidia-jetson-nano-ai-computer/ Got emby up and running, seems good so far. This only reminds me how much I hate linux (and ubuntu in particular) as I sit watching my freebsd image build from source. After that I'm hoping to build a shield clone image. Possibly win-arm too, But that would require no costs to me other than time.
  24. cmart2112

    Add Directory To Library From Afar

    Hello! I manage a linux media server for my sister. She lives in a remote location and only has broadband internet. I built a linux server with emby on it with the intention of giving her an external USB drive from time to time with new content. I can only access this machine via SSH, but within the local network, Emby is working like a champ. My question is, how can I add the external USB to the Emby library via ssh? I tried to symlink the content into the existing library directory, but it doesn't appear to be working. The local hard drive is about 1TB and already full of content and the external hard drive is about 5 TB. I have it mounted in the same root directory as the current content. Any tips would be great! Thanks!
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