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  1. I played around with Media Browser Server on Windows 7 and everything seemed to work okay so I then decided to give it a try on a computer with Windows Server 2008 R2. It appears setup installed everything okay including .NET and C++. The problem happens when I start Media Browser Server and it opens the initial Internet Explorer window "Welcome to Media Browser!" and "please select your preferred language". The drop down menu for selecting the preferred language is blank. Clicking on the 'next' button only refreshes and still the preferred language drop down menu is blank. I'm a beginner with Windows Server 2008 so I was wondering if there is some setting in Windows Explorer security settings that needs to be changed in order for Windows Explorer to work properly with Media Browser Server?
  2. isamudysan

    Plugins Installation Fails

    bear with me, here, please. this is my first time putting together a NAS, and installing plugins for my NAS. i'm using FreeNAS as my OS. in any case, i am having issues instally mb3 plugins as you can see in the attached image. i tried to install the anime plugin, and the restart plugin; but, it was a no go. i shutdown the mb3 server, and restarted it. still, nothing. any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. secondly, i'm not sure if the second attachemment is the result of not having the metadata or what not; but, i see no poster/image of said tv shows or movies. again, any assistance is appreciated. thank you.
  3. I thought for sure this question would've been asked countless times before, but I came up empty-handed after a handful of searches and about 20 minutes of forum browsing incl. the FAQ... I figured it would be easiest to just ask. For the Windows server, is it possible to specify a directory location to which the Media Browser 3 server application should be installed? I've been a long-time user (and I love it so much, I always look forward to the next big update from you guys) through thick and thin. And, it may have changed since I actually did my last install, which I believe was sometime in the middle of 2014... But the last time I installed, I did not see an option to specify where to install to. From what I can tell, it installs to %appdata%\MediaBrowser-server\ by default (which is of course in the user's profile folder) - I am hopeful that this can be changed, as I'm actually on a server machine and would love to organize my installations in a more meaningful way. Thanks!
  4. I am having an issue with the installation wizard. I am able to install the server on my home server without any issues and it works fine. Unfortunately, I am unable to get through the wizard to change settings or preferences. When I get to the opening page, the language selection page, (Picture Attached), It does not allow me to chose a language as there are no languages to chose from. The drop down menu is empty. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE, all the most up to date versions and all the same result. The only difference between them is the drop down box is larger in Firefox than Chrome and IE is larger than FireFox. If I just choose "next" it says there is an error processing the request and I cannot get past that page. Has anyone had a similar issue or does anyone know of a way to bypass the wizard? I have attempted to enter in the direct path to the dashboard but it always sends me back to the wizard. I am extremely frustrated and any assistance anyone can give me would be much appreciated.
  5. ginjaninja

    Emby for Roku

    Emby For Roku Setup Guide Assumptions The Author only had access to a Roku 3 (Model 4200X Software v5.4 2240) . It is assumed that all Rokus behave in the same way in respect of this guide.Prerequisites Install EMBY Server. Create an EMBY User. Optionally (and recommended) make user an EMBY Connect User (by registering on community forums and adding the valid MB community username to the user account under server configuration and authorising via email) http://emby.media/connect/ Follow the Roku product installation instructions to register your email address/Roku account. Ensure the Roku has a valid IP route to your EMBY server and ensure the necessary rules are applied on any intermediary firewalls. See Client<>Server Connection Troubleshooting. Guide Chapters Adding EMBY Channel to Your Roku. Connect EMBY Roku Client to EMBY Server Client<>Server Connection Troubleshooting. Note many of the pictures in this guide need updating for the latest version and new product name. Media Browser is now EMBY
  6. youngmcse


    If I am already running MBv2x, do I need to uninstall it before installing MB3? Or do I just install MB3 on top of MB2x?
  7. hello, i have been unable to install MB server or Classic on a new fresh install of win7, keeps telling me error downloading package System.NullRefrenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. appreciate your help
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