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  1. Anyone else having problems with STRM added to the library from 3rd party addons (netflixbmc, gen...) since the new v0.1.1? I have reverted back to 0.0.32 and I'm able to open the STRM files again. It seems emby is replacing the plugin in the strm file when trying to play. Meaning instead of netflxbmc processing it show Emby processing then immediately says playback failed. Will upload log later not at home right now. Thanks
  2. Now that I have 0.1.1 working this has happened to every show i watched. it fixes itself but this didn't happen before so thought i would just mention it. Watching a show, the credits come on and I hit stop on my remote like I always do. It goes back to the list of episodes for the season (I use the the unwatched filter) and the episode is listed twice. a few seconds later, both episodes disappear and it only displayes the unwatched episodes. It's no big deal at all but like I said, it didn't happen before.
  3. Do you plan to add a way to disable cover art? It isn't formatted properly for Aeon Nox theme.
  4. Every time I mark something watched in Kodi, it's not marking it watched on the server now. As soon as I restart Kodi, it does a full sync & everything I've marked watched is back to being marked unwatched. Also, I watched like 2 mins of a show & it marks it watched in Kodi not resumable but watched. On the server, it shows as resumable. I'm on .33 & isengaurd alpha 2. kodi.log
  5. Here is the Log :http://pastebin.com/3QeLs1Hq I did the scan on my master profile which is linked to my account in Emby and everything works A1..tags and all. Then i created a second profile to which i linked my wife Emby account and the scan starts but eventually stops for no reason (visually in the GUI) and the sources in kodi say "Path not found or invalid" and even if i close and restart Kodi, the scan doesnt pick up where it left off. Also Kodi is unable to quit without crashing(need to end process) but this is only on a alternate profile. I dont know if it is because of the plugin problem because on the master profile, kodi will quit just fine. Emby server : 3.0.5572.0
  6. tried verwsion 0.10 every things worcks exept watched dont sync. the strange thing is that not all episodes are unwatched for exampel i have a show with 8 season and last season have 19 ep but only 11 are marked as unwatched (should just be the last ep that is unseen ) Every things is working with old mediabrowser addon
  7. Just updated to the new EMBY addon and using standard Arctic Zephyr Skin (None-MB) Was wondering why if I press i for info on a movie, the dialog only appears on movies that have not been partly watched or started ? I've tried to switch to confluence but this still happens. Is there any way to override this as I have been briefly starting movies to try out the new addon and now none of the ones I started will show the info dialog. Maybe there's a way to change the movies to non resume ? Thanks in advance
  8. Dezzorex

    Emby for Kodi - Rating issues

    The TV-Shows are missing ratings, and Movies only get Rotten Tomatoe, maybe this should be a setting? Another question not ratings related. If I refresh info on an episode, will it be updated in Kodi? Or is this not planned/implemented yet?
  9. have the devs been able to consider browsing improvements around music album artists on large collections? for my 700 album artists it is unworkable. The delay is over 30 seconds and more often than not the ui plays up or .the screensaver kicks in whilst waiting. one solution might be for client to cache the music top level responses and the ui refer to the cached response with a lazy refresh in background at the server apis leisure.. alternatively if number of objects is greater than X, then display a first letter jump in list rather than flat list. thoughts?
  10. Not sure if this is actually a Kodi issue or a skin issue (using the Titan skin) but my preferences set in the web browser are not being respected. i.e. i have 2 folders, one for Mini-Series and another for Documentaries, in the webUI i have them unchecked so as not to group them with movies/tv etc.., however Kodi seems to add the Mini-Series to the TV Shows and Documentaries to Movies, is there any way to stop this from happening?
  11. Hi, I've setup my HTPC with 3 (XBMC/Kodi) profiles. If a profile user logs in after reboot of the HTPC an error (Invalid MB user is shown) and multiple empty fields are displayed in the main menu. If the user now logs of and on again the connetion is working and the main menu entries are shown, If now another user (other profile with different MB user) logs in he see the content of the first user. Only a reboot shows the correct content (after log In /log of /log in). I'm using Gotham with the Aeon Nox 5 MB Skin. Yours Tolotos
  12. Is there a way to watch theshared content? A friend send me an invitation. My TV is a F Series model, Ive installed the app.
  13. Just a thought for a little addition for this app. It would be nice to fill the empty space in the middle of the episode details screen with an episode thumbnail. It seems like a strange blank spot to me right now. Other than that, I think this app is perfect! Very simple to use, and haven't had any problems with it yet. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the great app! I love that theme music works now
  14. One of the issues with using a non-modified skin, even one with modifiable menus, is that there is no way to point to User collection sub-nodes (recent,nextup,in-progress etc). I have modified the addon to have nodes for these, and now the list looks like this: My Movies My Movies Recent My Movies In-Progress My Movies [etc] Kids Kids Movies Recent [etc] This make the navigation messier when you navigate in through the addon, but my feeling is no one will really use it that way and making pointers from home is the real use case. So.. Any issues with me releasing this change? Yes, there are other way this could be handled, but this is way is easy xnappo
  15. Chris2

    Linux Server

    Hi Luke, Think this topic got lost in the move, but there was talk about some compiling for linux, using mono. Have you had any sucess?
  16. xnappo

    Adding a 'Pi' mode

    All, Considering the interest in Pi, I am willing to spend a little time implementing a Pi mode. @@Luke has also offered to reduce data from the server for this. What would you consider the bare minimum details needed? I am thinking - Title - Path to file - Thumb - Season/Episode number if TV Plot and backdrops will get background loaded. xnappo
  17. Hi, My HTPC is behind a firewall in my LAN, and therefore I need to configure a port fwd to make the remote to work. I'm currently use iOS client, and I can see my HTPC in the list of device that I can control, but when I send a command nothing happens. I assume it is because XBMC3C listen to a port for incoming commands, but traffic to that port is disallowed by firewall in the router. My question is, which port does XBMB3C uses for incoming remote control commands? Thank you in advance!
  18. DaSilva

    Chapter titles

    Would it be possible in the future to implement a way to edit chapters numbers to chapter titles in MB3-Server? Or maybe use chaptersdb.org as a scraper for chapter timings and titles ... I know you guys are working your asses off atm but this is just a thought for the future maybe Greetz!
  19. It would be possible to disable animations backdrop from ROC configuration and that images were fixed with no animation? When the animation just a little give as a backdrop rather nasty blow Thanks in advance.
  20. Lee please, could be possible disable from ROC config tab the backdrop animation? when finish the backdrop presentation it's not smoothly and stop sharply as a little blow. Cheers
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