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  1. Thank you for adding the convert feature I have been asking for for so long (my original request https://emby.media/c...l-media-to-mp4/) . I am not seeing an option to automatically convert to H.265. Converting to H.264 for 4K devices is not a good idea as H.264 is really only great for 1080p video. Unfortunately H.264 is also double file size of H.265. Can we get the option to convert to H.265 added? Is there a possibility to also have a feature for the converter where it replaces the media instead of just saving another copy of the data in the same folder with a different format?
  2. For some reason, Kodi for Emby is not picking up all of my music albums. My movie library is fully synced properly, but I am missing quite a few albums. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to when an album doesn't get picked up. I have albums by the same artist in the same folder that do get picked up. I have tried the "repair local database" option and resynced my music. Hasn't worked. I also tried refreshing all metadata in my Emby server and then did another repair local database but that didn't work. I am using the latest version of Kodi for Emby (3.0.19). Any help is appreciated! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. Hello Emby server on synology Kodi krypton 17.6 on nvidia shield Emby for Kodi add-on 3.0.17 I have an error « library sync thread has exited » The ios app works without error Please find below the details of the error that it requested I post here I restarted Kodi and the server as requested but no change Thanks a lot for the help [emoji1317]
  4. When trying the play a file that needs to be transcoded, the playback fails with a KeyError of 'DeliveryUrl' The Emby server is in the LAN but not on the same subnet, and it is using the internal DNS for resolving. I have attached the client log file. The server logs does not seem to contain anything out of the ordinary regarding the play request. Client is Kodi 17.6 running on the latest macOS and the server is running on Windows Server 2016. It seems to be a client issue, as the webbrowser (Firefox) does seem to want to play. kodi.log
  5. Volfan6415

    iOS app connection issues

    So whenever the app is loaded and connected to the server if you Switch out of the app (leave it in the background) and then the network connection mode changes before you re-launch the app four instance: Originally connected on Wi-Fi then move out of range of Wi-Fi while app is in background to be connected via cell tower before re-opening app Or moved locations and connected to different Wi-Fi network Upon re-opening the app it is super slow and most of the time doesn’t even load any server details, sometimes it’s a complete black screen and other times the top is visible. The only way to get the server to respond is to force close out of the app and reopen. Running almost latest beta server and iOS app (1.5.0(5)) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So, I know you can disable subs entirely, but I just want to prevent Emby from ever using subtitle files that AppleTV doesn’t natively support/only allow srt files. Is that something that’s possible? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I am using ActionTiles on an iPad and I was looking for put a link to emby in my tile. I would rather use the app and not the webpage. Can you add a url scheme to the app? It should be something like this just so another app can call it.. emby://
  8. xbmcgotham

    Emby for Kodi issues

    Many hours I tried syncing emby to kodi. Tried it on different devices, reinstalled Kodi, reinstalled emby for kodi add-on, re-added the libraries in emby, but for some reason emby doesn’t want to finish a full sync. It keeps braking on the music libraries. It will inform that there is an access problem to a random music file. I started to re-add the troubled files, but than it would find another one or just freeze up. With 20.000 songs, this is not feasible to do, so I checked the particular files as well, and they are easily accessible without any errors and kodi can also scan them without problems and play them when importing directly into kodi through Mysql. Just to make sure, I even had all the files credentials re-added but no luck. As kodi can do a full media scan of the 20k music files, why not emby? Can something be added to the sync job that will allow for a full sync even when certain files can't be processed. Maybe afterwards a report can be generated with details of the files that are not successfully synced? Because I was not able to get emby sync to work for music I had no chose than to disable emby music in kodi and load the music directly into kodi through the mysql setup.
  9. On Apple TV4k, if I (client side) enable the Auto sign in as this user option in Emby, when I quit Emby, I can not login at all. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is to do a full app erase and reinstall it. Then, just leave the option off. Is this a bug or am I missing something? To clarify, only one user established at the server level and it is the main user I use for everything. Also, it has no password (blank). I can manually sign in with no issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Add the ability to start a show late, end a show early. ie: Late Night Talk Shows. I'm only interested in the interviews. Don't record the monologue (start :15 minutes late) nor the musical guest (end :15 minutes early) These shows are intentionally scheduled to start and stop at "the 07s". Having this new ability would eliminate some overlap errors with traditional start and stop times at "the 00s". Kevin
  11. Hi, i'm unable to browse a video library in Emby for Kodi. According to the attached log extract, it seems that it is due to an invalid caracter : the accentued "é" in "vidéos". I can change it to a non accentuated "e" but there is a lot of nested subfolders concerned with that. In French language, accents are usuals. Regards kodi.log
  12. I have my users's Kodi profiles set to timeout (using a screensaver addon) after a few minutes of idle time. But there are times where the sync that happens right after logon takes longer than that timeout and because the user is sitting there waiting for the sync to finish. Ideally the sync shouldn't take that long but regardless it's a race. Is there any way to make the sync activity look like non-idleness as far as the Kodi idle timer is concerned so that users are not considered idle while waiting for the sync and logged out before it can complete? Obviously it would be better to get sync times to be under even a few minute idle time but until we are there, this seems like it would be a good fix in any case.
  13. maximilianh75

    Subtitles for STRM files

    Please add the possibility to add subtitles to STRM like other kind of media. Because i can't watch series or movies in spanish titles Thanks and my regards
  14. I've seen this bug twice now using two different Kodi instances on the same emby library. For some reason, some series will be missing from Kodi until a refresh is done on Emby for the missing series. Once that is done, and Kodi receives the update, the missing series is merged with another series, with the title being replaced with the missing series's title, but the episode titles staying the same. An example of it happening: https://imgur.com/a/bpAGY This mostly happens with series using metadata from the Anime plugin, where, for example, TVDb lists it as a single series with multiple seasons, whereas AniDB etc. list it as multiple series. From inspecting the DB, it would seem like the plugin is assigning the same kodi_id to multiple items: https://imgur.com/a/ZLGzW I can upload emby.db and MyVideos60.db if that would be also useful for debugging the issue. I have multiple series with the same problem. Again, normally where the items are in the same series in TVDb, but not in aniDB. This is the log file from kodi, split to show before and after the Emby metadata refresh: https://gist.github.com/Mitame/013c2caba7c4f19d1f595a1fa5b1dcb1 Thanks, - Mitame
  15. andstein85

    emby for google home

    Anyone know if this is legit? It showed up in my Google Home app today as available to link. https://emby-google-home.herokuapp.com
  16. More than a feature request this is a suggestion. On the web app, in episode information you can see like a "carrousel" with a slide bar of other episodes from the same season. It is shown like this: My suggestion is to change it to be shown like recently added on the home page, with arrow buttons on each side like this: I find it prettier.
  17. I will preface this with i do not know how much of a difference this would make. I am thinking that if there was support for mpeg2 hardware accelerated decoding via mmal that it might make for smoother live tv watching for the rpi. I am thinking that with hardware accelerated support for mp4's and mpeg2 that it might make the rpi into quite the media server. I can furnish access to my rpi if you do not already have one for testing with a mpeg2 license installed.
  18. Hello, I would really like to be able to record all programs with the keyword golf in the title (for example). Thanks, Erik
  19. I'm not seeing the poster and header info for tv series and movies. I tried Safari and Dolphin with the same results. iOS 10.3.3 Emby Server 3.2.30 Stable
  20. App Version 107 Orsay TV: F8000 w SEK2000 (2014) Problem: After opening a Playlist or album Play All is set as focus, but when hitting the down arrow key the focus jumps to the right in the song or movie item list. In order to select Shuffle you have to arrow down to about half way down your list (almost impossible with 2000+ songs). In order to navigate to Instant Mix or the Favorite heart you must first go to the bottom of your Playlist and then back to the left. Again, with over 2000 songs that makes it almost impossible to navigate to Instant Mix. Steps: 1. Open Playlist or album 2. Press the down arrow (focus jumps to list on right) 3, Arrow back to the left and arrow down and focus jumps back to the right again. This keeps repeating until you're far enough down list on right. I'm able to duplicate this in the latest UWP app also (v140) using a keyboard or controller and scrolling down causes focus to jump to the right. Instant mix isn't available until you first scroll all the way to bottom of list.
  21. I would like the ability to disable the camera upload feature, both per-user and globally. It seems odd to me that that isn't already there as far as I can find... Sure I could just not use it, but that depends on trust that your other users wont decide to enable it, as the only on/off is in each users personal preferences.
  22. Forgive me if this is already answered, I searched and could not find a solution. Is there a means of viewing Emby MKV or other format movie extras that are saved in the extras folder? EX: D:\Movies\Home Alone\extras I tried a Kodi Extras add-on but it did not work: http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Extras I'm assuming if I manually scanned my library into Kodi, that would work but certainly defeats using Emby. Is there a known solution to make this work in Kodi?
  23. As of latest update, the green highlight box that borders the selection while navigating throughout app disappears when selecting chapters. Appears normally when navigating through content, play button, resume button, actors, etc; but disappears when moved down to the chapters area. Samsung KU7000 series; Tizen Everything up to date.
  24. I just installed the updated Emby Theatre from the Windows Store. Things seem to run pretty smoothly compared to the older desktop app. I do have a problem. The white program bar at the top of the window doesn't seem to go away. Is there a way to auto-hide this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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