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  1. On my setup, the aspect ratio of album covers in the Home view of the Web Interface is not correct, it is 16:10 I guess, while it should be squared, since it shows album covers. I'm on 3.0.5786.0. Can anybody confirm this bug?
  2. Hi, MBT seemed to be working fine for me (except for a brightness issue that I've mentioned in other threads) until the release of the new version. I reinstalled the "portable" version to get rid of the "Try the new Emby Theater" message every time I signed in, and now all of the User Images are wrong or missing (They are still fine in the server/web app), and the "Next Up" section is a mess: All of the images are from either the wrong series, a movie, or as you can see in the one in the top left; is actually one of the user profile images. (Actually, I believe the "Dark Matter" image in the bottom right is the correct image). Screens: Actually, looking closer. For some reason most of the images are from the series "Extant", which is a series I've watched recently, if that makes a difference at all.
  3. I had a thread last week where the problem was MOVIES. After updating my Win to Win10, using THE LATEST BETA of Emby (as of current), Movie thumbs (and Persons after scheduling Persons manually) worked. But at the same time, ever since, now I have the problem with TV Shows. See my "example" folder which, as to my knowledge has the correct filenames, in this case for Battlestar Galactica (2003) and also the correct names for the episodes. So I just (for another test) deleted the TV Shows 1 folder and readded it. There are two shows, Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Southpark, NONE of the thumbs show. Log attached. Lots of errors in the log. Please advise. I cut the log BEFORE 17:00pm today because this was the time when I re-added the folder and then had it scanning. (I had the latest Beta running for some days, TV Shows thumbs never worked). Edit: I am aware there are ALSO some errors due to over-long movie filenames, those are not my concern right now. Edit2: There are still errors where it seems as if Emby is looking for XML files which I don't have. (Is it trying to downloading those? I see an error entry where it tried to download a ZIP file from TVDB, search for "Galactica" then you will see). This download failed (404), whatever this ZIP is supposed to contain. emby-log.txt
  4. guardian1691

    Images Don't Download

    I decided to delete all of the images and other files in the videos folders and store the metadata all within a different directly to keep it all clean. Now I have to manually download every image. I tried having Emby scan my library after specifying where to download the metadata but it still doesn't download them. Before, some of the images would download and I couldn't get it to actually manually download. Now, I can manually download without a problem but automatic downloads don't work. Thoughts?
  5. Barlog9511

    Can't show images for actor on FreeNAS

    Hi everyone I have latest FreeNAS version of Emby server everiting is just fine but actors doesnt have any images :/ but when i manualy click on refresh on actor card, image has been downloaded for example some actor card i tried actor refresh but doesnt work for images any help ??
  6. So I installed EMBY on a separate laptop on my 1GB LAN. I put my UNC paths in there like \\Server\Media\Moviez whereas "Server" is another PC on the network with the Media drives attached. It scans the files but only a very small portion of images, maybe 1-3 total from hundreds of movies is even displayed. I can exclude mis-identification since I already had Emby running on the Server PC and there more images showed. However, overall it seems that the correct reading of movies/shows etc. and especially displaying images currently is totally broken or happens "randomly". I also checked network permissions etc. and can't see why it wouldn't display the stuff right. This happens in Web client but also Emby Theater. For example, right now on my 1st drive is 71 movies and it only shows ONE cover, everything else is blank. How can I debug this and find what's going on?
  7. Okay so some of you might be aware or might not be aware of the fact that now when a movie collection is created a primary image and a thumb image is no longer auto-generated previewing all the titles in the collection. My request is simple add this back in but as an option under the "edit images" section of collections. Can simply be a button that once clicked auto generates a thumbnail and primary image of which you can then delete or keep. This way if you don't need/want the custom image made for that collection because you have a better image of your own you can use that image(s) instead.
  8. For some reason emby keeps using the default images for "My Media" folders. This just started happening with latest Version 3.0.5781.3. I can't seem to figure out how to get my images to show up and for some reason the first folder, boxsets doesn't default to the thumb image ever. Even when I delete the "Thumb" image it comes back on it's own after some time.
  9. I've had some trouble getting to the bottom of this issue. In short, I'm new to Emby and I must say I love the whole setup. But I've been tweaking some cover art for some of my tv shows and I'm finding that while the functionality works temporarily the cover art for the tv shows I alter, they always seem to revert back to the original one. Is there a setting i'm overlooking? Thanks in advance! note: I'm on version 3.0.5781.1 using the Kodi plugin to bring the library over to my intel NUC/Openelec powered media PC.
  10. gillmacca

    Images not displaying

    Some of the primary images for tv episodes are not showing up, even though they have been downloaded (tried downloaded different ones and manually adding images). https://www.dropbox.com/s/qk7bkis6hzdxaof/Screenshot%202015-11-05%2013.03.24.png?dl=0 server ,log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfcsbys9peq8nx1/server-63582294630.txt?dl=0
  11. Windows Professional 64bit Server Version 3.0.5768.7 Browser Firefox 41.0.2 Re. Photos page issues **1** "Videos" button at top of page does not work the same as Photos button. It appears that videos in the subfolder tree are NOT displayed as they are with images. **2** Images for folders (Albums) are not consistently generated. - Sometimes a composite of several images in the folder is generated and displayed (example below "Backgrounds") - Sometimes a random image from the folder is displayed. (example below "Fire (png)") - Sometimes no image is displayed. (example below "Animations") The composite images for albums were being generated and displayed until update to Version 3.0.5768.7 IMHO the composite image is preferred when no local images (e.g., folder.png, thumb.png) are present. In general it appears that the composite album image s only sporadically generated for folders/sub-folders. This appears to coincide with general image handling issues throughout the application that appeared with this upgrade. Info from the developers on how to 1) display custom images and 2) use the "Edit/Edit Images" buttons would be greatly appreciated. (i.e., How to 1) display application generated images 2) display custom user images. Thanks for your attention.
  12. yardameus

    Image editor drop down

    Version 3.0.5768.6 Firefox 41.0.2 I've noticed in the last couple of versions that I am not able to select the different types of artwork when searching for new images in the image editor. I click on the drop down and nothing happens. If I have a lot of images to choose from and hit the arrow to go to the next set of images and then go back, I am able to click the menu. Doesn't seem to be an issue in Chrome. Wondering if there is some plugin that may not be active in Firefox that could cause this?
  13. yardameus

    Most images not downloading

    Version 3.0.5768.1 Just noticed today that after adding several movies, the images were not being downloaded. The backdrop was, but nothing else was, and these were all movies with plenty of images to choose from for every category. I was able to manually pick all of the images, they were just not automatically downloaded like usual. server-63580679438.txt
  14. Hello all, Not sure this is the correct forum to post this in but I have a question about the Emby Web. I have set folder images and they are displaying for me, but when I login as a different user, the images are not being displayed. Added attachments, first is my view (with images) and second is another account. What could be the problem?
  15. I've been looking at the wiki, and at older forum posts; I can't seem to figure it out. No metadata images are coming through. Any tips on where I should refer to for this? edit: May be useful to indicate this is running on CentOS 7, Emby stable v3.0.5712.5874.
  16. About a month ago (not sure if it was after an update) the images for all of my movies, collections and TV shows stopped appearing in all clients (web, Win 10/8, Android, etc.) The images are located in the same directory as the media file and I have not made any changes to the server that I know of. I have attached the logs from this evening as well as a screen shot from the web client. Thanks in advance for any help. server-63574170301.txt server-63574243200.txt
  17. labazarri

    Imagenes en Orientacion Correcta

    Hola Amigos, les dejo esta pregunta por aquí, busque en todo el sitio y no encontré como hacer que las fotos se vean en la orientación correcta, ¿ustedes saben que opción se debe activar para solucionarlo? Aqui les dejo un ejemplo de como se ven las imagenes Saludos y Muchas Gracias por la ayuda. Hector
  18. Maleficarum

    Screenshot Grabber

    What does it do? Screenshot grabber allows you to specify a video file and will dump images from the video based on the number of images you set and the frequency you choose. How do I do it? Press the "Select file" button and choose the video you want to use. Press the "Choose folder" button and choose the folder where you want the images to be saved. Select how many images you want to save. Choose how often you want images to be saved. Press start ???? Profit Can I stop before it reaches the end of the video? Yes just hit the stop button or close the app at any time.
  19. Since the new update (3.0.5582.4) any images I have set as an admin for the libraries do not appear for standard users, instead they get the new standard images which I do not want. Is this expected behaviour ? I would prefer not to have to go in, give each user admin rights and then set images manually for every user.
  20. I've just noticed over the past few days, if I add a new show to my collection the not all of the images are automatically added. Series images seem to be ok, but specifically season posters aren't downloaded. If I go and manually browse for them, or even do an advanced refresh on the series metadata everything is properly added. MBS Version 3.0.5518.7
  21. skynet600

    No primary images on iOS

    Over the past few days I have noted a problem with the top level primary images in both the free app and ipad one. All other clients seem to be ok to me. Note from the below image there are no primary images or indeed even a user profile image bottom right. Another point to note is boxsets are no longer grouped. An example of this 28 which can can seen in the image. Server log attached. I see a lot of the following in the log. Images are present in the home screen and when entering an item. The title also plays fine. 2015-01-19 21:19:45.0122 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Response time: 185.0003 ms. Url: 2015-01-19 21:19:45.1022 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET Ip: Headers: Host=,Connection=keep-alive,Accept-Encoding=gzip, deflate,User-Agent=mediabrowserios/1.5 CFNetwork/711.1.16 Darwin/14.0.0,Accept-Language=en-gb,Accept=*/* 2015-01-19 21:19:45.1322 Debug - ImageProcessor: Processing image to Png server-63557252358.txt
  22. Maleficarum

    MB2 Style Image Download

    Hi all, Recently installed server on a new box and have found that, on scanning a show, MBS is pulling an "extrafanart" folder along with the following images: banner.jpg clearart.png fanart.jpg landscape.jpg logo.png poster.jpg I was expecting the old style (backdrop1, etc). Is there a way to make this happen or is this now the expected behavior ?
  23. As per the subject line, this has recently started to happen when using MB Classic. Whenever I select an actor to see their information, the application exits. Under the new 3.0.27 beta, at least I get an "invalid application" error in Windows Media Centre. The problem does not manifest in MB Theatre, so I think something is up with my MB Classic. Has anyone else experienced this?
  24. Starkadius

    Anime Genre Icons

    These are long overdue but they are finally here. I have created 89 109 genre/tag icons for anime to share with the community to use in tandem with the anime server plugin created by @@Aphid Design I used a "japanese brush" font and placed sakura petals flowing over the icon to give it an overall Japan feel. I know it might be cliche but when browsing from Movie -> TV -> Anime views I wanted the user to immediately recognize what view they were on. Anime sets itself apart from other media types (Movies, TV) as it has a genre/tag for practically everything. I meticulously attempted to give each genre an accurate representation whether it is an emotion or scenario by selecting the proper images that might fit such as the example above "Angst". Samples and many more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTMeb9IBN4I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFgrQcLwZo Download 109 genres included (background, folder and thumb) Genre List (Updated Nov 02 2014) Anime-Genre-Pack-1 Anime-Genre-Pack-2 Anime-Genre-Pack-3 Anime-Genre-Pack-4 Anime-Genre-Pack-5 NEW! (20 Genres Added - Nov 02 2014) Instructions You will find that the server makes both the Movies and TV shows use the same genre icons. In order to get around that you will need to add a prefix for TV and Anime series genres. Detailed instructions found here and here Additional Info There are still more genres/tags that I did not create. It will depend on the demand and/or requests of this set. Asian Drama (Dorama) Genre Icons TV Genre Icons
  25. Hello Version 3.0.5343.40355 Yesterday I uninstall Media browser, today I install again, but tv seasons doesn't show properly. Metadata was saved on tv folders, all images etc was saved in past. Now it looks like MB don't see images and don't issue season item. Example below. How to relink automatically all seasons in tv shows?so I will be see correctly... Second thing, from what depending that sometimes MB download to folder season01-poster.jpg and sometimes only season01-landscape.jpg(I check poster also exist to that tv shows). Regards
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