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  1. gillmacca01

    Season/Series images the same

    Had to recently reinstall Emby from scratch (failed HD), and I am noticing that when the images are downloaded for TV Shows, the season images are the same as the series image. If I search for new series image and replace, it replaces all the season images with the same image. I can search per season, and can see different season image options from tvdb I have attached the part of the log, where I have changed the series image 1.txt
  2. Hello Emby, Version information: Emby Mobile 3.1.8| Emby Server with a Premier account. Multiple devices including Motorola G5S, Motorola G7 plus, and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 tablet Issue description: Currently when trying to download images or e-books from the mobile Android app, no download starts. Not even after waiting for a while (0-15 minutes). Movies and music files start almost immediatly. I do see the downloads when I check the admin dashboard. But not when I click the Downloads tab in the bottom menu. Movies and music files are shown here. E-book downloads and image downloads do stall any movie downloads that I've queued after them. This means I manually need to remove them from the admin dashboard before movie/music downloads can continue. So something is clearly going wrong here... I'm expecting to be able to just download a photo to my device or even share it if possible. Sharing also gives me the direct url when sharing instead of real shared image. But I read that this is expected behaviour. When sharing an e-book I only get to see the url to the emby server: http://{{host}}/emby without Items/{{id}}/etc... in the path. But that is possibly another issue? When checking the logs I don't notice any issues and no error messages. But I've attached it just in the case. If you need any more info, please ask me! Thanks! emby-logs.txt
  3. thegrunge

    cover art

    Hello, I like emby. a few bugs I noticed that are not very tiring and probably normal because I use it on several different devices. On the other hand, there is one thing that I would like to settle and which is surely a matter of adjustment. Here is the problem noticed. I have libraries that contain almost 800 files and the images take a long time to appear. I would like to know what I need to do to improve this. thank you! Bonjour, j'aime emby. quelques bugs que j'ai remarqués ne sont pas très fatigants et probablement normaux car je l'utilise sur plusieurs appareils différents. Par contre, il y a une chose que je voudrais régler et qui est sûrement une question d'ajustement. Voici le problème constaté. J'ai des bibliothèques qui contiennent près de 800 fichiers et les images mettent beaucoup de temps à apparaître. J'aimerais savoir ce que je dois faire pour améliorer cela. Merci!
  4. Just installed Emby (Nice media server by the way. I like it better than Plex which I've used for years). I use a flat mp3 library structure. My mp3 metadata is all customized using Mp3tag V3. For the most part, the fields Artist, Album artist and Album are identical, i.e., the name of the artist. (Don't ask!) For artists that have a lot of songs, I do break out the songs into their respective albums by inputting the album name into the album field. I never use metadata scrappers. Mp3tag allows one to input album cover artwork. I can have one image for the artist and various images for the various albums and the artis as well as album images show up using Windows Media Player, iTunes and Plex. In Emba, there are no album artists or artists images showing up. But once you click through to the actually mp3, the album artwork shows up. So I'm adding artist images manually to the Artist/Album Artist icons and, although tedious, it works. Here's the thing.... I'm going to be replacing this old desktop with a nice new desktop (well a re-furbished old one if the truth be known.) My concern is that I get Emby all looking great on this computer and when I install Emby on my new one and setup the path to my music, these manually uploaded images will be nowhere to be found. Hopefully, they are all stored somewhere in a local folder that if I locate and copy over to my new computer, presto! Done and done. Where are the uploaded artist images located exactly? I've poked around and found what appears to be all my album images in Username/Appdata/Roaming/Emby-Server/programdata/metadata/library.
  5. Starting yesterday, my Emby Classic running on Windows 8 Media Center was missing some movie cover images. When attempting to open the movie missing the covers, Emby Classic hung. Had to close Media Center to gain control of the computer again. Later I found out that the Emby server (running on different hardware) was crashing each time I did this. I would have to force quit the Emby Server and restart it. Emby seems to work fine from every other app and the website. I am able to repeat the issue any time by using Emby Classic for WMC for anything so it has become worthless. I am able to use Emby Theater from the same PC without issue. I do not have an option to test Emby Classic from another PC as I do not have another Media Center PC. I have uninstalled Emby Classic and removed the programdata folder associated with it however the same issue exist after new install. I have even tried to use the Emby Classic beta but the same issue exists. I have removed the Emby Server Cache folder to make it recompile all new cache, same issue still. I am thankful that Emby theater works great but I REALLY like using Classic more as it seems to have better eye candy and smoother transitions. Is anyone else having similar issues lately? Is there a way to completely remove Emby Classic and start completely over? Any direction is appreciated. Thanks Randy
  6. Hey all, So recently I had to disable/remove and then reinstall Emby server recently on my Ubuntu box and now I appear to be having some odd issues with grabbing the proper images from TheTVDB. In the past if I updated & replaced the metadata on a series it would grab the newest images from TheTVDB (as all series are only set to grab from there). But now it seems it will only default to older series image, banners, backdrops, etc. no matter which way I try to refresh the meta data. I've also noticed that when I go to "Identify" a series, when I put in the TheTVDB ID in it brings up the series but shows it with no image attached, like it would in your library if there were no primary image attached. Previously it would show the image there, indicating that is what would be downloading with it I assume. My log is below. This was after doing a refresh & replace all meta data on my "TV Shows" library. Can anyone figure out why this is happening or maybe give me some suggestions on what to try with troubleshooting it? Feel free to roast me if I've done something stupid or missed something obvious. Thanks in advance! Log: https://pastebin.com/8iHfeUp6
  7. I'd like a way to set the primary thumbnail image to the current frame during playback in the web interface. I have a library set to content type "Home Videos & Photos". Emby does a pretty nice job choosing a frame from each video to use for its primary thumbnail image, but sometimes I'd like to choose a different frame. I can do this manually by playing the video, taking a screenshot, choosing "Edit images" from the "..." menu, clicking the "+" button, uploading the image, and selecting "Primary" as the type, which replaces the existing image. If I want the image to be a full frame then I need to wait a few seconds for the web interface to disappear before taking my screenshot, as there doesn't seem to be a way to dismiss it. And then the image I save is in a different resolution than the automatically generated ones. So although it's possible to generate my own thumbnails, it's a bit of a hassle. Since Emby Server obviously already has the capability to generate a primary thumbnail from a frame of video, it would be really nice to have a way to tell it to do this from a frame chosen manually during playback. I'm thinking a little snapshot button could be added to the playback interface. Or if that's too obtrusive, hide it behind a "..." menu. A related request: It would be great to be able to pick which of the items inside a folder would be used for the folder's thumbnail. These are small issues but would be really nice for organizing collections of home videos and other media that can't be easily looked up in databases.
  8. Guest

    Custom library images

    I've created some images to customize your libraries in an "Emby style", I've just combined the Emby logo with the default library image. It's not an amazing job but I like it, it gives your server more Emby flavour I think .
  9. easez88

    Upcoming images are incorrect

    Hi guys, Sorry if this is covered I've looked and couldn't find anything. I've noticed that on Apple TV the upcoming episode images are incorrect. On Apple TV anywhere you look at an upcoming image you see the poster image instead of the thumb which is the appropriate size. Upcoming Section: Within Season: Within Season is also incorrect in web browser:
  10. Emby Server Version Metadata is loading without any problems, but for whatever reason, images simply will not download. If someone could take a look at the server log and let me know if there is anything I should attempt to mitigate this, I would appreciate it. Thanks! Log.txt
  11. Hi, I have installed latest Emby server and when in Browser Library/Playlist, I clik Play On and choose my Samsung Smart TV DLNA, then Play All, but nothing happens. If I click individual photo or movie from that playlist, it immediately plays on TV (I think it runs on TV native player). TV model is SAMSUNG LED TV UE43NU7022. What won't Emby play all content from playlist on TV? If I don't connect to TV and just click Play All, I see rotating circle, changing colors. Thanks for explanation and support. Regards,
  12. Hi there, I am currently having an issue with the latest update 1.7.21 - actually this is a recurring issue. With the version before 1.7.21 everything worked fine but before that one I had the same behavior. As you can see in the photo attached, images are not loading up - no matter what I do in the Android TV app. Tried deleting cache, reinstalling, changing themes, etc. but nothing helps. This only happens on the first login after power up. I did find a workaround, as soon as I manually restart my server and login again to the Android TV app everything works fine. Haven't found anyone else with this issue, any idea what the issue could be? Thanks Jay
  13. undersound

    Auto tagging photo collection

    Hi there, First of all, thanks for a great product, loving it from the start. I am coming from plex and I switched because I simply wanted to play a music folder (as in os folder) in my music player. This was easily done in Emby but is not doable in plex, or at least not easily. One thing I loved about plex though (and google but not using that for my photos) is the auto tagging of photos feature. See https://support.plex.tv/articles/234976627-auto-tagging-of-photos/ for how plex uses a third party integration for this. Anyways if this is implemented and a car view for the audio player I will not be looking for alternatives anymore because then Emby covers it all, for me at least Thanks in advance Undersound
  14. I'm sure there is a simple solution for this but I can't seem to figure it out: I have invested some time to customize how various folders containing video clips should be presented, i.e. I manually upload images to Emby server for each of these folders (setting them to primary). This seemed to work fine until a recent update. Now Emby keeps changing the folder images to something else. And when I try to turn it back to my manually uploaded image, it's not even there anymore. I have to upload it again. And once I've done that, Emby deletes it again and replaces it with something else. How can I tell Emby to leave my folder images alone? And since this seems to have started with the recent update to version 4.0.1, I might aswell ask whether it was intended behaviour that the update reset all my library display settings? I have a filer in several libraries set to "unplayed" and all of those were gone after the update. I also have several libraries set to display thumbnails (instead of the default setting). Those were also reverted back to default. I suppose this was some sort of bug, but if not, I'd like to know if there is any way of preventing this from happening in the future.
  15. mistercoffee

    music album/track artwork missing

    I'm on Emby Server OS X Version My music library is pointed to my iTunes Music folder (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/) which is then organized by artist/album/track.mp3 Each file has artwork embedded that can be displayed/edited by iTunes and other tag editors (eg Metadatics) and music players (eg PowerAmp and VLC on my Android phone playing the file copied to an SD card or from a Dropbox folder) independent of the file location. But Emby displays most of my collection as the plain colored square for albums and blank for each track. The pattern seems to be that this happens for music I add via the iTunes interface (drag a file to iTunes and iTunes makes a copy and puts it in the right directory) or that existed in iTunes before I set up Emby. If I add a file directly by just putting it in there myself, the artwork shows, even if this is the exact same location iTunes would put it. Since all manner of non-Apple software can recognize and display the images, I'm starting with Emby itself as a possible culprit Thanks!
  16. Hello, When refreshing metadata (with images replacement) on my French language movies, I can only found "English" versions of images in despite of my library setting is "Preferred download language : French". Par exemple, on the french movie "Patients (2017)", no images are found. When manually looking for the images, I can found sereval "French" tagged images : several "Primary" (at TMDB), one "Disc" and nearly all the rest at FanArt.tv But I can get this from Emby server setting only by manually using "Edit images", then checking "All languages". By automated way, only "English" and "no language" images are found. Applying a manual selection to my whole collection would be really painful. Regarding my library setting, the behavior I would expect would be to primary look for "French" image, then ideally, if none are found, use "English" of "no language" as a fallback option. Is there anything I missed in the setting? Or could it be a bug? My library structure is aligned with the naming recommendations (ex. : \Films\Patients (2017)\Patients (2017).avi ) I attached the logs just after I tryed to refresh my example move metadata (with images replacement). Thank you in advance for your help,
  17. KillyKillKill

    Dynamic Folder Images

    Hi! I have just recently this month made the leap from Plex to Emby, and it has been a breeze. I've been very impressed! The whole thing works like a charm, and is beautiful to boot! Except for one glaring exception: these auto-generated dynamic folder images. I'm sure for some people they look great, but to me it's sort of tacky and out-dated looking. Is there a simple way to turn these off? I've tried simply deleting them, and it looks great for a time, but eventually they just reappear again. I've combed through a few other posts on this issue, and haven't found a simple way to turn them off, only real suggestion was to make and upload my own image files, which seems cumbersome and unnecessary, but if that's what it iz, then I guess it iz what it iz. Just curious! Thanks in advance. KillyKill my ideal emby server look (before the dynamic folders spring back):
  18. I just started migrating over to Emby after Plex ruined the Roku app. After adding some of my libraries I noticed on the Emby home screen (dashboard) It created these really nice icons with images from the poster art. The problem is it didn't do that for all of the libraries (Anime is missing that). I attached a picture to show what I mean, is there a manual way to add that? I have a lot of libraries to add still I would love to know if I can add that to all the libraries.
  19. I am using Emby picking up its data from a database I managed with MusicBee. Quite a number of tracks and albums have incorrect images. I have deleted the embedded images from the mp3 files in MusicBee and then tried Refreshing the metadata in Emby including checking "Replace existing images" but they revert to the original incorrect images. I have embedded new images in the mp3 files and these too do not appear in Emby. It feels like the images are stored somewhere in Emby and despite breaking the links rather than refreshing from the source it just recreates the links to the original folders. I can see the troublesome images (poster.jpg) in many folders under this folder: C:\Users\G\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\metadata\library which seems to be where all the album images are saved. Tempted to delete the folders below metadata\library\* Can anyone explain what is happening and how to fix it? Thanks.
  20. Emby Server QNAP x64 I've run into an issue that I've noticed since upgrading to 3.5.3. Maybe it was present earlier, but I failed to notice. I am using the Edit Images mechanism built into Emby Server to modify / update the images for a show (Primary, Backdrop, etc.). It seems to work at first, but then it stops showing images that aren't initially viewable. You'll notice the top two rows load fine since they are immediately visible. When I scroll down to view the next rows, those images fail to load / refresh. I'm not sure what is going on, but the images were loading fine at first when I scroll down. After awhile, they stop being rendered properly. I think it may have to do with caching since the images should be cached at that point, but not sure. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
  21. i'm wondering if i'm missing something or if this feature is working as intended. does the "replace all metadata" with "replace existing images" selected also refresh metadata and images on items marked as "lock this item from future changes" ? my goal is to set some movies to have custom poster images and/or custom sort titles, lock them, and still be able to refresh the rest of the library, but right now my custom selections are getting wiped out. how do i set my server to really and truly lock metadata and/or images on an item?
  22. Hi there I’ve spent a few hours going through the forum looking for answers but haven’t found a solution that works. What makes it all the more difficult is that due to MediaBroswer/Emby changing so rapidly over the last few years, what was true once is not necessarily true today. Settings you found on one page a couple of years ago have disappeared or moved to other pages making the forum help posts obsolete quite quickly. I looked for a current manual/user-guide/wiki that deals with my issue but had no luck. On to my question – I have limited bandwidth so it’s very costly for me to download people images every time I migrate to a new computer or do a clean install. Moreover, I have tweaked my image library choosing in many cases actor images that I like. In the old days, I simply copied my saved imagesbyname folder over to the new install. That was handy and simple. Unfortunately it seems no longer possible. I have tried to copy my alphabetized folder now into programdata/metadata/people. I have tried both enabling and disabling Library-Folder option ‘Save artwork and metadata into media folders’. But still my old images are not being used nor are the refreshly downloaded images via refresh metadata being stored there. After much investigating, I found that all the new photos were being saved in programdata-cache-images-resized-images with some nonsensical naming structure. In a nutshell: 1. How can I get Emby to use my previously saved people images? Currently, it’s not looking for them in programdata/metadata/people. 2. How can I get Emby to save new people photos in programdata/metadata/people? This is where I want them for future migrations and fresh installs. I’ve spent hours on this to no avail and would be grateful for a clear comprehensive answer. Thanks to anyone who can help. Windows 10 Emby Server
  23. Hi, I just noticed today while browsing emby (the webapp), The aspect ratios aren't maintained for some cast images. For example, In the movie American Made, there is a member of the cast Jesse Plemons, his pic seems to be squeezed horizontally, making it look a bit weird. The exact pic in question can be found here for your testing, https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/4fdE4D8e2DEtFL4QgdorQOAI9RT.jpg I have narrowed down the issue to, https://github.com/MediaBrowser/emby-webcomponents/blob/master/cardbuilder/card.css#L277 Changing background-size to 'cover' seems to have solved the problem, and from my testing there doesn't seem to be any negative effect to the other images. I hope that helps you figure it out. Thanks,
  24. I have several images missing on my server because the path to the drive where they were stored is no longer valid. I've tried to update these images, but every time I click edit to change the image, Emby just spins, and then the server and even linux just crashes. Is there a way I can update or delete these missing image paths? (Sorry if this is a duplicate post. The first one doesn't seem to be here.) Thanks.
  25. Hi! This is simple to explain, so when I sync some music keeping the "original" bitrate the cover images show in my favorite android player, but when I need to do transconding changing the bitrate (FLAC size is the reason) the cover images don't keeping into the file sadly :'( Is possible improve this? Thanks in advance.
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