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  1. timlance

    audio transcoding settings

    Newbie here, running away from Plex. Am loving Emby. I'm trying to find information and settings for transcoding. The closest I have found is here but I do not see the illustrated setting (see below) in my iOS app. Am I correct in assuming that my lossless files will be lossless in the iOS app if both the server and iPhone are on the same local wireless network? If I am on a different wireless network will it be lossless or does the server see it as a generic remote location? Where, on the server and/or iOS app, can I set preferred bitrates? IOW, I would like to possibly have higher (not necessarily lossless) bitrates even on cellular/data. My apologies if I am missing something! I've been dealing with a super mild concussion, and looking into this so much, I wonder if I am literally or figuratively cross-eyed. @cayars
  2. chrispykreme

    Transferring 0%

    Fairly new convert to Emby, moved everything over and turned off my plex auto renewal, I am well and truly sold. Issue is around syncing to my iPad (2018 model with 12.1.1) using Emby for iOs version 1.7.1. My emby server is running on a fitlet2 Linux Mint with server version with Emby Premiere Before christmas I was able to select a film and download it do my iPad either by choosing sync, or on the ipad choosing download, I always choose Original version so not coding and they play fine on my iPad. I have tried deleting the iPad app and redownloading and then setting the sync again. What happens now is after a short time it says "Ready to Transfer"... followed by 'Transferring 0%' where is just sits. Does anybody know how to force the server or iPad to actually do the transfer. I can use Infuse to do the downloading but 1) I prefer the UI for Emby and 2) I need to be on the same network which defeats the object
  3. HappyGilmour

    iOS/Apple Car Play Issue

    Hi, I am a premier subscription holder. I apologise if this isn't the correct place for this question but I didn't see a place for questions/issues with Apple Car Play. I have a playlist with over 15 hours of music. I can listen to the playlist in the car and on my mobile device up to a certain number of songs (I don't know how many but it isn't more than 50.) Any song I try to choose past that number of songs forces the player to play the first song in the playlist. One reason I really wanted to go with Emby is that I thought my wife and I would be able to get our playlist on there and shuffle them on long road trips. But if we are limited to 50 songs per list that doesn't really fit the bill. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. jsc1205

    4K movie screen tearing on iPad

    If I'm not watching movies in our home theater room, I watch them on my iPad. I noticed last night when playing 4k movie on my iPad last night I got the green pixelated screen tearing. It did this on a couple of movies. I went to Plex on the same iPad and it did not do this at all. I went to my android phone as well to see if it would do it on there and it played back fine. So its definitely related to the iPad. I already know of the issue of some movies not starting at the beginning on an iOS device but rather 10 secs in. But now I'm wondering why the screen tearing is happening as well??
  5. bweb79

    Hide Downloads from Home screen

    Currently running Emby 1.9.2 (3) on iOS 13.3.1. I can't figure out how to hide my downloaded videos from the home screen. I'm able to sort the home screen, but there are no options for the downloaded movies. Is there a way to do this that I am missing or is this something that can be added?
  6. Braeden

    Weird Device Name naming

    Hey y’all, I have reason to believe there is a bug in the device names for the iOS app as shown below. It only applies to iOS device names and has the (%20) where the spaces should be. Emby Server: Beta Emby for iOS: 2.0.2 non TestFlight release
  7. Minor issue: setting the Home>Live TV>Default Screen has no effect. Works fine in Safari browser on iOS, but strangely not on iOS app. Menu choices are Suggestions/Guide/Channels, but no matter which is selected, what appears is Programs (not one of the choices). Would also think the choices would be Programs/Guide/Channels/Recordings/Schedule/Series like the actual corresponding tabs on that page, similar to the SelectDefaultTab on the Roku app. Only a minor annoyance really, but would be nice to have fixed in some later update. Thanks!
  8. Hi guy’s Ok so iv set my partner up an account so she don’t mess up my watch stats etc, i set it so she can’t delete media ie no box’s are ticked. When I go onto her account I am able to delete media, I have checked and all box’s are Not ticked. I only have family and immediate family but I DO Not want people being able to delete any media from my server from there device. Any advise or tips would be much appreciated TIA l33
  9. leeknight1981

    New Media won’t play

    Ok I have added some new movies as I have done for many years but today they got added I went to play them and they said “Playback Error” then totally disappeared! removed from the folder and re scanned! then created a new folder called movie test and it’s done exactly the same and won’t play... please advise as I wanna watch this film, So Badly I’ll attach the logs if I am able but don’t wanna be Pissing about all night, Regards L33 IMG_9831.MP4
  10. CathMowr

    IOS Interface thoughts

    Aloha! I would like give a couple of thoughts on the IOS App Design. So far I like it, does what it should do, but a couple of things might be worth rethinking. The Bottom Bar - It would be really neat to make this bar customizable. I need different sections on my iPad than i need on my phone so letting me choose what to put there would be a real treat. Downloads Tab - I would like to ask the question if the "Downloads" tab is needed at all because I think it could be integrated into the standard overview, for video and audio. You could show what is downloaded with a little coloured emblem on a record or movie in the general library overview and make Emby prefer a downloaded file over a streamed one (optional) so there would be no need to show downloads as a tab or make this optional for people who still want the tab. Deleting the downloads is already kinda solved this way because i can do it from the main library, I don't even have to switch to the download tab, when it works. All in all, the Netflix design, as far as I remember. Volume Adjustment - This is a remote / Lock Screen issue. When I use the IOS App as a remote control for my browser I have to go into the app to adjust the volume of playback. That sucks a little and leads me to the next thing. It's a pity that you can not adjust volume at all via the lock screen navigation bar. It is a little maddening that you can use play next/before arrows but not the volume slider. It would be a dream come true to make the buttons/lock bar interface the general way of controling whatever instance of Emby is playing at the moment. Volume Slider - In general it would be nice if the volume slider was live. Maybe thats not how Emby works and this is not possible, but just as a thougth it would be VERY comforting to hear on what level you put the volume while you do it and not afterwards. Most apps do this so I thought lets try to mention it. One other small thing is the volume slider in IOS on phones in vertical mode. It doesn't scale very well because it is really small and touches the outer ends of my screen. I put a screenshot in the attachments. Maybe there is an option to make it pop up vertically, that would solve the problem in every mode and on every device. I hope thats some valuable input! I put this all together in one thread, I hope thats Ok. All the best! EDIT : Since I just recognised it : When you change the view of you library - f.e. from primary to list - it changes on all devices. It would be superduper to make this change per device since certain views have more viability on certain devices because of their screen size. Example : primary looks very nice on the tablet but clutters everything on my phone where I prefer list view.
  11. Jägs

    camera upload issues

    Greetings: As I'm running out of space on Google Photos, I decided to try out the Camera Upload feature in Emby. I enabled it on the server side, and set it up in the iOS app on my iPhone, but nothing is syncing. Thinking it was a permission issue on the server side, I set up a path and gave Emby R/W access to it--I tested this by starting a shell with the Emby user and creating files and subfolders from the command line. In looking at the server log, it seems that when the process starts, I get the following error: 2019-11-26 14:42:38.518 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Emby/1 CFNetwork/1120 Darwin/19.0.0 2019-11-26 14:42:38.519 Error HttpServer: Access token is invalid or expired. 2019-11-26 14:42:38.519 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 401 to Time: 1ms. Not sure if that is the issue or if it is unrelated. A review of the error on the forums indicates its a routine error with cached credentials. Here's how I have it set up on the server side: Again, I've verified that Emby has R/W to the specified path. On the app side, here's how it is configured: And I double checked that Emby has permissions to access my photo library: Any idea why photos are not uploading? eric@mcp:/media/docs/pictures/upload$ ls -la total 16 drwxrwxr-x 2 emby eric 4096 Nov 25 22:00 . drwxr-xr-x 110 eric eric 12288 Nov 25 18:26 .. eric@mcp:/media/docs/pictures/upload$ NOTE: I have a lifetime Premiere subscription. embyserver.txt
  12. Hey guys i am hoping someone could help with this as im completely stumped lol I recently discovered that my internet provider is giving me shocking results for internet quality as i am only getting around 30mbps download and for upload a shocking result of 2-4mbps. this is what made my transcoding so bad as i couldnt provide enough upload speed for my friends to watch the film they wanted. ( thank you cayars for helping me with finding the problem to this ) So i have thought of going with my phone provider (three) as they offer 4G broadband with out the mess involved in between. before i purchase this i wanted to temporarily use my hotspot from my phone while i wait for the contract for the internet to come to a end, however emby server remote isnt connecting at all. i have made sure ports through the firewall are allowed and clear along with checking it against CanYouSeeMe.org. i can switch back to my normal wired internet restart emby and all works fine but using my hotspot i have no joy. has anyone had this before or and i doing something so silly i cant see what i a missing haha ? any help would be a massive help thanks guys embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63735724769.txt
  13. CathMowr

    Audio Playback Issues - OSX/IOS

    More often than not I can't start to listen to an album with a choosen track because Emby shows the track in the bottom bar but does not play it. I then have to press stop and start the album with the Play all button. This works most of the time and after that I can choose a track to my liking. I encountered this problem in browser mode and in IOS App. Is this issue known? I didn't find a similar thread. Further Emby seems to have problems with the remote function. When I choose my browser (Safari) as the playback medium in the IOS app and start a song neither of the two react at all or the song shows in IOS but doesn't start playing in OSX. I tried the Play all solution as described above when this happens and then Emby sometimes selects a random song, shows it in the bottom play bar at a weird point of time (f.e. 2:30) but doesn't play anything.
  14. I would love to see the option to have Emby show me more advanced Metadata for audio. I tag my files as meticolous as possible and it would be nice to have a display for things like Label, Barcode, ISRC, Catalogue Number, Original Release Date / Media Release Date etc. Basically the values MBP already shows me in it's tagger. But also the more technicals side of things like Sample Rate, Bit Rate, File Format, Mono/Stereo. Video already does that, so why not audio? Also a few more sorting options in Audio would be nice, like having the possibility to sort by Artist AND year, not just one of them. Further I'd love to have the option to turn off backgrounds in certain sections, same with Logos. I like the backgrounds/logos in movies but i dislike them in the music section, sometimes it differs from artist to artist. Another thing is the UI for the IOS Apps, to be more precise the bottom bar. It would be lovely to be able to customise that bar. For example, I don't need fast access to movies on my phone, but on my iPad, the other way around with music. Anyways, thanks a lot for the effort you put into Emby! UI wise I already like it a hundred times more than Plex. EDIT : Not just UI wise. In general.
  15. Hi everyone i have a issue with my Emby App well I tested 3 (Movies) two with Dolby Vision and 1 without Dolby Vision but with HDR10 So I tested the movies but the image are not good (Brightness/Darks colors) in HDR10 or Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision doesn't works) I tested without DV but with HDR10 and the result in bad quality of the movie is running, so the quality is very bad (Bright/dark) it's only shows me than the HDR10 is not working. Or at least compared with plex (ExoPlayer) the quality is less better in (Brightness/Dark) on Emby (LibMpv) So LibMpv < exoplayer in terms of brightness and darks color but when I open the stream with a VLC all colors as ok so it only proof than the LibMpv is not able to reproduce well the HDR10 because of their issues on the colors [Dolby Vision With LibMpv] i tried Dolby Vision but the screen still black and with plex works well, so i belive than the issue is from the (LibMpv) I really suggest to upgrade to Exoplayer. if possible. I guess than LibMpv Doesn't support MP4 Dolby Vision content so this is why i suggest moving to Exoplayer (Natively) cuz the Exoplayer run MP4 Dolby Vision withtout any issue in the quality. so i also noticed than the issue is really from the LibMpv cuz when i used "an external player" like VLC it worked well (Nice Brightness/Dark collors and etc...) [HDR10 2160p] the image still to be desirable because brightness and darks collor doesn't look at a real HDR10. i belive than it was a issue also with LibMpv. Tested With the follow movies HDR10 Dolby Vision (MP4) So Conclusion. I guess than LibMpv is not doing HDR10 / Dolby Vision as well on the plaformes where it was implemented. causing HDR10 dimming is bad on emby app My Suggestion. Emby Switch from LibMpv or talk with the LibMpv about this issue because mp4 already support Dolby Vision (Avalaible Only on MP4 and TS at this moment) and HDR10 is avalaible in all container (I guess) Issue: Bland colors instead of good colors as HDR10 Give us at normally Bad Dimming (Birghtness/Dark) colors. It just tell me than it not allow me to reproduce HDR10 but with exoplayer and vlc everything is ok on my Android and iOS. ScreenShot Plus many people enjoy more Exoplayer than others. @Luke Dolby Vision Demo files (MP4 Format) Glass Blowing @59.94fps: Dolby Vision Profile 5 UHD for iOS – Dolby Atmos Glass Blowing @59.94fps: Dolby Vision Profile 8.1 UHD – Dolby Atmos
  16. rbrekken

    iOS and trailers

    Hi, I'm not able to play trailers on my iPAD. The waiting cursor just keep spinning, and no trailer starts. This happens both when I try to view a trailer of on of my movies in the library and when using the Trailer addon. Anyone else have this problem, and is there a fix? Regards, Roar
  17. I would like to have a feature than allow me to search on an library, only in that library and not in the others, or/and show's us in the general search bar on wish library the movies/tvshows/etc... is located (and turn it available on Android TV, Android, iOS, LG, Samsung, etc...) . "how it's search now" "Preview" after code in this e.g 1º %libraryname% is equal to French Library (Films - [FR] ) and in the 2º %libraryname% is equal to English Library (Movies - [EN] ) Kinds Regards
  18. Hi everyone, I would like to know if there was in the future update a way to filter the audio (Like e.g by english,french,spanish etc..) and the same for subtitles i can do that for container and etc.... but it doesn't show me for audio, subtitles. So i would to request it, as i can see on plex i can do that but not in emby. Not sure if this is related but don't forget to add this filter in all library type.
  19. I really appreciate the ability to cast to my Google Home and Chromecast devices. However, it just shows "playing emby" on the screen instead of showing what is playing. It would be a nice refinement if Emby would show what is being played with title, description, and artwork. How it looks currently:
  20. I have setup a library with content type Home videos and photos and added JPG images to this folder. When accessing the images via the mobile app and clicking download they are being stuck in the queue with a status of "Ready to transfer" and not progressing. When trying the same action from a web browser it works fine. When trying to download other content such as movies or tv shows it is working fine; seems to just be the photos. Phones tried: iPhone 10 Max iPhone 11 Samsung S10 Plus Samsung Galaxy Tab A Connection type tried: Mobile Data (4G) WiFi Storage type tried: Internal Storage External Storage (SD Card) File types tried: JPG PNG RAW (CR2) No logs for android existed in phone I have attached emby server logs Emby server version logs2.zip
  21. TroyKing

    PlayBack Reporting - iOS app

    Hello guys, just wondering if there’s any plans to get playback reporting to work on the iOS app so it can be used on iPad and iPhone. So far I love the app but have to use safari to just look at some stats. Thanks!
  22. Sofasogud

    Mark Played Icon

    Hi, I’ve been using Emby for about a month now and love it since moving from Plex. Plex is more polished I’m not going to lie but Emby is built around its users and I’d rather my monthly subscription go somewhere I know it’ll be well spent. Hopefully with some fresh eyes on the apps I use, (which are already really great looking) I can add some request to how it can be polished. So with that, my first request would be about the ‘mark played’ button you get when you are on a film or a tv season or episode. Across the iOS and tvOS, UI you get the green tick to show its watched, or a green circle with a number to show the number of episodes you’ve got left to watch. If you select a season or film, you have a mark played button. If you want to mark it as played on iOS you get a red tick, (why red?) and in tvOS you don’t get an indication that anything has happened until you move off the ‘mark watched’ button to see that it’s red. I’d suggest this be inline with the rest of the UI and be a bold green tick either for the icon (if that’s possible) or the text for the icon alternates between ‘mark all as played’ if there are episodes unwatched, or ‘mark all as unplayed’ if everything has been watched. With the latter suggestion, the indication would then be on a green tick icon on the tv or movie poster. Thanks again for the awesome work you guys are doing. Loving Emby life so far!
  23. Fred74

    DTS sur iPad ne fonctionne pas

    Bonjour. je suis nouveau sur le forum et par la même occasion, nouvel utilisateur de Emby. j’ai pris 1 mois de Emby première afin de tester et c’est pourquoi je reviens vers vous. Mon problème est le suivant…si je regarde un film avec bande son DTS sur mon iPad en streaming en passant par l’application Emby, j’ai l’image est le son. Si je télécharge ce même film sur mon iPad toujours en passant par l’application et que je veux le regarder en hors ligne, j’ai l’image mais plus de son. Est-ce normal et si oui, pourquoi ? Je sais que l’iPad ne gère pas le DTS en natif mais par exemple, j’utilise l’application infuse sur iOS et n’importe quel films en DTS passe sans soucis. Merci pour vos réponses.
  24. Hello, in July last year you’ve promised us an “internet free” Apple TV iOS version. As we use our Apple TV often in our camper, it’s not always possible to watch our movies because we don’t always have an internet connection available. Can you tell us when we may expect an new iOS version that doesn’t require internet? Thanks a lot !
  25. Using Emby Windows Server, connecting to a Google Team (Shared) Drive, using RaiDrive (also tried NetDrive). Everything works pretty good except when trying to resume play (like at minute 20 or something like that) from iOS or tvOS (latest stable versions), it take like 4 sec to resume from android/fire tv, but it takes like 25secs from iOS or tvOS. Starting a show from the beginning takes 2-4secs. Not sure what could be causing this. I attached logs maybe they provide more details. In the logs I played the same media in iOS (taking a very long time to start) and then fire tv taking 4secs. emby.log
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